Yellow Ribbon Riddle

Hello everyone,

today, Golem501 asked me a question about a minor, yet interesting thing. In this thread it was discussed: there are two screenies from 2014. First one is from May 2014:


Second one is from June 2014 – same player, same vehicle:


One has yellow ribbon under the Ace mastery badge, the other doesn’t. Why? Well, I asked on RU forums and…

It’s a bug, as Storm confirmed some time ago (the person who answered it referred to this answer of Storm) – the ribbon is always supposed to be there. The bug is apparently pretty old, since Storm was referring to it in October 2013. Oh well, just one of the “WTF is going on” things.

27 thoughts on “Yellow Ribbon Riddle

  1. They could make it a feature, The yellow band only shows if you have just got that rank so you know if it’s the first time you got a mastery badge in that tank.

    All other times you get it don’t show the yellow badge.

    • Better yet, change the ribbon color with number of repeats.

      1st time: Yellow,
      5th Time: Yellow with red trim


    • Had the same idea, that could be a way to make a bug into a feauture.
      But it’s kinda obvious that it’s a bug, as it appeared in 9.0, dissapeared in 9.1 and the other time it was some 4 or 5 patches ago.
      The question as usual is – How is it possible to screw up such things? :)

  2. I had noticed that sometimes I get the ribbon and sometimes I don’t, but I thought it was something related to mods.

  3. 2 year old bug… wow… epic.

    Thanks for the shout out Silentstalker! :) I feel famous… lol

  4. The question arises, why would the ribbon and the medal be two graphics in the first place, when only one was needed?

  5. i was always thinking that the yellow ribbon has to do for the medals like radleys and stuff cause they are refered to real life Names and putting the yellow ribon make it to look that hey you got a special medal and stuff
    but it’s a bug??? WTF!!!

    Also there is just no need to fix that bug it looks cool and also
    in the rate of WG they will propably mess up the battle results greatly ! :P

  6. It is strange that it only happens with the {M} ace tankers, not with epic battle medals, I have not seen one of those without the ribbon.

  7. I have feeling I´ve read somewhere that those ribbons are actually awarded to the very best results. When you get normal M you just need to be better than 99% who were driving it last week, and this ribbon was suppose to be awarded to those who had better result than the top player(s) in last week and same goes for all epic medals.

  8. I initiated this forum thread after wot couldn’t provide me with a valid answer on my ticket
    Relating to this
    Their answer was. Yellow ribbon for first time award only , subsequent award no ribbon for same tank.
    Despite having given them screen shots of first time award no ribbon and multiple awards with ribbon I asked if it was a glitch their reply no .
    They obviously don’t know why lol

  9. I initiated this thread
    Wot couldn’t provide answer that made sense and denied glitch

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