World of Tanks to feature Fury-related Content


Hello everyone,

at the E3 expo, new footage of the upcoming movie “Fury” was shown at the Wargaming stand. It was also announced that World of Tanks would feature special content, tied to the movie’s release.



About the movie (from IGN):

In Fury, it is April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

According to American Wargaming military specialist, The_Chieftain, the movie looks very, very promising, because it features grit and historical realism on a scale, unusual for Hollywood. If I recall correctly, he provided some of the historical information on the movie as well, so it might be actually a pretty good movie.

30 thoughts on “World of Tanks to feature Fury-related Content

  1. Well if WoT will look like that I would understand the drop in fps… i wouldn’t really care about it…

    • Yeah, at first I thought it’s related to furrfags and their homosexual aspirations, but then I saw it is spelled with one L.

    • US Server..
      50% discount 50% income all tier I-VII American
      30% discount 30% income all tier VIII-X American
      Earn 25k in American Tree and get 500k
      Earn 50k in American Tree and get Ram II + Slot
      Free Case of Cola for logging in
      Chance to win a Laptop

      EU Server
      20% discount on T34, when purchased via Gift shop + FREE SLOT + 5 FREE COLA

      • You forgot RU server’s missions…
        100% discount 200% income all tier I-VII American
        50% discount 100% income all tier VIII-X American
        Win 1 battle as a puny Sherman to get a GLORIOUS KV-5
        Win 10 battles as a T1 Cunningham to get Ram II
        Earn 2k XP in any American tank to get 10 Cola
        Earn 25k XP in the american tree to get T34
        Free Cola and 3 day premium for login
        Chance to win a trip to Kubinka and drive a Sherman

        • i rather think the russians give all discounts for SOVIET tanks because they reached Berlin first. :D

  2. Awesome awesome – Cast, Content, Graphics – quite a blockbuster for me xD

        • no, no
          at first I thought it’s Firefly in the movie… therefore the idea of adding it to british tree (it’s about time for that anyway).

          then I looked closer and saw that Brad Pitt is actually riding Easy 8

  3. I saw the tank used in the movie in Sainte Mère Église on 6. June . It looks very nice :)

  4. My little claim to fame; one of the tanks used in the film belongs to a friend of mine (who was also driving it for the film). I asked him to confirm that Brad Pitt is a complete tool in real life. Unfortunately he’s apparently a really nice guy.

  5. WG is the first in E3 history to come with a movietrailer. Nice job guys… :S
    BTW my question is: as we can see one tanks turret will fly off in the movie… so does it mean we will fight with infantry and aerial support in the game soon?

    sidenote: i hope the movie won’t be another Private Ryan or Three Kings… or Inglorious Bastards…

    • Wait… Sherman had 5 man crew… so it CAN be the Four tankmen and the dog :D

    • Tank movie for kids & wierdos starring furries! GOOD IDEA MAN!
      *rushes to nearby film producer*

  6. I hope Hollywood keep it’s realistic style of filming war movies and show how a single Sherman destroy an entire Kampgruppe composed single handely of Tiger II’s

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