15.7.2014 Part Deux

Hello everyone,

this is the second part, because one Q&A per day is not enough! News from Lithuania – a player who didn’t write his name or nickname participated in the meeting with WG staff and following things were said during the meeting:

- T57 Heavy will get a nerf
- accuracy formula is scheduled for a change, German tanks are going to “feel their accuracy” again
- the only thing left from the original BigWorld engine is server support
- there will be no more free premium tanks (SS: nope, no free FV4202)
- WG have plans to create a branch in Lithuania (Vilnius) or Latvia (Riga)

And back to Storm:

- Object 430 will be buffed a little
- according to preliminary tests of the new spotting system, 3-4 maps do have issues
- regarding the new spotting system (see previous posts today), camo net will not cancel the way reworked spotting system of moving/shooting tanks works (SS: as in, regarding the changes that will cancel the effect of tanks disappearing in the middle of the field, camo net will not change it)
- according to Storm, it is not yet confirmed that the new Prokhorovka has bad feedback, so he cannot say what will happen with it
- Storm states that it’s pointless to discuss Stronkhold with random players (specifically on Livejournal), there is a discussion with big clan members on feedback

135 thoughts on “15.7.2014 Part Deux

    • Why? Because players are stupid enough to stand in front of a T57. Too stupid to count shells. Too stupid to aim, too afraid to go after a reloading T57 etc. The only nerf the T57 should get is slightly longer drum reload like 3-4 seconds more because it cannot actually run away like the 50b to reload.

      • a T57 never is a problem, but a platoon of T57 is. Too much firepower

      • Why? not because random scrubs are random scrubs, because T57 is really pretty OP. just 1 example: it has better DPM than T10 medium tanks. waay better than some t10 (E50M) and compared to Batchat (wich should have better dpm than T57)……T57 rules. Imo it should get 2.4 (or 2.5) sec between shots and drum reload should be 28-29 sec instead of 25s. this should be enough imo :)

        • you realize that the T57 cannot mount a gun rummer yes?
          Also a batchat with the DPM of a T57 would be even more ridicously OP than the BC25t currently is, which is IMHO much more OP than the T57 because the bat chat has 2340 damage in the drum, which suffices to kill most tanks in the game with 1 drum.

          Also the T57 has horrible premium ammunition compared to the 50B.
          In patch 9.2 the 50B is nearly as good as the T57, the only real advantage of the T57 is the reload time for single shots, not the drum reload. If the reload time between shots for the T57 and the 50B would have the same value, the 50B would be a better tank by far.

          Nerfing the drum reload by adding 2-4 seconds would be a adequate nerf.

      • Count shells? Reloading T57? You mean the one that reloads in 20 seconds and kill you before you can shoot twice? (Because it takes some time to get around the corner to get that running T57 and your reload is like, lets say, 8 seconds?)

        • Ahaha. You mean the T57 that reverses at 12km/h and goes forward at 35 km/h. Sure, a running T57. And yes, count shells. You do know how to at least count to four, right? And if you do, then you should know when to attack it. If he only shoots 3 times, don’t be such a pussy and take a hit especially if you have teammates.

          And it reloads in 25 seconds, not 20. More than enough time 2 put in at least 1, 2 if you have a brain, shots into a T57.

          Guess you are one of those idiots that stand in front of a T57 head on if you are getting killed before you can shoot twice.

          I can still see it getting nerfed. But considering its average top and reverse speed, lesser overall armour than the M103, a slight nerf in drum reload is all it should get.

          • Yes, because you FUCKING ALWAYS fight 1 meter away from your opposition and basically glue yourself to them and go where they go. And there is no way in the world that any of the maps would allow engagements over 100 meters or more, and that the enemy wouldn’t have a cover (rock, house, terrain depression or elevation) to fall back to to reload, giving it few extra seconds of breathing space …. There’s also no way there might be more than one tank behind said cover to help each other in case you follow your target.

            And even if he stands still in the open to empty the drum you still trade 4 shots for 2. And by mere instinct even the shittiest tomatoes will roll back to cover after they’re done shooting, because they are being shot at.

            Same fucking apologetic shit KV-1s deniers try to pass around. “Yeah, it packs a punch but you can follow it and out dpm it”. No, unless you fight a 3 year old with brain damage you fucking can’t. He won’t let you, map design won’t let you, your own fucking tank limitations (speed, dpm, hit points) won’t let you.

            Seriously. I’d expect you to know better. Did you recently buy your account or something?

            • He actually is Closed Beta player who was one of the players to bring the E5 in game tard.

              Just because you can`t figure out how to keep a M103 with an autloader lit and let arty murder him, or use viewrange on his 0 camo ass, doesnt mean its OMG OP.

              I bet you also think Waffle is OP? You know the tank people whine about till they get one and get insta pop`d in them.

              Whatever I`ll just keep my 50b and hope you can roam and bring your ass here and spam solid shot on you rather than use HEAT that has horrible mechanics now.

              And when I try to back up after being exposed and im doing it in slow motion please dont dump rounds into me…IM OP

            • Oh but I do. DPM is the only thing it has which I have stated 2 times already I can see needs a nerf in terms of drum reload. It has decent maneuverability but only average mobility with it only going 35km/h and reverses at 12km/h. A Maus reverses faster just for comparison.

              The T57 is a force multiplier and is pretty much a support tank. It needs teammates to take out enemies just as players need friends to take it out.

              And a T57 heavy that stands out in the open dies as quickly as a WTF E-100 that stays out in the open. Stop trying to argue it is OP because you are comparing it engaging in a 1 on 1 scenario.

              The moment you let it dictate the engagement, you might as well go suicide into a bunch of enemies. If your tank is limited in its capabilities to fight a T57, go somewhere else and let a tank more capable of doing so take your place while you either support that tank or help your teammates take out another flank and then come back to the T57.

              But if you have the armour to be able to bounce shots at Tier 10, lock him down and force him to come to you. Of course, this depends if you have the right tank. If you don’t, then like I said before move on to a different flank or let someone with the tank to take over and you support him.

            • >“Yeah, it packs a punch but you can follow it and out dpm it”. No, unless you fight a 3 year old with brain damage you fucking can’t. He won’t let you, map design won’t let you, your own fucking tank limitations (speed, dpm, hit points) won’t let you.

              Obviously the KV-1S needs a terrain nerf because people are abusing its terrain stat. Do you need to be able to successfully fight a KV-1S under the sea as well, or do you not want to understand terrain advantages?

          • It’s 2 of your shots in, for 4 of his. Completely fair, there. Totally easy to fight.

            And even with it’s low armor values, it has very strong angles, and several auto-bounce zones.

          • Guess you are one of those heat spamming stats padders that plays T57 H. 24/7.

          • are you troll or something? are you really trying to say here T57 is not OP? just fuck off back to your cave and stop spreading bullshit. T57 is OP as fuck and anyone who is not mentaly retarded will say the same.

          • bia + vents + food t57 reloads is less then 22 secs, just for comparison jgpze100 reloads in the same time as that. but that tank only does 1000damage per shot while t57 has a 1600 alpha per clip.

            also going on frontlines with t57 is suicide, you let armoured tanks like e100/is7/maus soak up the damage and dish it out while enemy reloads.

          • Its funny how every tomato defending his favourite tank acts like its always 1on1 fight. There is usually no way how to go after reloading enemy autoloader because you know he might have cover from his team mates. So your whole theory is pure bullshit.

            Autoloader tanks just cant have better DPM then regulars from the principle. Their advantage is huge drum damage and T57 stands out too much. Same think with alpha. The higher the alpha damage is the lower DPM should be. Your advantage is huge damage in given moment, these vehicles just cant outDPM the regular tanks, that makes them too OP.

            Even if you rush T57 with (nearly any) regular tank 1on1 both full HP, T57 wins all the time, because there is no notautoloader that can kill T57 in 23s + 8s (thats my reload with equip+time for T57 to deal 2k dmg). Its just OP and needs nerf, deal with it.

      • Man,T57 has magazine,not drum like 50B so faster reload,faster fire. Its much easier to change clip than load shell after shell into drum,same for shooting,imagine pistol magazine,shells are pushing by spring and mustnt rotate between shots. So why nerf? Just for “balance” reasons,but there is one problem,WG isnt able to balance even three-wheeler.

      • “Too afraid to get after a reloading T57″ You would have to be stupid to go after a reloading T57 since it reloads in 20+ seconds thats whole 2 shots you can make with anyother tank….

    • It deserves it.

      Highest dpm of tier X heavies(and other tanks…) AND autoloader.

      AND it had depression; fair firecontrol; fair penetration value; fair armour; fair mobility; and LOW clip-time.

      • It’s retarded autoloader. It’s prescribed to OPness once it’s released. Together with arties one of the most fucked up game mechanics that broken the game more than it did good for it.

        • Autoloaders can work if implemented properly (the Batchat 25t is a good example – yes, it has good burst damage, but it’s a lightly-armored glass cannon, has a long clip reload, and even then one has to be mindful of running out of ammunition in it, which can happen half way through a typical game if you’re too trigger-happy). The T57 is an example of how NOT to implement autoloaders.

  1. About time that germans get their accuracy, it’s the one of the two things that make the germans good. Other one is armor, but…. since gold became “free” it became kinda useless. Glad about the VK 45.02 B buff though.

    Another thing that made my day today is that talk about the new spotting system. I REALLY hope it turns out just like they told us, and not another FUBAR experiment.

        • dont think so. as it was showed in that post, active scouts will have bigger problems than pasive ones: you are active scout, once you got detected you have to fall back AND get behind some cover (bush, rock) in order to not being spotted anymore, since you wont just dissapear in an open field. as for the pasive ones, if you are clever enough you just stay in your bush or out of the viewrange of enemy. you spot them but they cant spot you unless they come closer. :)

  2. - Storm states that it’s pointless to discuss Stronkhold with random players (specifically on Livejournal), there is a discussion with big clan members on feedback

    What big clan members? Those that cant join test thx to stronk special queue?

  3. Has there been an endgame US vehicle that hasn’t been nerfed?

    I like how the 430′s getting a buff in the same patch. Bravo.

    That’s okay. Nerf the T57. Introduce the T58 and let the tears fall.

    Did they ever nerf the WTF-100? Because if they’re nerfing the T57 before nerfing that, it just makes the joke even less funny.

    • “Did they ever nerf the WTF-100? Because if they’re nerfing the T57 before nerfing that….”

      Don’t know how regularly u read any news about Wot but WT-E100 had been slightly nerfed the patch next to when it was introduced and this patch too the whole line is getting a slight nerf (reload speed and aim time add that to the camo nerf, that line is hard to play now.

      As far as the T57 is concerned, it is OP, there is no doubt about it. I played it on the test server last year and did 4.5K average damage in 20 matches. I haven’t been able to match that with ANY other tank that I have.

      It had decent maneuverability, the same awesome gun as the T110E5 but with a 4 round clip and a reload that makes tanks such as the E-100 quit useless in 1 vs 1.

      That tank had it coming and it should have been done a long time ago.

        • lol? T57 is way better than E100 in 1V1 if both players are on the pretty much same skill level (lets say 1700 wn8, 54% winrate players). (also 100% crew, both tanks at full HP)

          You, in your T57 can fire 4 shots (1600 average damage) in E100 for 1 shot he fires at you in 80% of the time. (you go out, take a 750 damage shot, unload into him, fall back, poke again when you are reloaded, take another shot, done. E100 armour doesnt really matter if you know where to shot him. also, there is HEAT… in conclusion, its very hard to kill an t57 in your e100 in 1v1.

          • Not even close. A real quality player will turn his E100`s turret and where will you hit? Go for his lower plate? at close range? LOL good luck.

            The E100 will autopen you almost enywhere and the T57 HAS TO KEEP FIRING AT STEADY RATE TO MAINTAIN THAT OP DPM. That means he has 2 secs to aim and shoot…Sorry

            In these magical lands of 1 v 1 that only baddies prescribe to even then E100 will hold its own and in real life the E100 will simply shed half the shots and make the T57 aim on the last 2 carefully and spread out its DPM thinly.

            • E100 close rage (170m max): shot that bar above the turret. OR shot in the frontal road wheel. OR simply load HEAT and shot it whenever you can. Lower plate, turret. Also, you flank E100 and its game over for him.

              As i said, in most of the cases T57 owns E100. just because T57 has an autoloader. IF BOTH PLAYERS have the same skill level, T57 will just rule. he fires 4 shots every 1 shot e100 fires.

              • Not even close. The T57 will counce shots and as I said its DPM goes to 2400 with one bounced shot a clip which is equal to the E100`s but the E100 has way more HP.



                Furthermore while your wasting time shooting and aiming all of that is killing DPM while the E100 simply Derps uyou at once.

                Foreverysecond wasted aiming is a second less reloading.

              • you all are so dumb.. sorry but a e100 in a good position.. if the t57 doesn’t retreat he is a idiot, because no way he will kill him.. :D maybe if he is completely in the open and drives the e100 wrong.. then he can kill him.. but not alone in a 1v1.. :D stupid noobs xD
                and you can flank with every other tank and kill a e100 easily..

      • “makes tanks such as the E-100 quit useless in 1 vs 1″ lol wut? l2p baddie.

        • t57 can 1vs1 e100 and win all the time if both players have equal skill. 1600 alpha per clip vs 750 per shot.
          e100 reload is anywhere between 17-15secs, throw in 2-4 secs for moving to attack and another 2 secs to aim the 15cm gun. you get about the same time as t57 reload.

          • I can bounce all 4 shots with an e100.. lol even all shots from the wte100.. l2p :P

            arty is what makes the e100 sometimes useless.. :/

      • With all the free sperm flying around these days the Armor/Angling doesn’t matter much.

        Angle ur turret?, doesn’t matter

        And BTW where did I say I failed against the T57 in E-100? Reading between the lines is one thing but “Making bullshit up as it comes in the mind” is another.

        Most “Smart-ass players” try to show how terrible the other player is and how good they are in comparison. GL with pixel tanks and a fantasy world glad to see you enjoy it.

        • It’s funny that autocorrect converted “prem” into “sperm”. :) You must type it a lot…

    • They nerfed the WT E-100 in several ways:

      They made it so you actually have to aim your shots after turning the turret

      They nerfed its camo value

      They removed the TD camo bonus altogether

      They removed one shot from its 12.8 cm gun’s clip

  4. - accuracy formula is scheduled for a change, German tanks are going to “feel their accuracy” again.

    Good news for German tanker like myself who drive and have almost all German tanks.

  5. - there will be no more free premium tanks (SS: nope, no free FV4202)

    … thats y ppl hate wargaming right now… its redicules… i grinded my way up to t10 to get the fv because i thougt and still think that tank is awesome… now i get a tank which i might not like and if i want to play my tank i grinded on so hart for it gets a tank i have to buy -.-

      • I realy like the fv, it feels and handels like a very good medium tank, but now when ppl just bought that thing to play it, its like “fuck u, u cant play it cause u dont spend any money or wasted it to get a tank u want and now we change it” …

        i love the british medium tanks, they’re fun to play… but now i dont know how the new tank will perform and possibly ending up for me in geting a tank i wouldnt have grinded up or baught… so where is the point… selling more tanks or what?

        • I like my FV4202 as well and would love to keep it as it is (well, with the little buff this patch). I wouldn’t mind the following: WG replaces it with the new tank in the tech tree, so you don’t have to research it if you had the FV researched. Players that have the FV get to keep it in the garage, but have the option of selling it at full purchase price, at least for a certain time, to buy the new tank with that money, if they choose to, including crew retraining. That way nobody has a free high tier tank, those that like the FV get to keep it and those that hate it can get the new tank.

      • Yea… compare a t5 tank for around 50k exp with a tank which coast 6.1million credits + around 200k exp research coast…

  6. I would take the 1st section with very large dumptrucks worth of salt. an anonymous, unverified, second hand source?

    The courts would throw that out in a heartbeat.

    • Well it sounds plausible. Accuracy change was announced earlier, FV news isn’t a surprise to anybody and T57 is known to be somewhat op.

      • I’d still rather have a primary source. I won’t be repeating it to my friends.

        • That info is true :) There was a meeting, 13th July in Vilnius in beer bar. Everyone who was there got t shirts, free beer, churchill 3 and 5 day gold. I know, because I am lithuanian myself and i read lithuanian forums :)

  7. - there will be no more free premium tanks (SS: nope, no free FV4202)

    not even those missions? like is-6 or SP?

      • well okay, I know :D

        The thing is, my SP has a real value for me now, because it was a hard work. I would never buy it, and even if I did, it wouldn’t mean this much for me… if you know what I mean.

  8. I love how when they plan on nerfing a tank everyone blames stubs even though that tank is probably the most powerful that in its tier and even quicker reload time than the 50b

  9. 50B shoud have one more shell to his drum becouse compare to T57 the secend one have all better. If AMX 50B had 5 shells it will be good ballance to T57 with faster reload and aim.

  10. Yeah T57 will be nerfed, but guy that did it will be killed…

    I mean its really that OP ? If yes then what about le AMX 50B ?huh

    They both have similar firepover, crap armor but 50B is much faster…

    If they nerf the reload time from 22 to 23 then no offense but i smell bigger nerfs…

    • 50b has bigger long reload, armor is nowhere near comparable since only part of the 50b that bounces is the ufp and T57 has retardedly bouncy armor for an autoloader tank with that fast reload between shells and overall long reload.

      • idk… I dont think 1sec relaod time is such a big difference… well at least between 22 and 23.
        It surely would be a difference between 1,4 and 2,4 though :D
        I mean it’s not like that one second saves your life every day….

        Anyway, I don’t think this tank needs a nerf although I’ve never driven it.
        It surely is one of the tanks that I feel respect for when I meet it, but its not the worst I can face…

      • What ? Bouncy armor ? Maybe if u drive E100 with HE. T57 has nearly same armor effectivity on hull and turret, but 50b has impenetrable hull and extra paper turret. Youre asking which idiot would fire at 50bs hull and im asking which idiot cant penn T57…

      • 1 sedc reload diff is not big. Also 2,7 is noticable fire diff but guess what its fast as shit.

        So fast it can flex like a medium. To baddies this doesnt mean much. To Purples its everything.

        Also it uses APCR WHICH IS MASSIVE!!! It never bounces side armor from IS7 or IS4 spaced.

        Also gun is very accurate when zoomed in, and with aimtime buff it will be neck and neck with T57.

        T57 DPM gets cut in a 4th if it bounces or misses 1 shot guys…. 2400 DPM is terrible.

        The 50b that is forced to aim longer is better for baddies and they hit way more in them.

  11. Welp…time to have fun in my t57 before they ruin it as they will with my Hellcat..oh yeahh and the russians….lets keep buffing them :)

  12. That accuracy change is the single biggest thing in this game this year. Since they changed the formula gameplay has been ruined with every moron sniping.

  13. “- there will be no more free premium tanks (SS: nope, no free FV4202)”

    Well, save for those given out by events, of course.

  14. ” – WG have plans to create a branch in Lithuania (Vilnius) or Latvia (Riga)”

    Woras, watch out, they’re coming after you!!! :))

  15. German tanks are going to “feel their accuracy” again

    What did he mean by this ? Is it going to be (that) worse ?

    No offense but accuracy is the only thing why I play germans. It’s frustrating to play russian tanks.
    Having dead driver and damaged gun in soviet tank I always go back to garage, not worth the frustration trying not to miss maus from 50 meters.
    German optics were one of the best, why cant we have some sniper role tanks in the game :-/

    • He meant that Germans were accurate as hell even before 8.6 so they will be best snipers again

  16. Lol guys who complain qabout T57 DOM nevber understand it only gets such DPM if …

    It lands ALL SHOTS.
    If it SHOOTS ALL SHOTS IN 2 SECS, as waiting increses DPM to 50b times, which means not waiting for bloom.

    In other words if you miss once or bounce your 3200 DPM is now 2400 DPM and if you hold back at all to aim it goes to about 2k even….BUT OMG ITS OP WTF DO I DO!!!!

    All you do baddie is remain calm and wait for friends drag that poor dumb T57 to a lane of fire and let him blow his wad early like a prom virgin.

    Its sooooo easy to miss 2 shots in the T57 and now he has you said it 1600 DPM OMG the HUMANITY!!!!!

    • lol
      Even clans have bigger requirement on T57 heavy in avarage dmg then rest HTs

    • DPM is not measured in how many shots the tank hits in a minute but in how many shots it can fire. Just as an info for you, other tanks can miss or bounce shots too, not only the T57. That argument is just completely useless.

      Its OP because it can outdamage any other tier 10 heavy or even medium and still has an autoloader.(Batchat for example gets its autoloader balanced by having a bad DPM but good burst) If you still dont see how stupid that is, then you should really start thinking again.

  17. Nice to hear the 430 is getting a buff, do you know for when it is planned? :)

  18. Ow such T57 shitstorm. Amazing. The 183 one was tiny compared to that.

    I have T57 (like 15 other TX) and if it is a bit strong compared to others it has his own cons. If they nerf it maybe a slight nerf in reload between shots (0.5 sec more, like the 50B) or a soft nerf in mobility. That’s all i can find to nerf it, because it isn’t that overpowered…

  19. No free FV4202. they did that with the T34, and now they’ve decided against it. What the hell?! I suppose it’ll be the same with the FV215b when they switch it for the Chieftain.

  20. Yesterday: there are no plans to change (rebalance) IS-4, IS-7, Maus and Object 430
    Today: Object 430 will be buffed a little

  21. - according to Storm, it is not yet confirmed that the new Prokhorovka has bad feedback, so he cannot say what will happen with it


  22. Geezus…
    all the Butthurt with the T57 Heavy nerf >_>

    It is too stronk, you have to admit that, a minor “reload between shots” nerf would be enough to get it in line with the AMX 50B.
    But that’s just my opinion, you can flame you all you want, but you can’t change other’s minds like this :)

  23. The 430 is such a POS im so disappointed. i stopped using mine. it needs a huge buff.

  24. I’m curious what form the German accuracy buff will take? It’s not like they can take everyone but german and Brit tanks to pre acc buff values can they ? Otherwise everyone will still be very accurate , no?

    • Well I’ll say one thing for sure: no more sniping across the valley on El Halluf in KV-2s or ISU-152s unless you get REALLY lucky with the RNG.

  25. The thing I care about the most in this is no free FV4202.

    Could be worse, could be M60 situation…

  26. Ofcourse the T57 Heavy is OP – If you cannot get the T57 Heavy to perform well in any match you are perhaps just not a good player? Sure it is easy to kill, but rarely does those T57 heavy tanks fail to deliver plenty damage and chaos before leaving the battle… Stop crying ffs and enjoy it while you can – It’s awesome!! :-)

  27. If they will open an office here in LV (I am Latvian), I will go to work there and make some “adjustments” to working habbits of EU emploayees ;)

  28. Without chopping each others’ head off, can we just start thinking about HOW the T57 can be REBALANCED (not just purely nerfed).

    My idea is to give the T57 a magazine with 3shells, keep the current reload time and gun/ammo values. This would probably make 3-man-t57-platoons less devastating but still enjoyable and threatening.


    Another idea is to reduce the 50B’s shells’ dmg to 390, but keep the 4shells/clip.

    Just think about it, the 2 would differ more (apart from the alrdy existing differences eg. armor, speed). T57h’s dpm would be reduced as well as the 50B’s, so autoloader haters would be less dissatisfied with them.


  29. First – Fuck them for T57 HT nerf. It is not OP, people are just too stupid to learn how to beat it. Since it is not sure how they will nerf it, I hope they won’t nerf reload time between the shells and accuracy. I don’t care if they nerf the drum reload time but leave the accuracy and shell reload time. WT E-100 is much more OP and yet it does not get any nerfs. If you think this “nerf” in 9.2 is real nerf go and try it. Still OP as shit and maybe even more.

    Second – - according to Storm, it is not yet confirmed that the new Prokhorovka has bad feedback, so he cannot say what will happen with it

    What the hell ? This map is awesome. Why the hell could someone give a bad feedback ? There is planty of tank wrecks for cover and the map at all is amazing. The atmosphere of this map is the best from all the maps in game. There is an epic easter egg with these RC planes shooting each other. I hope they won’t remove it.