New Wargaming Minsk Office

Source: (via Yozas_Gubka, world-of-ru)

Hello everyone,

Wargaming Minsk is building a new office for themselves and the portal got an exclusive first glimpse of how it looks. And it’s… well, you be the judge. It’s a 16-floor business center on the outskirts of Minsk. The distance from the Minsk underground train is not a problem, Minsk is paying for a minibus to constantly drive from the building to the underground station and back.

The building has a very… special decoration as well


Yea, that’s a MS-1. And the lobby:



And a few more photos from inside:
























136 thoughts on “New Wargaming Minsk Office

    • I suppose you are constantly doing every thing you are able to do, and you do them all simultaneously?

        • This is company and thier priority is making money, and they do well with it…

          • Yeah, because players never learn and still pay them despite the fact that they don’t do anything good with the game. If players would stop paying, maybe they’d start doing something useful and fix the game.

              • EA used to make some of the best games in the business back in the 90s and even recently they’ve published some excellent games like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Dragon Age etc.

                Its only really the sports games which are a running joke but people still buy them every year just like the morons who buy Activision’s shovelware Call of Duty series.

                • 1/25.. if that’s good for you then all right, but from my point of view that rate of good/bad games isn’t worth it, they could just disappear.

                • “EA used to make some of the best games in the business back in the 90s and even recently they’ve published some excellent games like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Dragon Age etc.”

                  EA is like this: Find a game, sell the game, if game sells good, make one new version of the game every year…. Ex: dead space 1, 2, 3, 4, ??, same goes for Battlefield, FIFA, NFL, I could go on… What NEW has EA created since the 90′s???

                  EA = Quantity over quality, and has always been.

                  Battlefield 3 was the last EA published game I bought, and I don’t even play it anymore.

                • CoD is a good series, unlike many EA games. They work at least and those whiners who say it needs to change are not paying attention and don’t realize a series doesn’t change much, the core must remain the same, only improve and add new features. I would gladly continue to buy CoD every year as I enjoy every one until the next comes out and sometimes even after that (Black Ops and Black Ops 2).

                • EA just want money, that’s all they want.

                  They are… how should i put it like nerdcubed said Money s****

              • I want EA to burn in Hell for how they brutally raped and then killed the C&C series.

              • Do not make the mistake of thinking all WG locations are like this. Since you mentioned EA, I would like to add that I worked for 5 years at EA in Romania. You get this kind of premium location only at HQ and possibly few other offices around the world (regional HQ). The majority however are just average or below average in terms of what employees receive (salary wise and feature wise).

                Yes, EA is not focused too much on quality although they have massive QA departments. Testers are paid crap and thus test the games with the same kind of attitude. Best word that describes EA is “exploit”. Sometimes even this is too hard to do if you look at the massive fail that was Star Wars…

                I stopped paying WG myself until I see some actual improvement from their side. In the meantime, the photos need no commet regarding what they are actually doing with the money.

                I was involved in opening offices for EA (non premium class) from scratch and I assure you the costs are huge. Don’t want to imagine how much something like this costs….

                My office environment was also full with consoles, game posters and pretty much what you see in these photos. It’s hard to keep focus on work the moment you take your attention somewhere you get distracted. Although some of you might think it’s silly this affects the concentration level and quality of work. The office look cool but practical wise it fails. This is my experience after being there.

                There is also people mentality that see this is job like “I go to work and play all day which also has an impact on quality. Add these all up and you get a patch like 9.1…

                Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suggest to have dull comunist offices, but there are very few people out there that can mix work and relaxation in a professional way in such environments.

          • with WT and armored warfare they won;t be able to blindly keep doing that, their business strat will run into trouble in the near future.

      • Do you know the term “priority”?
        There is a bot problem, there’s a problem with CTD’s. We have still no multicore-support and the BigWorld-Engine ist too bad to get the ships swimming.
        We have at least in german section moderators with a Nazi-like philosophy and behaviour and a sectarian who claims in forum for gods mercy and such shit.
        Many players suffers fps drops and WG is not paying their routing which leads to pings of 200 outside of russia and belarus.
        The support is the bottom of human evolution stating crap like “defragment your SSD”.

        But they have money to sink in banks in cyprus or for a new office – which is seen from western standards, still a russian shed with some mentally retarded details – I guess special whishes from SerB and Storm :)

        • quote: “defragment your SSD”
          well, you should :D

          now getting serious
          as long as there are tons on morons putting $ in WG’s pockets, this attitude of theirs will continue – business as usual

          case and point, only when WG livelihood is threaten, only then they move their asses in gear – arrival of WarThunder GF
          and not even then they do it properly – see how riddled with issues 0.9.0 release has been (still is)

          • WG GF and Armored Warfare – this is also the hope I have.
            SerB and Storm have stated many shitty things:
            - graphics is good, we don’t need to be as good as WT (well I agree, but now we have the bloody HD-Models which can not be handled by the crappy BigWorld-Engine)
            - Historical Battles won’t work in WOT, we have tested it and decided not to implement it (Well I agree as most of the players – but now they have implemented it and it’s crap).
            - We will never implement garage battles, we don’t need to copy Warthunder – Wasn’t there an announcement that garage battles will come?
            - The playerbase on EU servers dropped from average 210’000 to 170’000 – a loss of 25% – all nerds playing outdoors now? Is has nothing to do with Warthunder having doubled it’s playerbase with the GF release?
            - The events, also something where they don’t copy Warthunder :)

            I really believe WG that they didn’t find a cause for the minilags, the macrolags and other problems – but not because it’s a difficult problem, just because the WG-people is crap.

            • How did you get those statistics? This weekend I saw over 200k players on EU whilst this GF hype is slowly dying.

              • Where did you get your statistics about Warthunder? I see there a growing playerbase – from around 40’000 to around 80’000…

                The playerbase of WOT, well at least for the russian server playerbase drop is an explanation of Storm available (the debile WG-engineer from Minsk): “Storm states that the drop in online playerbase on RU server is the same as last year, it is influenced by the start of holidays and good weather”.

                What good weather? We have floodings and bad weather – and the holidays have been so far an explanation for rising player count not for lowering….

                Interesting detail, it’s the first time WG sees a need to say, that this drop is usual…. yeah, and we know what it means when a WG official makes a statement, it’s just crap – or a lie.

              • Gf was fun… looks pretty nice only problem with it was that it first took me way to long to find out how to get into battle with a tank. Still not sure how to get a tank apart from Russian line. Some kind of lil button should be hidden somewhere.
                Then ppl are complaining about WoT having Hp wich isn’t really “historical” but since this is a game and i really like to know how much HP I have left on my tank
                And I’m not sure but I have never ever seen a tank drift like in WT
                On the other hand, I really like the option to test a tank in single player…
                And that you can revive in a battle is fun on one side but on the other side it is annoying. If it gets added to WoT i hope they will make it optional… Wouldn’t be fun to have the same stupid tomato team that gets revived over and over again, imagine a rusher to be able to rush and rush over and over again…

                All together I have to say i didn’t play it for long. Spend some time with download and install then with play the game. ..

            • 170/210k is a loss of not even 20%

              And yes, it happened the last year too, pretty much the same numbers. It’s June, people are outside and on vacations already.

              Oh, btw, the last year everybody said the same things: “WoT is over, look at the drops in numbers, WT will prevail every day now”. Of course nobody commented on when it got back to usual in about October~

              • Shh
                You aren’t supposed to use logic against idiots! It makes them start spewing informal fallacies and ad hominem’s.

    • QQ much? How long have you been playing? You have no idea how much the game has improved since I started in 2011.

      No doubt you expect everything to be done yesterday tho. Dumbass.

      • Spoiled brats never understand that world doesnt revolve around their spoiled head. Everyone always mentiones how wg will change things when people stop playing but players never stop playing. Except Zmeul, he “just doesnt care anymore”

        Also, every new game is death of wot, like BF4, AC, MWO, Diablo 3 etc…

        Whiners never stop

        • except people have left, how about that
          I’m the only one who left, oh really?!?! then how average active players dropped by the thousands ?
          and do you know who replaced them (still continues)? bots … !!!!

          hallelujah! “praise WG for their wisdom and let them lead us to salvation”

          HB doesn’t work – of course it doesn’t work because the implementation is shit!
          if they continue the same trend of implementing stuff just because they need to, garage battles will be shit too

          • OFC people left, thats normal. New people come, some old ones go. Pls explain how is wot still going strong with 200k+ just on EU if there is an exodus of players?

            Pls explain how there are more top clans than ever before if old players are leaving?

            You are talking out of your ass again… tbh i expect you can whistle trough your anus judging by how much you use it.

            • top clans?! LOL by who’s standards
              if the old players would come back they will mop the floor with you “top clans”

              keep believing that the supply of new players is infinite

              • How would you know, you dont play clan wars, or even the game to be precise.

                Im in clans from the begging of wot, what you just said is pure BS. I was in pirates 2 years ago, then there were maybe 1 or 2 additional clans playing on the same level or close, now there are more than 5 clans playing better and numerous clans playing on that level.

                ESL (gold league, pro league) is bigger and richer every season. Number of teams has doubled from last year, rewards for 2014 pro league are 3 times they were for 2013.

                So please tell me how wot is in decline. The same thing you said… oh i dont know… a year ago… or more… you remember… when you said you were quiting playing wot because its already a dead game just prolonging termination.

          • well afterall summer is starting, schoolkids need to do stuff with their parents and cant sit in computers so much. Also in summer people have much more stuff to too.

          • But therefore they cancelled the server roaming. For a good reason, doe’s anyone belive that EU-players will stay on laggy servers full with bots.

    • So, you think the guys in charge of coding is the same guys who planned this?
      Come on. Use your brain a little. Not everyone in a game company knows how to code a game, neither do they all work on the game. Some does coding, some does PR, some does finances, etc.

    • WG has money and time for a new cool office, but not for fixing the game.

      Nine women will not give birth to one baby in one month.

    • I know right! All those programmers have to work so hard on putting the glass in, doing the decorating, they’ve probably even got a few civil engineers.

      Of course they’ve got the time and the money to build a new office, it has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to make a game. They’re not the same people doing the jobs: they pay for builders, just like they pay for programmers. And who knows, maybe they have more space in their new office which will allow them to increase the bugfix department?

    • I guess that you are the kind of guy, that only complains about his work… If your boss told you to work work and work, or have a nice environment, where you can relax between the tasks, I guess you’d choose to work 24/7…

    • this is why you are wrong:

      To get a good game you dont just throw money at it. You have to get Good programmers, program managers, etc.

      You have to throw money at the people, but sometimes that is not enough. You attract the best people with good working conditions, great workplaces and cool problems to work on.

      That is why Apple, Google, etc, all invest in great workplaces. It makes sense.

    • WoT isn’t fucking broken. A broken game on the other hand is WoWP.

  1. So that’s where my gold and premium money is going….pool tables and exercising equipment >_>

    Instead of fixing bugs and stuff….they do that.

    • Maybe lifting iron will give them strength to apply fixes in distant future…

      or punch anyone who whines about them into face.

    • Thats not your money anymore, you spend it on game. This is no public institute, they can do what they want with thier ern money. I give you good advice are y rdy? dont pay dont cry…

    • Thought absolutely the same when I saw the pictures. I see way more leather sofas and chill areas than desktops where they actually do their freakin’ work. Not to mention the pool tables, table soccer, exercising room etc.

      I mean, wtf … really?! They gotta be shitting us. These pictures depict a giant lounge, not a place of work.

      • You should make your own multimillion dollar company and set the rules of working there. Clearly they have no idea what they are doing.

      • Every bigger programming company has things like this. People need to relax and keep their physical form. Not just sit in one place for 24 hours.

        • Most of these people work longer than their required 8 hours every day just to keep their deadlines. And if people spend 10+ hours in their office they also need some relax areas and places to work out, etc. Has anyone seen the HQ of Valve, Pixar, or Blizzard? They look even better.

  2. Isn’t this excessive money spending due to them trying to evade more taxes?

    • No, they are not funded by the state. Companies that are under state maintanance doing that usually, but mostly countries in the EU. Iam working in one and we always each year spend like 20 000 Euro to buy total random stuff from the EU grant leftovers. Like 2k Euro laptops last year ;D

    • Every company tries to avoid paying huge taxes spending money on useless stuff is sometimes better economically than nothing also of the companies have their mother company in Nederland Cyprus or other tax havens to save some shit.

  3. Typical eastern mindset.
    “We have money, purchase a lot of unneeded stuff to show everybody how many we have.”
    Then they live in the only room of the house which has electricity and heating.

    • You think this is eastern mindset? most of the big companies in the world do this :) maybe you should change your mindset

      • @Nefertum: You can’t do a longterm serious business with the habits of WG:
        - Cheating customers
        - Hiring human crap
        - spend more money for offices than for business
        - not investing in the future (crappy BigWorld-Engine, crappy architecture and design of code and so on).

        • On the contrary, lots of other big developers do that… do you honestly think that Activision Blizzard, EA, Rockstar or others do it differently? :D

          • EA does it differently sometimes but is far more creative at failing.

            FIFA: Engine barely gets updated ( The graphics renderer does thought, so it’s like WOT )

            Battlefield: New engine every game, safe money on bugtesting. ( i.e. let costumers do it for you while earning money. Sounds like 9.0 bugtesting )

            Simcity: Make sure your game doesn’t work for a while and lie to your costumers about how your engine works. ( Simcity barely computes anything on servers, unlike WOT )

            Madden: No real graphic engine updates despite claiming something different all while promoting features that have been around for years. Then implement it in an absolutely lackluster halfassed away. ( sounds like the current state of Havok implementation but whatever )

            Sequel to well known franchise: Make it into a blatant freetopaytoplay experience. ( WOT is actually possible to have fun with without paying, how un-EA )

            ”Innovate” in existing franchise because for ”guaranteed sales ” while reaching out to a ”wider” audience. ( well, WOT doesn’t do this, thankfully. )

  4. Please, stop whining about where your money is going.

    Have you ever seen an office of.. for example, Google? Oh wait, not a single cent of your money has gone to Google, right? ……… Think again.

    Another random example: Where do you think the money of your daily groceries is going? Many people can buy yachts, sports cars and multi-million $$ houses, with money you spent to buy groceries! It’s a business and don’t spam this nonsense if you don’t know how that works.

    By the way, I think it’s better for the game if the employees can relax a bit and do something else. Do you think it would be better if they are being locked up in a cave and work 20 hours a day? At 3M for example, employees are encouraged to spent 15% of their working day on projects of their own choosing, OR just go to the fitness, swim, chill out a bit, whatever. Google has the same, only with 20%..

    • I’m fine with that. Everyone has to relax and get a break from work at some time. It’s good for the climate and motivation, sure. But it just looks as if 9 out of 10 rooms are chill lounges or party area. Maybe these pictures give a wrong impression, but I see only two photos showing desks. Looks a bit weird. I’m not concerned about seeing a pool table and sofas, I’m concerned about seeing only very few actual offices, places of work compared to that. But then again, yes, maybe the selection of photos is just awkward.

      • Yup, that’s just it. It would not be very interesting to see 50 pictures of different desks and working places :) If they showed all the fancy stuff by these pictures, then I think they are actually quite modest, for such a size company.

        I’m not saying that all money is well spent, but it can be much, much worse

        • Yes, probably. But tbh, if they open up a new HQ I would’ve wanted to see how and where they work, not only the bling-bling and places where they relax from work – I mean, they pretend … they are a “business”, aren’t they? So a few more pictures of rooms where they are busy would’ve been appropriate imo xD

    • You can’t’ compare Google with WG!
      You can critisize Google as well, but!

      - Google has no bot-problem
      - Google does not glorify war criminals and terror regimes as with Stalin signs or with gloriyfing the former USSR. Many people forget the USSR was as terrible as the Nazi-Regime was. But as the germans have been defeated by the allies, the Holocaust is remembered, the millions of russians suffered death in camps comparable to them of the Nazis are forgotten.
      - when I run Google I do not have problems with ping – not even during the olympic games.
      - when I google something, I don’t have CTD’s
      - Google does not hire the bottom of IT staff – the people that will work either for WG or will become criminals.
      - If you contact Google, you will be treated as customer. If you contact WG support you will get either threatened or a monkey with only one half of a brain will answer you, I don’t think you can call the crap working as “Supporter” as human beings – not from a scientific view, maybe from a romantic “we are all humans” view.
      - If you pay for a service at google, you get a SLA. If you pay for a service at WG – you need luck to get what you paid for. Premium time while olyimpic games – sorry mate for circumstances and unplayable servers.
      - Lying, lying, lying – when somebody of WG open it’s mouth it’s either crap or a lie, or as the german Chief-Noob-Community-Manager stated in the news: There are neither bots nor any cheats in WOT – for sure. Well I’m pretty sure, that he’s an idiot not capable to see bots – not even in the famous 28-Bot-Video, but why then hire such crap?

      • You seem to hate this game, pls uninstall and delete your account.

        K? thx bye.

        • @Paaranoja: Hmm, it seem’s you can’t distinguish between a game and a company …

          Many things to learn you have in your life young padawan ;)

      • Sounds like somebody is mad their application to work at WG’s new office got rejected.

      • Of course Google is not the same as WG. I used it as an example to show that companies spend a whole lot of money on relaxation of employees, gimmicks, and everything else that is not directly related to the business they do. Every company does that, Google is just a well known example.

        Clearly you have problems with the mentality of WG. You are free to not pay and don’t use their products. I enjoy it very much, though, and I will keep paying for the product as long as I think it is worth my money.

        Or you just want to keep playing the game and point out some points of improvements? Granted, there are plenty. If you want to help them with it, provide them with well written bug reports, or apply for a job (if you haven’t already done that..). If you want to make the world a better place by chasing all the paying consumers away from WG, I think you can better start somewhere else.

      • Have you used Youtube at all? Google has many problems on it’s own, and yes it has bots. You know viewer and upvote botting, along with broken copyright claim system that fucks over smaller channels. They broke the comments with Google+ integration, etc. You just have to open your eyes.

      • Google has all of those problems, only in different departments and sometimes looking differently.

        And Google has no problem with bots? Come on, you don’t know what you’re even talking about, that’s one of their major problems!

      • Wooo…
        Relax there Satan. Its a game company. Why the long explaination about it?

        All those lounge stuffs functions as motivational ‘tools’ for the workers.

        Andd.. if they’re motivated?
        Equals increase in work efficiency.

    • Google is scary if you check closely on their business model, but often overshadowed by their great products/projects, like fiber internet, driver less cars, balloon ISP etc.. I think WG is doing the 1st step to attract better personnel in the future, following some steps of big companies about work environment, check Apple, Google, Microsoft workplace, aside from big salaries they may offer, they have good working environment with some entertainment too. With these, lot of people will want to work on WG specially those good ones, and if they got a lot of good people, they may be able to solve bugs and fix problems like enabling the multicore cpu, ram etc..

  5. All WG staff report to the political officer for ideological orientation and who ever is responsible for the capitalist paper tiger running dog American imperialist aircraft in the building instead of a truly heroic and correctly patriotic Shturmovik report to the gulag along with all staff who did not report it at once.

    • + 1 playboy calender cover girl + 1 WG calender cover girl + Uhmmm, hentai calender cover girls?!?!?!

  6. To be honest, I don’t have a problem with the offices. One invests for the staff and see what happens. Business is a risk at various levels and providing a good work environment is one small way to mitigate this risk.

    Personally, everything I saw in those pictures, is mandatory and normal in most companies today (to a greater or lesser degree)

  7. YOU HATE game but you still keep being around? 8-)
    You are masochist of some kind?
    There are so many games – only issue is: no time for all of them.
    Then why not play games YOU LIKE?!

    • Because a lot of wot players are kids who think they know everything so by default they know more than WG. Every single one of them would make WOT 10 times better. Dont you see, they are playing the game they hate to prove how right they are.

  8. I suppose most of you people would be much happier with pictures of sun deprived pale staff sitting in a refurbished derelict WW2 bunker with 2 persons working on every 1 m2 and only adornment of the bare concrete walls beeing mould + Serb in a gestapo uniform swinging a whip while screaming *Bistro, Bistro*

    It is nice to see that WG takes care of their employees. It would love to work in that place. Can i be the cleaner? I can fetch coffe and sandwiches too.

    • exactly, those kiddies don’t understand how it (IT) works…

      if WG wants to improve it needs to get those top skill workers (those that can fix deep game issues), these workers can work at other top companies and they have standards… supply and demand, actually it’s a very positive move and it will effect the company but not instantly.

    • Ironically the same people complaining that Wg is communist, Stalin-loving company, are the same ones complaining about WG copying capitalist new age businesses buildings with lounge rooms incorporated in the buildings.

      double standards much.

    • no 80% of the comments are from stupid kids who don’t know anything about business and still think that WG is doing this game so that they had nothing out of it. They are simply jealous of their success so that’s why they hate they can afford stuff the players cant :)

  9. there is money for 9.0 “we dont development new engine cos there is no ned for big world is fine” yea more like WE DONT WANT TO PAY MONEY FOR NEW ENGINE cos we total jerks AND DONT WANT TO PAY 1.2 milion DOLAR for crysis engine 3 (100 milion dolars for studionew builing? ok)

    • Confirming that buying another engine is just that, no porting, no new net coding, no server overhaul….

      Pls uninstall the game.

      • The entire idea behind using Bigworld was that it was able to do almost everything WG needed back in the days. Graphics, networking and all of the backend stuff.
        The Cryengine is basically just a graphics + physics engine. Good luck ‘just buying (a license for) the cryengine’ and be done with it.

    • So, you are willing to delay several months of content/bug fixes/rebalancing just for a new engine that might not allow for certain functionality that the game once had?
      Changing engines ain’t so simple.

      • OFc it is, cant you see he used CAPS to voice his opinion, he must be right!

  10. When business growth flat lines and Victor cannot keep up with the other oligarchs then they will all be working in a unheated sub-basement in Severomorsk with hot and cold sewage optimising the game on a single server running unregistered version windows 95.

  11. Ahh, I see that they are entering the next corporate greed and high overhead stage!

  12. Looks decent, but it’s nothing special for that kind of company.
    Really ugly mounting of the plane btw.

  13. In poland we have a saying perfect for this situation, i kinda cant help but to quote it here, sorry for nonenglish but…

    “Mają rozmach skurwysyny” ;)

  14. Can anyone decypher what is written on the board on 6th picture from top? Timetables , plans…?

    • It is a monthly division (vertical column left) from January to July and weekly division in horizontal rows. So, the most you will get of decyphering it is what might happen next week.

  15. I love how all the wankers above are whining about how WG is doing shit and spending money on useless stuff.

    Let me remind you, there is a limited amount of skilled programmers in Belarus, and they’re not gonna pay them 3 times as much as they deserve to get programmers from around the world come to that poor dictator-driven country.

    It’s indeed great to see that even the eastern European companies do try to caare about their employees. Look at Google – they spend a metric shittone of dollars to make their offices as fancy and crazy as possible, to make the working enviroment of their stuff as pleasureful as they only can. And it’s GREAT! People work better in such conditions, and the fact that the management doesn’t simply raise their wages and has ignores everyone else in the company is awesome.

    Good stuff Wargaming, keep it up, and “victory will soon be ours”^^

    • @Haren
      “metric shittone of dollars”

      Made me giggle. Going to remember that one for my own purposes.

      • You’re welcome :)

        I’ve kinda taken that from Jingles’ “metric butttone”, but I wasn’t sure how many “t”s are supposed to be there :D

    • Don’t want to be disrespectful but have you worked in such environment? Or let me ask you different. Have you worked/are you working in a corporation?

      People by nature have the tendency to do anything else but work. We don’t need to hide behind lame excuses, it’s like the panther’s instinct to hunt. So you can imagine what productivity level is when everything around you distracts you the moment you take your eyes away from the monitor.

      You can argue that it is inspiring them. Ihave yet to see proof of how better the end results are from ones that work in a fancy room compared to working in a more simple office.

      I will always believe that work is work and fun is fun. Take Clan Wars for example. You can have some jokes in the minutes before the battle but when it starts the commander always reminds you to focus and stay concentrated.

      “The wankers above” have the right to an opinion and so far WG’s work have proved them right. WoT has the issues we all know and WoWP is strugling to earn money and atract players.

        • If you actually read before speaking you would have seen my post above this one. “Worked for 5 years at EA games”…
          You have a problem seeing the essence of things and can’t take the context over the actual words?

          • Game testing or QA centers are hardly anything comparable to the actual studios that develop the games. EA games is mainly the publisher part of the whole EA branch.

            I’ve seen your other post, and there are so many things wrong with it that I didn’t even bother to reply.

            “People by nature have the tendency to do anything else but work. We don’t need to hide behind lame excuses, it’s like the panther’s instinct to hunt. So you can imagine what productivity level is when everything around you distracts you the moment you take your eyes away from the monitor.

            You can argue that it is inspiring them. Ihave yet to see proof of how better the end results are from ones that work in a fancy room compared to working in a more simple office.”

            Most people who work on games actually have fun doing so. Most people also don’t just work for 8 hours every day and leave. In this business You HAVE to put in overtime to meet deadlines so big studios do everything to keep their employees from burning out and spending their time more efficiently (working out at the place you work, etc.).

            You have yet to see prove? Look at Valve, Blizzard, Dice, or even Pixar. They all have similar if not even more playful and creative environments than the new WG office.

            • If there are so many wrong points please bring your arguements on the table, if there are any. Just saying it’s wrong is cheap, don’t you think?

              Yes, I have yet to see proof that the environment such as the one at WG HQ has an impact on quality levels of the end product compared to “regular” looking ones. This is what I said. If you have the numbers to prove me wrong please put these on the table as well.

              By saying “others are doing this so it must be the right way” is not always the path to follow. You have to see if it’s suitable for your business first. I dare to say that you keep your arguements in mind for a little longer and watch what next patches will deliver in WoT. Then see how their creative and fancy enironments did or did not helped. For sure they had them until now and you can see the results of the end product. If you don’t, follow some forum posts to get yourself up to speed.

              Having this kind of office is just a trend of corporations to attrack people. As you said the plan is to make them spend less time at home (where probably the majority don’t have even half of the facilities and design they get at work). This is simply a way to over work you and not a reward an individual would get for his work. Saying you see a point in this showing off or that you would like to work here is simply a win for their HR (brainwash?) team.

              Welcome to big corporations.

              • Well as a 3D Artist/ Concept Artist myself I’d rather work in a creative environment with many recreational possibilities than a stale and plain office. It’s actually beneficial (from own experience) to play some table-soccer for 10 minutes and come back with a refreshed mind. It helps with problem solving and keeps you from burning out really or just to kill some time during rendering.

                Doesn’t the success of the mentioned businesses speak for itself as proof? I would rather work at Pixar for 12 hours a day than 8 hours in a basic office.

                • I am fairly sure that the decisions about what map they introduce, which new branch of tanks, if they add Stalin related inscriptions on tanks etc are not taken in the fancy/nice rooms we saw above but instead in a simple hotel meeting room where WG leaders meet. Given the high number of players (though can’t tell the real number with so many players having multiple accounts) it, of course, attracts politicians/political interest. Why? To control/influence the masses. Add that WG has russian influence as well and you decide yourself if I am right or not.

                  What the staff working in these offices actually does is just find a way to make real what the big guys already agreed they will “offer” to their customers. This is why I strongly believe it is a false sense of liberty and security.

                  After all it’s easy to find out what people want from their work place. They just did a research, created the nice rooms and made you think you are free to create.

                  “You are free to do what we tell you”. Simple as that.

      • Very true, the_cowardly_dog.
        WG is supplying more lag and freezes, more disk read/writes and less multi-core support or RAM utilization. Why not be mad?
        Have you seen the \res\packages sub-folder of your game? All the game contents are in 60 .pkg files – the “_hd” ones are hUgE if we compare the number of tanks in the ‘vehicles_british.pkg’ and ‘vehicles_british_hd.pkg’ files… If we get HD models for every tank in the game… at this point… with the client that is in use… You will get less than 3 fps on alienware machines.
        Continue WG! Exhaust our limited patience.

      • I have never worked in any corporation, as I am currently a student – medicine student to be exact, so I have little chances of doing so. Nevertheless, seeing that Google, a huge IT giant has it’s offices done that way, I think they are right about what the do.

  16. Always find it funny that people who are too fucking stupid to get a real job whine about those who have great jobs and great benefits. Also the jealousy of people towards a company treating their employees right to retain them.
    When WG starts making WOT pay to win, then you haters can QQ all you want, til then, keep digging ditches and serving fries to people who actually make a difference in this world.

  17. Some of those “employees” look like they should be beating up somebody in an alley.