Stronk Hall of Fame Ratink

Thanks to dzudzubajac for this one!

Hello everyone,

check this out – this is the printout of the official Hall of Fame. Check the number one player by rating and stats:


So, mariofi has the highest personal rating of them all, yet his stats are below average – how is that even possible? Well, if you look at his stats, you will find the answer. Most of the battles he actually played are team battles – wasn’t it announced that team battles would have separated rating?

Anyway, it’s the number of the team battles that drives his rating up to heaven, it apparently influences the formula strongly, which is weird. I have no idea whether this is intended or just a bug somewhere. He almost certainly is innocent of any rigging, well, at least it’s not a bot (like months ago)…

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    • Actually I think it’s proof that the only use for PR is to balance team battles. People with more experience are rated disproportionately higher.

      It’s not a good thing because the vast majority of players don’t play it all that much compared to randoms, thus the people who play it religeously are rated vastly higher than their skill represents. But that’s it, it isn’t a skill metric, more an “experience” metric.

      If that’s the case though you might as well just look at someone’s number of battles combined with their stats rather than PR.

        • example:

          “Damage Upon Detection – WG has indicated that this might be included in the API stats sometime in the future, but right now it is not available.”

          it’s highly innacurate for passive scouting !

          • Let me put it this way: when you are tomato and you have tragic stats on other tanks there is lets say 99% probability that you wont excel as a scout either.

            And I dont know anyone who would voluntarily play scouts. Its the toughest, less rewarding thing in WoT with only 4-5 maps which scouts can enjoy.

    • Most ratings are non sense, imho only valuable stats that can be observed are W\L, DMG/battle.
      high W\L, and high DMG/battle with tank means -> you play random and you are good
      high W\L, average dmg/battle -> you play more TC but you are good teammate -> your team wins
      average W\L, average dmg/battle -> you are average player who know when to press LMB
      and the rest are kids, noobs, daddies who don’t using brain and LMB..

      Average W\L = 50 – 53%
      average DMG/Battle = +-10% of Tank HP -> usually 5 – 7 hits per battle (except ridiculous 700+ alpha)

      • Average win ratio in WoT is 48-49, i.e 50 prc minus draws. 50-53 is above average. Of course if you use average as a statistical term and not adjective :)

    • Jeez, I beat this guy in every stat except one, and I get called ‘noob’…. :)

    • true i don’t take rating that serious, only when is really crap! and if it’s too good, don’t consider that guy actually playing for fun or team, only for stats!

      sometimes you need a few matches with a player to see if he is good!

    • in game?

      You can see separate random/team battle/historical battles statistics in “service record”

  1. - “it apparently influences the formula strongly, which is weird.”
    It does indeed. I notice it with the PR of my better half, usually after the first battle, win or loss, good or bad game, her PR drops somewhere between 30-70 points. And that while she has almost 12k regular battles.. how can 1 lousy Team battle have around 1% PR influence (which is between 5k-6k)?

  2. Well, rating is quite a fail IMO, if you are for example old player, who now plays rare and makes hardly 100 battles per month then your rating is much lower cause it uses some data that were not collected in the past. So for more then 95 prc. of my battles I have rating based only on part of data so much much lower, And then I see guys who have frags, dmg and win ratio much worse then me but better rating cause they made accounts in last months, oh lol…

  3. Wn8 is somehow glitched too… Once in a while I’m encountered by some noob with megasuperunicum stats (like 11k and so) with 43% win ratio and terrybad stats with every tank he ever played…

    • Happens only on lower tiers and its probably bugged by low amount of battles. Never seen this happen on accounts with 5k+ battles.

    • Congrats, you’ve just discovered that statistics are only reliable when you’re dealing with a large enough sample. Be glad, most people never manage to wrap their head around that notion.

      • ^^ r u stupid or something? Few days ago there was some guy with 32k WN8 and he was actually shitty player. There’s a bug whether you shitard believe it or not. And SS wonders why i can’t stand morons like this w/o insulting them. Ofc i will strike back when they insult me with their own stupidity.

  4. Your position in rating «Personal Rating»: 15,636. You scored higher than 99.01% of players.

    I am the 1%! :-D

    Thanks for sharing anyways

    • What’s up with that? apart from the absurd ammounts of WN8, the person sucks pretty much. I mean, no offense, but he/she can’t deal more damage than take .. in a T30. You literally need to pen 2 shots to do better than that with such a beast (although, the troll gun can troll you bad, but in 440 battles it should be negated). This is what happens when you get to tier 5 and you decide that it’s time to flash up your wallet and you buy a T34 … then suck in it for long enough, boom you have a tier 10 after 2k battles.
      But yea, I’ve seen this a couple of times, once I met a StuG with 100%WR (overall, not on the StuG) … the guy had 2k battles … and effi of 200 … did 130 damage then died. We still won. After the battle, I checked and his WN8 showed some absurd number too, like 60k WN8 or something, with same two purple X’s.

        • below 2k games WN8 is close to random. XVM reports 2003 WN8, Wotstatistics reports 1130 WN8, Vbaddict 1050 WN8 on the same account (my sons). The actual average of his games is 1114 (but I know thats not how WN8 works, but still).

          Also, I read the WN8 formula, still don’t understand the “expected damage”. Take the T2 T7 Combat Car, it has 295 expected damage, the server average is only 34 HP. the expected damage of a Tier 3 T-46 is only 285…

          WN8 is for high tier Heavy Tanks i Guess.

          • Ah found it.
            “The database was filtered for players with less than 1000 games played, and tanks that were played for less than 50 games”

            So for lowtier-tanks only the stats of sealclubbers are used. And new players are compared to these sealclubbers.

            exit WN8.