Stronk Russian 9th of May Military Parade

Thanks to Clearevil for sending me the link :)

Hello everyone,

today (from 8:00 CEST) is (in Russia) the celebration of the Russian victory in WW2 and they have a military parade going on in Moscow – this time streamed on Youtube. Chances are we will see some tanks, so that might be interesting for some.



By the way, if you want to share your feelings about Russia, Stalin, Crimea, Putin and that sort of stuff, this is not the… nah, screw it, who am I kidding. Go nuts.

93 thoughts on “Stronk Russian 9th of May Military Parade

  1. “By the way, if you want to share your feelings about Russia, Stalin, Crimea, Putin and that sort of stuff, this is not the… nah, screw it, who am I kidding. Go nuts.” … nice one! Realism finally caught up with you ;).
    Hit it Trolls! Time for more pseudo-political bitchslapping!!

    • it was known to our most dedicated scientists that Russians are based on silicon and not carbon like the rest of the human species, that makes them excellent semi-conductors but on the other hand we just don’t know their internal mechanics and what motivates them.

      • I was create the Russians to serve me. It is my Masterplan to conquer the word! I was personally ordered Putin to attack Ukraine, so my Masterplan would go on! With the nuclear war I can catch more souls with my soulcatcher, I gave Stalin the mustach with great power! I am the true god!


        • Oh mighty Xenu, we bow in awe before your wisdom, even distant galaxies have known your power!

          let all who have understanding reckon the number of the Beast,
          and it’s number is 6P6U6TI6N

    • Brace yourselves, tons of western envy and jealousy incoming. (I am not from Russia)

  2. Crimea is a conspiracy by Putin to give an offering to the dark god R’gnor to resurrect Stalin’s pet chinchilla, for it holds the secrets to the perfect breakfast burrito.

    Such knowledge
    Many conspiracies

    • Obviously you are wrong.
      Putin is a champion of Khorne, the Chaos God of War, Murder and Battle.
      Soon his legions of damned Cosmonauts will descend upon the Third World of the Solar System like a plague.

      Be steady in your steps, guardsmen, and remember to carry a big gun.

      • If this is the case, we must now wait for Sanguinius to make his triumphant and prophetic return!

        But I would rather believe in our dark lord R’gnor the terrible. R’gnor the slayer of goldfish, terror of children ages 5 to 9, drinker of many beers, and overall terrible friend.

  3. So in respect of this commemoration, how about ‘borrowing’ Tiger from Bovington and occupy WG headquarters on Minsk?

    Or if we can’t get Tiger, get those Tiger props from Kelly Heroes, Saving Ryan and Belyy Tigr.

    Certainly not in response of nerfing Tiger, you silly one.

  4. Fuck Russia and the way it is dealing with Ukraine. What parade is this? Parade of the killers? I always blame uk, usa and france for the rise of Russia. Why not let Hitler finish his job with Russia? Let him go up to siberia then agree to a pact that allows germany to keep russia but be more peaceful to the west. Hitler wanted lebensraum for the germans in the east. Give him that.

    Let it be clear, a living german is worth killing 1.000.000 russians.

    You wonder why I say this? Well tell me what was Russia different from hitler? Hitler attacked poland, Stalin did the same. Germany killed russian, so did stalin. Just check how many russians were killed by russians.

    Today, germany is the heart of europe. What is russia? The aggressor of peace.

    Agree with me or not, having russia where it is, is a danger to the world.

    • After seeing SS agreed to not ban trolls for this post, i am curious of how far this will go. ;)

      • SS won’t be Russian to ban, and I can’t keep Stalin my comrades… I’ve Putin a good word, but if this keeps up you can Crimea river but I won’t be able to help!

        • Dude, that potato was stronk tank after garage in Moscow but never go Stalin without love and dedication as the weather is not gud today.

    • There has been one other large country that in the past decade or so has invaded a few sovereign nations under dubious pretexts….

      • Either;-
        - your definition of “dubious” has been nerfed too hard…
        - your comprehension needs a massive buff
        - you’re a Tomato Politician…
        - you need to go back to Tiers1-4 Dictionary and learn the basics
        - ‘Murican bias
        - The Sarcasm Terrain Ratio has been over buffed


  5. Fuck any war!!

    As much as I hate Russia for NOT helping us anyway ever, I’m glad that American fucktards can’t do a shit about Crimea. This is a bitter satisfaction felling that I should NOT feel, because it’s just sick.

    Fuck any war, stop any killing, no one should be killed!!!

  6. Kind of pity ruskie civils – mad dictator and their government. And it was like that for ages.

      • Sure, you compare time when state was emerged from Soviet ruling style crisis with time when state lives on gas/oil – more or less embraced capitalist living style [but they never agree with this].
        Propaganda show at his best :D

        By the way: Putin walks in Red Square past Lenin’s mausoleum – “Oh, it is easy – only 3 letters to change”.

        • From video: “liotcik-snaiper” – Pilot-sniper; sounds strange :)
          Nice weather in Moscow.

          • “Nice weather in Moscow.”

            For victory day and other important state holidays there is always nice weather in Moscow. They do weather control… No, i am not joking. The Russian Airforce dusts any rain clouds in the area with silver iodide in advance. This causes the clouds to loose their water before they reach Moscow. it is a very neat trick. Nice weather guaranteed by the Russian Airforce.

            • I’m not sure how effective cloud seeding really is but I’ve heared about that before when the Chinese launched some rockets in the clouds during 2008 Bejing summer games.

      • Russia is so stronk that they import meal from eu . Did they mention that ?
        Ru is not able to produce own food . 2nd thing – Gasprom and oil . I wonder who will buy gas or oil in 10-20 years from RU if they are not stable politically? Bai bai Rassija .

      • I like how the last point on the bottom says “returned Crimea back to Russia” as if Crimea was finally liberated by Russia from evil Ukrainian control…

      • Stronk poster thinks sochi olympics and Crimean occupation happened in 2012.

        Also lol ice hockey.

      • Funny how the IIHF hockey title is an achievement listed… Consider:
        A) 20 years ago, just winning an IIHF title was an underachievement for Russian hockey
        B) none of the NHL teams/players care… Please revisit Olympics results for last 16 Years if you are screaming NhL bias
        C) wtf does hockey matter? If that’s what you list as an achievement, Canada must therefore be a dominant global empire! All hail Canada! Fear the overly polite! :p

        In all honesty Russia is doing better now than it was; given the resources available, could it not be doing yet better?

  7. Look at all that old communist piece of crap rolling down the street.

    • Funny part about it is that western world is still not able to make something better than this 20-30 years old “ommunist piece of crap”… R-36, Topol and Yars rules the world.

      • “R-36, Topol and Yars rules the world.”

        Orly? Have not seen to many of them hitting stuff. I have seen lots of AK-47ns though wawed by shouting people in the vicinity of some burned flag sporting stars and stripes. After that (a couple of months) it was usually shown how some F-16ns bomb the crap out of them.

          • Yeah, praise somone for having the button to start a termonuclear war. Like praising some driver for the ability to ram you in full speed, killing both.

            • So what? Praise the country terrorizing poor countries all around the world since 1945? just because it has some nice music and movies?? Oh man..teach me something about the world please. Or should i rather praise EU for having f*ckin regulations for the right tomato shape and for wasting tons of food just because it does not meet those regulations and its cheaper for corporations to scrap it than to give it to poor people of poor countries?
              So what? Sabbatino wrote about age of Russian armament… So I just told him, that despite of its age those toys are still much better, faster, stronger, bigger, more nimble than anything that can western world show us today…
              Its funny that in 2014 USA can not make helictopter stronger than 70ties Russian Mi-26.
              Its funny that A400M from modern world still hasnt more powerfull engines than An-22 from 60ties.
              But yes of crss have fun “lol those ruskies old piece of crap” .. Yes..maybe 20 years later will be western world able to produce something that can beat Russian hardware. In heavy lift helicopters they are just 5 tons of cargo behind them…so maybe in 20 years they can lift as heavy weight ass russian do.

              • So, is your rant over? Are you Russian or what? Why do you feel the need to choose one or another side and be blind to everything else.
                And nice offensive, dude. Presumptions lead the way. I just told you it is sick to cheer for anyone for having the ability to destroy the world, which can be aplied to any country with that possibility, but you took it as an offence against Russia. And that fear of EU of yours. Can you fall asleep without looking uder your bed for EU official? By your out-of-pub reason why is EU bad you just showed you know nothing about EU law. You take few words which some EU skeptic said and that is enough for you. You know why is that enough for you? Because it is just in your subconsciousness that you hate EU unconditionaly and that is why you do not need to find real argument for and against EU. EU did what Russia is now trying to do and went even further, but you are not interested in it. Even if EU gave every citizen 10k monthly pension you would find excuse to rant. You live in simple world where USA = devil, EU = incompetent, Russia = stronk. No shades, no pros and cons in each areas. Just as simple as put.

                I did not undermine any Russian equipment you short-sighted madman. I admire what Russians achieved with T50 while kept its price low for example. Russia got quite advanced weaponry, like Iskander, yet you mention old Mi26 which was designed for one specific role and call it the proof of dominance. What one does not need one does not build. Anyway, this only proves how short sighted you are. You dont even try to mention the best possible arguments, you just mention anything that comes to your mind and that is enough for you.

                And that nonsense about corporations not giving to poor. Western companies give a lot to poor since it is good for their PR, which is kind of win-win for both companiy and for poor. But sure, idea of bad bad capitalism against fair idea of communism is simple. Pity world is not that simple, heck, even no true communist country exists. Anyway, what do you do with your old clothes, for example? Do you give them to poor? And if you live in country which allows to allocate 2-3 or more % of your taxes, do you give them to some charity? Or do you just ignore that possibility or do you give it to anyone who is not starving?

                And one more thing about that 20Mt Satan. If you are that well read, Satan is more feared for its capabiltity to carry high amount of much lower yield warheads, since more lower yield are better than one single stronger as nuclear deterrent. So it would be wiser to mention this, else you can simply mention Tsar if you go for yield… just another proof how short sighted you are with shallow knowledge about what you are talking about. You know what is sad? That you do not know even these basics and yet attack other people.

                NOW you can feel free to rant at me, now I gave you a reason. Learn the difference.

                EDIT: I just realised I only gave you ideas for your next rant about how evul everybody is, since this wont lead to any other way than you getting all mad and red and no point will be taken…

                • Congratulations for your time spent whining about nothing :D I hope that you propaganda-sallary will be raised by some eurocenti and you will be promoted for higher rank as a well trained western politruk (or polytruck to sound more western :D)
                  To start..i live in NATO/EU country…that is the reason i think EU sucks… i did not talk about that food for some propaganda articles…i have seen it with my very own eyes.
                  Same with Mi-26, i had that luck to work with that machine and another russian mixers so that is the reason why i was talking about it… Not like you talking about russia and probably have never been there.
                  You behave like typical westerner i have met many times… Narrow minded, unable to keep distance and keep himself relaxed..Just full ass of blah blah blah blah you are idiot and i am the god cus you told that, that and that and i can tell similiar shit much more western-looking.

                  I dont give a shit about tons of some death-life serious arguments about nothing.I just told that Russia has much better military hardware in many ways than western countries and that i really dislike American politics i have seen in news (EU made news) … you know.that shit about Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, Vietnam, Somalia, Grenada,….etc…. and i really dont like EU politics i have to see every day around me ….. if you are interested i can describe it much more in detail… some shit about EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) etc… Understood?

                  Shit about SATAN…. I really know that ECBMs like this one are ment for carry more smaller warheads than one huge mastodont….BUT i JUST wrote that IF you use 20MT warhead you REALLY DO NOT NEED TO HIT…. Is it true???? or do you think that when they send that thing to USA they will need to hit Obamas eyelids to gain some effect??? Interesting…really………………………………………………………………….

                  So i really dont have problem to understand things you described..but know what? I have a really big problem with those internet heroes showing discrespect to country with such powerfull army which (unlike American one) did not attacked remote foreign poorer countries …. or at least…it did it much lesser times than Americans…. Yes..afghanistan….

                • As a fellow citizen from former east block, I disagree. They came to Czechoslovakia, for example, and that was not a peaceful visit, nor were those in other countries around. And do not fogret Korea or Vietnam. There were more sides than just USA and how it ended? Compare South Korea with North and Vietnam. It was sure worth it, all those dead for what? To establish system that does not work. And Afganistan, yes. Do not look just at the fact they were there, look also at the fact how they waged war in there. People tend to call Russia peaceful since after fall of USSR they were deep in shit, unable to do anything. Then they opened to capitalism and live from natural resources, but that is a story for another discussion. And also, do not forget Chechnya and look up how many of whole population died in there. Or Georgia or now Ukraine. So much for peaceful Russia. With Syria I did not agree with “US” opinion about interfering in it, when talking about Syria, I side with Russia. Are you surprised? As I said, I am not like you, short – sighted. When talking about Iraq – well, only issue in there was that there were no nuclear weapons, but chemical weapons were used in past and if nothing else, dictator came to an end. But I know, for you even dictator who kills his own people is better than anything from west. And do not forget all the shit they “cooperated” in Middle east. Those conflicts were backed up also by Russia. I am NOT saying who is worse or better. I am saying Russia is far from peaceful nation.

                  You rant again about useless crap about shape of food and yet you know nothing about it. You know, it was not passed as a joke, dont you? It was concerning quality of food and to provide healthy, non rotten, non damaged, non chemically altered etc food. But some moron turned it into “law on exact curve of banana” and you believe it as it is put. Just a bit of thinking or even better, searching for purpose of it. But no, rather avoid it, what if your unreasonable belief was ruined.

                  I did not call you an idiot before, so do not put your words into my mouth. I just said that you are short – sighted, which you are, once again proved. I prefer reasonable discussion and I prefer using reasonable arguments to prove my point, I did not need to call anybody idiot to prove my point.

                  About that Satan again; really? Are we using argumentum ad absurdum? Yeah, with 20Mt you do not need to “hit Obamas eyelids”. You do not even need rifle. You can also kill with stick. Or with spoon. This is turning into nonsense with you, if it continues like this, you will soon post pictures how Putin rides a bear and say that is proof of Russian superiority.

                  And one more thing; You jump out of your skin when talking about Russia yet you say you are from EU / NATO. Interesting question: if one day war starts and your beloved SS18 lands on your head, will you be happy then? Because right now, no matter how much you hate that idea, you are on this side of barricade right now.

                  I love to see people rant at EU and whole west and yet enjoy western life. And your awesome personal experience on Mi26. Yeah, great argument. You certainly have many years of experience also with Chinook and Skycrane for example so you can put real comparison based on all their pros and cons.

                  And this joke: “(…)discrespect to country with such powerfull army (…)” Sorry mate, to earn my respect you need more than to show of force.

                  And that crap you wrote about F117 – it was mostly caused as a human mistake, but cudos for the officer at AA that saw it and took advantage of it. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with stealth. And B2 has much, much smaller cross section than F117, but that is not the point.

                  Heck, I wont even try to reffer to all the crap you poured out of your … something, anything. The way you talk, the arguments you use, the so called knowledge you give, all that and more is like if some teen said that, but sadly if one is ignorant at young age, he will remain one even when growing older, so you may be well in your 20-30 years. Discussion with you leads to nowhere as you fail to put anything to the table except absurd nonsense or repeating what you said.

                  Well, as you already called yourself an idiot, I will use the “old saying” – Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.” This is great refference to how discussion with you looks like and all that your experience.

                • Lets start about 26. You are talking about my experience about Chinooks etc…no, i never worked with them. But as a man close to helicopter aviation of this size i can tell you one very very important fact about heavy lift helicopters…. cargo matters!!! There will be 19 tons of shit on the ground and you need to lift it into the mountain… then nobody will care about fiel constumption, noise, etc….. yes…you can bring CH-53K or SkyCrane or another western fancy helicopter…but nobody will care about their performance if they CAN NOT LIFT that weight…. Another thing is that dimensions of 26s fuselage are incomparable to Chinook….you can never fit things from Mi-26 to Chinook …. Only con of Mi-26 is that when you fell of from the engine compartment it can hurt very very much because of its size… Oh and its impossible to maintain it clean besaufe of exhaust nozzles placement….In fact it means that if you paint it white as a winter camo it turns itself half black in few days of intensive flying and your winter camo is ruined…bad bad russian helicopter!!!!! :(((
                  About 1968 in czechoslovakia… my parents have seen it … nobody harmed anybody they know….. just one day of fear and nothing more…compare this to what happened in iraq….. another thing.. we were part of RVHP so we had commitment to soviet russia…. but yes it was still wrong what they did ….. but its incomparable to american crimes in iraq……. Even if Saddam had thousands of satans in silo under his house…IT IS NOT THEIR PROBLEM!!!!! they have too their minutemans and tridents… they are not supposed to decide who can and who can not have nuclear missiles or powerplants or what anybody wants….
                  For Chechenia and far as i know those lands was parts of Russia and if not,,they are they close neigbors… So you cant compare this to USA and their war policy…. If hawaii would like to declare a independence and USA will fuck them up with army…i will not care…. but they exports their military to all around the world and that is really SICK and BAD…. About Satan at my head…i dont think that russia will be forced to use so big and powerfull weapons agains my country… Two reasons: Our army is ruined by A) lack of money, B)Shit NATO doctrine who aimed all our army at one specific task … so no real defence there…. and second…most of our people wil welcome them with music and cakes etc…. So no need of Satans here… I will not be happy about Satan in Obamas ass too… because killing is evil…but sometimes only way to stop killing is to kill the killer…in case of this world..USFA…. And there are only two countries to do that… China and Russia..and i can speak russian much better than chinese……

                  About EU …Those things with food…. you explanations sounds so nice..but i have seen a reality and it was awfull. My friend lives close to logistic centre used by supermarkets…. Once we was in the field with his dog and we saw a HUGE heap of vegetables and fruits…. it was looking moulds no stink…. it looked same as goods in supermarket. First i was thinking that it must be contaminated by some shit….OK for me…. it was bad. so they put it away….but that hill of fruits raised week to week….. so we decided to find out wtf happened….. guy from the logistics told us that those food just “DDINT MEET THE EU REGULATIONS” …we asked why??? there were no chemical laboratories there so they cant did chemical tests….. Then i saw all those internet facebook shit about sharing shit for people in africa…WTF??? Why share pictures on FB???? In fields of my city is a HUGE HILL of good food…. but..EU dont want them to eat …they just want bussiness……………………..
                  From another part of the EU life…. Did you heard about L-13 Blaník? It was is Czech all metal sailplane…one of the best in the world for training….. and most manufactured sailplane ever… EU BANed it… try to find out why… make yourself a research…. If you are interestd leave me a e-mail adress and i will provide you plenty of information about this cause…
                  First i liked EU very much…i told myself that it will be great when all european countries unite … like those wooden rods from roundel of Reggia Aeronautica… unite to be strong and sovereign…but what its worth??? EU is ful of byrocracy and dedicated to USA…. and that is not OK for me.
                  About F-117… you did not catch the point….. Whole milion dollar stealth technology became ruined by some skilled mans eyes… And read something about system Kolchuga or Czechoslovak KRPT-86 Tamara..or his newer variant Vera? Those passive systems can seek even stealth aricrafts … just two trucks with huge antenna…. Stealth is not enough…. and when no stealth is counted..B-2 as an aircraft really sucks…. Even 50 years old Tu-16 was faster…. Russians just found out that speed and electronical countermeasures are much better way to penetrate enemy anti aircraft umrella….

                • And… about EU … many people in my country dislikes EU so much, that they voted for our local dumbass neonazi scum in local elections and now he is something like head of whole region…. WTF??? How BAD must it be for them in EU that they prefer fckin NAZI asshole than it????

                • Are you talking about Kotleba? Let it sound as bad as it is, Fico was right in one thing – it was failure of right wing that they provided no valid candidate – of course nobody wanted left wing politician, so they voted for the other one, in this case him. Also, I strongly believe there were some issues with certain citizens, I bet you know what I am talking about. I would put hate for EU as one of the last reasons in that case.

                  I just read some brief articles about Blanik – it sounds more like an issue of one agency than EU as whole. And then, if everything else fails, there are always international courts. Although if that case was submitted to international court, it is most likely still in proceeding as it usually takes few years. All in all, if it was issue of state – would you blame whole republic for mistakes of one branch of administration? In “worst” case scenario government would be blamed I guess, but not artifical person of state (EU).

                  Anyway, as was said on last conference I was on – “Nationalization of success and Bruselization of failure” – it is loved to blame EU for all bad and to omit all good. EU is mostly about open market and about ensuring that it remains open, setting same rules for all and et cetera. And you have to agree that EU is doing a great job in here. It boosts trade, by which raising wealth of countries and that directly reflects on everything. It is not exactly the topic of my “expertise” but I can give you some insights if you would like on pertinent EU law.
                  Also, EU is funding or giving ground for funding a lot of research in unprecedented scale. The heck, EU has even functioning Fusion reactor. There are also extensive education programs for students.
                  And protection of human rights and EU citizen rights on EU level is also really high. It gives another safe check to already existing systems of human rights.
                  Then there are systems to help poorer countries develop – which pours great amount of € into east EU. And as globalization is present everywhere and there is also open market, it helps both – EU as whole, i.e. all member states and it helps the state in which investments come – as it ever further boost its development. Look up how much EU dotations makes in your home country. And you know what is the best? As the open market influence the global market and helps to unite regulations – EU is able to make money by itself, mostly by customs. So again another benefit of EU, as without these regulations, customs were bypassed. Corporations always look for a way to bypass them but if regulations are united, then there is no way to do it.
                  And do not foget other benefits EU brings, like open borders for travel. Simplification and unification of things like electronics, ID cards, insurance, acceptance of documents from fellow member states, really important – customer rights protection – in this field EU did tremendous job and many, many other fields which greatly influence us and gives us benefits. As it was said on that same conference – 70% of national legislation is made as direct or indirect result of EU legislation. But you will not hear about that, they will tell you it is made because of EU only if it is deemed bad. And also, there are problems with wrong transposition of directives, which is again fault of member states, not fault of EU. Or when officials of member states keep quiet and after all is done then speak – if you are from Slovakia – look for example at current crisis in Ukraine and Slovakian minister of foreign matters – before Ukraine (Crimean) crisis, he was one of 3 candidates for next High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – quite frankly the most visible function with a lot of influence. And what happened? Domestic politics caused that he was left in back, I doubt he still has a chance to win that position. And then there will be cry that there was no chance for some country like Slovakia to be heard – even when Slovakia could get one of the most important positions. EU also helps fight corruption, which is one of the reasons why EU is hated – nobody likes to have someone looking over his shoulder if he is not stealing. About EU bureaucracy – it is bad, but in different way than what common citizens think and definitely not as bad as they think. Problems are with structures of top institutions and the process of accepting regulations, directives etc. Bureaucracy in sense of EU organizations is not that bad, as member states transfered part of their competences to EU, so instead of each state having 5 people working in one specific field (5×28 states), only one is left in each state and 5 are in that EU organization (28+5). This was really simply put but you should again see my point.

                  Fear of Federalization, of loss of suverenity were always present in EU, from its start till today, for more than half a century. That was the main reason for failure of Treaty establishing a Costitution for Europe – it did not establish any federation, it just shared legal terms common for national law and people confused it with actual constitution. Result was rework – reform treaty, nowdays known as Lisbon treaty. Lisbon treaty, although using different aproach, maintains content of former treaty without any significant changes to its actual meaning. And as you can see, Lisbon treaty is in force for few years and EU is still not a federation :) Lisbon treaty is quite interesting topic and if you would like, I can provide you with more information about it.

                  And EU is not dedicated to US. EU had great deal with Russia for example, which now makes sanctions problematic and so does with many other countries. It may seem that EU and US are closer as they more or less have really close demographic, similar market, similar customers. After all, what does EU almost exclusively use, Vkontakte or Facebook? That was just simple example, but you get my point. EU and US got similar culturural development. Russia always had their own ways, as somewhat crossroad between west, east and south, while being separated by wast empty space in between them and the rest of the world.

                  Concerning B2 – the problem is, their approximate location can be guess by some long range radars as well as by traces of tankers and et cetera, but it was kind of expected they may not return after strike. But this is all talk about mechanisms to ensure utter destruction, backed in a way (by all sides in possible conflict) that there were like 4 ways to destroy whole world, or to destroy it multiple times in other words – but there would be no winner – which was point of it, to deter all from using them.

                  And about technology becoming obsolete – well, that will always happen. Take warships as an example – before WWII, from time when ship was laid down to the time it entered service it was already obsolete, that was how fast the progress went on. Or take how expensive was development and miniaturization of computers. When iron curtain had fallen, Russians simply bought it for much lower cost than what was spent on research and utilized it in upgrades of their weaponry. Similar case was with US buying technology of Russian shuttle. This are just facts of life and everyone counts with it when they develop something. Or like Russian development of aircraft radar, which was then given to west by deflector (MIG25 IIRC, which rendered said Russian advantage obsolete for that time.

                  About one specific task in NATO – if you talk about Slovakia – it was us who decided that we will do only one task. NATO wants us to be as prepared as possible, again – it is failure of member state and only member state should be blamed for that.

                  About US exporting military – well, Russia exports weapons to anyone who pays. They both can shake hands.

                  About RVHP – the problem was, it was not working. As it was pointed from the start – some parts of economy may be planned many years ahead, but most can not. On the other hand, while RVHP struggled to keep us afloat, Marshall plan brought prosperity to both US and West, it was win win. Anyway, I would never say we own anything to Russia because of RVHP as Russia was in great debt towards eastern block (which they payed by gifting military equipment, IIRC for Slovakia some MiGs, for Czech republic some Mi24s)

                  About 1968. Well, not that many died, but we were occupied for decades. They ruined our economy, they ruined our society, they ruined our enviroment. And when we tried to change that, they came with an army.

                  Anyway, finaly normal conversation, thank you

              • It’s funny that in 2014 Russia can’t produce a car as good as ’70 Western cars. It’s funny that Russia doesn’t have anything remotely comparable to B-2 even though it was built 25 years ago. It’s funny Russia can’t project power. It’s funny that Russia can’t afford to give its citizens standard of living equal to standard of living in the USA in the ’60. It’s funny Russians are leaders in drug addiction and suicide. It’s funny you’re using Western computers and Western internet, because you’re not intelligent enough to create your own. Yeah, perhaps you have some superior military designs (which I doubt, since you’re probably basing your info on propaganda) – so fucking what? Your military is still inferior to NATO, you will never be capable of using it against us. Superiority of Western countries makes my life better, because we’re superior in actually useful fields, while being strong enough militarily to ward off attacks of subhuman barbarians like ruskies. Oh, and I forgot: Russian AIDS rates are ENORMOUS. It seems that Russians are a nation of closeted homosexuals and junkies, that’s the only way to explain so many HIV infections.

                • So when the day will come, you can sit into nice western 760Li, hold an I-Phone XX in your hand and just hope it will help you in some way to survive what will come. I dont live in Russia, unfortunatelly i live in NATO/EU country so you dont need to do your propaganda job..i know what is EU about cos i live in it for some years.

                  Oooh and that thing..B-2 … that guy in F-117 above Serbia can tell you something about how is stealth very useful :)))))))
                  I think russia know that good old speed is much better than funky stealth… see the Tu-22M and Tu-160
                  And why you didnt mention Raptor-badassness??? Ooo because theyre totaly crap? Sorry..

                • And bro… You are from Germany right?? Can you imagine how many nowdays Germans are in fact half-russians? You too…maybe :D Think about it….

                • Man…i have another very sad news for you….I inspected my computer and i have seen there “MADE IN CHINA” so i managed myself to find out where in western world is that CHINA…..Cos as you know, in middle europe we are living on trees so we have no idea where is CHINA…and gues what??? That CHINA Is much more eastern than Moscow….

                  P.S. If you will try to kill yourself in sepukku funshi manner because of your possible russian pedigree and my chinese computer i have some suggestions for you…Dont do your suicide by train… it can be annoyng for people in that train …. same with the jumping in front of the car…. You should not jump into the river too…cos recovering of your body can be quite expensive and very unpleasant for those frogmen. Dont hang yourself too.. If you jump from too small chair you will not brake you neck and it will be very painfull death for you…. from the other hand..if you jump from higher your neck will colapse completely and your dumbass head will fall of.. so it will be very unpleasant experience for founders again. I recommend you to use some pills :)) Have a nice day Mr. MaybeHalfRussian imbecile

                • Russia is not producing cars when it yes.
                  We really want to create a car, well, we get an AK-47.
                  Yes B2 terrible plane we are all afraid of him. I think the squadron of 1,000 erase Russia
                  from the face of the earth.
                  I work at the factory. My salary by American standards ugh. $ 1100 per month.
                  Schedule 2 for 2 to 12h
                  Yes we are not very electronics. We just came up with flash memory, CD-ROM, multi-core processor.
                  Yes, NATO will have to fight with 1 to 4.
                  1 to 4 so we do not in the first, do not worry.

  8. So, this is how cold war would have been if people had internet access back then…

      • Obviously the girls, they was so pretty that provoked russian soliders to have sex with them.

        • When visiting relatives, they told me one saying. When Germans came, they seized some room in a house, they ate your food with knife and fork, flirted with daughters, slept in your bed. When leaving, they took your cow for other troops and even when they forced themselves in the house against your will they said politely thanks to their hosts.
          When Russians came, they seized some room in a house, they ate everything like animals, slept with daughters and when leaving, they expected host family to thank them as if it was a privilege to host them. Upon departure they left with all your cows and the room was ruined, floor destroyed, doors knocked out, quote: “as if they did not know how to use a door knob”.
          But everything depends on personality of said soldier, not every german was a nazi, some were just soldiers. But if some nazi came in, that was far worse.

          Another story from other side of family. Russians were coming, germans were on full retreat. Nazi officer gave order to put gas tank at front doors of as many houses as possible and told them that if anyone would remove those tanks, he would have them shot. People obeyed, it would not be the first time someone got shot. Russians learned that there were some germans, so they bombarded the whole village – just in case. As far as I remember, by that time germans were long gone. Nothing like an accurate artillery barrage one after another in general vicinity of a village, perhaps some nazi will die.

          This one from book and other sources;
          During uprising….
          IIRC USA gave Czechoslovak paratroopers in Russia some C47 skytrains. When national uprising began, they were to reinforce it. Russians did not allow them to go in, waited till last minute for political commissaries to come and only then allowed to go in for limited amount of soldiers, as there were two main wings of resistance – democratic, which was dominant and Communist, which was not that significant. This balance was not desired.
          Although this one last paragraph is based only on one book I read and on some bits and pieces of information I heared here and there while visiting museums and etc, so this last one should be verified.

          So much for glorious soviet liberators. Not to mention how they overthrown goverment 3 years later to establish what would ruin whole country for decades to come. Concentration camps replaced by labor camps and uranium mines. At least most people could avoid them if they obeyed and kept their mouth shut.

      • Not only in Germany, everywhere they went by. You know that in Poland was statue of “Soviet soldier raping woman at gunpoint”?

        • “You know that in Poland was statue of “Soviet soldier raping woman at gunpoint”?”

          Do not spread myths. There was no such thing. One idiot from some art academy made a sculpture and put it in the public during the night. In the morning that crap got dismantled and tucked away by the local police. Russian embassy butthurt still and demanded an official apology. Russian TV even more butthurt and used the piece to show how Poland disrespects their glorious Red Army heroes to. Mission accomplished on both sides. The idiot who made it stirred up more russophobe hate and Russian TV got a story handed to them on a silver platter to stirr up more Polophobic hate.

      • There is no “who started it” – everyone were preparing for that. Russians just didn`t expect that they will be attacked the first (if we are talking about Soviet-German war). Somehow people have forgotten such “minor” things like Molotov–Ribbentrop pact, deportations, repressions and before the war something like Holodomor?

        • Yeah, people always forget what they don’t want to hear. But as usual, the winners write the history and that’s why it’s biased.

      • Well the soviets did wait till 2 weeks after the Nazis to invade Poland, so I guess the Germans started “it” by agreement between allies.

        • Not if you ask the Nazi’s.

          You see the Nazi’s produced fake reports about Polish soldiers attacking German border guards and some other incidents and thus according to the Nazi newspapers it is the Polish that started WW2.

          Propaganda at its worst/finest.

  9. SerB and Storm and probably the whole company loves Stalin Soviet Union and Putin. It’s a part of their childhood is some way.


    And enough with the mad dictator drama. Putin minds his own turf and that’s Ukraine. People are just pissed Snowden went to Russia and gave them a load of Illuminati secrets.

    • “Putin minds his own turf and that’s Ukraine.”

      That is the problem. Too many people with delusions of “Great Russia” do not consider Ukraine to be a sovereign nation and Ukrainians to be a separate ethnic group.
      It is apparent in many public statements, “We are one nation”, ‘Kiev mother of all Russian cities” etc,etc. Moscow is resurecting the 19th century idelology of a “Pan-Russia” where most eastern slavonic nations are just branches from the Great Russians (ie what we call today ethnic Russians) and the main branches are White Russians (Belarussians) and Little Russians (Ukrainians) and their languages just distorted dialects of Russian.
      During the era of late Tsarist Russia this ideology got stretched so far as to call Polish a exceptional case of how the “original pure Russian”.can get distorted… Alll this is to deprive the nations of their own identity and justyfing why Russia should rule them all.

      Educate yourself in history, then the present and future will hold no surprises.


    • HERESY!

      There is only one space God, king of lizards, and that’s R’gnor!

      Half God, half lizard, half potato.

  11. Russia isn’t the Russia anymore that we had known during Cold War times. It’s now a farm of some oligarchic-capitalistic-sadistic pigs.

  12. My thoughts on Russia, Crimea and Ukraine:
    Preferably Putin than fucking US of A.
    regards: finnish guy

  13. I think Crimea should be returned to its rightful owner — Greece. And also most of russian territory must be given back to mongolians. That would be fair.

  14. I watched the whole thing. Irrespective of contemporary geopolitical matters, It’s admirable that they take the remembrance of VE day seriously over there.