Storm: 9.1 – Tank Changes Cancelled


Hello everyone,

Storm posts further details about the CANCELLATION of some changes, planned for Patch 9.1. He states that the developers came to following conclusions:

Storm states that the list of changes is not always systematic and understandeable for the players – it’s not clear why tank X gets buffed and tank Y doesn’t. Developers agreed that rebalance tasks will be handled more systematically and the developers will post explanations as to why tank X was buffed or nerfed

Furthermore, developers decided that in order to fulfill this systematic approach (combining tank buffs/nerfs and for example the TD camo nerf), the planned buffs/nerfs for vehicles are CANCELLED. The only changes that REMAIN in 9.1 are the following (be aware that the EU forums have it wrong, these changes are staying):

- TD camo factor after shooting is nerfed
- LT battletier spread reduction
- MT-25 and VK2801 buff
- Sherman stock turret 105mm derp ROF nerf (this is a leftover form the previous patch, since it wasn’t nerfed by ommission)
- Soviet UBR-354KA 76mm shell damage increased by 5 (also bug fix, gold ammo had 110 damage and AP had 105)

Storm states that this DOES mean the developers decided to remove the Hellcat and Tiger nerf. The rebalances will be made to them, but as a part of complex tasks (in this case, the task of “solving the rebalance of tanks on mid tiers”). Storm adds that the developers will also give out more complex and sophisticated explanations as to why each change has to be made.

Meh. T18 needs nerfing…

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  1. I guess the T18 is technically getting nerfed, along side all the other TDs, but it isn’t the kind of nerf we were wanting…

    • Oh well, at least we have the unnerfed hellcat to roflstomp them on open maps.

    • It’s pretty much going to get smashed into several different tanks when they remodel it to HD and spread through tiers 5-7 depending on what rumors you listen to. At the very least it’s getting split into two different T6 heavies, one getting the 122 but severely gimped mobility (this might also end up becoming a T7 premium) and the other keeping similar mobility but getting a 100mm gun (basically putting its firepower on par with the M6). I’ve seen some talk of them splitting it down to T5 as well with the KV-85 which obviously will be a KV-1S with less health and an 85mm as its top gun.

      Basically the devs aren’t nerfing it because they plan to rip it apart in 9.2 if all goes as planned.

      • Well they ARE indirectly nerfing the KV-1S with the top 122 mm gun by splitting it up with much worse mobility.

        That being said I believe it SHOULD be a tier 7 premium. The Russians already have enough tier 6 heavies as it is.

  2. I wonder why they didn’t keep the T18 nerf in there. I have abused that tank’s OPness all the damn time and still wanted to see it nerfed to something more reasonable for a T2 tank. Was anyone complaining they shouldn’t nerf that tank?

    Frankly, all they had to do to silence the whiners was to include the KV-1S depression nerf/split and people wouldn’t have flipped out so much.

  3. while T18 needs nerfing, I do agree, changing just one thing at a time is what should happen, as the TD camo change could completely change the meta and what tanks need fixing. it’s like a science experiment: if you change too many things at once, you don’t know which one change did it.

    • The T18 doesn’t rely on camo though, it relies on ridiculous armour + mobility and a derpgun that can one-shot anyone at close range ~ 200m reliably, so the TD nerf doesn’t mean anything for it… sadly.

  4. There must have been a tremendous shitstorm around Tigers and Hellcat nerfs to lead devs to cancel them…

  5. So the overall TD camo nerf still stands eventhough it’s quite ballsy way to do it because some TDs(mid tiers with paper armor) will be fucked up quite hard while the major issue with TDs(T10 shitlord TDs) will stay OP because they didn’t had that good camo in the first place nor the camo was the reason why are they imbalanced. Imo every TD should be buffed/nerfed for itself. RHM is OP and it should get camo nerf(not too much bcs that TD still needs it to be effective). On the other hand ARL V39 definitely doesn’t need camo nerf after shooting bcs it’s already shit so nerfing it even more is plain stupid. If anything it should get camo buff along with other buffs to make it at least playable. I’m predicting big shitstorm after this global TD nerf instead of only nerfing ones that needs to be nerfed.

    • “some TDs(mid tiers with paper armor) will be fucked up quite hard while the major issue with TDs(T10 shitlord TDs) will stay because they didn’t had that good camo in the first place.”

      Exactly…. Have fun playing paper armored TD’s in town maps, which will become soon much more numerous……

      And those midtier TD’s have also much less HP then tanks in their tiers…

      • Tier 3 and 4′s like the Electo, Su-76, and su-85bm will be ”fun” to play.

    • At least there will be less of those annoying invisible Stugs firing at you from 150 meters every 4 seconds, guess it will be one of the vehicles that gets struck the hardest by this

      • Wow, so many butthurts. You see Stug will still rape your anus any day if the one who is playing it knows what he’s doing. And you’ll still be a fucking noob complaining about invisible tanks instead of fucking learning this game mechanics.

        • Ahem, i said annoying, not incredibly op… Fucking retard…

          Also my stats for last 1000 battles are better than yours xD

    • They’re basing stuff on the idea that currently TDs can shoot you with impunity without giving themselves away, effectively enforcing camping gameplay.

      With the new camo nerf, they won’t do that anymore and will be forced to back down and/or relocate, otherwise be severely punished in return.

      That…I can understand. However this is going to be a double edged blade. All that preventing camping gameplay and backing down is all fine and dandy…unless you’re in something like a Churchill GC when reversing any time soon and getting out of the line of fire isn’t really an option :D.
      Betting this nerf is going to make that weird tank even more shitty to play.

      On the other hand, if you have a good assault gun(such as the Obj. 268), this nerf won’t mean much, you’re still gonna go up to your target, derp a 303mm pen shell in it’s face and gtfo(or alternatively, shoot-and-scoot from far away)

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  7. Yes, T18 should be nerfed long ago. I rarely meet tier 2 in game cause I use only one tier 3 (solely for his beauty – it is T-70) but when I meet t2 there is always bunch of T18 and most of them are not fresh players… Derp gun oneshoting most targets with such mobility and such good armor for that tier – who the hell invented it??? had seen battles in which almost all frags were made by T18;s in both team… Pathetic.

    The same with KV1s. It should be changed like one year ago at least!! Why the hell it takes them ages?? That tank has much too good combo of alpha, armor and mobility for its tier.

    Hellcat will be nerfed at least 4th time in a row since his introduction. I understand one or two nerfs and I had nothing against them, but he is nerfed all the time… And now it will be double nerfed (cause there is also nerf for all TD’s, while there are problems only with IX and X tier TD’s with their stupid megaalpha guns. Btw nerf for Hellcat will give KV1s even bigger adventage in his tier, oh lol…

    Tiger case is totally funny, cause when they buffed Tiger last summer me and many others were writing that Tiger need no buffs… Big fail of WG IMO.

    I had no f…. idea, how they balance tanks, but it is visible some huge retardness in here…

    Sometimes I think that they do not play WoT at all and use dice to balance tanks…

    • Hellcat will still have it’s native camo which is better than most other TD’s thankfully and can still pop out shoot unlike non-turreted TD’s. But the KV-1s remains a pain, the split cannot come soon enough. ( I might actually play the split up tanks unlike the KV-1s )

    • I am happy with all the proposed changes, it is great to see the LTs getting better MM. The Chaffee should not meet tier X though, it does not have the camo/view range to deal with those beasts.

      Regarding the Tiger, I think most new players expect to find that the Tiger is a good tank in its tier, it takes some time to get to that tier 7. It is a good tank but there are many tier 6 & 7 that can deal with a Tiger in the right hands so I don’t think is OP for its tier. The same for the Hellcat, it is a good tank and fun to play, it should stay the same; many people know how to deal with them; removing the TD camo bonus should be sufficient.

      • are you crazy? chaffee is the best with tierX .. how do you think that my clanmate won his Type59?

        I’m not sure if all or only some tier4 scouts will get limited MM but if luchs and A-20 are included.. I will buy them or at least one of them.

    • “who the hell invented it?”

      The americans…but it was an artillery piece not a tank destroyer per se.

      Then again, for Tier 2, I use my Tetrarch. The Tetrarch doesn’t give 1 single solitary fuck about the T18′s armor.

      By the way, do you know that thing is blind as an autistic bat?

      Not saying it shouldn’t be nerfed, just saying that most players don’t really give a crap about it unless they’re pedobears, in which case, they kinda deserve the beatdown.

  8. Actually… the Hellcat will be nerfed enough because of the TD camo-after-shot nullification. Tiger 1.. never really thought to be OP.

  9. So what does it mean for the M4? Will both turrets keep/get the slower reload, or will the 2nd turret get back the older, faster reload for the Derp?

    • nope, the stock turret is destined for as slow a derp reload as the elite one

  10. I do agree with one thing here: don’t mess with the TDs until we see the effect ot the camo nerf. However, wth stops them from changing the KV-1S. I say make it a VII and put another tank at VI. Seriously, how many VII tanks are better than a KV-1S?

    • What stops them from making the changes to the KV-1S is simple.

      Why would they spend time making textures and changes to two tanks (splitting it), when they would have to redo the whole process when HD remodeling it done?

        • No, not really. The tank would only have performance troubles on maps with hills. Flat maps, where depression is barely even used save for shooting hulls in face-hugging, not so much. It would turn it into a situationally overpowered tank. The real problems come from the gun in combination with the chassis. A good hot fix would be a depression nerf to 5 degrees and ground resistance nerfs, making it a far more cumbersome tank.

          • It should have severe performance problems on hills. I’m fine with it being OP in certain situations, but not completely. Resistance nerfs would be welcome too.

          • So we should remove the a-43 through obj 416, all Chinese tanks, and a majority of German tanks because, well, anything under -5° depression is unplayable and unbalanced, right?

          • The nerf to the gun depression isn’t a random request. It’s the KV-1S’s proper gun depression with the 122mm gun. That’s why it keeps being brought up. WG makes a big fuss about keeping the gun on the tank because it did actually exist, however at the same time the gun depression in the game is ridiculous (the breach would hit the roof and certainly would be able to recoil at all). For some reason WG continuously avoids the question about that part of the KV-1S.

            • I KNOW the reason for the gun depression
              However, some other tanks also have SLIGHTLY better gun depression then they did IRL (IS3) and some have lower then IRL (T-62A had -7). This means it is a modifiable stat for WarGaming.
              This means that GAMEPLAY wise KV-1S MUST be nerfed as well. Because it has better depression then IS

  11. So basically 9.1 patch is just a fix for 9.0 They should really have srewed up the game big time in 9.0
    Except that the patch is empty.

    • there will be bunch of new sounds.
      causing lags .. I bet.

      other than that, yeah, copy-pasted clone of ruinberg/windstorm map and “fixes” that will require 5 more micropatches…

  12. Think this has anything to do with less and less people playing the game after the last great patch? Also every time they nerf peoples tanks more people leave the game, I would say 75% of the people who started at about the same time as me, have stopped playing, most of which said the nerfs made them so mad they wouldn’t play WOT anymore. I don’t think it’s fair to nerf tanks at all they are supposed to test them before they get in to the game, so if the tank is grossly unbalanced it’s the developer’s fault we the users shouldn’t have to pay for their screw ups. When tanks are nerfed they should have to refund us for the experience, gold and credits we wasted to get the tank they nerfed!

    • Totally I agree with you. They really have to be careful regarding any performance changes on high tiers because it takes a lot of time for a player to get a tier 7 & 8, an even worse 9 & 10s. And the last thing you want to see is that all that time is wasted because a patch is nerfing one of your tanks.

    • well consider this, if you play OP tank, you already statpadded your statistics and had good games.
      if you play UP tank, you will get a better balanced tank after rebalancing.

      so why should they compensate T18, Hellcat and KV-1S players?

      • So why should I grind out anymore tanks then? Why would I spend my time grinding only to end up with a POS tank that can’t penn anything? People may as well sell off their high tier tanks and stay at tier 5 or less. The hellcats turret rotation has been nerfed so bad that you have to put gas on it and cola on a 4 skill crew just to get it close to what it once was. Thats 40,000 credits a game! I don’t think that’s very fair!
        Maybe there should be just one tank for everyone then it would all be even, also only one map thats flat and blank no trees, hills, or bushes. Hell get rid of the bases so there is no way to win by capping!
        Then and thats a big THEN maybe they could get the game to work the way they say it’s suppose to.

        • you know for a tank that actually HAS a turret, you’re so ungrateful. if you don’t like it then how about locking your turret and turning your entire hull next time you want to aim and see how much bliss you have.

          or you’re going to tell me that a tank with speed of light, maneuverability of medium and gun of a TD the hellcat used to be (before all the nerfs that still failed to make this tank balanced) was OK.

          seems to me that so many people get spoiled by OP tanks.. and they think it was their skill that made them good. get real!

          people just don’t get that when a tank gets nerfed, it is now equal to its peers. it is certainly not a POS like you claim to be.

          • By your statement there should only be one tank in the whole game.
            Each tank was tested by the developer’s before they got put in to the game, so it’s not my fault that you can’t play well against some tanks. This whole nerfing bull is not about balance anyway, it’s about getting people to chase after the new tanks. That’s how WOT makes money and that’s the real reason they nerf tanks, because if you have a good tank you are less likely to grind out another new tank. Now it’s time for me to go back to tier 3 and smash some more tomatoes.

            • then by your statement, why KV-1S, one of the most played tanks isn’t nerfed? it’s not like people use prem ammo in like the T18 or anything.

  13. I still dont understand the TD camo factor nerf…
    some TDs live and die on it…

    Sure its okay to nerf it on high tier TDS, I dont even need camo on jPanther, ferdi, etc…
    but what about tier 3-4-5 ?

    what should TD with 15mm armor, 120 alpha and 250hp do when detected ? its instant “back to garage”
    small hp buff to match at least medium tanks would be handy…

    • They aren’t nerfing the camo factor at all. The are removing a bonus other tanks don’t get. When a TD fires it takes no penalty to its camo, every other tank does. With 9.1 no tank gets to have full camo right after firing. Individual TDs can have their camo factor buffed to compensate where necessary.

      • They do lose camo rating while firing, just not as much as other tanks. The difference is going to be once you have actually fired…you kinda need to gtfo fast, you can’t just sit there fapping a short one while your gun reloads(unless you really wanna see your garage again fast).

        As for the low tiers…they might see a difference, keep in mind that, even though low tier tanks have crappier view ranges, and theoretically won’t see that far, the low tier TDs also fire much faster so all in all the two things may cancel one another out(also, actually having a muzzle break affects the camo a bit more than the caliber itself)

    • Most of the low tier TD’s wont notice the penalty much because they have smaller guns, which negatively effect camo less when fired then large guns. The TDs that will notice the nerf are ones with large cannons or derp guns because the firing of the gun will impact their camo factor more.

  14. Am I the only one who found Tiger not OP, but a big blot with an awful gun that all the camo value of the 1000w light bulb.

    Then again, I haven’t played it for three months, maybe they buffed it since then.

    • actually the gun is pretty good.
      other than that, yes, exactly like a light bulb, even its armor is made of glass.

    • I’ll agree with this. The gun’s performance is really the main thing that keeps the Tiger competitive. Everything else about it just makes it an overweight medium tank.

    • The 1S was scheduled to be nerfed in 9.2, so it wasn’t going to be nerfed in this patch anyway.

  15. The delay of the Buffs/Nerfs makes sense to see how the overall camo TD nerf of 9.1 affects the single vehicles. I’m sure that mid-tier TD’s with low armour (like Nashorn and Sturer Emil) will suffer more than well armoured TD’S ( like AT-7) or fast and agile TD’s (like Hellcat). With the results of the overall TD nerf evaluated, WG can buff and nerf some TD’s much better in 9.2.

    • Basics still apply: size of the tank, gun caliber (the volume of firing/visibility of muzzle flash), and other “balance parameters”

  16. Well with the other tank game coming live they are worried they are just driving players to that game. Although plenty of players that hate Arty and are willing to pay are already in that game.


    btw great that they canceled most of it, things especially like the tiger p nerf really needs to be reconsidered

    • How did you get that they aren’t cancelled? They are cancelled for 9.1, the link you posted even says that. The list in the spoiler is the “previously announced changes” that aren’t going to happen now.

  18. Yesss, 6tier companies are saved :) . It’s great to see that some guys are susceptible to reasonable arguments :P .

    • So you can keep spamming your KV-1S and Hellcats in them? Well, in your defense, I suppose it should be pointed out that most of the scrubs I’ve gone up against that drive Hellcats and KV-1Ss in medium TCs have sucked horribly. My VK 30.01D has routinely been able to kick the ass of KV-1S and Hellcat drivers that don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

  19. > T18 needs nerfing…

    Too bad WG dont see a problem with 5x T18 on each team, spamming gold on left and right. World will end sooner than they will start balancing tanks.

  20. BIG FAT FUCK YOU to WG. The removed nerfs were needed, man up. Also still missing:
    Matilda with toothpicker.

    Just to name a few fucking missing.

  21. I’m glad they cancelled the nerfs.. I know, and agree that some of the tank nerfs are needed, but I also think they should do the nerfs in small steps, and see if a few nerfs to certain aspects of the tank fix the issue, as opposed to just totally destroying the tank into oblivion in one big massive nerf to all aspects of the tank(s)

    • Yeah…I suppose it was wise not to risk a repeat of the Marder II Affair…

  22. What I would love to see is WG adopting some of the things that the Diablo 3 devs are doing when putting out patches. They write a short Philosophy for each of the classes explaining what they wanted done and how they are doing it.
    There is no way WG can do as much for each tank as Blizzard are doing for their classes as there are for more tanks than the 6 classes Diablo 3 has but if they manage to write a few lines explaining why *insert tank name* was OP/UP and what would fix that.