31 thoughts on “Overloon Militracks with Rita – Part II

  1. SS aren’t you a bit obsessed with RitaGamer? Yes we all know she is a girl and plays WoT, but cmon!

              • Rariusz he doesn’t like Quickybaby because he thinks QB is a arrogant, pretentious asshole, or something along those lines.

                I recall reading that somewhere, I think.

                • Something like that, plus he came here crying once that I’m stealing his content or whatever – instant dislike.

                  Circon is a great guy I think. Very funny :)

                • He really did this? LINKS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN XD

                  Nah, seriously, link would be damn appreciated, I’d LOVE to see that :D

                  I watch QB and Jingles, they’re both funny and enjoyable to watch.

                • QQbaby always cries when good things happen to other people. He bitched about how other streamers got subscribe button with way less followers/viewers than he had when he got his sub button. He’s fucking arrogant and greedy as fuck.

                • Plus most of you probably forgot, but when QB started he asked his subs for money, just so he could visit his gf in Ukraine. That is when I unsubbed him and I am never turning back…

                • I, for one, like Sir Foch. In the beggining i thought he was arrogant and disrespectful (E50M review) but he really knows the game, he has better stats than 95% of those streamers and now i find him funny, inteligent and laidback cool.

                • The only thing that comes into my mind is when SS show here a link from Russian forum about changes in map, tanks etc, maybe pre 9.0 or 8.11, and about the next day, I saw a video from QB showing the same stuff posted by QB on EU forums. SS shows Russian version and just a normal text English translated at the bottom whereas QB showed the Russian version but translated to English.

                  Haven’t checked any circon’s video but with positive review from you guys, I’ll check his channel later.

                • AesBinz i strongly suggest watching Circon and SirFoch
                  Circon is a pretty good player laidback and very fun although he is mainly a streamer not so much of a youtuber yet so many of the videos are from the livestreams he does
                  SirFoch is a wot genious to say he knows what he is talking about and his reviews although short contain a biiiiig pile of info about the tanks and ofc the gameplay of each tank

                • I used to enjoy QB’s streaming and videos…but I grew tired of his snide remarks and attitude. Jingles when ever I’ve seen him play or make a video has been a gentlemen. QB comes off as an arrogant prick who seems to think he’s better than everyone else. Granted his “twitch/reflexes” are better than mine in game, but that does not make him an expert on tanks, game or map design.

                  I’ve always enjoyed the content here, regardless of where it comes from. The format is simple and well done.

                  I’ve enjoyed watching rita play long before I saw her video posted here. Her accent is great and just funny how she says some things, plus she is pretty good.

  2. Ive seen a panther in the background while she was filming the hetzer. They also have the only super sherman outside of israel, it was in the previous film. Missed the challenger though, that one is pretty rare to find.