Meanwhile in Lugansk, Ukraine…


And yes, in case you are wondering, according to this tweet, this is a “self-defense T-34″ of the separatists. You know, guys, I don’t want to give you any ideas or anything, but do you know what else is standing in Lugansk?


First an IS-3, now a T-34, I fear this Mk.V will be pressed into service next…

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      • Terrorist?? I think you are wrong… As far as i know, there arent any american soldiers in Ukraine yet..And if they would come to Ukraine, they will bring their own tanks…

        • Americans dont need tanks. they already got their “freedom” guns, “democracy” rockets and “peace” bombs.

          • You are right… but you forgott their most powerfull ordnance – mediawhores and propaganda… those things should be banned by UN treaties because they have much more dangerous consequences than any chemical weapon in the world. You can see here some stricken persons…

        • Terrorists=Separatists. They are just like those idiots from that new Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

          If you think that what’s going on in Ukraine is good then go lick Putin’s ass more. Putin occupied Crimea and is trying to do the same thing with rest of Ukraine. Someone should put a bullet in Putin’s head and then the world would be a better place.

          • Bad things in Ukraine started with Euromaidan…..whats goind on in Eastern Ukraine is just consequence of their so called revolution paid by US.

              • Go read more propaganda if you think Putin is responsible for everything. (Hope you wil catch the point).. There is no “good” and “bad” in the world.

                • Putin is responsible for Crimea and don’t fucking deny it. Even people from Russia could vote in those “referendums” in Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk. And Russia is funding those terrorists in Lugansk and Donetsk, but not for long as they will be killed one by one by Ukrainian army.

                • I cant see anything bad about Crimea. I really dont. See, how they welcomed Putin on Victory day. And see, how people welcomed Ukrainian army in those regions on the east. Or do you thing that all those mobilephone videos were filmed in Russia??? Too strong conspiration…and Gagarin was never in space and Arsmstrong wasnt on moon…etc. Ukraine shall give free referendum with both european and russian observers about what their future… But they will not. Why? Because everybody knows that tiey will rather join russia than stay in EU friendly Ukraine. But as you probably know, most interesting things like natural rescources are located in the East… so Ukraine without east is unusable for EU and US…. all western effort in ukraine is motivated not by human rights but by MONEY…. yes..putins effort is the same…

                • Yeah, and Putin is the messiah, and russian media are the best and always tell the truth… give me a break. We all know how Putin handled Crimea. Weeks before the voting there were RUSSIAN SOLDIERS all over the place, and dear Mr. Putin denied everything. Just like Stalin denied murdering polish oficers in WW2…..Another nice fact – surprisingly the separatists somehow have GROM AA rockets (polish made) that were taken from Georgia during their recent war with Russia. It is obvious who gave those terrorist that weapon, and that proofs that Russias only purpose is to destabilize the region. And dont give me any of that Obama bullshit, that has nothing to do with this.

            • Bad things happen when Victor Yanukovych refused to sigh a trade agreement with EU that would be very beneficial for Ukraines economy, that was in a very bad state and needed all the boost it could get. Instead Yanukovych strengthened trade relationship with Russia. That just showed that Victor Yanukovych was just another puppet of Kreml. That was the final drop for people of Ukraine.

              • People?? That was the drop for bussinesmen and oligarchy…. and they brainwashed people to go out…. Can you tell me what is the difference between Kremlin puppet president and Western puppet president? I cant see any …. As i told you..there is no good and bad in the world… there are just two mighty countries playing blackjack …. but they play for smaller countries instead of money.

                • Ukraine had a Kremling puppet for some decades now. This has just resulted to corruption, economical stagnation and broken state institutions. Its time to turn the page and move closer to the West. Im not ok with any puppeta, but if a Western inclined president is in power and it results to a economic and social growth and improvement from the peaple, then thats ok. Ukraine need desperately a economical boost and it won’t be from Russia. The contrary, Russia will be the doom of Ukraine.

                • I have seen this “western integration” process in my country and i can tell you that nothing changed so much. State owned companies were bought by western owners…but salaries stayed the same or be even lowered. Economic growth is just a myth spreaded by our media…no one really sees it…oh sorry, we can see it…by raising cost of food etc. Blooming corruption is also same or even more powerfulll than it was before EU…but rich western companies and their private owned media are hiding it very hard. For the example there is huge corruption around european funds by local bussinesmen ….. Most of European funds are in fact stolen by them. That is true reason why Ukrainian oligarchs desires EU….not better situation for ordinary people.

            • People of the Ukraine want to change their government so the Russians with their laughable imperialist dreams are allowed to steal land from their country?
              Go suck Putin’s dick, I bet there’s one waving at RT channel right now.

              • @Ras
                My 1st thought: omfg just another ultra nationalistic russki – but I have to admit that I see your point
                Surely there is more then bad pro russian terrorists and good pro EU ukrainians.

                • Let me fix your statement:
                  Surely there is more then bad pro russian terrorists and bad pro EU terrorists.
                  After all, separatists of Donezk don’t kill civilians, while “army of Ukraine” does. Who is the real terrorist now?

                • Go suck Putin’s dick Alexander Abdulov. Separatists are the ones killing civilians while Ukrainian army only kill those Russian piece of shit terrorists (separatists).

                • lol @sabbatino

                  What a tool. If you are so concerned about Ukraine go there and fight or stfu.
                  Separatists don’t kill civilias. They are not terrorists. On the other hand Ukrainian military pounds cities with artillery and fighters.

                  The better one will win. Simple. Nothing you can do about it.

                • Yes, separatists kill civilians, mainly those who did not afraid to show their support of Ukraine. Yes, civilians were suffered from artillery fire. Because the fucking war, supported by you-know-what nearby country, was started there.

                • Lizard and sabbatino: Do you live in those cities??? I think if you dont, you cant tell who is killing who… Even if somebody lives there, his witness can be afected by his personal opinion so far. So how can somebody from his western european armchair write that separatists are killing civilians???
                  No one of us can tell whats going on there… no one have seen…. just some newsreports biased by politics of country you live in (Same EU as Russia). No one can tell who is worse….. I am just getin tired about all those primitive western propaganda biased shit about terrorists and good nice new ukrainian government…. country sending regular army to kill its own citizens instead of listen to them isnt OK…. even Janukovich didnt do that.

                • If you are interesting, I am from Ukraine. However not from eastern part, involved in current war. I do not watch any sort of tv news, neither Ukrainian, nor Russian, nor European for a very long time. Regarding current events I mainly receive information from trusted bloggers and I try to be very-very cautious in my judgements. In the beginning of the conflict there was evidence of murders and injury of peaceful pro-Ukrainian activists. The military were sent to the region only after mass appearance of squads of armed persons. Armed by heavy weapon, I would like to underline. And not all of them are Ukrainian citizens btw. What should the state do in this case? What would you do in case if armed person enter you house? If a group of population in some territory would like to change the way of their life, maybe they should try any peaceful way first? Was there any attempts? And I agree with you, that a referendum would be much better option to settle the issue. Current situation in my country has a background, very complicated background, which is not easy to explain and understand. And of course lot of people will disagree with the explanation.

                • I think its very sad that people of one country are forced to kill each other just fot something as shitty as politcis is. No EU agreemend is worh of human lives… As you told, so called separatists should rather try to find a peaceful way to achieve their goals..but so euromaidaners could just wait for next elections and vote for yanukovichs oponent… as far asi i know, he was elected by people of ukraine in democratic elections…. so why such rage??? i think it some big money to change minds of people in such short time (i see it in my country too on the example of our presidental elections, you can buy people if you have enough money) ….asi i wrote…two big countries are playing this game and we are all just their toys….. putn plays with his insurgents separatists and west plays with euromaidan and media….

                • And my question for all: What will happen, when one of those countries win all??? I think something very bad will come then….

                  Maybe, there will come another big player to this match…But look…. if i have to choose between american superiority, chinesse superiority and russian… its kinda easy selection. And i really do not believe in independence of small countries…its just a myth……

        • You’ve been watching alot of BS propaganda. I suggest you either look at the facts, or you wait couple of years for all of these Ukrainians to protest against the EU and Germany.

      • I totally agree – but how would they chase a car? I mean ANY car, not some sports one. Hell, you would escape even on a bicycle :-D

      • Toyota Hilux is indestructible, not that sh*t that was bought from FIAT and made worse than original Fiat 124

    • don’t be surprised but these cars are still in production :) they are just so good for less money then a bicycle

  1. First an IS-3, not a T-34, I fear this Mk.V will be pressed into service next…
    I think you meant now.

      • Are you……. joking? Please tell me you are.

        1) He was quoting the article, correcting a spelling error. Your comment has no relevance whatsoever to Kazys’ comment.

        2) Yes this is a T-34, we know. Read the fricking post. The IS-3 referenced, in the corrected sentence (by Kazys) that reads “First an IS-3, *now* a T-34, I fear /…/”, is the IS-3 that SS wrote about before. A couple days ago. Get a grip of reality dude, stop accusing people on a WoT blog of not seeing the difference between a T-34 and an IS-3, especially not the author of said blog… Please.

      • 0_o…..ummm….yes, we can VERY clearly see it’s not an IS-3, if you’ve been somewhat active on this side, you’d realise it’s been on FTR once.

        On another note, We know it’s a T-34-85, not a T-34, but really, If you call a T-34-85 a T-34, no one really cares, because it’s a variant of T-34s.

  2. What MBT is used by Ukraine regular army? Their own version developed from T-80, the latest version of T-84 the T-84 Oplot-M.
    Well if the Ukraine army deploy an armored battalion those relic tanks are screwed.

      • Celebrate the psychopath that murdered and robbed its own people by thousands and let hundreds of similar criminal underlings murder, rape and steal from who’d they like. Yep, sounds like brainwash.

        • Lol, exactly. Your view is the result of brainwash.
          Yes, a lot of people were sent to GULAGs or prisons, or were executed. However, they did violate laws. Of course, any prison, jail (or GULAG) is full of innocent people. It’s really hard to find a person, who considers himself guilty. What does this person do then he gets out? He starts anti-state activity, writes books, creates communities, distributes anti-state information. Sadly enough, KGB was not brutal enough, so the side of ex-criminals won. It won the information war. So now any juvenile pretentious prick is ready to yell about billions of people killed by Stalin’s hand.
          You must think, that Solzhenitsyn is a victim of the bloddy regime. Lol, the story of Solzhenitsyn is so much like Hitler – Hitler had his own view, ideology, then he was sent to prison, where he wrote his Mein Kampf, which became the basis for fascist ideology. Same with Solzhenitsyn, word-for-word.

          • It must be pleasant to be so delusional about the world and its history.

            Many people got sent to the Gulags, or executed, for trivial things. Many priests and poets got send there or killed. People that where opposed the “One USSR, One People”.

            • >Many priests and poets got send there or killed
              >for trivial things
              Anti-state activity in dictatorship is not a trivial thing. It’s a harsh crime

          • You know nothing about it you think they needed to do cross law? My grandfather didn’t want to give his land for free to communists and guess what they did? sent him for 15 year to mine uranium for standing against the will of people…

  3. Wow…going to be ugly if they end up using those vintage tanks to take on modern military hardware :( Then again, maybe the crews of the modern tanks will be so busy laughing that they won’t destroy the relics!

    • I doubt that they won’t shoot them. Even those old tanks can be a huge threat to unarmored ground forces, especially if they lack the proper weapons to handle armored vehicles.

      • Those idiots can’t really use armored vehicles, ukrainian army already destroyed several terrorist’s T-64 because of that.

        • Even idiots can shoot out the hatches with machineguns while being protected from return fire, though.

  4. I remember the outburst of pure soviet rage when the separatits were accused of “reclaiming” museum stuff for the first time. Such denial, wow.

  5. This should be kept for the history books, under the chapter : ,, Myths that turned out to be true ”. T-34s fighting modern MBTs, crippled IS-3 , a motherfucking MK. V … Next in Ukraine : Fokker’s and Sopwith Camels battling MIG-s and helicopters….. it’s like a time machine teleported dudes from different times just for the lulz :))

  6. That red flag with Hammer and Sickle. Oh my! The “self-defense” is just a bunch of uneducated thugs with vodka driven illusion of bringing back CCCP. Just drive them back to mother Russia.

    And that poor T-34.

  7. Well, the IS-3 is fully operational, it destroyed an Ukrainian barricade yesterday, using it’s machine guns and cannon (at least the Separatists said that, because no video proof).

  8. By the way, this is entirely off topic but has anyone seen the line of of tanks for the Kursk ‘Historical battle’ apparently the Germans had E 75′s there! *Facepalm*

  9. If the freaks on this site funny, from what happens in the East of Ukraine!- I wish that the Ukrainian fascism came into Your house!-I looks like you will be funny, and you’ll be giving advice, what tank be removed from the pedestal-let’s laugh together!
    If not for Russia, the Ukrainian fascists would already killed all of the people on the Donbas!-if you Daun it’s not understand, or at least switch on your head when you see news and analyze!

  10. Having grand parents that are Ukrainian and Czechoslovakian (going back to the earlier 1900′s), I am finding all this stuff about Russian Separatists in eastern Ukraine to be a bit hog washy. All the stories I had been told over the years implied that being away form Russian control was very much the desired situation. And knowing now what we know about the Russian government (past and present), why are people not scratching there heads and thinking this is far from an organic uprising. Not to shit on my fellow Russian friends – but I don’t think many Russians are opening speaking Governmental praises?

    A t34 running is cool though!

  11. I’m guessing the coppers weren’t escorting it, rather chasing it it

  12. First an IS-3, not a T-34, I fear this Mk.V will be pressed into service next…
    You forgot those police Ladas :D

  13. Pretty soon we’re gonna have Ukrainians pushing battering rams though the streets.

  14. If people want to live in a 3rd world country with sporadic water and electricity, with healthcare the west had 50 years ago, I say fuck em.
    you can not fix stupid!

  15. This has got be just for show. This tank won’t survive it’s first encounter with anything more powerful than a badly aimed AK47

  16. Nice idea getting the T-34-85 going. Only problem is I bet there wasn’t any 70 year old 85mm ammo in the tank. They could try finding some on eBay Africa though. If they did I want to see the video of them firing the gun for the first time :)

  17. A Mark V…they gotta be pretty desperate if they want to use a tank that a typical 7.62 mm bolt action rifle could shoot clean through, nevermind one that slow and that old.

  18. Lugansk is rapidly becoming a hotbed of criminal activity in the absence of any real government. Someone apparently bruteforced into my Steam account from there a week ago (first time that’s ever happened), but thankfully the SteamGuard system kept it out of their hands.

    But i don’t want those tanks to be destroyed. :(