EU, forgot something?

Hello everyone,

so… just a thought. There are roughly two weeks left until the 9.2 patch is implemented – a patch, that will remove the historical battle mode in general.

Where is the Bryansk historical battle?

US server has it, Russian server has it from the start. So it’s “no new historical battles for you, EU capitalists” again, or just another case of EU incompetence?

26 thoughts on “EU, forgot something?

        • I find it sad that historical battles are not popular. They are the only good mode I like. Standard PVP is shite though.

          • WG RU lies!! I’ll steal a T-54 in a museum and assault their offices with it!! we MUST get the Bryansk historical battle!

              • I care about it. only hoping it will be lil more fair and maybe with bots (yes i want bots) as enemy’s or so. but not when 100 ppl are for ussr in wait and 5 for germany that it will be a team with 10 ussr 5 german players 5 bots but one battle with 5 german players vs 5 ussr and 10 players vs 10 bots
                but with an option to turn on and off pvb battles

  1. most of the players dont care because historical battles are a failed mode anyway

    • Actually, HB battles are a failed mode because nobody cares. Tobruk was a lot of fun when you got into a game.

  2. Collecting keychains SS, are we :) ? You know, judging by the way you promoted HB on ftr as one-time event only, to get medals you wanted, i’d rather they won’t run Bryansk one.
    I had some hopes you do it weekly, reminding players and helping others to get some opponents/teammates – but no…

  3. SS are u retarded or just trolling? I remember reading in your own blog that bryansk wont get implemented on EU because there are like 10 ppl playing HB here.

    • Its kind of hard to play a Historical Battle that doesn’t exist on the server.

  4. If I remember correctly there was no result of japanese tanks contest either. You know, this kind of contest when nation or branch is implemented and you have to make high EXP score

  5. As if we wanted an HB with KV-1 spam anyway (not that it matters, nobody plays them anywway)