Storm Confirms: Soviet LT8 will be the LTTB

Hello everyone,

yesterday, I posted about Storm stating that the Soviets will get their LT8 along with the German LT8 (RU251). Well, last night (after I asked), Storm confirmed that the Soviet tier 8 light tank will indeed be Yuri Pasholok’s LTTB (a Soviet light tank proposal from late 1943-early 1944), as I predicted (yay me *Droopy’s “happy” face*)


Now that we know this, I can tell you with almost a certainty that this tank will be completely unhistorical, because the proposed original is way too weak for tier 8 (notably: 22 tons, 300hp engine, 90mm frontal armor under 60 degrees, 85mm S-53 gun – 120mm pen or so) – its only real strength would (according to the specifics) be the 200mm frontal turret. The turret was not even designed, the only thing that actually existed was the drawing of the hull (shown above) and a list of specifications, the development was discontinued in 1944, giving way to the T-34/85 production.

Obviously, in tier 8 light tank terms, the historical version is complete shit as it is now, so what I think they will do is this:

- uparmor it somewhat
- upgun it to either high power 85mm, or 100mm (D-10/LB-1) – that itself is not totally unhistorical, this vehicle’s (known) turret ring size would actually allow it, still a fake though, plus, as a downside, the size of the 100mm breech would mean terrible depression, (-3 or -4, depending on the design)
- give it a WG-designed fake turret
- give it a fake 600-700hp engine

In the end, what I think we will get is another Aufklärungspanzer Panther: a vehicle that has an okay gun for its tier, is heavily armored, but lacks proper mobility (certainly don’t expect anything on the level of French or Chinese LT8) – for all intents and purposes a T-44 with heavier frontal armor but with scout MM.

Oh yea, and there is this small thing that there is no tier 7 LT planned (there is literally no candidate anyway), so this vehicle will almost certainly not continue from MT-25, but will be an offshoot of either T-43 or T-44.

I don’t know about you, but I am not thrilled. And yes, the LTTB decision is final.

79 thoughts on “Storm Confirms: Soviet LT8 will be the LTTB

    • many scout experts consider the aufklarungspanzer panther as a shit tank

      • Actually its wrong to say a tank is a shit tank.
        for example:
        I really like the M5A1 Stuart but someone at school hates that tank so badly he almost smashed his laptop…

        There aint shit tanks… Only shit ‘tankers’

        • Actually according to the light/medium/heavy tank team battles tutorials in the WOT youtube channel. Against players of equal skills some tanks are superior to the rest so if you use them you will have an advantage.

        • Ofc it’s a shit tank. And I unlocked Indien Panzer from that shit tank, and saving another exp to open upcoming RU251.

        • china M5A1 is great tank .. with 5x bonuses it took me 14 battles to get to the tier5 without premium

        • No there are bad tanks… Chi-Ri… Imperial nippon piece of crap, every piece of crap from a crap tank, stuck into one massive lump of crap, crapped on, topped with extra crap, with a crap coat. So there you have one pile of crap. Only thing that is not crap on the tank is the gun depression, though that is almost useless as the turret it just so big and has no armour that the gun depression is hardly important.

        • There are easier and harder tanks to play with.
          They may have issues aiming (M3 Lee).
          They may have crappy cannons (AMX 40, Vk Leo).
          They may have bad MM (Pz 38 nA).

          When a tank has redeeming qualities (nice cannon in M3 Lee or armor for AMX 40, for example), one can say that such a tank is hard. That if “used corrctly” it has a “good performance”.
          THOSE are the hard tanks that one has to learn to drive.

          If there are no redeeming qualities, the tank is bad.
          If you have an unexperienced player that doesn’t want to learn how to drive that particular bad tank, you get a shitty tank, which means frustration for both said player and his teammates.

          So, sorry if I still consider some tanks to be shitty, but if there is no reddeming quality, I have no other adjective for the steel.

          PS: If you add a non-experienced crew, specially a 50% one, you’ll get a worse-than-shitty tank.

      • LOL

        There is only one tank worse than the Aufk. Panther and that is Churchill GC. Big steaming piles of shit both of them.

  1. So we will get this, a ‘heavy’ light tank as a scou that will struggle to scout and the ‘light’ medium T-54 as a premium. No T7 is just odd, why not make the LTTB T7? Will await more info with interest. (Saving pennies for the ‘light’ T-54) Thx as always SS.

  2. Well that’s disappointing, I was looking forward to some new Soviet LTs, hoped for something akin to the old T-50.

    Well, the A-44 turned out a lot better than I had expected it to be. I’ll give the LTTB the benefit of a doubt.

  3. Ah, but it’s a Russian tank, they have stronk gun mounting designs. I’ll call it now. 5 to 7 degrees of gun depression.

  4. for some reason i have the idea that we already have tier 10 LT
    look at current MM of the LT…
    AMX 13 90 meets tier 10 already if im right…

    • As does the WZ-132, were it is outclassed in a lot of ways by the other tier Xs, I mean the only good thing about it are its camo values, the view range is just marginally better than some heavies!

      • Yes but add its mobility and firepower to that! It’s a scout, its main purpose is to spot enemies for your team to shoot at while WZ can do a whole lot more than that!

        -Two decent guns for a light tank, 85mm for active scouting and 100mm for passive.
        -He can turn on a dime, best traverse in the game
        -85TG gun is also perfect for brawling and can easily shoot weak spots on less intense moments due to 0.34 acc
        -100T gun has 189mm penetration, show me something aside from Maus and T95 that has more side armor than that and if you’re tackling armor fronts, you’re just doing it wrong.
        -trademark chinese T-54ish low silhouette and lucky armor.

        AMX 13 90 has only an auto-loader to compete with that.

        Have a nice day :)

        • Yea bounced a IS-7 shell on my arse once and T110E5 Shell on my turret in my WZ-132, no idea how that is possible, but hey! If you can bounce a KV-1S 122mm shell on the side of a Pz 38 n.A then anything is possible…

        • I may have exaggerated a bit, but sometimes it’s very annoying when I’m driving around in my WZ-132, and I get shot by an E100 that I didn’t even see. Those moments are very frustrating, especially when passive scouting, you’d expect to see the other scout who is spotting you at least, but well sometimes WoT is just not fair.

        • Chinese magical engineering.
          I may be biased (hated chinese premiums since ever and quit the nation after eliting tier 3 light), but my perception is that chinese gets too much love and overperforms in this game.
          So, I’m only touching these tanks when I ram them.

          And about bounces…. I have bounced had had bounced many shells on paperthin tanks (Hellcat bouncing 88mm shells and such), so I guess that most of those should be autobounces due to unlucky angling.

    • All lights since Tier 4 face tougher enemies, unless they’re slow and get tagged as infantry tanks.
      All lights since Tier 5 (but Crusader) won’t ever see a match where they’ll be in the top tier.
      All Lights since Tier 6 plus Chaffee face Tier-10s.
      That’s how WG has treated light scouts since the beggining: They are the little buggers that get stomped by meanier tanks if they’re not careful. That doesn’t mean they are one of the top-tiers, only that they should know their place among giants and tread carefully.

      The good part of being tagged as lower-tier is that ocassionally they get a good match where the enemies aren’t that tough. Then they get real fun (unless the player gets careless)

  5. they just keeping on adding more and more tanks, that nobody will play for long… e.g lowtier german, t70 line, mt25, failpanther, object430 line..
    waste of power that could be spent on not making patches full of bugs

    • Well, obviously modellers have (thanks god) nothing to do with fixing the bugs. Plus, you are actually wrong – for some reason, economical analysis showed that Russian players (who play predominantly Russian tanks) would like Soviet LT8, so here it is.

      • But why is it put as tier 8?
        wouldt be surprised if LT’s get same as they did to arty a while ago, you know back then wen we didnt had tier 10 arta…

      • Interesting enough, I recall when the policy was not designing light tanks because “nobody cares about lights”.
        Then they added the french lights and people loved them and started playing lights…. WG had to notice some day.

        They must be adding it to tier 8 because that’s where half of the competitive stuff is: Team Battles.
        Also, it’s the current ceiling for Lights.
        As with SPGs (and as it happened before, with previous ceilings at 4 and 5), it might get raised, but that depends on WG finding enough tank blueprints and projects to fill the branches…. or imagination to invent the tanks, whatever comes first.

  6. Why would they need to uparmor it?

    WZ-131 has 50mm hull armor
    AMX13-90 gas 40mm hull armor
    T71 has 25
    60mm armor for it seems adequate for a LT at T8 IMHO

    and based off that Birds eye view of it, looks similar to the told T50-2 hull?

    • theese tanks are fast as hell and have amazing guns/autoloaders, so you need to compensate

      so when you have shitty mobility and medicore gun, armor is only way

        • Hell the armour of the panther hardly works at tier 7, like shit the armour of the panther will work at tier 9 or 10. Awful Panther, Stronk tier 7 scout…

    • Exactly, don’t see why it needs to get unhistorical armor, not like any of the LTs have any armor worth mentioning. SS expecting some kind of russian bias?

  7. Didn’t WG just mention a few posts ago that they agreed that there was too many paper tanks in this game? @_@

  8. Maybe they should add this tank (historically correct) on tier 7 and that unhistorical version as tier 8? Cause nobody will play MT-25 at all this way.

  9. Well they could put it in after KV-13 it’d fit as much as after any tank (plus I think it’s the only spot with enough room in the USSR tech tree right now). It’d even be kinda continuing the MT-25 line, even though it would have to go trough a medium to get there.

    And yeah, don’t see a reason for uparmouring it since by far the most useless stat of any scout is the armour. The only times you get bounces is if you get hit at a funky angle, not because your armour has sheer thickness. The only thing it’ll help against is low tier tanks, but because you’re a T8 scout you won’t be seeing much of those.

    • the only time, you bounce shots on AMX 12t & 13s, VK2801 is when RNGod is blessing you or f***ing the other guy……

    • Implementing it from KV-13 seems good to me. You can already research KV-13 from MT-25. And it’s not like the USA line doesn’t go from M5 Stuart to M7 (a medium) to T21.

    • Totally supporting the idea of this LT folowing the KV-13, on the same branch as MT-25. Would be wise.
      However I still don’t understand why they didn’t put this thing at tier 7 instead of tier 8.

      • Because there’s nothing other on earth, that would fit Tier 8 then. And WG don’t want to have the “greatest” tree of all without a T8 scout.

  10. No tier 7? Oh crap, so that 50K I grinded on MT-25 will be useless…Well I won’t convert them.

    USSR light tanks will be quite a mess it seems. T-50 is tier 4 and from it MT-25 cannot be unlocked. If this LTTB is connected to T-43/T-44 this means one will have to go trough several mediums to get the top light tank. Who will want to grind for the MT-25 then?

  11. What if T-50-2 would be tier 8 and tier7 would be LTTB? T-50-2 was “OP”, LTTB won’t need huge buffs to get to Tier 7, and we would have a light tank branch. So you only need a Tier 5 LT now :)
    BTW AFAIK lines in tank does not mean that Y tank’s desing comes from X tank…

    • 112mm pen in Tier 8!?? Really?
      And I will repeat myself once again:

      In it’s state, how it was in the game, T-50-2 is 10 times more unhistorical than this new LT or big waffle. T-50-2 most probably will come as an alternative hull to T-50 but anyway without its rocket-like stats.

  12. Also, there is more heavily armored version LTTB. Forehead tank – about 220 millimeters of pure armor. Tower like a tower IS-3. Engine – 800 horsepower. Weight 26 tons. Dimensions about the T-50

    PS sorry for my curve English, I used Google translator

  13. I really dislike the idea of research a light via a med… is like in the USA med secondary franken line… i really dont see bad if they add a soviet light in tier 4, move up T-50 buffed as tier 5 (more engine and lets see the 57mm) introduce again in tier 6 T-50-2 balance with the other tier 6 lights (but based more in mobility, active scout but with some pasive value) and MT be tier 7 …. this is the complex solution but i really prefer have lights separate of meds.

  14. I don’t think they will reintroduce the T-50-2, their reason for removing it because it was very unhistorical. not saying that this one will be. WG logic

    (also the old T-50-2 is T7 material anyway!)

  15. Well, WG historical WTay of Life trolololo.

    Na, they remove T-50-2 because simple was to good in active role, now the change in physics and maps made road runners a lot less usefull… i am with you that as in old times is tier 7 but well, WG needs for a true light line that finish in tier 8 add: 1 tier 5 and or a tier 6 to push MT to tier 7 or a tier 7 to conect MT with new tier 8… in the end only 2 tanks, they have a removed scout (for me reintroduce it as in old times but with revised ground resistance is not bad) and only need one more.

    For me all is in tier 5 and 7 … even more they can add new low tier light and push T-50 to tier 5 and only need a solution in tier 7.

  16. Without Tier VII light tank… what about KV-122 there, so MT-25 link to KV-122, and then to LTTB.

    It will explain delay on KV-1S change, doing it sided with USA LT changes, RU251 and LTTB,

    Is odd, but…

    • And then WG repeats the madness of the american tree (LT –> MT –> LT –> MT –> HT)
      Such crews get wrecked by the retraining, or require slots in the barracks or for the tanks while the next one is being researched…..
      So, LTs –> T-28 –> KVs –> MT-25 –> KV-122 –> LTTB? poor russians….

  17. Typical WG retardation. Take the Obyekt 685 prototype and do not allow the missile launcher box to be used for anything other than decoration. Give good ground resistance to overcome engine. Problem SOLVED.

    • Not really… It still has missile launcher. Many many people have tired that argument to get various tanks in and were flatly denied.