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Hello everyone,

remember World of Tanks: Generals, the card online game based on World of Tanks? In October 2013, first preview was published and ever since, there were very few news, the game is still being developed however. Today, a post appeared on Russian forums, apparently by an alpha tester (the game is currently still in alpha testing stage), basically confirming what was in the preview (if you haven’t read it and are interested in WoTG, you should). You can follow the game on its site.


To summarize the post:

- gameplay will take place on a 3×5 board field, the principles kinda resemble Heroes of Might and Magic III and V
- there are other screens, such as the hangar, the research and achievements
- currently, there are three nations: US, Germans and Russians, each with unique gameplay style, when the game is released, there will be 3-4 more (roughly like in WoT)
- each nation has cca 70 cards available
- apart from vehicles, there is a special type of cards (“orders”, if you ever played Magic the Gathering, it’s like Spells)
- the amount of cards is limited to 40 per deck, variability is very high

The game also has according to the author of the post following advantages:

- no “OMG noob team”, as there are only two players, you and the enemy (so theoretically winrate is up to you, the alpha tester winrate record is 82 percent after 5k battles)
- no stupid RNG, no disappearing shells, ricochets and such, the only random thing is the order of the cards in the deck in battle and even that can be influenced
- works on every really bad computer
- very easy to create mods for it
- very “addictive” time killer, can be played in office or school
- you can make the enemy rage by creating really nasty combos
- there might be historical PVE campaigns
- there will be also tournaments (after release, when it’s done it’s done), balanced by skill
- there is no randomization of cards like in Heartstone – if you want it, you unlock it

Sounds good to me. Glad the game didn’t die.

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks Generals Info

  1. Considering the amount of cash I spend on MtG in the past… if that could have been spend on a tank game… how much better would THAT have been… :-)

  2. Well this will be a very nice change from WoT noob players.
    “Are you frustrated with tomato teams? Noobs, whiners and team killers? Then come on to WoTGenerals, where you command your faith” :D :D
    I can’t wait <3 <3

  3. i was looking forward to this, but after hearthstone, mechwarrior ( and panzer general ( – all 3 card games – and all 3 suck more or less,
    i;m kinda afraid that generals will by crappy too.
    especially if it;s online pvp. there is no such thing as an online timekiller – queues and inability to pause make it impossible to enjoy in short breaks.

    i;d like some pve – or pvp against decent AI.

  4. Suck or not I kinda like the cards :) Maybe I’m gonna print them out when they release it

  5. I hope it’s compatible with a touchscreen on Windows like how HearthStone is for playing on a laptop or Windows tablet.

    I also hope the music and animation aren’t by terrible WG standards but they probably are.

    • Yeah that’s one element I really enjoyed about hearthstone is I could play it lying in bed on my Surface Pro

  6. Wait… so it won’t be a deckbuilder but a “hand manager” game???
    Yet another Magic clone it seems…

  7. According to the Wiki it plays against AI, so you don’t need another player. It’s also web-based, so you can play it on any internet-enabled device, and even play the same game on different devices. Sounds interesting. I wish they’d hurry up and get it released.