Grosstraktor Video Review

A player named Side Strafe reviews the Grosstraktor tank, implemented some time ago into the game. Currently it’s unknown how will the players be able to get this tank.


31 thoughts on “Grosstraktor Video Review

  1. Considering how bad sidestrafe is at WoT, I’m not sure he qualifies to legitimately review tanks really

    • Sidestrafe is great to listen to, and considering how many subscribers he has (160k +) I reckon a lot of people agree with that. Anyway, you don’t need to be unicum to review a tier 3 tank…

      If you only listen to unicums you should watch Quickybaby, TheFochYou or Circonflexes

      • I find him relatively interesting to listen to and share a lot of his views and opinions, but truth is he isn’t really that good at neither WoT or WT.

        Very timid and lacks any kind of aggression, which is a prerequisite in any shooter game.

      • Pft, Quickybaby who uses shit tools, believes base XP includes premium account bonus and always show good matches? No, thank you.

        • Only good matches? He has twitch and a heartbreak series where he shows his fuck ups.
          Shit tools? It’s not like he’s running hitbox skins.

    • Well since your so pro then, why don’t you make reviews? Sidestrafe is way better then average. And his points are better then what most can manage to cough up. + that he don’t do replays. He plays em as he records. Thus he shows people the actual good and bad sides of the tanks as he learns as he goes. One of many reasons why people like him. Like most he does not play a tank for 100 battles like QB does and only shows the best of the best replays of the battles he had. Making the tank seem great. Sidestrafe gives you the harsh truth with live play. Thus his gameplay is not as awesome as most “replay” channels are. But he gets his point across more so then others. I’ve bought and not grinded tanks due to his videos before. As he shows em under normal game play. I don’t buy my tanks cus QB had an awesome replay in it.

      Heck even Jingles has less then 50% WR on most tanks he reviews, and he even admits to doing bad in some tanks even points out he had to play 30+ battles to get a good replay showing the qualities he wants form the tank. But still we all like him to.

  2. Looks like a handy little tank – nice turn rate and speed. Whether he’s good or not at WoT though is neither here nor there – at least he’s taken the time to produce something where we can see the tank in action and review it’s stats.

  3. We were gifted this tank in some event before patch 9.0 on WoT CN server…

    • Chinese server is completely unrelated to the others and basically does as it pleases.

    • If you notice the text it’s says High explosives wasn’t succesfull and he seems to be penning with the AP so why use prem?

      • wait… 75 HE? unsuccessful against T3 tanks? oh RNG may have been bad to him lately… the 75mm on the M5 trolls in T4, even a Matilda would get annoyed.

  4. This looks like another gift tank or tank for mission… Say one good reason why should people buy this ?

  5. Is that much skills – 800% – normal on a press player? Or has Side Strafe seriously been living in a basement for the past four years?

  6. Interesting review. Kinda like Sidestrafe, if nothing else, he’s very eloquent :).

    In any case…did I see some additional effects when firing HEAT? Kinda looked like some sparks flying out of the impact point. Both when he was fighting the arti(grille?) and when he was firing at the ass of the T-34

  7. Well sidestrafe was the one that in a WT game play said that timed fuse AP was useless and that lower plates and turret rings weren’t weak spots.

  8. Sidestrafe camps too much and whines in his videos. Whines about comments, whines about other players. He doesn’t even use the most basic mods for fuck sake.