Interview with Big Boss Kislyi

Hello everyone,

one last interview with Viktor Kislyi from WGL finals in Warsaw, this time with English subtitles (just turn them on). He talks about e-sports, Warsaw and such.


6 thoughts on “Interview with Big Boss Kislyi

  1. Out of all of the interviews, the ones with this “Big Boss Kislyi” are the longest ones, with the least information value and densest BS ammount. Anyone else got the same feeling that he doesn’t know shit about WoT and is just a “money business” guy?

    • I met him last year during tankfest. i spoke with him very shortley, this is part of our conversation:

      me: – What is your favorite tank in WOT?
      he: Maus!
      after a short pause, with other players around he feels forced to be friendly as well and thus continues the conversation;
      he: And what is your favorite tank?
      me: T29
      he; … What tank is that again?
      he:… is that a american one? (sounds insecure)
      other people around me: its that tier 7 US heavy!
      he: oh yes,…. now i remember,…

      may sound like a stupid example, but for me, stuff like this does sum it up.

  2. Can’t make a game run properly. Since patch 9.0 game is full of bugs. How the fuck can FPS drop from 120 to 10 when things blow up or when I shot?
    They said they will put HD graphics, yes they did but did they optimize them correctly? Fuck no. Stupid WG fuck.

    Sorry for my language guys but I can’t play wot anymore. I have 58 premium days but can’t play.

    • do you have xfire? for me this was the cause of heavy fps drops since 9.0 (yes both together worked perfectly in previous patches)