Technical Post

This is a post about some technical matters with FTR itself.


In recent days (weeks), I’ve recieved numerous complaints from people, who tried to register on FTR and never recieved their confirmation e-mail with a password back. This issue should now be fixed (it was a problem with the mailing system). In case it is not (I have seen several cases where FTR mail goes to spam folder), try logging on using social login


Recently, I have recieved several articles from various players – articles, that they want to have published in FTR. When you want something published, guys, a couple of points you should pay attention to:

- please, please, please, pleeeeeeaaaaase, proofread it. The amount of typos in some submissions was such that it was practically unreadable.
- I completely understand that English is not the first language for some people, but the cold hard truth is, if you barely speak English, or simply use google translator to translate what you wanted to write in English in such a way that to make the article worth anything, I would practically have to rewrite it from scratch… no, sorry, I can correct a typo here and there, but not rewrite the entire thing
- last but not least, check your sources. I recently had to scratch a relatively nice post by one player about French tanks, simply because at several points, he wrote obvious nonsense. Since the post contained also new info (to me), how can I be sure that the info I didn’t know about is true in such a case?

The points above I wrote not because I want to be harsh, but to save your time and mine.


Last but not least, I recently recieved several e-mails, asking me to get rid of certain FTR posters (hi, Medjed) just because they are rude and abrasive. To be absolutely clear: such behavior is NOT a reason for a ban. I am generally trying to promote free speech environment here. Pretty much only following cases are the reason you get banned:

- blatant spamming of nonsense (“ASDLHSKLFHSDLFNHM”)
- nazi/communist crap
- extreme case of rudeness (“OMG go die in fire get cancer u fucking jew nigger polak” – yes, someone actually tried posting that)
- and of course, anything that would get you arrested in real life (death threats etc.), but I haven’t had that here yet, at least not seriously

I am happy that people, that would deserve a permanent ban are extremely rare, for the entire existence of FTR (almost a year now), it’s exactly 10 people. Don’t spoil it :P

PS: If you have any technical suggestions for FTR, this is the place to post them
PPS: I know about the “missing poll archive” bug

71 thoughts on “Technical Post

  1. can you try to implement a voting thing for comments? i think it would be great

    • That’s a good idea. Sometimes you have to scroll through pages of private conversation to get to the interesting comments.
      Also it would solve the “first!!!1111″ spam problem.

      • You have to scroll down insane amount of times?
        “How terrible”. :)
        (BTW use ctrl+f, type in words, profit.)

      • It is possible, I’ve done a slashdot-style +1-comment section for some wp-installation. Can’t remember the details, but I think it was a simple plugin, nothing too complicated.

      • If you do this, then please without negrep option. Instead give the option to ‘flag’ a comment. If the comment was ‘flagged’ by a certain amount of people, make the comment invisible for moderation. Negative reputation is already abused too often.

        • No negrep but flagging??? WTF dude the 2 is almost the same!
          Ideal option would be:
          +1 voting system with the “list comments by ‘likeness’ “.

      • There is no such thing as a web that got ruined with commnent rating system. It’s a great fetaure to have, if you can’t handle the negrep, you probably deserved it anyway :D

        • >There is no such thing as a web that got ruined with commnent rating system

          Reddit is a great example of this. A circlejerking hivemind with regurgitated opinions.

          • Wait… Reddit is made from people??? I mean actual living things and not bots? :O

  2. Speaking of suugestions, imo any web where you can log in and comment should ideally have a way to display all of the comments you’ve made (with link to where you made em).
    Dunno how hard that would be to implement into wordpress, either way would be a nice feature.

    • Think that would be hard lol, would be nice to have email notifications if someone replies like this though, checking back is annoying

      • yea, at leat that would be nice

        As for difficulty… dunno about wordpress, but generally speaking this shouldn’t be particularly difficult thing to put together. Wouldn’t be supprised if there was already a wp plug-in for that.

    • Just ctrl f and search for your username.

      On iOS, enter your username into the search bar and scroll to bottom of suggestions and select ‘On this page’.

      • err… I don’t think you quite understood the point – that is to search for the posts made anywhere on the whole website.

  3. Excuse my terrible description but here I goooooo!!!!

    When using a mobile device while trying to maximize an image, the horizontal image is usually too big to fit on my vertical screen. This is not the problem.
    The problem is that the picture is sticky to the left side of my screen so whenever I try to scroll to the left and close the picture, it auto shifts directly back to the left side, hiding the X in the bottom right hand corner.
    My work around on this problem is downloading the actual image.

    In short:
    Anyway to possible have the “full size image” auto adjust to the window resolution (it already does this, but not for mobile devices I don’t think)?

  4. Don’t tell me that French article was from Zandalar Zandali/Dantron, because in that case, I am disappoint.

      • Glorification of French armor is perfectly acceptable, WG takes a dump on them ever chance that they get, anyways. The future doesn’t bode well for the AMX 50 100.

  5. Is there any chance of having a fan article place? Just somewhere people can put up their articles with the same rules as listed above. So we, us readers, could just work through articles so if people have articles they want to put up but have terrible English, we could still read them by writing them up ourselves. So a system which people rewrite an article as best they can, which will then be voted on by people who are bothered to read it. However, as humans, we will screw with this system and break it as much as possible. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

    To recap and add ideas, just somewhere we can put articles with sources, maybe even in someones first language, which hopefully someone else could translate. If they’re translation isn’t very good, other people could rework it even further so we could still have articles to read. Then at the end when an article is basically ready (may have a few typos left, who knows, but it shouldn’t. Maybe SS would put it up, with credits to the editors and original author. It sounds good in theory but… who knows, Murphy’s Law.

    • So, dear Medjed, my most beloved poster, all-round “couldn’t care less” cool cat, hater of fags (wait, isn’t this just another slur that targets a whole group of people just like the N word? Ah, who cares!) and incredible internet tough guy:

      If you are so quick to stalk other people on the internet and post their photos for others to ridicule (nevermind that you are clearly some unemployed basement dweller with too much free time), how about allowing us a look into your charming face? It’s only fair isn’t it?

      Don’t tell me you haven’t got cameras in Serbia.

      So thanks in advance, I am eagerly awaiting the great hot-or-not showoff between you and EmperorSafirius (whoever that is). It will be magical!

      • And what made you think i live in Serbia? Maybe because you are another stereotypical assuming turd and hypocrite. So you wanted to make me look bad because of my language by insulting me. You fucking retarded piece of shit. And it wasn’t that hard to find his picture when he linked his FB account with his FTR account. How else would i be able to find it. And since he had the urge to comment under my posts i had the urge to express how i feel about that faggot.

        • Every time that faggot posted something under my posts it had something with calling me whiner, crybaby etc. and all i did was a response in the same manner, only a little bit more harsh. It is how it is. Deal with it or fuck off from my posts and ignore them. And then every time i would response like that he would go into SS’ lap to cry about how rude i am and begged him to ban me. P.S. Why would i give you my pic? You can share yours if you like to brag.

          • You know how people who teases you over something teases you even more if you get mad and upset about it and if you ignore it they will just leave it alone. Well that faggot crying to SS only made me do it even more. If you can’t deal with my responses than you shouldn’t pay attention to my posts at all and play with fire if you don’t want to get burned. I for once haven’t had discussion or commented anything he wrote in past month or so simply because i didn’t payed attention to him and didn’t wanted to get into argue with him where i know i will act like an insulting moron and then he simply had to provoke my reaction in one of the yesterdays articles because he obviously missed me being asshole and insulting him.

            • And i would like to ask everyone who don’t like me, have issues with me or simply have something against me. Don’t pay attention to me. PLEASE. Just ignore the post when you see my nickname. I promise i will reduce my insults, but if you intentionally come to my comments and provoke then expect shit thrown at you. Only reason i published his pic(this is not the first time i did it btw) is that i got pissed off when i saw my nickname in SS’ article as the one who is known for being rude asshole here. It didn’t felt really good if i’m honest. Bitching about it instead of dealing with it won’t help you. Simply ignore.

                • Not really a drama. I said what i had to say. If you don’t like me don’t pay attention to me. And don’t do something if you can’t deal with the consequences.

    • How do you know about that picture? And is it really him? How can you know?
      EDIT: Obsolete question.

    • Hehe, first things first: driving you over the edge like this fills me with joy. :)

      Secondly, where is your picture, tough guy? I went to for a walk, got groceries and all I get back from you after an hour’s leave is some pointless rage filled drivel spread out over three posts that just reaffirm my poor opinion about you.

      So you really are some stupid little chicken who can only give but cannot take any punches. Thanks for making that more than clear, computer warrior!

      By the way, I did not run to SS and ask to ban you. You and this blog are only an amusing pasttime for me, nothing more – please don’t try to make yourself look more important than you are.

      What I really don’t understand is: if you don’t like to read what I write, why don’t you just ignore me? Can’t you follow your own advice? Heh, what a ridiculous little guy you are, funny.

      See you next time Medjed! :D

      • I still haven’t seen your pic neither,Mr. Whiteknight. Why are you acting like an hypocritical piece of shit? And how exactly have you driven me over the edge? I’m perfectly calm. This is why some people here have difficulties to differentiate my usual talk and when i’m actually being rude. Obviously i’m too important for some people here. So important that they would spent some of their free time to actually write an email to SS about me rustling their jimmies. And difference between this discussion and those i had with some of my “fans” is that i’m not backing off and going to cry to SS to ban you because you called me internet tough guy. I can stand up for myself. I won’t go cry to the referee. My statement about ignoring me and not reading what i write was adressed to those who wrote emails about me and not to you. You give too much credits to yourself. I don’t have a single clue who the fuck are you and why you decided to play devils advocate here and i really don’t care. I’m amazed by persons like you. You see, you are trying to make me look bad about something by using exactly the same methods. Why do you think i give a fuck about your personal life and what did you got in grocery store? And just fyi calling someone internet warrior is so 2000′s. Also it’s hilarious how you are trying to describe yourself as mister perfect guy who is winning at life while your only amusement lately is me talking shit about other people on some blog about online game. GG breh, ur my hero. And not i won’t give you my pic so you can store it in your fap folder. That much amusement is extra charge. And i’m not that retarded to make my personal stuff available on the interwebz where anyone can see them. That privilege is reserved for those who actually knows me personally. I do have FB, but for someone who can distinguish FB stalkers(like i am apparently) you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.

        • And btw since you care that much that you actually counted three posts were because edit time has expired and i haven’t managed to merge it all in one post.

        • who the fuck are you, and what the fuck are you doing all over my internets?!

    • Sorry mate, TL;DR – got to watch the new Game of Thrones now.

      If you still don’t understand why you should post a picture and I don’t have to, I am more than happy to explain myself after one of your next totally calm and well thought out posts. You are an endless goldmine of fail after all. :)

      • In case of emergency write TL;DR. I really don’t mind it actually since i don’t really enjoy having discussions like this. And since you haven’t read my last post i really don’t understand how can you know exactly what i wrote about in it. That is some serious wizard shit breh. And btw i already made a statement about your dirty fantasies about me and desperately wanting my hawt pics. Oh and it’s always cool to call someone failer in lack of other argument. TL;DR U FAIL HUEHEUHEUE always makes you right on the internetz. Enjoy your GoT episode. And btw putting :) at the end of every posts usually means one thing, but i’m pretty sure you know what it is so no need to explain it further.

        • Ok Med we get it you have a man crush on EmperorSafirius just go tell him already and stop asking like a 10 year old who tries to hide that he likes someone by hitting them and insulting them.

            • I must say, standing from a spectator’s prespective, it’s hilarious how Medjed on one hand says ‘just ignore my posts if you don’t like them’ while on the other hand spends so much time typing up essay long speeches just to rebut on the posts others posted. Oh the irony…… It burnnnss

    • I don’t need a picture to prove to me that the emperor is an idiot, I can see it in his forum posts also. He’s so full of “white rich guy political correct crap” that that the sight of his posts makes me wanna punch babies. I hate that guy, he’s an annoying prick.

    • were those two blokes above fighting over a picture of some other bloke and wanting pictures of each other?! WTF crazy shit goes on in this place…

      • I just used a pic because i could, since that faggot made it available for public. On the other hand that other faggot(in post above) is so desperate to get my nudes. He’s in serious lack of fap material i assume.

  6. Btw i should start writing SS emails everytime someone calls me bad names asking him to ban those mean people. How dare they call me internet warrior. It hurts my feelings.

  7. SS – one thing I’ve noticed is that articles consistently refer the turret’s “copula”, which does not mean what the author thinks it means.. The correct word is “cupola”.

    A minor issue, obviously.

  8. hello silentstalker i think i found a bug:
    when i click on “Polls Archive” (below the poll(you probebly know where it is :P))
    i hope you can do something with this info

    P.S. am i the only one having this problem?

    i get this error message:
    Error 404 – Page Not Found.
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.

    This might be because:

    You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted.

    Please try the following options instead:

    Check for a mis-typed URL error, then press the refresh button on your browser or Use the search box below.

  9. hello silentstalker i think i found a bug:
    when i click on “Polls Archive” (below the poll(you probebly know where it is :P))
    i get this error message:

    Error 404 – Page Not Found.
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.

    This might be because:

    You have typed the web address incorrectly, or the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted.

    Please try the following options instead:

    Check for a mis-typed URL error, then press the refresh button on your browser or Use the search box below.

    i hope you can do something with this info
    P.S. am i the only one having this problem?

    [Edit] I also found another problem i know you already mentioned it but when i registert yesterday i got my username and passport for FTR in my spam box :/ (Using