- Chrysler “K” Tank as a premium American heavy tank? Tanitha: “I’ve not seen any development for the tank. But i’ll gather some more information on the tank and send the details off to the development team for their consideration.”


- the marks of excellence exact formula is very complicated and won’t be released
- no news on the Porsche heavy tanks characteristics changes
- it’s possible that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2014
- it’s not possible to say yet, what branches will appear in 2015 (SS: yes, 2015)
- multiturret/multigun mechanism in WoT? Tanitha: “Its been considered in the past, but penetrating tanks isn’t always easy for a tanks main gun, mind about the usually smaller secondary gun. I’m not aware if it currently being developed.”

And from Russia:

- Sturer Emil shortcut will be shortened into “St.Emil” or something like that to avoid the awkward Pzsfl.V

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  1. - Sturer Emil shortcut will be shortened into “St.Emil” or something like that to avoid the awkward Pzsfl.V

    yeah, most of my friend just call it :” New Tier 7 TD” XD

    • I heard “Panzersoufflé” quite often :D And the Rhm.-B. gets called “Rhumbum”.

        • >Not knowing SdKfz is inventory designation.

          You went mild plebeian, friend, there’s still hope.

          but the rest….

          >Not calling german tanks Panzerkampfwagen
          >Still referring to Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B as King Tiger
          >Still referring to Jagdpanzer 38 (t) as Hetzer

          There’s more pleb shit going on just as we speak, the list goes on.

          • Fucking Hitler cocksuckers. Fuck you and your fake obsessive compulsive disorder, those are all just nazi tanks of tier N°.

            • Someone hit the every branch of the Humour tree on their way down it seems….

    • I sometimes call if the Shiffle V. Most of the time I just call it the Emil.

  2. “the marks of excellence exact formula is very complicated and won’t be released”

    WG in a nutshell for you. They invent a new thing, nobody understand how it works so instead of explaining it to players they say its “very complicated”. Why the fuck couldnt they think of something simple? They reffered to the marks of excellence as “average damage on the tank indicator”. Well it clearly is not. I dont get it, why they have to make everything so complicated?

    • Why won’t they just release the formula? It’s not hard to understand basic things like that.

          • :D :D true :D

            on the other hand,,,, if THIS is complicated formula, god save us what is the equation to compute penetration or module damage.

            I mean, its just stupid texture with no functional meaning…

        • but it doesnt have to be complicated at all, thats the saddest thing. Or you were probably sarcastic, right?

    • yeah I will believe that the formula is complicated when they show it to me. First of all, it’s a bullshit formula. I understand that the number of battles matters but as an example, I have over 1200 average damage in T-34-85 and still no kill marks. Why? Because formula is a dumb.

      Anyway, I imagine the formula is like basic school simple:
      take the sum of damage dealt in the tank in the last 100 battles, while only taking post-9.1 battles into account. Stand-alone that would be one simple database query. Sort all players by this value in descending order, determine your position, and hooray, you have the percentile (% of people worse than you). Done

      The formula might get more complicated if you make crazy optimizations (which WG might not be capable of judging by game performance…)

    • somehow reminds me of EA when they refuse to make frostbite engine open source, claiming that its “too complicated” for the players to understand.

      its all bullshit basically, we will figure it out eventually, they gotta be hiding it for their own good.

  3. SS, what about Chrysler TV 8 or how is that beast called. The turret on that thing is bigger than its hull :D

    • Wasn’t that monstrosity meant to be nuclear powered? A pleasantly mind boggling prospect that would be…

    • It also has the engine and the entire crew in the turret, not to mention that one of the upgrades for the power plant was meant to use nuclear fuel.

      I could see it being used as a very dangerous suicide scout. You kill it and the entire map gets irradiated. :D

      • Bassically if they manage to ammorack you, u can use the turret as a boat :D

    • I think I know how did it get the “TV” in its name then :D
      And I thought nothing can beat that 60″ CRT screen on KV2

      • Its not CRT , it is a TV that teaches enemies not to fuck with 152mm HE communist power.

  4. Not related but as no news since April.

    “Tank Recovery going Live on US Server”

    Any updates on EU getting this as heard nothing in ages and a 2-3 low tier gifts I would like back tbh..

  5. ” – it’s possible that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2014 ”

    Yeah right… just give us the truth WG, it sounds more like:
    - it’s sure that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2014, and also
    - it’s possible that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2015

    I would be surprised to see, let’s say maybe 50 tanks getting the HD rework by the end of the year.

    • The whole HD models idea is a failure. The engine can’t handle the content properly. They introduced it suddenly in fear of War Thunder. Immensely chaotic decisions of WG amazes me. They obviously have such a mess in their leadership and competences that I wonder how can they make such profits.

      Old memory leaks returned ten times as annoying. When a HD tank is about to be rendered there’s a short fps drop. Wargaming overdid the HD models, the polygon count and texture resolutions are too high when compared with old models. An increase of about 2 times would be enough.

      And War Thunder graphics is still much nicer (with lower polygon counts and lower res of textures) and looks much more realistic and the game runs smoothly.

      If WG wanted to compete with Gaijin in graphics they should have done a complete ovehaul of the game client – a new game engine is needed. The way they introduced their HD content along with some other factors made me quit WoT.

    • HD are a failure cause of the reaons that kstoff explained but also
      if you have seen a post about the FPS increase by using SSD is cause they have programmed the game to load the files through the HHD’s and not the availabe ram so the russian toaster with no ram can haddle the game
      and ofc the engine
      2014 with such old engine is a problem and the sins are strong that the engine is being overloaded
      it is wierd how it can still hold up
      the future of wot is movining the whole game in a better engine that can hadle the HD stuff without that big of impact
      P.S. havok will be propably a failure too i am wondering how BigWorld and Havok will work together and how the servers will hold the stuff

  6. @Silentstalker :
    Even if you mentioned the Chrysler K tank in a previous post as possible tier 8 premium (on 27th May 2013), is there enough material to make a consistent and relatively historical Chrysler tank line ? Or a line with these strange projects to what was linked the K tank ?

      • If we consider the way to do of WG, then it means yes.
        The question was more to know if these concept could make a coherent and logic line in term of strength, history …

        • There is a single document of which the tank is just one design out of many being talked about. “K Tank” is not even the correct or real name. The real name is not atm known. Going to try and get a copy of the document to figure the tank out. Currently the Chrysler Archives does not know what a “K Tank” is… I asked.

          From Hunnicutt’s Firepower. All there is atm on the “K Tank”.

  7. seems they are struggeling making HD models.

    on multy turret, i would let them aim at same position and let all guns shot by left click. should be no problem with this aiming system.

    • Try that with M3 Lee, and you’ll maybe kill the enemy tank flanking with that 37mm peashooter in turret, but most definitely kill the teammate in front of your tank because the hull gun won’t turn 360 degrees. There could be workarounds for this like not shooting the gun unless it’s pointing at right direction etc, but that would also cause confusion.

      • “seems they are struggeling making HD models.”

        They themselves dont know where they are sailing. The introduction of so called “HD models” was a failure. I bet a personal decision of someone incompetent who is in charge in WG. A very common thing in eastern companies.

  8. Do people ask about the multi-turret mechanism daily or something? It sure does seem to come up often for what would ultimately be a little-used (both because of the lack of tanks with decent secondary guns and people not bothering) mechanic.

    • Rubber Bubble Wrap Packaging Device Manufacturer’s Manual of Rubber Bubble Wrap Packaging Devices on said:

      Yes, multi-turret is not important for the way WoT-gameplay works.
      But since War Thunder did a good job on implementing multi-turret mechanism (and it does make sense there), Wargaming had to come up with an answer which is “it will be implemented in the future” to please those that want multi-turret in WoT and to have something to compete with WT.

      Again, it doesn’t make sense in WoT, they just agreed on eventually implementing it at one point to be on the same level as WT (similar to HD models, but the reason for that was a bit different and is another story).

      • Actually, as far back as World of Tanks initial Closed Beta tests Wargaming was talking about implementing Multi-Turret support in a few patches, which got pushed back to “We’ll implement it in World of Tanks after we figure out how to make it work for World of Warships,” which is now “We’ll probably never implement it because it’ll be useless on most tanks with multiple turrets when firing at enemy tanks.”
        Honestly, the whole reason I’ve wanted multi-turret support in World of Tanks is that when it comes to most scout tanks, you don’t need a high velocity gun to kill them. The Lee’s 37mm gun would be perfect for killing those pesky low-tier tanks that can easily flank it as it is now, provided that they aren’t hugging it., and the KV-4′s the same way. If nothing else it’d help with tracking the enemy so that you can get your main cannon on those fast-moving targets. That being said, the Lee and KV-4 are the only tanks I can think of with multiple turrets that have cannon in them off the top of my head.

        • still the small turret on the top turret of kv4 cant really hit anything
          for example if it gets circled by a light it cant even be low enough to point the gun there and ofc kv4 is also very tall so by that even if it was implented it would be just eye candy nothing more

  9. - Sturer Emil shortcut will be shortened into “St.Emil” or something like that to avoid the awkward Pzsfl.V

    What’s so complicated about Panzerselbstfahrlafette V?

    • The fact that it’s the native tongue of only a small part of the game’s playerbase, and a smaller portion of the rest of it would know how to pronounce it right.

      Nearly everyone I know calls it a Panzer Syphallis.

  10. - it’s possible that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2014
    Everything gets postponed all the time and we are getting performance/bugs fixing patches for quite some time. Seems like WG has lost the track of what they are trying to accomplish here. Their desperate attempt to compete with WT has screwed their plans big time. Historical battles failed hard, HD models are going the same way and there isn’t really a defined future for WG. They are going day by day clueless. Sit down and finally decide what you want from your game. Btw we are still waiting for Havok which was supposed to be in 9.0 just to get postponed for 9.2/9.3 and it’s already been confirmed it’s not coming in 9.2 and i doubt it will come in 9.3 too. Ditch the goddamn unoptimized HD models and give us Havok and more advanced physics with realistic tank movements. Gameplay>graphics. Stop reinventing the wheel again and listen to your community WG.

    • HB was a fail because it never reached critical mass. I really wanted to play it but no one else was and therefore no one could play it

      i still say RANDOM battle should be just that pulling people out of the Q to stick them in these other modes.

  11. can somebody ask, if part of 50% win-rate target/rule
    is also way how RNG is calculated?

    I will give all my tanks in bet,
    that it is done to support loss/win of selected team.


    1. if you as “MM” need team to lose, you just direct more hits to tracks, ding, or calculate penetration for 0dmg.
    2. if you as “MM” need team to lose, you will make enemy team more effective (hit, dmg rolls)
    3. if you as “MM” need team to lose, you will make enemy hit moduls/crew more often.

    it is quite simple way how to do all this balancing thing.
    I’m furious with game. started doing calculations (list of Win/Lose – and listing shot/hit/hit0dmg and total dmg,
    and so far (15 games).

    btw. is 50% win rate rule also on team battles, or there it is different?
    I’m really thinking about quitting the game just because no matter how god you play, game will make you lose (on random battle)

    i have 55% WR with 12,8k battles.


    WN8 1869 2286 2216 2157 2147

    i’m not bad player – I’m just pissed of, when i shot 4 times with my IS3 on ISU-152 FROM SIDE for 300dmg total (3x I hit tracks!! )

    or I shot 5 times with Tiger 1 for 0 dmg on t-34-85.

    or enemy IS with 175 penetration hits and penetrates my gun spaced armor, resulting in gun dmaged and 390 dmg.. and i hit his hull in exchange for 0 dmg.

    so basically today after 5 wins, i did achieve 7 loses in row (i play in platoon with my wife).
    all losses were 15:5 etc.

    • RNG trolls you and can’t pen something? Use gold ammo. If RNG trolls you again even with gold ammo… Throw computer out of the window.

      • Oh, didn’t know about the second stage. Always stopped playing after premium ammo fails. Have to try next time if it helps.

      • I’m sorry, but you misunderstood.
        I’m not telling i can’t penetrate – I’m telling RNG is not so random at all.
        I’m stating it is part of balancing mechanism.

        too bad there is no mode to calculate results of team/enemy after battle.
        it might be interesting to see number of shots, total damage(per shot) and number of penetrating hits.
        Of course all would have to be statistically normalized, so we can compare results.

        And now I see – of course WG will deny anything :-)

  12. - it’s possible that all the tanks will not be reworked to HD in 2014

    Wow really? I mean, its July and they’ve only done what, 7? I’m sure they’re definitely on track to finish all 250+ tanks they’ve got in game right now in another 5 months.

      • Forcing the introduction of HD (or rather ‘high quality’) models was unnecessary in the first place. From the techncial point of view the game can’t handle those models (which I briefly explained above in this thread).

        But far more improtant is that it takes resources, many resources (and as evi7stylez pointed out – resources that WG obviously desn’t have at the moment), which should have been diverted to improving the gameplay. Besides, as WG disclosed, main target of the game aren’t hardcore gamers or gaming enthusiasts which perhaps pay atention to graphics. The typical WoT player is a casual player, who doesn’t usually play games and even for whom WoT is the only game he plays. Pushing the graphics overhaul (again, which WG can’t handle obviously) was a really weird business decision.

        Maybe WG wants to increase the number of people playing by attracting gaming enthusiast (those who usually don’t pay attention to some f2p game-like products). However they will fail in this. And the game will suffer because of that.

        • You have had lots of valid points in your posts here before, but I can’t agree on your view about HD models.

          They are specifically aiming at the average WoT player and not the hardcore types.
          After all, its the average player who care about graphics and immersion more, then real gameplay. They want to play a few games, land some shots and maybe even make some kills. Also unlock the wholy grail (Tier X). Thats all.
          Also, they want the game easy and accessible (“omg dissapearing tanks WTF WG nerf them QQ” and WG listens, for better or worse)

          So the HQ models actually made sense, especially when the competition (WT:GF) is way forward in that regard.

          The execution was really bad, and indeed that might be the matter of engine limitations and bad leadership.

  13. Sturer Emil doesnt equal Pz Sfl. V.
    Pz Sfl V was based on the Pzkpfw V’s (Panther) chassis. Sturer Emil’s official name was the “12.8 cm Selbstfahrlafette auf VK3001(H)” which meant that it was based on the VK 30.01(H) chassis, not the Pzkpfw V’s chassis. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me :) Therefore i dont think they shld rename the Pz Sfl. V the Sturer Emil.