E3 Stream – Day 2

Hello everyone,

against my better judgement, I actually turned on the E3 stream for second time in the second day. Today (in the evening in Europe) is the last day of the show. So, the good news for codemongers is that the code/reward system in the stream got pretty much polished. You don’t have to repeat pointless phrases anymore, the questions are well announced, there is more time to do everything a lot of it is just automated, so that’s good. I actually like this code system, I am glad that WG guys learned. Bonus points for some genuinely funny comments from WG staff when releasing the rewards (“wow so reward very victory wow”) :)

The stream content… well, let’s start with the good stuff. I caught one plugin from The_Chieftain, American military historian, who actually has been acting as an advisor to the creators of the upcoming war movie Fury. Here’s basically what he said:

- movie is going to be no politics “5 guys in a tank trying to get through the war home”
- real life – tanks were supporting element, that’s how the movie depicts it
- movie will be realistic, so will be the tank issues in it
- uniforms are very realistic
- M4A2HVSS 76mm in the movie from Bovington (represents an M4A3 with 76mm) (standard post war tank of the US army, best of US Shermans, served in Korea)
- there might be an event with a “Fury” M4 tank in the game

The exclusive Fury footage can be found here.

The rest of the stream however looked like one giant infomercial with Billy Mays. The speaker looked very professional, his talking was smooth. What disappointed me was the amount of pointless trailers repeated over and over instead of game footage. And when there was some game footage, it was either of some strange “tournament” between WG and Jinx guys (awkward gameplay), or streaming the play of the random guys, that came to try out World of Warplanes and stuff (eg. shooting rockets at enemy aircraft kilometers away). Not very entertaining.

There was also some guy from US section, who had a really cool name (Caleb Fox, when I heard that, I was like damn, is that a real name or some sort of game character name? I usually forget names immediately, but this one is interesting) and he talked about how WG is turning towards e-sports, bla bla bla. Interesting was the point that it took a while to develop the 7/42 mode, because 15 vs 15 e-sports battles were considered too chaotic to watch for the viewers. Good point.

Anyway, it kinda seemed to me that when you compare it with Gamescom, the stand was actually quite empty, seemed like very few people attended the show. I suspect we’ll see bigger things there (although, a Sherman that ran over a cab is pretty big).

PS: For heavens sake, stop saying “we will dress you in SWAG”, what are you, 12? Real men don’t have swag, men have style (or class). Retarded word anyway. Oh yea and “selfie”, my god… *facepalms*

28 thoughts on “E3 Stream – Day 2

  1. Yeah, the stream giveaways today had enough order that I stayed for a while. Didn’t manage to win anything though, that Type 59 still eludes me. ;p

    • mate i know how it feels, i just got fed up and went on the chinese server to buy a type 59 playing at 400ping. But it is worth it especially i am going there in a few weeks time :P and not bothered with having the pain of not trying one

  2. Automated ? Randomness in the draws ? I don’t think so.
    Two guys won twice yesterday – dpms_panther (Type 59 on Day 1 and some gold and premium time on Day 2) and loves_lamp (Both – Type and gold + premium time on Day 2).
    Needy friends to the mods I guess. Or they’re just not giving out the stuff they claim they are. 2k USD per hour while the stream is on ? Too busy with the math, but I don’t think it’s even coming close to that.

    • Yeah its totally impossibru to get 2 times a 6 when rolling a dice… Pls go back to school and learn something about what randomness means.

      • Winning twice out of 4,5k to 5,6k people watching the stream is super lucky. Considering the spam fest that the chat is turned into, you could easly say that alteast 80% of those watchers are in for the lucky draws.
        Seems like absolutely regular stuff, but when other streamers are having giveaways of some sort, they lock-out the persons that already won from further entires. Winning twice in a single day would’ve been impossible that way. Twice for two days – could’ve been avoided as well.
        Fuck ups seems to happen a lot when WG is giving out stuff.

        • Agree with speedphlux

          First day i entered at finish and a lot of ppl complaining about 2 guys that won twice…
          yesterday i watched all that freaking stuff and saw, at least, 3 guys winning twice: love_lamp, ars3nic, captain…whatever…etc.
          Ok, just idiots or wg ass lickers thinks that is fair…
          Personaly, i felt stoled and foolished by wg. I paid a well amount of Money to play that game. That is fair: you pay and have what you want. So, i want to buy that fucking Type 59. Slmple like that. It is called CAPITALISM.
          Now, what i saw yesterday was just a bingo from 3rd world or former “comunists” that didnt forgot the old ways to get stuff in SOVIETIC UNION: been felow, friend or parente of the “STAFF” guys…
          ridiculous, pathetic…
          to me, thats enough. will not put one more cent in the pockets of that stealers former soviet union MAFIA…LOL

          • Please tell me you had to translate this to English, or I will be very laughed.

            • mermster,
              did you understood part of it?
              English is not my country language…
              btw, there is a word that i can spell quite right: FUCK YOU!…LOL NOW, YOU UNDERSTAND, MERMSTER?
              or, i can teach you some of portuguese words: vai tomar no meio do seu cu, filho da puta de merda, gringo inútil…muahahahahahahaha

              • That’s why I asked. If it wasn’t your first language I wasn’t gonna say anything, but since you’re being rude, id just like to say you’re a shining example of BR players everywhere

                • ah, cmon, Mermster…
                  did i hurt you? you was rude first…
                  I gave my opinion about a thing that made me pissed off. You came and just laught.
                  As i said, my english is bad.
                  Alright, now i less pissed off.
                  Pls, accept my apologizes. Im not been ironic, just forgive me.
                  I dont know how to erase the post or edit it…so, im here again to just ask you to forgive me…but, as i said, you was rude first…

    • Good point speed. Its just the usual codes and gifts for the friends of staff/mods and f**k all else for the rest.

      WG EU is corrupt to the core.

    • I have to add that on first day someone tigeress## won twice. Yesterday someone called arc3nic3 won twice too. Ok, call it luck, but I am very suspicious

      • Zebra_12 won twice today, and also has won on all other days as well. Good to be THAT lucky, HUH!

        • lol…
          little partners of that russian máfia. shame on that company. corrupted ppl, that all those freaks are.

  3. But the new giveaway system kinda sucks.

    Okay the give soem hilarious questions, like “name a country u would love to visit”, and u get to win a Type 59 for that.. well it’s there choice.
    But between those questions those spamming kids have much higher chances than serious players, who simply wiat for teh next question, cuas etehre is always some Premium etc. giveaway inbetween. I managed it to write a question then, but still if u write several messages the chances get higher..

    • The chat is in “slow mode” so if you send a chat 3 times in a min you get a 90 sec chat ban. Then you can type again and if you do it again within 1 min a new 90 sec chat ban. So spaming chat to win does not work.

  4. A “Fury” M4?

    So something like the “White Tiger” event from a while back?

  5. The eSports guy had some nice info and discussion about what they wanted to try and set up and how implementing the basics of an eSport mode in a game from the start but not messing with it until the game took off was a smart way to do it. It made me feel like he was really trying to make a statement about World of Warplanes of course but it’s still relevant to World of Warships and its release.
    I don’t own a Xbox360 but the devs for WoT360 seem like some guys that are trying to make a good game and want their version of it to thrive. Wish we got the weather and night lighting they have. Fury info and “event” sounds great, Josh “Clutch” WGLNA announcer guy does well, the Patrick guy is fine, the woman gets a little too pumped about giving stuff like t-shirts out sometimes but she seems like a marketing chick so I get it, that’s her job. The chat is still all spam but random gifts and the type “something” to enter setup is fine.
    Showing some real games with chat disabled would be fine, or just more gameplay with the few people that know how to play somewhat. I mean Pico is there, Rampage is there, Clutch is there, pretty sure The Chieftain is there, you telling me that can’t run a platoon for 3 battles a few times during the day?. Don’t bother showing WoWP unless someone with half a brain is playing (basically don’t show it).

    Could be much better WG but at least it’s not horrible I guess!

  6. ” For heavens sake, stop saying “we will dress you in SWAG”,”
    IIRC “swag” is a term they use to refer to all the free crap they give out at E3, so while it does sound lame, it’s usage is appropriate.

    • Yeah, promotional items that they give out at conventions has been called that before the whole stupid trend among kids to replace the word cool and describe fashion/style. #YOLOSWAG420BLAZEIT

  7. I got 3k gold yesterday. But for 6 hours of my life. The only reason people are there is for the Type 59, everything else can just be bought.

    Side note: The phrase “SWAG” was created as a code for gay men (probably women also) to find out if someone else is also gay, It stands for “Secretly we are gay”. I like to think of people saying “swag yolo” as saying “Secretly we are gay, you only live once”

  8. Only interesting thing was the new built in Twitch control panel for the WOT client that is gonna come. Other then that it was damn boring. I got 10K gold for the 20 min I watch in total now and again. So not to shabby.