Historical Battles – What do You Think?

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Hello everyone,

yesterday, you might have noticed a large batch of historical battles answers from Storm. That was because he posted an article, where he asks for your feedback, specifically:

- what did you like?
- what didn’t you like?
- what would you do differently
- what are your expectations for historical battles?

From the discussion:

- implementing realistic transmission/engine damage (reduced tank mobility, much slower speed etc.) would result in very boring gameplay
- regarding the size of the client: “we don’t plan a 100GB client for now”
- removing three maps you don’t want to play from your map list? Storm: “It increases the queue waiting time. During then times when few people are online (night or lowpopulation servers), the waiting time could ïncrease critically. That’s why we won’t do it.”
- related to the question above: if the developers fix this by disabling the “removed maps option” after certain amount of time in the queue, players would whine that they drop into the maps even though they disabled it

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  1. - implementing realistic transmission/engine damage (reduced tank mobility, much slower speed etc.) would result in very boring gameplay

    LT hate this !

    - regarding the size of the client: “we don’t plan a 100GB client for now”

    yeah, “…for now”

    • I remember how many fanboys Historical Battle mod had one year ago. Everyone was bashing WoT for not implementing such a beautiful mod..

      • I’ve played a few, some in my churchill III, pz.IV, Sherman with derp and pzV/m10.
        I’ve found interesting but I didn’t have time to wait and play a lot of them in a row.

        • Yeah, like the all WoT fate depends on historical battles… Lets be honest: WTGF is far superior to WoT in this chapter. want realism? play WTGF. want more realism? join the army :P

          WoT and WT GF are 2 diferent games. stop comparing them, stop saying one is better than the other in overall, this is not true. WoT has better gameplay and (for me at least) a more intuitive interface. WT GF has better music, you cant argue with that. And their tanks, phisics etc seems more realistic, imho. Both games have their strenghts an weackness. Just have fun playing them! :)

    • same here…
      I was excited to try out my Stug in HB but never got into any..
      after several minutes of waiting in queue I gave up.

    • How about implementing historical battles in random battles..? And you can disable/enable it like the confrontation mode, For example:

      You chose to play with your panther, press the battle button. If you have historical battle mode enabled, there is a chance you will get “Historical battle” mode. (again, like the old confrontation). If you got an historical battle, your vehicle stats will automaticly switch to their HB config, same the ammo, etc. Since there are much more players in random battle queue, the problem with HB queue is solved, because there are much more T-34, M4, Hellcats, Jagtigers, and also much more low tier tanks such as T-70, Pz IV, StuG III B, etc.

      And if you dont want to play HB at all, to join a battle and see that you have to fight against tigers and panthers in your t-70 or when you want to seal club in your kv-1S using the 122mm gun, just disable it. This will probably increase the queue times for random battles (for the players who have HB disabled, for example) but i dont think there is a problem waiting 20, 30 sec longer, isnt it..?

      What do you think?

      • I don’t want to be force fed historical battles, not even as a game mode.

  2. Historical Battles
    - what didn’t you like?
    - what would you do differently

    Battles shouldn’t be limited to a famous battle, but to whole fronts. EG: Eastern Front 1943 instead of Kursk. or Western Front 1944 instead of Ardennes. That would allow a bigger number of tank models available to enter the battle and possibly reduce the waiting time and difficulties to form up a whole roster.

    It would also allow to use a bigger selection of maps. Playing Erlenberg every time in the Ardennes AND in Balaton gets really boring.

    • Yeah, Erlenberg, one of the worst maps, remodelled 4 or 5 times since launch and they gave it in 2 from 3 initial HB’s…. How funny…

      I have only one expectation. I want random type mode without fictional tanks, paper tanks and prototypes. Rest should be made in such way to make HB interesting, popular and balanced.

      The biggest problem atm are people who go into HB only to pawn in Tiger, KT, Ferdinand or SU-152. Most common tanks in real battles like T-34, M4, PzIV or StuG are rarely chosen, which causes long queues, which causes that people do not even try to play HB and the rare players who try to play with such tanks (like me) learn fast that it is not funny to be lonely PzIV against army of Su-152 or lonely T-34 against bunch of Tigers and Ferdinands, which causes even longer queues and so on.

      IMO, HB in their current shape shouldn’t even leave test server, cause there was already obvious on test that these version is a fail. Now even with big changes it will be hard to convince people that it can be fun, so probably there will be always much too few players. I am afraid that HB were killed with their terrible introduction.

    • Yes, randomley getting one of 3-4 maps from a would be better than just one maped locked in, like sand river, el halluf or airfeild, or windstorm, arctic region or erlenberg. A bit more random and varied than just the same old horrible map. Lots of good ideas bouncing around these comments, HEY WARGAMEING! ATTENTION TO SECTOR HERE! PEOPLE WANT THIS! THIS WOULD MAKE HB BETTER! PLEASE PROVE YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE IMPROVERMENTS TO THIS GAME!

  3. Well, I will be very clear here.
    Of coure I play WoT for fun. However as in many games I would like to see some kind of target in my every action. ;) The target is to either make profit or exp tank. So for me playing in HB is just losing time I could spend on other tanks or playing team batlles within clan. Even if HB would be fun.
    So I think, to make HB more popular, WG has to put into account players’ objectives. Also there is no fun in playing HB with hardcoded configuration. If I spent time to max my tank, I don’t understand why I cannot use it. For balance? This problem should not be addressed to me as a player.

  4. Also, earlier battles where Germans actually won. I kind of want to charge british/french lines in a pz3

    • Interestingly, all the battles that they have implemented are those in which Germany Lost in the end.

      Right now, the problems with the HB mode that I see are:

      1) Lack of MAPs that depict the actual battlefield. It would be nice to have some maps specifically for HBs (or randoms too) such as El-Alamin, Gazala, Smolensk, Kiev, Leningrad (Germans Defending while Russian tanks advance in numbers)….. you get my point.

      2) Insanely long Waiting time. If I am not mistaking, most of us don’t play HB due to the sheer waiting time involved. If that could be brought down then more people will join this mode.

      3) Continuing on the second point; give significantly more XP and Credits to players in this mode (especially in weaker tanks). When I say significantly, I mean going beyond the usual 20-30% WG Joke. More incentive=> More players in queue=> Smaller waiting times=>Even more players==>Success.

      Lastly, everyone wants the German victory battles I am sure of that. There are just too many of them to ignore. Otherwise the GM will remain “Biased” and some German fans (like myself) will surely stay away.

      • What? Only battles that Germans lost in…that is complete 100% coincidence…NOPE NO RUSSIAN BIAS HERE ~ Serb

  5. Historical Battle shouldn’t required the tank of the same type or class in their garage to join the battle.
    It should work as credit farming events that everybody can join in

    Player who didn’t have any T-34 tank in their garage should can be join with the T-34 that the match prepare for them with an 100% crew (but ni skill and perks) Only player was needed is to pay the price of ammo.

  6. I believe they should’ve made it a mode like team/company battles: Invite friends/clanmates to your team, select certain tanks (but limit the number of certain tanks, i.e. Tiger Is or SU-152s) and join the queue. It’d make HB much more fun, IMO.

  7. Make players chose only a vehicle, while the MM collects different tanks to form a setup for a historical battle. This will:
    a) Reduce waiting times
    b) Unallow anyone to be always a top/bottom tier, since you don’t know if you drop into ’39 September Campain or 1491 Barbarossa with your Pz III.

  8. I’d like more early WW2 battles. French vs Germans (B1 tanks, Panzer Is etc). Also North African battles with the British and Germans, Matildas, Crusaders, M3 Lees, Panzer IIIs etc.

    The only real problem I have with HB is including too many overpowered tanks like the SU-152.

    • Marder 2, pz4 A, Matilda, cruiser 4 e.c.t Yeah that would be fun to play in the deasert. And french vs germans looks cool too. What about things like post ww2 battels. Not realy historical, but things like T62, IS 7, Su122-54 vs M48, M103, T95 kinda thing. Cold War what could have been battles. Anyone like that idea?

  9. There needs to be more of a reason to play HBs. Like incresed credit income, or an xp bonus, or mabey repairing your tank for free (because its supplied by the army, comanders didnt have to pay for tanks). Just give players a reason to play that new gamemode, some way they will benfit from doing it. It sure looks cool, but you earn less credits and xp compared to random battles, so its not worth it for people to play it. I realy wanted to have a go, but by the time i got the right tank to use no one was playing HB. Please fix WG! This needs to be fixed.

  10. Historical battles:
    - What I like:
    1. Nothing

    What it needs?
    - First of, people must be somehow FORCED to play with the real historical tank. I have had it with every team being ISes and SU 152 (and 1 poor T-34) vs a few tigers and a confused Panzer 4/ Stug 3.
    Heck if I know how. I am even for just getting assignet a random tank when you click battle and only thing you keep is your crew/only credits.
    - REBALANCE HP. Just fucking do it WarGaming. The game’s tier to tier balance is BROKEN in tier 4-5-6-7. FIX the HP there. AND DO NOT INTRODUCE 2 seperate stats… too fucked up…

  11. Historical Battles – What do You Think?

    First of all, make a HB MM thats actually allows players to enter battle…

  12. What did I like ?

    Having historical tank in play, without weird tank or weird configuration that we have on random (like the large amount of super-hellcat or KV-1S with the D-2-5T)
    The potential bonus for playing some tank. (even if it’s not that worth because of the waiting)

    The same repartition of ammo (espacially gold one.)

    What didn’t I like ?

    Limited map selection. (twice Erlenberg is quite boring btw)
    If a tank can play different maps (Pz4 H) let’s the mm decide for me the map !
    Infinitily long queue (espacially for german tank)

    Unbalanced HP. It’s already very bad between 3-4-5-6 (to many difference between the evolution of the gun alpha and the hp pool : churchill VII can’t be a tanky tank if it could be almost two shots by a KV-1S).
    In HB, it’s even worst : between the SU-76 and the Tiger II, there’s a x10 factor !

    x1.5 bonus sounds to be not enough (because of the waiting for playing a bad tank in a game). It doesn’t apply for the KV-1S which has a terrible configuration in HB compared to random battle.
    That could be a permanent substantial bonus, because it’s limited to several tanks, in a non-top configuration. Could be an alternative of grinding historical tank and a compensation for the waiting in the queue.

    Most of missions doesn’t take in account HB mode. (I didn’t say “all missions”)
    Most of missions that could apply HB mode don’t apply for low tiers tank (the tiers III), so why anyone would play a t3 tank ?

    The limited influence of low tiers tank. (except trying to spot, if they can)

    I hope they will ajust that mode, espacially the waiting which is the killing point for me.
    It’s ok for me to wait 30s-45s for a game to have a good mm for example, but it’s not if I wait as long as I will play.

  13. - implementing realistic transmission/engine damage (reduced tank mobility, much slower speed etc.) would result in very boring gameplay

    This implementation won’t do a thing. Why? Because everybody already camp!!!

  14. quotes from yesterday:

    franz4 on May 18, 2014 at 6:49 pm said:

    Would it be possible to provide tanks to players with which to play solely Historic Battles? I think this might increase numbers of Historic Battles players.

    For instance, I dont have the Ferdinand or the Tiger and others researched. If I could play them only in Historic Battles that would be very good.


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    on May 19, 2014 at 9:07 am said:
    Everybody would want the Tiger, or the ISU, or whichever top OP tank there is, and no T-34s or Pz4Hs.

    Maybe if they did it only with these lower tier tanks: you can enter in a T-34 or a PzIII even if it’s not in your garage.

  15. They need to get people in the queue. Then we can have some historical battles to comment on.

    Double XP and credits very battle mid-week (e.h. outside the weekend special) might do the trick. 50% Cr and XP on the Sherman Jumbo only (not even on the Wolverine!) isn’t it.

    • I play on the RU server. They got people to play HB by giving a lot of missions with credit bonuses.

      Part of it was a 25k credit bonus for playing a historical battle, up to 5x per day for each battle. So, you could get up to 375k credits in bonuses daily. They also gave you a free Gun Laying Drive if you played 60 HB in the first 10 days after the patch.

      I played 15 battles a day for four days and got my Gun Laying Drive and a 1.5 million credit bonus. I found that scouting with the Churchill III in Kursk was the most profitable. The whole experience was tolerable but I’m not interested in playing more HB unless there’s an incentive again.

  16. Thiere is only one issue with historical battles for me: balance. And i don’t think that messing with another set statistics for tanks just for HB is a good way. Even confronatation mode autobalnced better than HB now. They’ve got serious problem with MM for HB for example most of my battles on Kursk (played Pz IV) looked like this: 1 Tiger, 1 Panther, 13Pz IV. vs 4 SU-152, 9 KV-1S, 1 T-34, 1 Su-85. How this is balanced? On Ardenes US may win only when german team is very stupid. If KT (usualy 2) works together, americans are dead, regardles of helact numbers. In all HB ends with very one sided battles. It’s frustrating. One more about MM. I’ve read about problem with low tiers, that everybody want to play highest tier possible to pwn enemy, so i tryed to join Kursk on T-70. Despite many minutes of waiting my poor liitle t3 never saw a battle. And I tryed to join right after implementation, not now when servers are empty

  17. HB

    I like the ammo setup
    I like to play historical tanks and so

    I dont like this, how you can only get into battle in pz iv, stug or t 34.
    I tried to get in battle in Tiger and waited 5 times full time.
    I wouldn’t mind playing 5 games in low tier so I can drive once a top tank.
    But it is not fun to drive same tank all over again just to see that your tiger is red noob driving forward and get killed over and over again.
    They should implement some mission for low tier tanks like gather 5000exp in Pz iv stug etc so you can select Tiger I to play, that will make much more playable experience.
    I bough almost all tanks for HB but after I saw this I just stopped playing it,
    They must make it like this so skilled players might get more high tier action, but balance it in a way that next time you want to unlock 5000 exp for tiger I you add your exp from tiger battle to that. So if good player makes 1700 exp than he needs 6700 exp if he wants another ride. A bad player will need less like 5500exp.
    Also if he is real bad he will not ruin games for others by being top tier all the time, he will need like 20 games for that one ride and good player 7. So if he gets better he gets more fun.
    That is just my idea. tell what you think.

    I will not play HB tills this is fixed. As I dont want to always be low tier and watch noobs in high tier.
    as I said I would not mind playing 5-7 games in low tier to get one ride in top tier.
    So make some low tier grind for top tier tanks something like that.

    best regards

  18. - what did you like? Historically accurate modules (e.g. Tiger II with 88).
    - what didn’t you like? Frequent queue timeouts.
    - what are your expectations for historical battles? More historical tanks (e.g. Sherman Firefly, Marder III Sdkfz 139, Italian tanks etc).

  19. What I liked:
    Interesting MM
    Require teamwork

    What I hated:
    Map kinda boring
    Too little Premium ammo (like PZ IV cant even pen the side of an IS or ISU if ypur distance is like 150m away)
    Nobody is playing
    Reward is not enough(At least1.5x, give people incentive to play as well)
    Too much Heavies(everyone go for the top tier heavy)

    Hope HB in WOT can be as successful as WT, it do works, but it need improvement.

  20. What I like about HB:

    - historical tank configurations
    - asymmetrical teams (yup, i like the challenge)

    What I don’t like:

    - long queue times

    What could WG do to make HB more interesting and popular?

    - introduce historical maps (that wouldn’t be available in other modes)
    - introduce a separate bonus for the first win of the day in HB (3x for low tier vehicles, 2x for mid-tier vehicles and only 1.5x for the top tiers) as well as relevant credit multipliers
    - add the following type of daily mission for HB players: play at least three games in a low-tier vehicle in a given HB before you can jump into your Tiger/Ferdi/ISU-152 so that players have to kind of “unlock” the ability to play the top tanks on a daily basis

  21. IMO Historical Battles is a fail. the idea was great, but no-one plays it. probably because of Premium ammo issues, long waiting times, boring maps, idk. what i hate most about it is the fact that this came in place of Confrontation mode, which was really fun IMO.

  22. Too bad historical battles are not successful…it was the only reason I wanted to go back to playing WoT, but it seems they need more improvements for now…

  23. I was playing “Men of War: Assault Squad 2″ yesterday, and, in Pomerania mission, I killed 34 Russian tenkz with single Panther. ;) Then KT took over the job and killed 55 moar. ;D

    Historical battles, yea…

  24. cant answer this question because i never had a chance to play it – i dont wait more than 3x5min to get timeout all time

  25. “implementing realistic transmission/engine damage (reduced tank mobility, much slower speed etc.) would result in very boring gameplay”

    I thought we already have this? When the engine is damaged, you lose half of engine power and top speed, resulting in slower acceleration and turn speed.

  26. I’d love to say what I think of actually playing a HB but whenever I try to join one it times out after 5 mins.
    Barely anyone is playing, which means those who want to play can’t.

  27. HB need to be different from random battles.
    Special objectives, rewards. And a motivation to play low tiers. And why no a scenario?
    if they’re juste randoms with historical tanks.. well.. it sucks.

  28. Really?

    We provided feedback already. Forum section related to test server at the time when Historical battles were introdcued was full of “what i like”, “what i dislike” comments, but also there were lots of great suggestions on how to improve the concept.
    None of it got implemented. Now Historical battles failed.
    Well FU WG. Learn to listen.

  29. I think they might as well scrap the whole concept. As far as immersion and the sensation of actually being there, War Thunder beats WoT right out of the water even in its buggy Beta form.

    WG ought to stick to what they do best. Casual, drop-in and arcade. Fix bugs, optimize and balance the formula they allready have.

    • War Thunder ground force is ok-ish, but the strange physics in Arcade mode and P2W crew system really piss me off….

      I want to enjoy the Arcade gameplay of WT but have to stick with those physics, their Air Force part didn’t have this even at early stage

    • Problem is most wallet warriors are historical tank lovers are are willing to pay money as long as they play historical tanks which are accurate. This kind of arcade game style in random battles are usually enjoy by welfare warriors (students) who does not mind the fantasy elements.

  30. “- implementing realistic transmission/engine damage (reduced tank mobility, much slower speed etc.) would result in very boring gameplay”
    meanwhile WTGF has that and what do you knwo?, it’s NOT boring at all, in fact it’s quite awesome to lose some gears, maybe forward but not reverse, not being able to turn but go straight, it’s awesome.

    but WG caters for the lowest scum of the gaming world after all, and i has always done so with the ongoing stupidification of the game, if you want further proof read Storm answer: “if the developers fix this by disabling the “removed maps option” after certain amount of time in the queue, players would whine that they drop into the maps even though they disabled it”
    That’s the playerbase scum they aim for, people that have no idea how the fucking game or mechanics work

  31. - what did you like?
    All the stock tanks that I don’t want to Free exp or grind it can still earn exp by this mode

    - what didn’t you like?
    Waiting time…..and camping time in the game

    - what would you do differently
    Double the credit and exp reward so after all the camping and waiting is not wasted. And tanks that’re tier 5 and below should have multiple respawn; which is like War Thunder.
    Also add bots to fill in the gaps

    - what are your expectations for historical battles?
    Everyone camp because life is precious lol

  32. The historical tank setup seems interesting enough.
    The problem is the long queue. I have bought tanks especially to play this mode, but sold them already because the whole thing dos not worth keeping garage places and crews for this.
    My idea: keeping hard caps on high tier vehicles. Fixed machine setup as presently.
    Participants willing to with own machine in the garage, as now will have to wait like now.
    Participants willing to take an already researched vehicle not present in there garage could use corresponding class and nation crews like in premium vehicles. Increased XP for the crew since the MM has easier job assigning you to a battle. The more specific crew setup will result lower multiplier.
    Participants will take any vehicle using a loan 100% crew will earn free xp. Easiest to assign to a battle with what ever is needed.
    Equipment and consumables will be used from your depot. You can set up the layout.
    So low tiers could be populated for free xp or crew training depending on your needs.

  33. - what did you like?
    Allow we to reenact historical tank fighting.
    - what didn’t you like?
    I didn’t like historical battle offer too little exp and credit.
    - what would you do differently?
    I would introduce historical battles to lower tiers First, and more tanks on both team if possible.
    - what are your expectations for historical battles?
    Expect battle as large as random games.

  34. Real tanks in real kinds of battles

    Long queues, balance

    Limit the strongest tanks and possibly remove the premium ammo too

    Once more people start playing, it’ll be nice. More historical battles from the less significant battles.

  35. 1. Authenticity and attention to detail not as common as elsewhere in WoT. Plus, nothing is as funny as circling Tiger II’s to death with an Easy 8.

    2. The queues. While Historical Battles are entertaining enough when I get into one, the fact that I seemingly can’t get into Kursk with a T-34(!) after being booted out of the Matchmaker twice is something the developers need to take a look at.

    3. I’d make it so that there are more incentives to play the smaller, less powerful tanks than there is right now – if more people feel like they want to play Historical Battles that should solve some of the Matchmaking issues. There probably needs to be some balance changes as well (such as lessened Hit Point pools for the larger vehicles), but I’m pretty sure the developers have said they’re looking of ways to do that. Don’t listen to people complaining about premium ammunition!

    4. They’re very fun when they work, especially if you can get some friends on to coordinate your efforts. Keep improving on it!

  36. From the few games I have been able to participate in…

    I liked that the tanks had their historical setups, and that it felt like a real challenge to play in this mode (in a good way).

    I didnt like that I would sit and sit and sit waiting for a match when not enough people were in the queue or we didnt have the correct tanks needed to start the match.

    It would be nice to have some kind of welcome or splash screen describing historical battles so that people knew it existed. Also it would be nice to see what kind of tanks are in the queue so that you dont have 4 King Tigers waiting when you just need another Panther or T-34 to start a match.

    I expected the battles to be populated but either people dont know about them or like their tanks to have the elite modules and wont want to play with historical guns on their tanks. I dont know. I do know there are people that play Historical and Realistic battles in WarThunder, so lack of interest is a cop out.

    Speaking of WT, the feeling of how the tanks drive is worlds above WOT. I find myself wanting to play WT but in reality I would ilke some of the features carried over into WOT. WOT also feels more FPS’y and gamey while WT feels more like a sim dummed down for arcade play. I dont want to jump ship but my attention keeps going back to WT :(.

    • the game mechanics of WOT are not meant for historical battles, it’s a waste of time.
      you need to change the entire spotting system(dispense of it), HP system, aiming time system(dispense of it), essentially turn it into WTGF, then you can do proper historical battles.

      with the shit arcade system full of flaws?, doesnt matter what you do it will never be historical

  37. Honestly the creator spent lot of time and programming on historical battles mode, but till today i didn’t play even 1 HB. Why ??? Because no benefit from HB. Gold, more Silver or Consumables in HB might make this mode more interesting, but now . . No Thnx.
    Better add more map, because those 37 maps (sounds pretty much) already bored. (YAWN).

  38. I don’t see the fun in HBs after you played them for a while. it’s not that each battle offers you very limited tank of choice (depending on what you have), but the same gameplay on the same map with the same tanks you face get boring after some time. I played my Nashorn in HB (to grind it, because why play stock in random while I can play with top gun in HB?) but for like 20 battles I always find my self doing the same thing. either go to 2 bushes and wait for my team’s Pz3 to spot the enemy. not exactly fun after the 10th time.

    honestly, I have no idea how they should even improve the HB.maybe making it like TC or something.. idk!

  39. Is there anything they can do that doesn’t increases the server load or increases waiting times in queue?!

  40. HB, how about no? I’ve played a few battles but it’s nothing new, just a few low tier tanks vs mostly stock high tiers. And the amazing queue is scaring people.
    And even if the queue was better, I wouldn’t play it…
    BUT if there was something completely new, like special historical battles maps which you can only play in historical battles, I would play it for sure :D

  41. Re-post – now in the correct topic:

    Wargaming are giving HB the worst possible kick-off:
    – bugged MM – splitting the queues for randoms and HB, as well as company, CW and team battles, will eventually leave very few numbers for each of them and lonnnnnnng waiting times. One of them will always prevail – should be and is as of now Randoms. And as Ramdons have many many good points, Platoon is an extremely nice addition – it doesn’t create a new queue nor adds waiting time, it just gives the cool flavour of playing with friends;
    – lame maps – especially WG saying “it’s not worth investing into a new map for HB” – if there is a map that can be played in that mode only, this will only grow attention to this map and this mode. Especially if the map is a good one.
    – picking random tank from your garage is wrong because people will remove the crew so that only one vehicle from garage is picked. If the confrontation mode is re-worked, HB can definitely be removed.
    – credit and XP incentives – will be infamous the same way +10% increase for team battles was. People are not encouraged to play TB because of skilled opponents
    – absolute imbalance – while TB should have tier8 tanks and tier1 scouts, and there seems to be balance in terms of DPM, armor and angling/evelation, in HB there is nothing of the sort. Tier4 tanks trying to spot a Ferdinand or SU-152 without getting killed… or eventually trying to flank and penetrate Tigers – great idea, 0 fun.
    – same cap rules – dull.

    Having this as a start – imagine where the HB mode will go. Trash can, Empty trash can, Refresh.

    • Historical battles: Making scrubs (bad players) feel bad-ass since 2014. Why would I play this trash mode? So some 44% player has a chance against me cause he’s 3-4 tiers higher.

  42. My only complaint with historical battles were the overwhelming number of super tanks.

    I lost count of how many Kursk battles I played on test server where the match revolved around 12 SU-152′s and 1 T-34 and one KV-1S/T-70 and Germans were either all Tigers and maybe one PzIII or PzIV and a Ferdinand thrown in occasionally .

    No one wants to play that. That makes HB slighly better than Confrontation and Confrontation was a unbalanced lopsided mess.

  43. TBH I played HB only at test server, and I liked it .. when I tried it on regular server I got 5 minute waiting time… which convinced me to not even try that shit

    BTW I prefered to play lower tiers there

  44. As others have stated, one of the big problems with historical battles is all the people that want to drive the top tier vehicles instead of the more common ones. Frankly, I feel that War Thunder had the right idea when it came to this sort of balance by giving lighter vehicles respawns, while heavy tanks can’t respawn once their dead. This gives people in the lighter vehicles the ability to make some mistakes, and more opportunities to contribute and make up for getting derped in the face by that unseen SU-152 in the first two minutes of the battle.

    This also works from a historical perspective, as it allows for larger numbers of the more common vehicles in any given battle.

    For example, let’s use the Ardennes battle.

    On the German side, the Tiger II drivers and possibly the Jagdpanther drivers would get no respawns. The Panthers would get one respawn each, and the StuGs and Panzer IVs would get two or three respawns each.

    On the American side, the Jacksons, Hellcats and Sherman Jumbos might get one respawn each (possibly no respawns in the case of the Jackson), and the regular M4s would get two or three respawns each.

    Make sense?

  45. First thing i’d like to do is that they take into account custom ammo order – because now buing historical ammo set means reorder to standard for the purpose of the battle – and i am used to my own order.

    Then they have to make it popular – throw a huge incentive for ALL tanks in historical, not only low tiers. Of course, low ties have to have even bigger incetive. You surely find some ideas yourselves but apart from xp/credit multiplier, a good one would be FREE XP multiplier(or even full value temporarily), so you can grind other tanks while playing historicals – that is even more appealing than just earning credits (there are so few tanks fitting to historicals). Or throw symbolic one gold per win?

    As for battle balance: definitely NO bots, NO respawn.
    Allow platoons in historicals.
    You are definitely too late to make it anything besides another competitive mode, so you have put stress on competitive instead of historicality (you can’t do much here).
    You don’t want to make “special” map for historicals – byt you should (at least advertise as such) and then put these historical maps in random rotation too (why bother, they are still special ;) , historical, only avalible for everyone).

    To be honest, you’d have to do another whole separate game for historicals – without bullshit “tree” and “tiering” (and hp too), but you most likely don’t want to now (and can’t fast enough or cheap enough either), so you have to live with what you have now and tweak it with minor improvements.

  46. Want to fix HB?
    Make it stats-based.
    Best player gets the best tank, worst player, worst tank. That way you don’t depend on your 300WN8 Tiger II to win the match.