Hello everyone,

today, yet another day without significant QA (Storm is on his well-deserved three week vacation). However:

- the micropatch “UI issues” that are going to be fixed tomorrow – it’s the issue where you see your friends in friend list as offline even though they are online and can’t invite them to platoon

21 thoughts on “23.6.2014

  1. Storm is on his well-deserved three week vacation
    I smell sarcasm in this one.

  2. So I guess this is a.. (puts on tinted glasses)
    Storm season?

  3. I wonder when will they fix the T-50-2 bug… You know… The bug that caused t-50-2 to be replaced…

  4. Yes, because friend’s list accuracy is so much more important than the ghost shell issue that reappeared in game with the latest patch.

    Every time they make these stupid decisions about what to prioritize fixing it makes me wish Putin would just invade Ukraine and put WG out of business, even if only temporarily. I used to think they were just blatantly lying to us about a lot of issues but I’ve had to change my mind. It’s become clear they’re just not technically adept enough to be running anything other than a card game.

      • Same crappy location by another name. Give it time. If you read up on the history of the world, Austria was on good terms with Germany when they started expanding and it didn’t stop them from being absorbed entirely. Vlad’s got a few more years of his mid life crisis to entertain us with his unchecked aggression.

      • Well, you never know about these satellite countries. The Americans though the same about Cuba, and they got a nasty surprise 40 years ago; they still cannot understand wtf happened there ;-)

    • Because, y’know, screw the people who live there, Wargaming needs to (temporarily) burn.