9.1 Preliminary Patchnotes

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/291512.html

Preliminary patchnotes, they are NOT final, Storm states there will be some fixed and additions.

- added new map “Kharkov”
- fixes and improvements on maps Arctic, Tundra, Komarin, Windstorm, North-West
- removed the Assault mode on Sand River
- improved performance on the map Hidden Village

- fixed small visual issues with textures and models for a large number of tanks
- fixed small visual issues with textures and models for some map objects
- reworked exhaust smoke effect for all tanks
- reworked tank explosion effect
- added visual markers on barrels for damage made in battle
- added the mechanism where a turret, ripped off by ammo rack explosion “slides off”
- type of surface now influences the behavior of a turret ripped off

- added 5 new medals for artillery: “Monolith”, “For Counterartillery Fire”, “Medal of Horus”?, “Cool-blooded”, “Stark’s Medal”
- added new awards for team battles: “Battle-hardened”, “Sniper Reserve”, “Pyromaniac”, “Promising Warrior”, “Fight to the Last Breath”
- Billote, Bruno and Tarzay medals’ description was reworked for clarification
- “Operation Nostalgia” medal moved to a different medal category
- fixed the “Armored Fist” medal, which wasn’t awarded under certain circumstances

- updated the FMOD sound library
- reworked the gun shooting sounds
- offline/online player status will now display correctly no matter on which server the player is
- maximum amount of symbols for chat increased to 512
- added the clan icon to the Achievements table, where players can see the date he entered the clan
- added some fixes and improvements to the team battles window
- added the time period display for the historical battles
- changed the dialogue window showing up when graphic settings are changed
- companies: removed the possibility to start the battle without the commander
- changed the parameter order in the “summary” window of the “achievements” tab
- setting of “vibro-something Gametrix” moved to another settings tab
- license agreement now displays after you log in to hangar
- added the “dynamic FOV” setting
- changed the start time of tracer display
- removed the limit for skills and perks of a tanker for a damaged tank
- fixed the incorrect enabling of the EnableBalanceCPU parameter for some processors, which could lead to frequent server disconnects and failures to login
- fixed the incorrect display of trees and bushes not turning half-invisible on some configurations
- fixed the memory leaks, appearing with high details of the tanks enabled
- fixed the bug when the currency for buying gold shells switched from credit to gold incorrectly
- fixed some crashes and freezes of the game client
- fixed the track “shaking” when enabling high tank detail in the hangar
- fixed some errors and mistakes in the graphic setting window
- fixed the bug where the game strained the GPU when the client is minimized
- fixed some errors in recording replays
- fixed some errors in mission table interface
- fixed the bug where the ricochet effect appeared even though the armor was penetrated
- increased the number of the national flag emblems

Vehicle changes

- removed the TD camo class bonus when shooting the gun (apart from premium TD’s)

German tanks

Jagdpanzer IV

- stock tracks turnrate changed from 32 to 34, elite tracks turnate from 35 to 38
- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 8/14/20 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 9/15/22 percent

Panzer I

- accuracy spread when tank moving improved for both suspensions by 31 percent
- aimtime for 2cm Kwk 30 and 2cm Kwk 38 changed from 1,7 to 1,6 and from 1,6 to 1,5

Tiger I

- reload time for 88mm L/71 increased from 6,7s to 6,8s
- 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
- 88mm L/71 accuracy spread when moving the turret nerfed by 17 percent
- hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets

Tiger P

- 88mm L/71 reload time for stock turret changed from 9,1s to 9,3s, for elite from 8,6s to 8,8s
- 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
- hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets


- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 20/18/10 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 22/20/11 percent
- maximum speed buffed from 60 km/h to 68 km/h


- hitpoints buffed by 140hp (stock turret) and 90hp (710 to 800) for elite

British tanks

Cruiser Mk.I

- reload time of 40 mm Pom-Pom buffed from 8s to 7,8s

Vickers Medium Mk. II

- stock turret: viewrange buffed by 10 to 290, turret traverse from 32 to 35 deg/s
- elite turret: viewrange buffed by 10 to 310, turret traverse from 32 to 35 deg/s
- aimtime of OQF 3-pdr Gun Mk. II and QF 6-pdr 8 cwt Mk. I buffed from 2,3 to 2,2s

Universal Carrier 2-pdr

- maximum reverse speed buffed from 8 km/h to 10 km/h
- aimtime of QF 6-pdr 8 cwt AT Gun Mk. I buffed from 1,7 to 1,6


- reload time for OQF 20-pdr AT Gun Type A Barrel nerfed from 5,8s to 6,4s
- hitpoints nerfed by 50

US tanks


- stock suspension aim spread from moving and aim spread from turning the hull increased (nerfed) by 60 percent
- elite suspension aim spread from moving and aim spread from turning the hull increased (nerfed) by 57 percent
- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 9/14/9 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 10/17/10 percent
- maximum reverse speed nerfed from 20 km/h to 12 km/h
- aim spread of the 76mm M1A2 when moving the turret increased (nerfed) by 12 percent
- aim spread of the 90mm M3 when moving the turret increased (nerfed) by 25 percent
- 90mm M3 reload time nerfed from 8s to 8,5s

M4 Sherman

- aimtime for derp 105mm nerfed from 2,3s to 2,5s
- reload time for derp 105mm nerfed from 8s to 9s


- stock suspension turnrate nerfed from 28 to 18, elite from 30 to 22
- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 43/29/7 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 46/40/12 percent
- maximum reverse speed nerfed from 8 km/h to 6 km/h
- 75mm derp reload time nerfed from 4,8s to 5,2s, aim spread from moving gun nerfed by 12 percent
- 2pdr Mk.IX reload time nerfed from 2,1s to 2,5s, aim spread from moving gun nerfed by 17 percent
- hitpoints nerfed by 5 from 125 to 120


- stock suspension aim spread from moving and aim spread from turning the hull increased (nerfed) by 8 percent
- elite suspension aim spread from moving and aim spread from turning the hull increased (nerfed) by 9 percent
- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 18/11/8 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) nerfed by 18/20/8 percent
- aim spread of the 105mm T5E1 when moving the turret increased (nerfed) by 11 percent, reload time nerfed from 11,4s to 11,8s
- T136 turret viewrange nerfed by 10


- 105mm T5E1 accuracy buffed from 0,41 to 0,4


- viewrange nerfed from 400 to 370

Soviet tanks

A-32, AT-1

- 76mm (L-10) gun damage changed from 105 to 110


- aimtime for 37mm ZIS-19 buffed from 1,7 to 1,6


- stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 12/11/6 percent
- elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 14/12/6 percent
- top engine 600hp changed to another engine 700hp


- aim spread for both suspensions when driving and when traversing the vehicle buffed by 5 percent
- D-54S aimtime buffed from 2,1s to 2s
- hitpoints buffed by 10

T-28, T-46

- 76mm L-10 and KT-28 damage buffed from 105 to 110

383 thoughts on “9.1 Preliminary Patchnotes

  1. Interesting…so PREMIUM TDs keep their camo bonuses…not sure if that’s a pay-to-win mechanic or if that’s just for testing purposes.

    • They don’t want to change premium tanks too much to avoid the “OHMAGAD WG RUINED MY TANK GIVE MAH MONEH BACK” whines, seems to be pretty logical to me.

    • I ask, where’s the fucking nerf for KV-1S? Hellcat nerfed, T29 nerfed, Tiger I nerfed… KV-1S still remains unchanged. FFS, those guys either know shit about balance, or are so obnoxiously biased…

      • KV-1S will split, i think they don’t want working twice, its get a nerf, when it split. It is reasonable.

      • I have KV-1S and it’s not THAT OP (it’s still kinda OP). If you have time to aim, it is. You can’t snapshot shit and the armor is lame (especially compared to minitiger, VK3601H) and HP is lame too. Pretty much everything BUT the alpha or mobility is lame.
        My reasoning for all the whine is that it’s basically a medium that does 390 damage, and some people have been one-shotted in their StugIIIs too many times and their jimmies got rustled. The high alpha is okay as long as it fights tanks with high HP, not run around oneshotting tier 5s.
        So nerf it’s mobility, keep the 122 and it’s all great.

        Also, you’re’an idiot. Why? Check out my posts below, I won’t write all that “ignorance” stuff again.

        • IMO the only thing that should be nerfed on KV-1S is gun depression, there is no reason why it should have 8°. Nerf to 3° would turn it into unplayable crap. The whining will not stop, of course.

          • Yeah I forgot that. It should be the “historical” 4 degrees, I agree (3 is too little. Just look at the poor T-34-3)

            • 2 degrees*

              BTW, I’ve been snapshotted many times by the KV-1s, and I didn’t have trouble snapshotting with it.

          • Yeah, the damage of the 122 is kinda OP but the aiming time and accuracy is horrible, also the reload time is super long between 14s to19s. All tanks that has below 390 HP should not face the KV-1S at front.

            • Bad accuracy? It’s nothing but old fairy tale. After global acc. buff KV-1S has no problems with sniping. Even before it wasn’t hard to do.

            • “aiming time and accuracy is horrible”

              That’s not a unique feature to it. Most other russian tanks have the same exact thing.

              “All tanks that has below 390 HP should not face the KV-1S at front.”

              Yep, take one shot at the most, then back off, only to have him swing around and derp you and finish you off.

      • KV-1S is less OP than all 3 of those tanks. Hell the KV-1S is the least OP tier 6 tank.

      • WG should nerf system requirements a bit…not buff them all the time so 70% of playing population has diabolical issues with game stability and performance.

    • I’d say it’s more to test the mechanics, and because most people play standard TD’s rather than prem it makes sense to put it for Standard TD’s first then modify it before translating it to Premium TD’s as well.

      • i would whine like all hell if they nerfed the E-25′s camo rating, its one of the things that make the penetration useable

        • its the only thing that makes it useable.

          I dont own e25 but I got that gun on my stug.. while its extremely great gun on tier 5… its horrible on tier 7

          You need what? 10-15 shots to take down enemy on that tier :D
          I would feel sorry for every e25 driver if the camo was nerfed…

      • No. WG try to avoid nerfing or buffing Premium vehicles if possible. When they do perform a significant nerf the tanks may well be refundable (See SP). Tanks that get buffed or are too strong tend to get removed (Type 59, KV-5 with SPrem)

    • Man, my SU-122-44 is even now compromised almost after each shot. Given that it very often misses the target, my life would become hell.

      • L2P. Just fall back in cover before shooting. Hint: look for bushes to turn solid. It’ll migrate any nerf for TD visibility. Besides – if you played any high alpha – low armor tank – you’ll know how to get on the new TDs just fine. They never got bonus like a TDs yet always worked just fine for landing shots on the enemies undetected if you knew how to handle them.

    • You want to here something INTERESTING?

      Russian tanks = Buff
      Everyone else = Nerf

      Wargaming idiocy at it’s finest.

  2. - maximum amount of symbols for chat increased to 512
    what’s it at right now then?
    Tiger I

    - reload time for 88mm L/71 increased from 6,7s to 6,8s
    – 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    – 88mm L/71 accuracy spread when moving the turret nerfed by 17 percent
    – hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets

    fuck off……

    - stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 12/11/6 percent
    – elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 14/12/6 percent
    – top engine 600hp changed to another engine 700hp

    I’ve been waiting for this for a while!

    • Imo the Tiger wanst even hit that hard. Sure it reloads 0.01s longer and has 0.01m worse acc.

      Its playstyle wont be drastically changed or anything.

      In other news, sealclubbers took a huge nerf with the

      • Ugh though Tiger 1 and Tiger P don’t need a fucking nerf. It wasnt even OP it had no armour what was the point? Tiger P didnt have too much HP either. Why nerf the Tiger when u got tanks like the T57 Heavy, KV-1S and T18 running around… fuck off WG… T18 got nerfed, but its the bloody armour and derp gun which the problem…

        • You don’t change the armour. That’s why they won’t buff Tiger’s armour, that’s the one historical thing left in the game.

    • Lol, the tiger is pretty much OP in its current state. Yeah, I know russian bias, but still what is true is true.

      • Whiners goanna whine.
        Always focusing on German nerfs and all.

        Like WG buffs Jpz IV and nobody bats an eye.
        But nerf the Tiger ever so slightly and everyone loses their minds.

        Like people whine about Russian buffs to like the MT-25 and T-46 which are currently the most obviously op tanks in game.

        • No one cares about jgpz 4 because almost no one plays it. And ppl play the tiger.
          Almost no one plays MT 25 and most of other buffed machines.
          Most. T32 and Bt-7 are fun to play. Sometimes. They get a slight buff. That is all the good news.
          Now, the bad news: They ruin hellcat’s run and gun ability, nerf the inexistent DpM, and the very usefull hp advantage of the Tiger P, nerf AT 7(srsly? what is wrong with it?), yet KW-!S, which is a much bigger problem than an AT 7 stays untouched.
          Did I make myself clear?

          • Oh wait, so tanks that noone plays don’t need buffs?? Don’t you think the reason noone plays jpz.IV is that it’s shit? Doesn’t it DESERVE this buff?
            Your logic that the tanks that aren’t massively played aren’t important is really bad. Stop thinking that way.
            The problem with the hellcat was that it was too good at the run&gun thing.
            The AT 7 will have slightly less DPM (which was insane already), but who cares.
            You know I might even go and play VK3001P now that it’s buffed. I’m half way through my Pz.IV already anyway.

            • uh… maybe so that people would play different tanks instead of all playing 2 or 3 OP tanks? The other tanks aren’t there for decoration, they’re there to be played. If people aren’t playing it, it’s perfectly logical for them to make people want to play those tanks.

              • Why don’t they just make new tanks with weird names and throw those things nobody play in the garbage? Makes more sense.

    • The Tiger nerf isn’t THAT bad. 0.1 increase to loading time and 0.1 decrease of accuracy won’t show that much and the accuracy spread won’t neither, the hitpoints tho got over-reduced. It would be fine at 1450, not 1400. But I guess that brings it on-par with it’s (much) slower rival, KV-3 (please no whine about russian bias) which was supposed to be the damage soaker.

      The Hellcat however, got it’s face crushed in by the nerfbat. The aim spread is now horrifying (whether it be the turret or hull), which will kinda hinder it’s ability to use gangsta drive-by techniques. A welcome nerf, but I’m still glad I played it before this xD

      Also good to see that statpadder T18 get a mobility nerf, it was just insane before.

    • They didn’t significantly hurt the TIger’s DPM, which is its big selling point. The HP nerf might actually be the smartest move, as atm Tiger can solo any tier 7 heavy that isn’t a hulldown T29 at close range due to both the DPM and HP pool. With less HP, maybe it will go back to not being as brutal a brawler as it currently is.

      • And u cant post etc ur clan post battle stats. Because it cut it…
        Battle: Severogorsk
        Vehicle: KV-1S
        Experience received: 1 885
        Credits received: 54 843
        Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Ca
        [cut, so next msg:]
        liber, Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”

    • accuracy nerf, while small, hurts much more than reload time.. I’d gladly take 0.5s more reload time to keep accuracy.

    • Even though Tiger I doesn’t deserve the nerf, it can have this one, Tiger P on the other hand already became quite bad because it got a huge reload nerf. Tiger P now gets even worse reload, but if the Tiger I is OP, what is the IS then, or what is the KV-3 then?
      Then IS would be super OP because it does more damage, it is faster and it has more armor. KV-3 has the same, but it is slower and has even more armor. So this is clearly Russian bias.

      • Because RoF, accuracy, aiming time, penetration, HP, view range, gun depression and turret armour mean nothing, right?

      • Since when is IS faster? It’s speed is capped at 34 km/h. Also, yes it’s better than Tiger in terms of raw damage. But all the other gun stats are a lot worse, reload is worse, don’t even get me started on accuracy or aimtime. The KV-3 is the Tiger P of russians – similar to the IS but even slower (with the same front armour btw, more side armour tho) with even worse gun stats (longer reload – even KV-4 has longer reload than the IS on the 122 – I know because I own both).
        Tiger & Tiger P versus IS & KV-3 is pretty balanced, it’s just that russians have raw firepower that may seem scary at first, but the Germans win on the long run – firng two shots between one russian one, hitting each target with the accuracy and high penetration.
        When it comes to evaluating tanks you must focus in more than just one aspect, sure russians win with alpha at 390>240 but germans win in HP anytime at 1500>1259/1400 etc. etc… different tanks for different roles, but still the Tiger vs an IS one-on-one wins both in close and long ranges.

      • IS and KV-3 really are not as good as the Tiger and Tiger P.
        TBH the Tiger nerf was a well done nerf. The Tiger is too good ATM although it is not OP. Now it should be more balanced and on par with the other tier 7 heavies.

    • Gee, I wonder how OP was the MT-25 and T-46.

      Another Russian Bias believer…

      • Yeah, jesus christ. Dear russian bias paddlers, please explain how SU-101 was a perfectly balanced overperforming tank.
        That’s right, it wasn’t. It’s a pile of shit. And it will remain so, because of it’s shit depression.

        • SU-101 stronk tenk! So OP with super awesome mobilty and…

          No, I can’t actually think of anything else. It’s a harrowing piece of crap that I finished grinding a month ago, and I would rather fuck a toaster oven than do it over.

          • Because u cant play it like TD or MT, u must use know tactics.
            I love this tank, I have avg. 2,390 WN8 on it.

      • Only MT-25 and SU-101 buff was good, others tanks dont need it, they was good enough, I agree with some nerfs, but Tiger nerf? Bullshit.

        • Also lot of people calling T29 and AT7 being OP ? I like when most players shooting to my turret when i have hull no covered and then complaining or dont know how to aim on weak spots, AT7 can be really easy outplayed, russian players need more excercise and not going 1 vs 1 them, then writing on forums and asking for nerfs..

    • Yea, because VK3001P, and 2801 and jpzIV and pz.I all got NERFED!
      You damn ignorant idiot, seeing only what you want to see and believing that you actually know something about anything.

        • Oh? So again, you’re somehow right?? How are the russian opponents of the German mediums good? How is T-34-85 better than any of the german meds??
          So when they nerf germans it’s russian bias, but if they buff them it’s “this buff in not that big”.
          I want you to look back at your comments and realise how obvious your hipocrisy is.

          • To be fair, I’d say T-34-85 is a tiny bit better than VK 30.01 (P) now, mostly because of VK being larger and having lower HP.

            • @alex sonny
              It’s really hard to take someone serious who is trying to justify KV-1S as not OP. Since that none of your comments have any value. Just stfu your mouth and never again talk about hypocrisy while you are the one

              • Yeah? Did I ever say KV-1S is not OP? No. I’m just pissed about all the idiots shouting RUSSIAN BIAS, while WTE100 is just ridicolous and is GERMAN! But nooooo it’s no german bias, russian bias clearly all the way.
                Also, if I’m a hypocrite you’re one too as you think nothing of my arguments because of my opinion. That means you don’t judge things equally, but you let your opinion dictate everything you do into the extreme.
                “Oh we disagree in something? NONE OF YOUR COMMENTS HAVE NO VALUE STFU AND NEVER TALK AGAIN”
                I have disagreed with you many times, but I never went calling you out like that. This is the only time I’ll get down to your level, then I’ll be quiet again. But FYI, it’s not because of your “superior arguments” (pha! Those can’t even be called arguments), it’s because I will never win with people like you and I won’t even try anymore.

                • Reason why wtf e100 is OP and still not nerfed is bcs dumb monkeys at WG implemented that TD out of their asses. The reason why it’s not yet nerfed is bcs it makes tons of cash for them with all the people grinding it/converting exp to get it. You see. WG’s russian bias is stronk as long as it doesn’t make a lot of cash. Then they don’t care whether it has red star or iron cross on it’s side.

  3. Both Tigers nerfed quite hard. They were anything but OP. This nerf makes no sense at all.
    The Sturer Emil did not recieve any buff, even though it is the worst Tier 7 TD in WoT.
    The T29 and Hellcat nerfed very hard, they were at least OP in hands of good players.
    The most OP TD in game (AT-7) with a server WR over 54% only got a small nerf. Makes no sense at all.

    Bad job, WG!

    • The Tiger I was certainly OP since the RoF buff.

      AT-7 cant relocate fast and easily defeated by flanking.

      • Well the ATs have somewhat trollish armour. And it’s still just as good, but at least it’s not the insane DPM machine it was before.

    • If you don’t think that the Tiger H was OP then you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • 240 damage every 6,7 seconds, with one of the best penetration and accuracy for a heavy that tier, all while have decent armor and the most HP.

          Yeah, so bad…
          Jesus, the Tiger right now is a beast.
          Don’t let the shadows of the beta test tiger cloud your vision.

                • That can be applied to any damn tank. I once hit an IS-3 with my M41 for 1100 damage, it then caught fire and died. I ineshotted one of the better armoured tier 8 heavies, yet that doesn’t prove anything.

            • It’s 100mm flat armor and 80mm on the sides. Angle properly and you have as much, or even more hull armor than other tier7 heavies.

              Seriously, it’s like people still think of the tiger as the same tiger from 3 years ago. The rolling xp pinata. It’s not, really really not.

              • hate to burst your bubble, but no, tiger H has shit armor for 2 reasons:

                perfectly angled tiger has like 135 effective armor on front and sides, in comparison to other tier 7 heavies:
                -unangled t29 hull is similar (and t29 has almost as strong sides, so its not like it cant angle),
                -BP well duh, tiger P well duh #2
                -the amx 45 which is so hated for being paper, has 90mm under decent angle, cant angle out of autobounce angle so id say about 110 effective
                - IS and KV3 120mm front 90mm sides, pretty fucken strong compared to tiger if you ask me!
                -IS2 90mm front under epic angle with also 90mm sides

                additionally! You have to remember tiger has only very small tollplate, except for that it has HUGE FLAT hull – its really hard to miss it on medium ranges. At the same time tanks like IS/kv3/t29 and even IS2 to some degree you have to wait for dispersion to go down because its so easy to bounce off some weird angled plate.

                SO yeah, no, tiger H doesnt have good armor.

                • 135 effective it enough to make same tier meds bounce.

                  IS, IS2 and KV3 have big driver viewports, and IS LFP are pretty weak. Tiger is 100mm all over.

                  It doesn’t mean the Tiger has better armor than all of them, it just means the armor is decent enough to stop some rounds. And in some cases, better armor.
                  Cases like when the enemy has a height advantage. All the other’s armor gets worse with the angle, the Tiger’s gets better.
                  And there are few perfectly flat maps, I would say that’s a not something to overlook.

    • Tiger 1 H was scary to me even in a tier 8 tank…
      The damned thing pens easily and simply dishes out so much DPM, module damage and is quite accurate.
      It needed some nerfs.

    • The Sturer Emil does not need any buffs at all, its actually a pretty good TD (especially if your capable of getting steel wall in it, which I did). Still it’s sad to hear what they did to the Tigers.

      • I play sturer emil with stock gun. IS is a better sniping tank that sturer emil…no joking. next to me was an IS that camped. he hit and penetrated the enemy every time, i barely could hit him..and i am a pretty good player, i know where and how to aim. RNG is stronk on that one, cant wait for 128mm gun :D

  4. The US Nerfs are real.. holy crap. and.. not a single nerf to a russian tank. of course!

  5. Yeah, keep nerfing germans…

    BUFF the Maus instead of good tanks ffs

  6. Sooo… No OP-1s…uh I mean KV-1s nerf?
    but wait Hellcat is nerfed, T29, Tiger, Tiger P…
    WG logic: “Let’s nerf everybody whos not Russian/Soviet.”
    fucking scumbags.

          • It is fucking OP.

            Please tell me how your SPG kills it when it’s not even spotted?

            • I have actually killed the hellcat by spotting it myself, in my SPG, more then you might think… Esp with the idiots drives in a straight line.

              But to even get to me they have to live through most of the game but I tend to drop shells in their turrets at 500m and lolz when they pop. Thus I don’t see them as OP at all. Besides, camo wise, there are other tanks that tend to vanish far far more often then the Hellcat.

              At least in my experience.

              • We don’t care about your experience in SPG’s which can easily counter Hellcats. We care about peoples experience in normal tanks that go against the OP Hellcat.
                Just because you are good at playing SPG’s does not mean that Hellcat’s are not OP.

                • Going against hellcats with derpguns is fun too. Today I had the honour of meeting two while testing out my now elited pz.IV H. Every time they were distracted they got 300 damage flung in their face :D

      • KV-1S nerfs have perpetually been one or two patches in the future for a year now. I’m not holding my breath.

  7. - 76mm L-10 and KT-28 penetration buffed from 105 to 110mm
    - 76mm (L-10) gun penetration changed from 105 to 110

    Looking at those guns stats this does not make sense as their penetration is not 105mm…

  8. Nerfing the AT 7 makes very little sense to me. It’s such a shit TD tbh, although somehow it’s my best WN8/game tank (after 30 battles)..

      • Aim at all the crap on the roof, pen, kill loader, win.
        The only tank in the AT series that does it’s armor justice is the AT2
        All the others are cheese.
        Cheese with some armor plating here and there, but all you have to do is eat around the armor to om nom nom cheese.

        In conclusion, cheese.


        • Excellent point, sir. But some of my tanks have a hard time hitting the holes in that cheese with their cheese.
          And then the cheese is too cheese to be OP like the cheese.
          And then you kill Roshan three times to get even more cheese!

      • From the front. Which is the surface selling point of the British TDs anyway.

    • Actually AT-7 is the best AT series hands down.
      1. One of the best of BOTH penetration and DPM in tier 7, probably the best combination of those in tier 7. I haven’t even count the brilliant accuracy.
      2. Right side gun makes AT-7 capable to peek only it’s gun and track to the enemies and destroying literally everything in front of it. No more hat weakspot.

      Yes, you could shoot the right hull with high pen gun or gold ammo, but AT-7 could simply outDPM you to death (remember it also has good HP). If you could engage your enemies from medium-long range with gun only peeking you could literally block the entire flank.

      So I think I’m okay with that, although it would be more fair if they buff AT-8 or AT-15. But again I have researched Tortoise so I personally won’t be benefited by it.

      • Is slow…
        so why u try fight with it on front? u dump?
        If we have skill MM, AT line be shit like hell. But many noobs go on front of it, not pene, and die…

  9. - removed the TD camo class bonus when shooting the gun (apart from premium TD’s)

    • Yeah this was talked about for a while now. It’s not horrible, it will remove the annoying long-range plinkers (such as the AT-2), and the more annoying long-range killers (rheinmetallborsigthing), slowly eating away your HP while not being seen. The big ones have no camo anyway, so it’s a slight nerf right where it’s needed.

      • well but in that case they could use some slight HP buff.. sure it eats your hp while not seen. But once spotted,, its dead. 200-300hp is too low.

        • HP buff? You mad bro? The reason why people hate tier 10 TDs is because they have even more HP than meds, so they can easily trade shots

        • I guess, the glass cannons, at least. AT 2 has enough HP for it’s tier and class.

      • Yeah this was talked about for a while now. It’s not horrible, it will remove the annoying long-range plinkers (such as the AT-2), and the more annoying long-range killers (rheinmetallborsigthing), slowly eating away your HP while not being seen. The big ones have no camo anyway, so it’s a slight nerf right where it’s needed.
        See. This just proves how you know shit about what you talk you fucking monkey boy. Everyone whines about TDs is bcs of T10 TDs like waffleshit, 183 shit, and what not and yet biggest loser in all that crap are lower tier TDs that are perfectly fine except few(rhm borsig).

        • Yeah yeah supporting your arguments with insults won’t convince me, you douche.
          I agree on the waffenträger, but the FV 183 is perfectly fine. It’s your bigoted opinion blinding you again, how many times have you been “instakilled! OP as fuck!!11″ by one of those? I can’t remember a single case.
          I can tho remember that thing taking ~1800 HP in one hit from my E5. Sure I raged, but that’s the only point of that tank – all the other times the HESH hit the tracks and did the standard ~800 damage. Your problem is that if it happens one time, it happens always (in your mind). You either don’t pay attention in battles or just judge tanks by their paper stats. Sure the HESH does 1750 damage on paper, but that’s far from the actual game situation – proving YOU are the one that doesn’t understand how stuff works.
          And let’s be honest, half the low-tier TD playerbase doesn’t yet understand how camo works anyway or they don’t use it as much (fast gameplay, less camping, less tactics).

          Regarding your attitude: I am honest when I say that nothing disproves your argument like talking down on someone or every second word being “shit”. Sure even I insult people, but not near your level when you treat everyone like they’re the water in your toilet bowl.
          Believe me, it doesn’t make you look good in anyone’s eyes. Make coherent arguments and people may even listen to you more often, now you’re just an angry troll.

          • 183 is perfectly fine
            Why am i even trying to argue with you. You are literally too stupid. And no i don’t give a single fuck if it makes me look bad in the eyes of the people i most likely will never meet in my life. Specially if that people have no fucking clue what they are talking about, but acting like they do.

            • ” Specially if that people have no fucking clue what they are talking about, but acting like they do.”
              Literaly everything you say can be applied to you as well.
              If you’re not going to do some self-reflection and pay me some decent respect (like not calling me a monkey boy) I am done talking to you.

            • It just goes to show that you can’t make an argument without ad hominem’s and that you are probably an idiot IRL.
              Or maybe you are a 14 year old?

  10. - added 5 new medals for artillery: “Monolith”, “For Counterartillery Fire”, “Medal of Horus”?, “Cool-blooded”, “Stark’s Medal”

    Whoot. Best Patch Ever…

        • You must have nerves of steel. I stopped after the rebalance, because waiting 40 seconds just to miss with my M12 was too disappointing, so I started playing the japanese tanks. At least there the disappointment stops at tier 8.

          • pretty much this :D
            5degree gun arc, move and … another 40seconds to aim… finally aimed and miss :D

    • Medals for artys? Nice! Now to figure out what those medals mean…
      “Cool-blooded”: oneshooting enemy tank from 100% HP?

  11. Bye bye T29, bye bye Tiger, bye bye dear non-OP-but-good-friends, you have been trustworthy comrades…. welcome… well nothing.. Robocraft probably

    • T29 was always damn near OP. These changes will make it less OP. Dont know whether they ruined the tank or noth though…
      T32 accuracy should be 0,39 WG…
      Also, M46 Patton with M47 turret, change it to just a M47 (better armor and top speed) and buff accuracy to 0,39 too.
      Then Use M46 as a premium tier 8…

      • M46 does not fit the characteristics of a premium tank. It has a perfect fit into the American med line, and it’s also a mass-produced tank (don’t use Type 59 as argument, that one was an exception and it’s in the main line as the WZ-120).

        • Why?
          M47 is a better fit for tier 9. A more logical one even, as M46 is too similar to M26.
          Historical M46 Patton is inferior to World of Tanks Upgraded Pershing.

          A good compromise would be a M46 with M47 turret but otherwise same as M46, you know that prototype thing :P

          • Actually I’m pretty sure the upgraded Pershing’s turret is the M46 turret. So now we have M46′s turret on the M26 and then M47′s turret on the M46.

            • The Pershing/Patton stock turret is what both used historically, Pershing’s top turret is from the M45- it’s a 105 derp version of the Persh, the extra mantlet armour is to balance out the lighter gun at the front. This ofc wouldn’t work with the 90mm AT guns, especially the longer one.

        • Yeah, the elite pershing turret is pretty much M46′s turret. I hooe they introduce ootional hulls so you can have either the M26 or M46 hull under the M46 turret on tier 8.

    • imho the t29 nerf is stupid :D

      sure its mobility is worse, annoying to drive it, but once you’re hulldown its the same OP shit.

      • Well no because if hulldown is the only place it’s OP it’s not OP. that’s called “a tank’s strength” you know, an area in which the tank excells while being (below) average in others :)

      • Ever faced an IS7, T-54, Obj140….. when they go hull down?
        If u expected a nerf to the turret armor then ur asking for another nerf like the t26e4.

        On a side note, no soviet tank got nerfed and thqt fking abomination called the kv-1s still magically manages to aurvive

    • CLassic case of overnerf.

      Not only did it lose its Camo While firing, but now it gets nefred into oblivion as well…..Goodbye hellcat forever.

    • CLassic case of overnerf.

      They cant just take away the Hellcats camo while firing or make its hit on the move worse but PASSABILITY CAMO AND ROF……Seriously its gonna go from OP to shit.

      They did same thing to M48.

      So basically Tiger 1 gets hit pretty hard, Hellcat is ruined, T29, T18 horrible now, T40 hit M4 derp AGAIN and anything Soviet get hit? Lol wow T6 until KV1s split is literally now ALL KV1S OR GO HOME.

    • Yeah because no buffs to German tanks at all. Nope, VKs and jpzIV or pzI totally didn’t get buffed compared to the three buffed russian tanks.
      Stop being so ignorant, seeing only what you want to see.

      • And where are the russian nerfs(like Tigers)?? Since you are talking in numbers already? Goddamn moron just stfu.

        • Time will tell whether there will be russian nerfs. But the russians are one of the most balanced nations, because it was the first in-game. The germans had the engine rebalance, which screwed up a lot of the previous balanced stats and now it’s slowly recovering. It’s almost like beta with wild nerfs and buffs everywhere.
          I partially blame the power creep.

      • alex sonny you conveniently forget for example that very recently, Jgpz IV got a mobility and gun traverse nerf. So this “buff” is just about restoring it to its previous performance. And it doesn’t matter really, because it’s awesome thanks to its top gun, the 88mm. It’s a little, invisible, DPM beast, and most people will say “it’s shit” because statistically, most people are useless players. It eats those “OP-1s” for breakfast. If you have more than brain cells, that is.

        Same with saying T29 is OP – well just remove his strong spot by driving around him, FFS. And anyone saying KV-1s is OP is a noob as well. It has no armor, anywhere. After he shoots, you have at least 14 seconds to do whatever you want to it, and it catches fire with every two shots to the read or sides. AT-7 OP? Again, just fucking get around it. Stupid noobs expect to take every tank head-on and if it bounced or out-DPMs them, yell “NERF!”… But I guess baddies will be baddies and cry to buff any tank they play and nerf any tank that they can’t kill.

        • Yes because we all know WG makes maps for actually flanking and playing the game in more funnier way. *looks at “reworked” Severogorsk* Yea flank an AT-7 there if he has even a bit of clue what is he doing.

        • Did jpz.IV really get nerfed? In the past perhaps but now it’s seen some buffs.
          But I agree with you on the OP tanks. Most of these are one-trick ponies, but people only see that one trick – like KV-1S’s massive alpha scares them so much they don’t see the paper box behind the gun, and it takes no effort at all to exploit that mentality with KV-1S. It’s real problem is the mobility – a heavy with such alpha shouldn’t (and couldn’t) run around like a medium. Also gun depressiom.
          Same with T29, but it’s even easier to take it down – all it takes is some teamwork and it’s defeated. Two tanks, one from the right and one from the left. Yet people are too scared to take a single shell that they stand still and try to pen that turret (which obviously won’t work). But IMO T29 is pretty okay, while KV-1S is too easy to exploit – even noobs can play it well and that’s not good.

  12. SU-101 will require more then that WarGaming.
    Look at the useless tier 9 BL-9 Gun on ISU 152. It is useless when ISU has BL 10. Put the damned gun on damned SU 101
    There. Damned SU 101 fixed in 30 seconds. WG, why can you not DO that???

    • Bcs they are clueless about nerfing/buffing tanks where it’s needed.

  13. T32 buff? I say it’s still inadequate. Make no sense to me Tiger II 225 pen gun got higher DPM, And with awful accuracy 0.4, same with….. What BL9 Russian gun? BS stuff.

    Tigers now, to be fair Tiger I was slightly over buffed, but what Tiger P? That thing is slow, sluggish, Garbage side Armour, GIANGANTIC weakspot! What the Hell WG?

    Hellcats, AT7 and T18 Nerf are acceptable, but then what? Where are OP1S? Where are duck tank, VK4502s, PzSfl, M48 Pointless, Maus, Cannervan, Churchill I, VII and BP? The tanks need Nerf didn’t get nerfed, tanks need buff got ignored. Fuck Off WG.

    • Again you fail to read anything. It was said the tanks will be buffed/nerfed in patches 9.1 to 9.2
      You should stop being so ignorant.

      • Yeah I only hear KV1S Nerf,which was postponed to I don’t know when. I never hear any news of other tanks. Sorry.

        • Well they never said they’ll nerf it outright, that is a construct.
          There was a mentioned split in “upcoming patches”. So they never promised anything specific, it will probably come in 9.3.
          There was talk about buffing the most UP tanks and nerfing the most OP ones, I guess this is the start of it, so there’s more to come.

    • Buff the T32 acc by 0.01 and nobody gives a shit.

      But nerf the Tiger acc by 0.01 and well, everyone goes fuck you WG!!! I’m playing WT with all my 469384 friends you useless communists!!!

      • So? Jagpanzer IV buff is still too light, MT25 need to be get rid off, T32 need more accuracy (and DPM) to snipe weak spots, Pointless Tiger P Nerf and Su101 need the BL9S. Yeah I don’t care and let them continue doing stuffs like this. Look at the old 2801, Marder, Foch 155(to an extent), M48. No just no.

        • JagdPzIV is a good vehicle…or rather, they are so many worse TDs on this tier.

      • accuracy is the only thing why I play germans.
        I hate every soviet tank.. their guns are like damaged german guns with dead gunner. seriously.

        I’d gladly take 0.5s rof nerf if we could keep accuracy.

    • It needs a bit of a maneuverability buff at least. The thing is just too sluggish.

  14. OMFG poor hellcat :(

    camo remove while shooting is already a big nerf for hellcat

  15. Lots of british buffs, unneeded AT7 nerf which suffers already, I’m not seeing any KV-1S changes.. My Tiger I is also disappointed. Feels like the developers made up excuses to nerf Americans and buff Russians again.

    Sigh. Any Chinese tank buff/nerfs?

      • They could as well remove that nation completely and I wouldnt notice :D
        its just soviet clones + 3 new vehicles :D

        • Really?
          That is my favorite nation. No stupid drama like Soviet/German lines.
          Unique gameplay EVEN if the tanks look a lot like other nation’s tanks. They play 100% differently.

          • Yeah, I’m at WZ-120 and it’s pretty unique. The WZ-13x are fun too, so much different from the AMX 13s on the same tiers – the mix of medium and light that is the WZ-132 suited me very well and was very fun to play.
            Wz-120 can be a T-54 with the 100mm or some kind of monster with the 122.

    • “Excuses to nerf americans and buff russians”
      GOD DAMMIT DO YOU NOT SEE THE GERMAN BUFFS? They buffed more german than russian tanks, you thickheaded moron. If you go down this comment line you’ll see people like you, saying shit like you, and with each one I get more and more mad.
      You just can’t escape your bigoted ignorant point of view where there’s always russian bias. You people are literaly incapable of coherent or critical thinking, seeing what you want to see in anything, never looking it without YOUR OWN BIAS! Just stop paddling the “russian bias” BS please.
      I’m sorry I was rude but I had to take it out on someone.

  16. That’s simply pathetic. Nerf after buff, buff after nerf. Sure, Hellcat should be nerf a bit (camo) and T29 too but Tigers? Even Tiger P? Why? Cuz some damn brainless zombies have problems with them? And noone has a problem with KV-1S and the rest of this branch?
    And this “coming” nerf of Sherman… WG stuff – stop drinking.

    • Tiger P was already one of the worst if not THE worst T7 heavy… awful low dpm, zero mobility useless armor, if its already crap lets nerf it more…

      • actually I found its armor kinda good… almost like superpershing used to be…
        but, the HUGE cupola renders it useless…

  17. - removed the Assault mode on Sand River
    dafuq? Fail all the way… This is actually the best assault map out there, I at least had fun on both sides with all classes of tanks.

    - 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    This is plain stupid… It was supposed to be a tank with a precise gun and .35 is quite derpish.. just nerf the reload even more or the hp…

    - elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 22/20/1 percent
    - maximum speed buffed from 60 km/h to 68 km/h
    time to re-buy this beauty!! The speed is back!

    So the hellcat was nerfed, the t18 was nerfed, but I see nothing about the KV-1s (russian bias!!!)

      • It’s funny how everyone says “It doesn’t matter KV-1S has 0.46 accuracy, as accuracy is a meaningless stat.”, but when WG nerf Tiger’s accuracy by 0.01 everyone goes ballistic.

        • The typical “German tanks are snipertanks” red line failcampers fear that they need to now move away 50 meters from the red line which normally results in exploding German snipertanks.

        • tiger is a sniper with “no armor”

          accuracy doesn’t matter on a brawler like kv1s facehugging other tier6 tanks… it does matter on a tiger shooting from 450meters distance.

          edit: sorry, meant to reply to the buddy above you..

    • I hope you realise that even at 0.35 m, the Tiger has the second most accurate gun in that tier. The only gun more accurate is the Black Prince’s 17-pdr.

  18. Lets see…
    They nerfed Hellcat. Good. It was OP.
    They did not redesign the HP systems for tier 4-7. Bad. VERY bad. Dissapoint.

    Tiger 1 nerf… Not sure. WOuld accept it with a gun depression buff.
    Tiger P nerf. Do not know :P

    T29 Nerf. Well it was near OP before, but not that fun to play (slugish, slow aim time) . Those that were good with it will be EXACTLY as good with it now as before. Those that were not will be slightly worse.

    SU 101 buffs are irrelevat. It needs ISU 152 BL-9S gun.

    Where us OP-1 Sports edition nerf?

    • pretty much this about T29 :D
      they nerfed it in the way the tank is more annoying to drive but still the same OP hulldown shit as it used to be. They basically nerfed attributes that were not OP at all.

  19. Yet more German hate-nerfing from the nationalist bigots at WG HQ.

    And guess what…? STILL NO KV-1S NERFS!!!

    • You’re the fucking nationalist bigot here. Can you not re-read your comment and realise it you sound like a fucking Nazi propaganda officer?!
      Also can you not read the German BUFFS??? More German tanks got buffed than russian tanks and yet all you see is one of the fucking oldest vehicles in the game and how it’s “russian bias”. You are the bigot here, unable to step off your high horse thinking you know what’s really going on. You read “tiger nerf” and suddenly that somehow proves your point, yet you completely ignore everything that works against it.
      You’re like those hardcore Cristian retards.
      No matter how much evidence you present the’ll still believe in a magical man in the sky and a book of fairytales (or in russian bias in your case).

      • Sonny stfu monkey boy. Calm your titties. Your statpading KV-1S is safe for some time. After it gets nerfed(hopefully) then you can bitch as much as you want(no one would care). Until then stfu.

        • Says the person bitching. And you’re right, noone cares. I guess you were right about something for once.

          • Crying in every post about KV-1s needing a nerf about how it’s not OP is bitching in my dictionary. Yea, i am right. You are bitching like a little statpadding faggot you are.

            • Please, feel free to check again. And actually read the comments.
              Also I don’t play KV-1S because honestly I’m not good with it, my winrate with that is around 50% and the only thing worse is the Chi-to which I really cannot win with.
              I much rather statpad with my Churchill III.
              Also, how is “statpadding” bad? Your stats improving is always a welcome sight, it means you’re improving! My WR rising above 52% in a year is a welcome sight, so is the improvement in my WN8 – I play tanks with which I’m good to “repair” my stats after playing my grind tanks – like my stock KV-4, in which it’s really hard to carry games.
              I just realised accusing people of trying to improve (even with “OP” tanks) with something negative is pretty weird.
              It’s like when they made fun of me in elementary school when I had straight 5s (equivalent of an A). The joke was on those dumbasses.
              It’s all about jealousy. Now my grades dropped and I am jealous of the people with good grades but I don’t talk bad about them because I’m a decent fucking person.

      • Alex you’re a complete ass-hat. Now your banging on Christians in a WOT patch thread…..wow….lol!

        So the High HP paper Tiger 1 gets nerfed (High HP is the reason it can have paper armor).

        The Tiger P gets nerfed.

        American tanks get nerfed (29 / 18 / HC / M4 /)

        The KV-1S (one of if not the most OP’ed tanks) gets……..nothing.

        A-32, AT-1, BT-7, MT-25, SU-101, T-28, T-46 get buffed…….

        Vk 28.01 is the only real exception here.

        And there is no funny business – dude – you’re blind.

        • How am I blind if other Germans got obvious buffs too? Can you not read??
          Four out of six german tanks here got buffed. And about the KV-1S it’s been said it’d be split, but no date was given.
          But since you all immediately take “in the future” as “next patch” you whine about how there’s no nerf.
          If you play tier 6 SO MUCH that 1 KV-1S per battle bothers you, stop playing until it gets nerfed.
          Oh, and regarding the Christians – I was referring to what Ken Ham was like versus Bill Nye: when asked “would any ammount of evidence change your mind?” Ken Ham simply replied “no”.
          That meant he already had his mind set, and thus wasn’t searching for answers to the questions, but for the questions that fit his answer.
          Much like you point at KV-1S as the sole proof of the alledged russian bias. And will you ever be convinced otherwise? No. When KV-1S gets nerfed/split you’ll just find some other “example of russian bias” to whine over.
          I guarantee it.

          • Well, you get a round of applause from me, alex. That was the sound of a nail being firmly hit on the head.

          • If KV-1S is so OP, play it, and stop complain.
            Its realy boring reading over and over again complain about OP-1S…

  20. I expected the tiger to be nerfed to the ground, but looks like the nerfs aren’t as bad, annoying but it doesn’t make the tiger bad.

    The T29 and Hellcat got nerfed HARD however, slow moving and turning, greater dispersion, and finally noticeably increased reload time

    Thank god they decided to unnerf the VK2801 a bit and they’re giving the MT-25 the mobility it deserves, right not the MT-25 is okay acceleration, but the turning caused by the ground resistance is just AWFUL.

    T18 finally got the nerf it deserves, they can’t nerf the armor as its historical, but now its much easier to flank.

    Hopefully the buff from 0.41 to 0.40 acc on the T32 will make it worth getting. The T32 is a good hull, but the gun accuracy was poor for some reason. Having the worst penetration and worse accuracy than a IS3′s BL-9 is silly. The shots loved to swerve around the target, hitting anything BUT the target.

  21. Tiger (P)
    - 88mm L/71 reload time for stock turret changed from 9,1s to 9,3s, for elite from 8,6s to 8,8s
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    - hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets

    So the Tiger tat nobody give a shit is also nerfed. Thanks WG.
    Well it’s true that the Tiger (P) is VERY strong. Weakspot on the turret? Nobody know that, right?

          • yeah but thats what it should be about… some tanks stronger some not…

            I mean,… you cant hit it with soviet gun because their guns are inaccurate as hell. And thats the trait of soviets.

            If WG will try to balance EVERYTHING we will end up with all tanks having the same characteristics.
            We might as well have ONE generic tank called “The Tank” …

  22. What makes me think WG will just Buff the Russian tanks is that those 122mm r hitting to much at driving – turning the turret und shot without aiming,

    but Hellcat, T29 and both Tigers need a nerf. Thats so sad, that WG just can hit hard with Nerfs and dont make a smoth chaning system into the game, cause they cant bring small patches more often.
    I see a Hellcat buff now incoming as the noobs ll fail more with it. Like the T29.

    And just i think T29 is not OP, like Tiger P just ppl r to dumb to fight that Tanks.

    • In fact Russian 122mm guns are already better than any 120mm guns. Why? Overmatch. Try use it on AMX 13 90 frontal armor (40mm).

        • Nope. I tested it with 120mm gun (T110E5 HT X) and nothing. The same with Ferdinand’s roof (30mm armor versus 90mm gun).

          • Strange. I thought it was >= :P

            As for better then any 120mm guns…
            You cant tell me the D-25T is better then the E5 gun :P
            Only the top Chinese and Soviet IS-4 guns are contenders to the 120mm guns some French US and UK tanks have.

      • U did got the point and if u think it is the overmatch part that makes u bounce u r dumb.

        I mean just the part that the fck KV-1S, KV-3 and IS dont ve to aim. They drive, they turn turrret and shot and hit, almost every fuck shot, and that has nothing to do what what WG listed in patchnotes.
        Thats what makes me hating those idiotic nerf and buffs, that we didnt get to know al variables.
        But well make RUSSIAN TANKS VERY STRONK and UNBEATABLE cause Stalin just killed Millions of ppl for the victory over Hitler.

  23. Good too see a Hellcat nerf.
    However, where are the Rheinmetall and WT E100 nerfs?
    Those two machines are op as all hell.

    • And people complain about KV-1S and russian bias. I guess none of them got to tier 8 and 10 yet :P

    • Look closer. Camo baonus after shooting for TDs removed. No more invisible after shooting machines, which was supposed to compensate for TD not being able to dive back into cover cause of no turrets.
      This will hurt stealth relying TDs really hard.

      • pretty much this…
        I can understand this nerf on big TDs as foch, isu, t30, ferdi etc…
        but removing stealth from things like StuG, etc is stupid.. those lower tier TDs have ~130 alpha… it takes 10+ shots to take down something… and it has like 250-300hp … getting one-shot by 50% of tanks it can encounter…

        • That right there is the WG’s way of balancing things. They are literally too stupid to see where tanks needs to get nerfed and where not to.

    • yeah.. t29 was kind of OP, I love mine.. but nerfing mobility is stupid.
      It wont change a damn thing about why its so OP now..

      I will hate that tank for how sluggish it is, but as soon as you go hulldown its still the same OP t29…
      same depression, same turret armor… they could as well nerf the color of rear left blinker …

  24. Will be interesting to try the changes on the test server. My Hellcat gameplay will have to change for a start, JagdPanther and T25/2 also but not JT88…

  25. I was thinking: Well, the nerf bat hit hard, until I saw the buff list on russian tanks…Someone remind me when was the last time a russian tank got nerfed??

    • Last patch, the T-54 was nerfed :(
      9.0 wasn’t that long ago, btw ;)

          • So it’s turret is finally vulnerable from the sides as it should be long time ago and yet still by far the best turret from all t9 mediums and one of the best in game. Oh the horror. Tell me again how many people shoot the T-54′s turret in the first place? While you are at it please tell me again how T-54 is totally not the one of the most OP tanks in the game thanks to broken HEAT spam.

            • “So it’s turret is finally vulnerable from the sides as it should be long time ago”
              120 mm too much for you?

              “still by far the best turret from all t9 mediums”
              Object 430 II and WZ-120
              E-50 and Centurion 7/1 are comparable frontally

              “Tell me again how many people shoot the T-54′s turret in the first place”
              It is now a viable target for 200 mm and higher penetration guns.

              ” tell me again how T-54 is totally not the one of the most OP tanks in the game thanks to broken HEAT spam”
              Yeah, those HEATs are incredibly strong. They are also the only thing pushing the tank above average.

              • It’s also the HEATs what makes this tank bleed credits. Every battle is a monetary loss, guaranteed.
                Besides that, the nuclear bird makes a great point.
                You can use the HEAT argument anywhere anyway, why does it apply to russians alone? Every tank will overperform with premium ammo, because that’s the point of premium ammo. Overperformance.

                • E-50 and Centurion 7/1 are comparable frontally
                  I stopped reading there. Comparing T-54s and E-50s turret is just plain dumb. One of the weakest points of E-50 since it got the hull buff to 150 you are comparing with 10 times better turret on T-54. Sure, whatever floats your boat. T-54 has been overperforming since closed beta and still is, but hey let’s be ignorat and close our eyes, because if you can’t see it, it’s not true.

  26. Why oh why would WG nerf my Tiger P. It is fine the way it is. It is absolutely undeserving of this nerf. Eff you SerB.

  27. Still no KV-1S nerf. This is getting laughable WG.

    Hellcat nerf is welcome and long overdue.

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  29. all nerfs were needed, but many fking more are still missing (kv1s, t49, wtf line – to name just a few).

    But if T40 view range nerfed is okay, WTF is su-85b nerf? Jeeeez, this thing is much more OP than poor t40 (i kniow what i’m talking about ;))

  30. Reverse speed on the T18 nerfed to 6kph? That is total bullshit. It is already dreadful at 8kph! You mean that I can run faster than a tank goes in reverse?

    • The T18 is an SPG and SPGs rarely have decent reverse speeds on top of this most tanks have very crappy reverse speeds because they are not something that is used often. Thus they are designed that way.

      Plus it is hard for a driver to see out the back.Biggest reason for a low reverse speed.

      • Well considering it’s a T2 TD i’m pretty sure you’ll grind it quite fast and get the T3. Unless….yea unless you are a low life statpadding faggot running at T2 killing people that registered at the game 2 hours ago and have no clue about the game whatsoever while you cunt has been playing it for months/years and have pimped out crews and equipment. Now if i’m correct pls go crawl under the rock and die.

  31. know hightier Buffs and nerfs,no new HD models no new Tanks not really improvments on Grahpics as it seems so i dont really care about this update only good thing is a new Map

  32. Oh, the patchnotes day! Buff-Nerf patchonotes day! Look at those over-reacting!

    Well, most of them are deserved, really. My only concerns are at :
    1. Tiger (P) nerf. It actually finally got a chance to be on par with Tiger (H) again, but WG decided to nerf it along :/ .
    2. Is it only me or the buff list is way too insignificant for some tanks? It looks like they aren’t even trying to buff it :p

    Hellcat is OP (dem above 55% global WR average…), T29 is also OP, AT-7 is the best AT, M4 took a little bit of deserving nerf blow and finally T18 is nerfed. Buff list is also good although some are insignificant.

    Now let’s hope that KV-1S split (remember folks, it will be split and not nerfed, so it must take more time) arrive in 9.2 and the Medium Company would be much more fun :)

  33. :D :D :D
    -nerfed, nerfed, nerfed.
    -nerfed, nerfed, nerfd
    -buffed, buffed buffed

    :D :D :D :D

  34. Man, they have a hard-on for fucking over the Sherman and Hellcat, don’t they? Ridiculous.

      • Dude they have super nerfed it already it does not need another.

        • I know it doesn’t need one. Which is what I was pointing out. The thing would be fine if the 90mm was not on it. But because the 90mm is on it it causes problems.

          If it were down to me I would just remove the hellcats camo bonus and kill its reverse speed and then leave the rest as-it-is in 9.0.

          • well if this nerf is as is i will sell my Hellcat and never play it again

        • considering that the 90 mm is historically accurate what makes it op?

  35. ” – added visual damage effect on tank barrels for damage made to them (SS: I think this is what it means, not 100 percent sure)”

    It means that tanks will get painted “kill rings” on barrels for damaging other tanks.

    Also, T18 nerf, finally!!

  36. Why are they nerfing the helcat so massively again leave it alone.

  37. A good player never moaning for nerfs.He/she can always find a way to play good a nerfed tank.
    Naf said!!!!

    • So you find the camon bonus when firing and and up to 80 % aim spread on the Hellcat some thing you can work around bull shit.

  38. - changed the start time of tracer display

    Is this related to arty and counter-battery?

  39. This was my comment yesterday on FTR:
    djekatek on May 7, 2014 at 12:53 pm said:

    I already bought tigerP on discount this weekend to fill it with my tigerH crew…..
    wg mofo’s might actually nerf tigerP too, to get european community seriously pissed off lol
    At least i have some ruskie OP tanks in my garage to blow off steam meanwhile :) if you cant beat them, join them


  40. Huh, no Pz.III changes? wasn’t it supposed to be rebalanced in 9.1?

  41. it’s not that we Buff the Russian’s, we just Nerf all the rest…
    “Serb at AA meeting”

  42. - removed the TD camo class bonus when shooting the gun (apart from premium TD’s)

    Sorry folks, but a good E-25 driver will still ruin your day. ;D

  43. Hmm, Russian tanks got buffed, while almost everything else got nerfed…….

  44. vk28 buff? Unbelievable, lol…

    Hellcat nerf is pretty brutal, though :( . Time to get a Jackson…

    Also, t-46 needs a buff? Seriously???

    I see it’s the last moment to get a premium TD. E25 maybe :P ?

  45. Well:

    -fixed the memory leaks, appearing with high details of the tanks enabled

    THIS is what Micro-Patches are for WG!
    Not “your fps is low and you don’t have a brain so maybe you might like to reduce your graphics settings”

    To be honest, memory leaks should never have got past QA anyway.

    WG fails again.

  46. - added 5 new medals for artillery: “Monolith”, “For Counterartillery Fire”, “Medal of Horus”?, “Cool-blooded”, “Stark’s Medal”

    PS: Warhammer 40k fans will understand this!
    Hellcat nerf-Hurray!
    T29 nerf-Damn you WG!!!DAMN YOU!!!
    TD cammo nerf-…another victory for the whiners army.
    …and the occasional buff for the russians(as expected).

      • Haha this, I know this feeling exactly.
        And then you out in a rammer shouting

  47. LONG LIVE RUSSIAN TANKS!!!!! BUFF the pen and the alpha of the KV1S and give it a faster reload, 4 sec per shot should be enough, and before 9.1 goes live, nerf the tiger even harder…. ofc WG are the biggest scumbags when it comes to russian tanks, i think the way it goes is like this…. business business and even more business!!! russian player pay more they get better tanks and other nations get nerfed harder and harder so russian tank players can have more “fun” .

  48. Now where the fucking hell is the RHM? I don’t see a list for its nerfs in here. And no nerf for T-54 either? Just what the hell, that armor, that agility, that accuracy, that camouflage value and that HEAT spam? WG you are just failure of mankind.

    Geez, one of the most OP vehicles ATM and still nothing?

    Also why the hell did they nerf the Tiger P? That tank has been absolutely UP after all the gold spamming and Tiger 1 buffs. Now you have decided to NERF it even more? Yeah gj.

    • Rhm nerfing? Why? If so, they could also nerf the hellcat…they both have a decent camo, no armor and a devastating gun for their tiers.

      And T-54? Not really, it is a medium tank, so only effective in the proper hands. With under 220 penetration it’s not really that easy to play I think.
      Though I got surprised by this mf*cker several times, but also by the WZ’s and Leopards, Lorr ans so on so it’s not a thing to nerf. It performs equal to the other meds.

      • Oh, please. T-54 has OP HEAT, excellent armor (for a medium duh) and excellent agility. It’s like a well armored light tank with the best medium penetration. The only thing it lacks is alpha which is compensated by huge DPM.

        • Only good armor at the turret, man! The hull is very soft and only bounces T7 and below.
          I don’t really have got a problem with the T-54… the WZ-120 is much, much better with his 122mm and 249 penetration (the grind is horrible though).

    • It just shows how clueless they are about their own game. No wonder most of them sucks at it. They are too stupid to abuse the mechanics they invented themselves.

  49. I think they could slightly buff the ARL V39, but that just because I am grinding it right now :D

    Also, the Tiger I nerf isn’t really that terrible. One of the main counterparts, the T29, was nerfed accordingly, so no real nerf imo, just a neutral re-balance.

    • Buff to make ARL V39 turd actually playable would have to be so massive that it’s easier to just remove the damn tank from the game and put on some other at its place.

      • I don’t really think the ARL V39 is UP, 212 pen is good enough (though the long 90mm gun has unreasonably 2.9 sec aim time and a horrible reload time, compared to the short one). What actually bugs me is that it has an even smaller profile than the Hellcat but is 2x more visible…

  50. So the 8,8 L/71 will nerf…..but can’t that only for Tiger I’s and not Tiger(P)……that reload and DPS making it one of the worse HT in terms of DPM……

  51. - added 5 new medals for artillery: “Monolith”, “For Counterartillery Fire”, “Medal of Horus”?, “Cool-blooded”, “Stark’s Medal”
    Why not Faggot class No5, Faggot class No4, Faggot class No3, Faggot class No2 and Faggot class No1 based on number of battles played in onehand faggot machine?!

    Also let’s hope they won’t fuck up the game even more with all the “fixes”.

    As for the buffs/nerfs i only have one thing to say. alex sonny stop being dumb and wipe the foam around your mouth whenever someone mentions KV-1s in the same sentence with the word “nerf”. Your statpad tonk is safe for a bit more. No need to get upset about it.

    • You are so funny, thank you for entertaining me through my insomnia *thumbs up*

    • Funny+1, I doubt if you can deal as much damage with arty as you do with other vehicles of the same tier. Yet you still whine about arty being OP.

      Oh sorry, I forgot you play arty in onehand. That explains why arty is just “one-shot machine / easy mode for faggots” to you while you don’t excel in it.

      • See. This type of morons is what i like the most. Arty in it’s current state based on how much dmg it can done is quite UP, but the core mechanics of how it works is broken, but why am i explaining this to two fuckboys who have no clue about shit. It’s retard mode because it can shoot across the map(most of them), it can shoot behind solid cover, it does damage even if i doesn’t hit you directly, it can 1shot tank rather easily, it’s alpha is seriously retarded, and all that while sitting in the corner of his own base like a faggot cunt. Give that same cunt a tank and he’ll do 100 dmg on a good game.

  52. i bought a vk2801 today, seen the buff , i was like :D
    then saw hellcat being headshotted, and t29 has its dick cut off… D:
    hellcat is killed by everything with he ammo, leave it alone..
    unlike full-cover spaced magic armor stronkest nuclear atomicbombshooter king op kv1s.. its still shining, guess serb’s son won’t get his best tonk nerfed

    • The Hellcat gets a nuke proof gun mantle and a cloaking device that not even Godzilla could possibly detect with his birdlike senses.

  53. Where are the buffs for the AMX 38, AMX 40, SAu 40 and ARL V39? These are way overdue! But they buff the T-46, which is completly ok right now.
    I think WG overlooks the French tanks on purpose…

  54. They really are going all out with the tank rebalancing. Won’t judge and whine about anything yet until I see it in action but some tanks are definitely getting a proper kick in the rear. Also, I wish they would stop making the jgpanzer IV a ninja at movement and just give it a bit higher pen already!

  55. I’m happy with the nerds and buffs for example the tiger 1 and at 7 nerf won’t hurt the tank and nets to the t29 and hellcat were long over due

  56. Now to sum it up. My apologies to everyone i insulted in my comments above. I was just in a flaming mood. Whenever i called you dumb, faggot, shit, retard, moron i didn’t actually meant it. Well a little bit, but no hard feelings.

    • No offense taken. Since we come from different viewpoints a clash was inavoidable.
      Still, I will do my best to argument against you in the future ;)
      And then someday KV-1S will get nerfed, and we’ll all live happily ever after ^^

  57. Wtf is wg problem with m4 2 second reload time nerf in 2 patch??? Hetzer will load faster w/ the same gun on t4

    • T18

      - hitpoints nerfed by 5 from 125 to 120

      How many hours WG members spend to decide such “significant” changes? (remember the 183 HESH splash nerf? -1 cm)

  58. Tiger I

    - reload time for 88mm L/71 increased from 6,7s to 6,8s
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy spread when moving the turret nerfed by 17 percent

    If your tiger has a 100% crew + BIA + vents + rammer then:
    reload time will change from 5.52 sec to 5.61 sec
    accuracy will change from 0.311 m to 0.321 m
    accuracy spread when moving the turret will change from 0.11 to 0.128 (or 0.1 to 0.117 if you have 100% Snap Shot)

  59. I can see SerB
    Sitting in his office
    fapping to pictures of nerf button

  60. Funny that russian tanks only got buff not a single nerf while other nations got buffs and nerfs at the same time. Seems like obvious russian bias.

  61. Tiger I

    - reload time for 88mm L/71 increased from 6,7s to 6,8s
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy spread when moving the turret nerfed by 17 percent
    - hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets

    Tiger P

    - 88mm L/71 reload time for stock turret changed from 9,1s to 9,3s, for elite from 8,6s to 8,8s
    - 88mm L/71 accuracy nerfed from 0,34 to 0,35
    - hitpoints nerfed by 100 for both turrets

    That’s too bad, I just got my shiny Tiger P not that long ago and was planning to grab the Tiger I eventually. Now I have incentive to grind through both while they’re still as good as they are, thank god I didn’t get perma camo for the Tiger P.

    But the Hellcat, T18 and M4 derp changes are welcome.

    Where is the KV-1s on the list of nerfed vehicles?

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  63. Churchill GC and VK ausf. B forgotten also; if two tanks ever needed buffing it is them.

  64. Tiger P nerf?!

    And I thought that the nerf for Tiger I will be the most stupid thing Wargaming makes in this patch.

    Wargaming – Never go full retard. Ever.

  65. Why did they make the Hellcat slower?? it was meant to be a fast tank destroyer. They shoulda lowered the hitpoints, possibly lowered rate of fire and accuracy and then with the already camo bonus lost that probably woulda been enough! They should also just re work the hitpoints for all the tanks anyways, cause currently it makes no sense.

  66. Let’s see…

    Jagdpanzer IV gets a slight buff to maneuverbility, pretty good.
    Hellcat nerf…OK, maybe a bit too much after all TDs lost their camo bonus.
    Tiger H slight nerf-reasonable, but why nerf Tiger P?
    T29 nerf-as expected(turret armor too stronk?).
    T18 nerf-good, but maybe a bit too much? In my opinion, they only need to nerf its rear armor and the rest is fine.

  67. LOL almost EVERY nation EXCEPT RUSSIA had tanks that got nerfed and the Russian tanks got buffed…
    To ALL those people in game that claim there is NO RUSSIAN BIAS, we are just paranoid or wear tinfoil hats..
    WAKE UP, face the facts or use the credits you earn from the battles you win to GO BUY A CLUE.

  68. While the boosts the VK 28/.01 and Mt25 are getting are definitely nice and appreciated, Wargaming will not fix the Scout problem until their View Ranges make them unique tank types.

  69. Removing assault mode from Sand river is ludicrous. that leaves us with only 3 assault maps. THREE!!!!

    Sand River Assault was fine – it could be won from either side by a competent team.

    Wargaming needs to remove assault mode if they are not going to support it. forcing us to suffer along on 3 maps is a slap in the face to everyone who plays this supposedly “world class” game.

  70. I would have seen how removing TD camo when firing effected things before nerfing or buffing any individual TDs, even the OP Hellcat.

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  72. WTF WG?!

    NERF the Hellcat? The things has no armor, and the DPM was shit! AND YOU NERF IT! REALLY?!

    WHAT … THE … FUCK?!

    The speed and the gun where the only thing that kept it alive and you will take that out … good job WG and it isn’t like there isn’t another turreted TD with 90mm in the same tier , no? … wait THE JACKSON, MUCH MORE ARMORED; FAST ENOUGH, HAS A ROOFED TURRET AND WITH THE SAME 90mm!

    Frankly it isn’t my problem that the Hellcat players know how to use its tank most of the time, the Hellcat wasn’t OP and you just nerf it … good job!

    and yeah no nerf to the OP-1S … I mean the KV-1S … I can’t wait to have the KV-1S splitted

    Also NERF THE TIGER I?! WHY?! HP and the gun is the only thing it have on its favour, the armor isn’t worth ANYTHING?!

    Seriously WG make a good investigation instead of just hearing all NERF PLEASE! whinning … also nerf the russian tanks some time please

    • The hellcat has a cloaking device and a nuke proof gun mantle.

      Quit whining about the Jackson, the only well armored part on the hull is the lower plate. The upper plate is only slightly better than the M10′s. In almost every other regard, the Hellcat is currently better.

      • Cloaking device? needed to survive with 13mm of armor

        stealth, speed and alfa is the Hellcat’s game. DPM is shit and the hellcat is vulnerable with its now long reload, speed will get nerfed and the stealth might not work the next patch so now the hellcat will have nothing to it.

        Nuke proof mantle? LOL it only has 76mm of amor it may save you with some RNG but I won’t trust in it have penetrated that mantlet dozens of times

        The jackson is a good machine with the same 90mm, moves fast enought and the armor is more reliable and can be as good as the Hellcat in the hands of a good player the only difference is that the Hellcat has this OMG HELLCAT! air around it and the the whinning was loud enough to WG to do something

        Like I said it is not my problem most Hellcats players know how to use the machine and people don’t know how to counter it.

  73. The TD with most invis kills are E-25 and SU-122-44, and I don’t see how they are not worth their gold even with a TD universal nerf.

  74. I can stand all the German nerfs except ONE

    The HP reduced by 100… Does it mean Tiger I has 1300/1400 and Tiger P has 1250/1300…? Because really, Tiger needs all the HP it gets esp being German with a huge hull deserves a gigantic HP too

  75. Angling the armor (in case of Tigers) it’s good only against one enemy not when fighting 3 or 4, never the less the nerf isn’t too bad except the accuracy spread when moving the turret (he was a good scout hunter) so he won’t rust in garage.
    Poor hellcat. Why the hell they nerfed him in stock configuration? I understand the nerf for elite configuration (too much in my opinion) but stock isn’t OP for sure.

  76. I really find some nerfs…. WTF!!!.

    For example Hellcat… if you touch is mobility and his DPM WTF is the point in hellcat now??? to be fair only is over Jackson thanks to his better camo and mobility, to be fair, Hellcats are TDs for a mission, this is ambush and retreat ASAP i never have problems with hellcats because are not hard to counter, spot a hellcat and he survive less than a sweet at school door.

    Tiger… WTF they give him even worst HP than in old times??? they increase maginal his HP in 50 points to give him something but in the end doesnt compensate his free xp piñata “feature”… to be fair, yesterday in Tiger I with hull angled to the right and turret to the left a VK with 88mmL54 pen my frontal hull armor and kill me because destroy my engine and burn before can use extinger (200hp, hit of 185 damage… no time to push the buttom)… really to be the WORST tier 7 heavy in armor move under 1450 is a stupid thing specially if you touch firepower.

    T29… no coments, it moves worst than a slug and now he is going to need a tank that push him.

    Tiger P… OMG

    The point is that with nerfs soviet heavies are going to rule… well, they do it now in hands of a decent player, is fun that many people here say “tne nerfs are to OP Tanks” but never say what can do IS or KV-3 in competent hands… they can do even more than a T29 or a Tiger.

    The curious thing is that AMX1945 receive 0 buffs when is a tank that needs some love… at least increase a little ROF and aiming time, in the end is a Tiger I with less HP and a little better gun and.

    Maybe WG forgive that tier 7 heavies fight A LOT VS tier 9 tanks and well, Tigers are the tanks i fear less in a tier 8-9 except maybe in a french tank.

    As i say allways, “balance is to important to leave it in hands of WG”.

  77. - removed the TD camo class bonus when shooting the gun (APART from premium TD’s)

    Time to buy some, but actually – will future premium tds have this bonus or not?…

  78. Other thing i really cant understand…. WTF all the nerfs in T18 and DONT REMOVE THE DAMN DERP!!!! to be fair i dont drive T18 but for me when i find one in a tier 2-3 tank the thing i find more op is the derp… he cant see tier 4 tanks and he mount a derp??? why not reduce a little his mobility BUT remove derp???

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    • Not just armor matters.. Tiger H was OP a little bit, now it was nerfed a little bit, fair changes..

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  81. WG cannot let a good tank be a good tank. A Hellcat with less speed, a Tiger with horrible armor…everything will become Karl, mark my words….

  82. That buff to the VK 30.01 Porsche sounds like fun. This tank’s become one of my favourites lately, the 8,8 being really fun on a T6 medium… [I never managed to get the short 8,8 to "work for me" on the JP-IV... But that was like 2k battles go... ;)]

    Not so sure on the HP nerf for the Henschel Tiger, in my experience everyone knows to aim for the lower frontal plate anyways garantueing hits (crits…) and a good amount of damage already. It Tiger “needed” that RoF reduction, though. A round every 5,6 seconds from a good crew is overkill…
    Also not so sure about that RoF nerf for the Tiger (P), though. It’s already pretty average DPM wise in relation to the other T7 heavies. And it’s armor is a lot of a “Paper Tiger” (no pun inteded) compared to a hull down T29…

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  84. I’m more interested in this…


    - stock tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 20/18/10 percent
    - elite tracks terrain passability (good/medium/bad terrain) improved by 22/20/11 percent
    - maximum speed buffed from 60 km/h to 68 km/h

    Stubby just got a whole lot more fun…

    And I love the Hellcat nerf. Maybe people will start using it with the historical 76mm and get some reasonable DPM instead of the almighty 90mm (which it never should have had in the first place, the Jackson was the only tank with the 90mm).

  85. looks typically unreasonable… again… nothing like a “bait and switch” tactic to keep players coming back… game has gone to s**t and continues to get worse every patch…

  86. This is quite disturbing. Although I do not usually complain about any patch they (Wargaming) distributes, this patch is a little peculiar.

    1. The Tiger I (H) is in fact my most beloved prizefighting tank in-game. With an average exp (non-premium) 848 exp and the top exp record of 2943 (in one game).

    Let’s make this simple. The amount of people who hate the tiger for it’s armor, about 20% who played it, the number of people who hate it for it’s sluggish speed, another 20%, those who hate it for the turret speed and low damage role per shot from the 88 mm gun… another 15-20%. Those who hate the Tiger I (H) just because it is German, well I am guessing 5-10%. Thinking about it, who many people actually play and ENJOY the Tiger I (H)? I have only met a hand-full of people (IF I AM WRONG then please CORRECT me) who like or even say “MEH” to the Tiger I (H).

    When going toe-to-toe with a Tiger P, T29, IS, KV-3, AMX M4 mle .45, you will understand that 8/10 times the Tiger I will win, due to great DPM (please consider the fact both tanks are shooting at each other in an open field with no covering to weak spots and are shooting AP rounds). However, this IS the trademark of the Tiger I (H). The armor of the tank is nothing to be proud of, in fact compared side-by-side with other tier 7 heavy tanks of the different national branches, the Tiger I (H) has the most underwhelming armor. The Tank is slow, sluggish and the traverse does not save this. The Turret traverse is what makes hellcat drivers laugh hard. the only thing that upholds the Tiger I (H) in it’s place is it’s great DPM, which is still no match against 2 or 3 tanks shooting at it.

    Tiger all out.

    Armor V.S. Hit Points
    The flaw of having no armor, is compensated by 1,500 HP, the biggest among any tier 7 tank. BALANCED WELL

    Big Bang V.S. DPM
    Having a low damage per shot (240 average) is compensated by 5.65 Rate of Fire (100% crew, Gun Rammer, Ventilation)

    Aim time V.S. Accuracy
    The low 2.9 (NON GERMAN-LIKE) aim time, is compensated by an average 0.34 accuracy.

    So what is the nerf for? You nerf what is good of a German tank and I cannot help to say this but this is quite disturbing how you nerf tanks that can EQUALLY match the tanks of the USSR or Americans, in other words, BIAS.

    Wargaming, if you were to nerf any German tank in the game I suggest with the Waffentrager E-100 as a top first priority. Do not go hating on Tiger I (H)s for smacking Soviet Russia hard during WWII.

  87. Tiger P was already sh!te, both KV-3 and IS were far superior to it IMO, but now.. Seriously, DPM was already thrash (alpha is thrash too), now they further nerf it along with the accuracy. But the HP nerf, lol. But to nerf the ancient OP KV-1S, no, never, impossibru. Rather nerf already thrash germans… At least then nerf the actually OP germans like Rhm, ffs..

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