- according to Inscending, more emblems, flags and inscriptions will be released in future, currently however there is no ETA
- Storm: it’s “highly unlikely” that FV4202 will (if it gets changed to a premium tank) be given out for free the way T34 was, when the tier 10 gets replaced by something else (Storm: “Free stuff is bad :)”)

Overlord about the decision makers in WoT, producers and his own role:

“WG is huge company now with over 3k employees (there were about 100 when I joined). Right now it’s pretty decentralised, so it would be hard to come up with top 10 global decision makers. Speaking of particular games, I definitely won’t be on the top list for WoT PC, since I don’t work on the project for quite some time. As for WoT Blitz and other mobile projects, I’m definitely on the top 10 chart. :) Producer role here at WG basically means global supervision of the product, so I’m responsible for everything and nothing at the same time.”

- the WG EU CW error was apparently not fixed yet, so be careful

78 thoughts on “9.7.2014

  1. Do people really believe they will get VIII tier premium tank if FV4202 will be replaced by something else? Srsly?

    • Yeah, those days were over a long time ago.

      Some players still think WG own them something though but it’s not happening.

      • Well, even if they DO decide to give it as premium it’s wise idea to not announce it until it’s set in stone and not far away. Because 1) If something got changed – loads of whine 2) Too many people will start grinding this tech tree for a free prem.

    • Well the (now premium) T34 was given out for free when it was replaced by the M103 in the regular tech tree, so the assumption wasn’t totaly far-fetched.
      But that was a long time ago, they don’t want to lose that much money again.

          • painfull FV4202 grind???what???
            from tier 6 to tier 9 the tanks are pretty strong especially the centurions

            • centurion mk 7/1 is still in my garage one of best t9 in game :) and is not GOLD dependent like others :) i am talking to you t54 drivers on full HEAT :)

    • Well. i grinded that tree specially for the FV. I’ve spent time and money to get it. So i want it, and im not willing to pay for it again.

      • I didn’t grind it specifically for that tank, but I got it and like it, and I’d like to keep it. Maybe an alternative solution could be to keep it in game as it is, but take it out of the tech tree, make it unavailable in the future. Have the new replacement tank unlocked on the Cent 7/1 but not automatically in garage.

        Also, as someone said below, maybe they don’t want to say anything just to prevent thousands of people suddenly grinding it for no other reason than to get a tier 8 premium tank

    • The chance is slim, sure.. But i had spare 6 milions and garage slot, so i bought the ticket. Got my superpershing for free, i might be lucky twice.

    • WG set the standard themselves, it’s almost expected that players will get compensated now. When the IS4 was moved from tier 9 to tier 10, IS4 owners not only got to keep the now tier 10 IS4 they also were given the tier 9 IS8 that replaced it. Stuff like that has happened quite a bit in the past.

      As far as WG owing us? I think they owe us a lot. We can, after all, go pick any of hundreds of other games to spend our money on, yet Wargaming can’t so easily replace such a large player base. They need to remember that.

      • Lots of the player say that, and they are here now. You can pick from hundreds of games, but you wont do it, and you know that. But you are right, they do the free tank and garageplace a lot, despite they said, they wont do it anymore.

      • It’s not about owing. It’s just basic customer relations. Giving out those tanks costs them nothing but a few hours writing the database script.

      • I agree with Jondread. They have always given us the tank we owned plus its replacement. TBH if they are going to make the FV a prem tier 8. They should give it to any one who has the tier 10 in the garage. and this is why.

        As many had mentioned lower down.. its gonna be lower DPM. And because of the pen on the 20 pound gun. It will not have pref MM. Not a whole lot of people will end up buying it.

        But if they tell us it will be replaced, and that any one who has the FV will get it as a prem. I am sure thousands of people will open there wallets buy 100 bucks in gold. For 6 months premium time and gold for free exp to get the tank. so they can get the FV4202 premi for “free”…..

    • They should. The FV4202 is so underpowered and we need to be compensated for all the XP and credit we wasted on grinding that garbage line.

      • No one forced you to grind it and buy it. You could try it on test server and you’d see if it’s OP or UP and then decide whether you want to buy it. Now quit whining. After the T34 fiasco they said they won’t be giving free t8 prems anymore since it’s not profitable for them and game become overpopulate with those tanks.

      • Doesn’t stop WG from giving away a shit ton of free stuff. Don’t see why this would hurt, not like many people have the FV4202 anyway.

    • why won’t they set a date to limit the fast-grinding of the tank?
      for example, the players that had the FV4202 on the day that we announced the change, will get the tier 8 premium tank.

      This way, the players who grinded the FV4202, because they wanted would get the premium tank.

      If they grinded it, it was because they wanted the tank and not because it could turn into a premium tank.



  2. Its a genious movement, to dont give for free a premium tank (in the end very few people compete the UK med line) they are going to show them as the miserly company they are with a new competitor game coming to the town… a game that eat alive WOT in graphics and if they do very little homework they can beat WOT in gameplay and game modes.

    To be fair or WG start invest money in WOT and provide good feedback to players or they are going to lose the valueable pay customers.

    • Oh shoo, I totally forgot that WT still exists :D Or you were talking about “not-even-gameplay” AW?

      And one more thing: haters gonna hate. WoT died probably 1053 times already and lost paying customers by thousands, according to “experts” at forums and elsewhere. I see you are “expert” too :D

    • -Gamer complain WG does not enuf graphics.
      -WG starts giving graphics
      - OMG WG, Who cares about graphics, only gameplay matters, WoT can look like a SNES game, we want content! (sometimes by potatoe-PC users_
      -WG is confused
      - WG, graphics is ze shit, this new game that may or may not suck called Armored Warfare hez ze graphics (Authors note: Still damned inferior to Metro LL or Crysis 3 :P ).

      No, really people, it is getting funny.

      • Thats why they and us dont listen to such idiotic statements.
        And very few players can give GOOD suggestions.

        • Well and I think this is one of the main reasons why WoT was/is so successful: Dont listen to the babys that cry loudest.

          • OP is just mad cuz he won’t get free premium tank. Stronk ingrish troll.

  3. Maybe they are just saying that so people dont mass grind the FV, and in the end they give out the FV ninja style :P

    • More like:
      - FV4202 will be given out as premium tank when replaced
      *people grind it like hell, spend gold – brit meds everywhere*
      - FV4202 will not be given out as premium tank when replaced


      • I seriously hope they ninja it. I’m sitting on the Cent 7/1 and will soon hopefully own a Tier 10 UK med, then a Tier 8 UK prem.

          • I dont know… Sure they cant give it to everyone that has the tank but. I mean BUT How about people had that tank for a loooooong time?? People that somewhat “suffered” with that tank but still managed to keep it?? =..=

            • has I mencioned above, they could do that distinction.
              If we had it a for a long time, it’s because we wanted the tier 10 med.

              Not because of the “supposed” tier 8 premium change

              • People that somewhat “suffered” with that tank but still managed to keep it??
                Did anyone forced you to play/grind it and buy it?

                • It’s not actually a grind. I have know problem playing that line. Especial from the cromwell to Cen7/1. It’s just the tier 10 is kinda make me disapointed. Low max speed, weak armour, the HESH shells (like the Cen7/1) BUT very week turret. In 100 first battle I completely reget that I bought the tank. but I have 1 rule that “never sell a tier 10″ so I keep it. Then there was info that the FV4202 is unhistorical as fuck, and It’s stats only = a tier 8. And I was like WTF!! And then there was a buff to the 2 Centurions to 45 km/h but they didnt buff the FV. So again I was like WTF!!! I gone thru a lot with this tank (and it’s teach tree also) And it’s not about “Did anyone forced you to play/grind it and buy it?” It’s not simple like that. When you putted some passion in to some thing, You just cant let’s it go easy.

  4. Once the WG has figured out that GF is not a threat, the game is stagnating again. :/

    • Reworking maps, reworking into HD, buffs/nerfs, Havok still coming, new game modes, upcoming tanks.

      I dont think you know the meaning of word “stagnating”.

      • Woras i know that you are a WG fangirl and that you are a spammer but really:

        - Reworking maps: that’s good, but that’s just a minor game update
        - reworking into HD: 7 or something tanks? really?
        - buffs/nerfs: that’s just a WG way of forcing players to grind for the new tanks, so i see it as a bad practice
        - Havok still coming: yeah, still coming, hold your breath
        - new game modes: which are complete failure
        - upcoming tanks: who needs more tanks? there are too much of them already. Gotta have them all, right? :D

        • Im a barbie girl, not fan :D
          - map gameplay vary drastically how they rework it
          - maybe they speed it up when in full swing
          - you do realise that balancing was not invented by WG?
          - If to believe rumors – only 2 persons are working on it :D
          - Assault failure? Probably. Encounter? Annoying. HB? Boring. Karl and football? Quite nice. Stronkholds? Interesting how it will be. PvE? Will see.
          - Yeah lets just ignore like 100 tanks still left to introduce. And lets all drive ruskie OP tanks and german warm ones.

          • 1) agree, changing the maps is bringing lots of refreshment into game.
            2) it almost seems like they are afraid of further performance drop or client size increase and suddenly decided that they will slow down.
            3) i don’t think it’s just balancing, i believe they purposely introduce unbalanced tanks, you figure the rest
            4) Karl and football are great, but i would so love to see that they invest such creativity in some serious game mode.
            5) Long story short – having so many vehicles is not really beneficial for players who does not play the whole day long.

            • 2) performance drops are because of shaders, HD models dont affect even me. And size? Please, time to upgrade your floppy discs :D
              3) gold sinks, but then again – some tanks are so UP its just bring a smile/rage to your face.
              4) Free for all :D But we need Tank Colosseum.
              5) My only progress is to get tanks. ~2h/day is not much.

              • 2) HD models do not affect you because only 7 tanks are in HD. If all of the tanks would be HD be sure that it would influence performance a lot. And, thnx my floppy disks are just fine but that does not mean that WG can modify game in such a way that only the best floppy disks can run it.
                5) So that’s you. One day you will learn, and i know that it might sound crazy to you, that there are other people in the world, apart from only you.

        • - Agree with Woras.
          - They will speed it up. BTW, these HD tanks are superior to WT GF tanks…
          - Agree with Woras. Read up on balancing. If you do not reply correctly again, I will use light arty against you :p
          - I am still waiting meme :P
          - They ar not.
          - I want more tanks. Soviets aint OP, Germany and US are :D

  5. “it’s “highly unlikely” that FV4202 will (if it gets changed to a premium tank) be given out for free the way T34 was”
    Because anybody is gonna waste money on a t8 premium, with the same gun as the centurion 1 with probably even worse DPM
    Even the FCM or the SP have better Dpm than cent 1 at the same tier.
    Not giving the premium version away for people that already has it is bad marketing in my opinion, and new people is going to feel discriminated about it

    • The 20 pdr is one of the best guns on Tier 8. Cent 1 has insane DPM with it if you count the high pen (less bounces). Cent 1 is a great tank, if the FV reaints its monster armor and only gets a gun downgrade it will be a majorly OP prem tank.

    • Well, it’s going to be worse than a elite tank of same tier, and if it gets its historical setup, I think it’ll be a fine tier 8 premium.

      Also, if it has the same gun as the Cent (which really is a good gun, despite low DPM), it should be ok.

      Also, giving it away is a BAD marketing decision, as it’s unfair to players who don’t have it already, and very unfair to those who won’t get the FV in time, to get a free variant. How would you feel if you were 30-50k from the tank, and then they made the switch?

      So I think it’s more “discriminating” to only give the tank for free to those lucky to have it unlocked, as it’s an unpopular tank.

      • Wait, I’m crazy for agreeing with the “Low DPM”, the Cent is only ~19 damage below the average for tier 8 Mediums. That’s not low at all.

      • “Also, giving it away is a BAD marketing decision, as it’s unfair to players who don’t have it already, and very unfair to those who won’t get the FV in time, to get a free variant. How would you feel if you were 30-50k from the tank, and then they made the switch? ”

        Like i feel now about missing the T34 swap. I didnt event play this game back then. Therefore i want my free FV nao! :D

  6. Well, when i pay money for something and i dont find it ok i complain, you know, i am not a sucker fanboy, after years MM doesnt works, the new game modes are complete fails like the HB a rush release after 2 years… in 2 fuck years they cant find a good way to implement HB??? maybe if they start listening players… i remember the suggestions of add a respawn system with x lifes per player (best tanks less lifes and more in lower tanks) a reward system to made interesting play HB, use of dinamic victory places or remove the bases… the problem is not the apportation of ideas from comunity the problem is in the company that is unable to implement game modes with years of in teory devolepment…

    WT for me is now very very green and sorry but AW looks much better than WOT, i am not looking for supergraphics but problem with WOT is that graphics are not incredible but requirements are bigger and bigger… lets see the HD models… a lot of problems to have something with minimal impact in gameplay apart the reworks in armored models something they can do with no introduction of HD models.

    I call WOT a Franken game… to many step forward and step backward movements.

    I dont see bad the FV as tier 8 with a nerfed hull and mounting 20p… maybe a diferent 20p with worst stats, in the end the cent series has better value in hull down because the gun mantelet is very effective unlike the FV, not a great diference in fight in hull down or not, FV turret is a weakspot.

    • HB is actually implemented rather well, thing is, people don’t like it.

      They shouldn’t NEED an incentive to play a game-mode, especially one they asked for.

      It’s really a case of the consumer not knowing what they really want, in a game.

      Honestly, a re-spawn system, if done the way people have suggested, would only make it worse for the team fighting a blue-purple platoon. If they could re-spawn, their (usually) MASSIVE contributions to the team would be greatly extended, while weak players are even more cannon fodder. That’s not good for fun game-play.

      Dynamic base placement would only be useful in larger, more dynamic maps, as currently, the placement is chosen for balance, so that one team shouldn’t have an advantage over another.

      There are reasons, you know, why things take ages to implement, or get scrapped entirely. WG isn’t a slouch in decision making, and their ability to compete so successfully with “better” (what many will read as the average opinion) competition, proves that they at least know what they’re doing.

      • What a load of rubbish. People were pointing out the problems with it long before it hit live.

        I liked the historical battles themselves but could never be arsed to play. There wasn’t enough information, its was a pain in the arse taking up garage room, took ages to get a match and the rewards were poor.

        WTF was implemented well there?

        Respawn and platoons wouldn’t have been bad if they’d confined them to the lower tiers.

        There’s lots of solutions to the problems in HB, but there shouldn’t have been the problems in the first place. WG got to obsessed with linking it to the main game, but was scared of everything because it also might hurt the main game. So what was left was just a design abortion.

        Rewards are important if only to allow players to set goals, that’s why the tech tree is all linked, and why they do missions etc.

  7. “Producer role here at WG basically means global supervision of the product, so I’m responsible for everything and nothing at the same time”

    Like all producers and managers in every company. Useless not productive personel only able to talk much while making few points.

    + for him for being honest.

  8. i will start that medium line.i had all modules unlocked wia heawy british line.so if they givve us premium tank great.i need oone premium money maker

  9. “Storm: it’s “highly unlikely” that FV4202 will (if it gets changed to a premium tank) be given out for free the way T34 was, when the tier 10 gets replaced by something else (Storm: “Free stuff is bad :)”)”

    I am sad. Then again, maybe it will get moved over to a Tier X ‘gift tank’ kinda like M60 / VK7201, free crew trainer anyway. It would really suck to have a tank taken away, replaced, and be forced to buy it as a Tier 8 prem… Not many people have the FV4202 anyway, so really it’s not like they would lose a huge amount of money.

    • You do realise you’ll get another t10 medium(the one FV is gonna be replaced with) No one will take the tank from you w/o giving you the replacement. Giving free t8 prem however most likely won’t happen since they said it themselves after T34 fiasco.

  10. I said it farther up. but if they give the FV4202 as a freebie tier 8 when it gets replaced.. I honestly think that many people will be spending lotsa money on gold like 100 bucks or better just to buy premium time and free exp to the tank to make sure they get it for “free”. I think it would be smart of them to replace it. get many folks buying gold to get the tank.. instead of wondering if people will buy it or not.

    • People will still do it anyways, as popular word is “You’ll get a free one” despite it being stated as not going to happen.

      Lots of people don’t read blogs like this, or read the forums. They for some reason will blindly listen to in-game opinions, though.

  11. Yet another reason not to bother playing WoT again. For almost 2 years I’ve waited for a FV4202 fix, still nothing certain of course just vague promises from WG as usual, and if it does get changed to a tier 8 premium then it wont even follow the T34 precedent and be given gratis to existing owners… lol

    Typical WG PR disaster incoming.