The Russians have patch 9.2 tomorrow, as announced earlier. EU should follow on Wednesday, but I haven’t got that confirmed.

Patch 9.2 release notes – I don’t see anything too new there, the FV215b 183mm HESH pen nerf to 230 is there. WT E-100 got an accuracy on the move nerf (25 percent), one 128mm shell removed, reload for 128mm changed from 60 seconds to 58 seconds.

Developers write about the WT E-100 nerf:

“This vehicle is one of the most dangerous opponents in the game. The firepower of WT E-100 allows you to destroy head on any enemy tank. But at the same time, the vehicle is quite vulnerable: it is large and it has thin armor. The developer team focused specifically on the firepower: we decided to remove one of the six shells in the 128mm clip.”

and (regarding generally the Waffentrager line):

“…generally weak armor of these vehicles is fully compensated by their massive firepower. As the praxis and statistics showed, the firepower of these TD’s, the firepower of these tanks turned out to be significantly higher than others of the same class.”

- Chinese “Great Wall” map will not be introduced to EU/US/RU/ASIA servers, as it is not popular even on Chinese server
- VK4502 Ausf.B roof did get buffed in 9.2
- regarding the Stronkhold in 9.2: “We had very good results from the common test. Well, and the mode should always be fixed and improved, otherwise there is no point in implementing it without plans for future development.”
- Wargaming buying Crytek? “There are great many rumors on the internet. Listening to and discussing all of them might make you go crazy. I recommend discussing only official Wargaming info.”
- KV-1S split confirmed for 9.3
- the “Observer” mode will not be implemented into random battles (for the reason of abuse)
- “Observer” player can write in both the team and general battle chat
- “Observer” tanks do take slots in teams (as any other tank does), it’s possible this will change in the future
- if one team consists entirely of “Observers” in training battle, that team will automatically lose the battle as soon as the countdown ends
- it’s possible that in the future, the creator of the training room will have the power to disable Observers completely

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  1. \o/ Update!

    Not really sure where WG gets off with “Most dangerous opponents in the game ” … any compotent team/player will spot it and the entire team generally dogpiles it right back to the garage – this is at least what you typically see in CW battles (i.e. Identify and eliminate the biggest threats to your team first).

    I think I would have gladly given up “time between shots” on the Waffle rather than the magazine capacity and reload time changes.

      • “any compotent team/player will spot it and the entire team”
        Hes telling about teamwork and using brain, not danger…..

        • Hes telling about teamwork and using brain, not danger…

          So team using brain will eliminate not so dangerous oponent? This is senseless.

        • teamwork? using your brain? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH…you made my day :D

          There is no such thing as “teamwork” in random battles. this is why WT auf E100 is overpowered. 1v1 when WT is fully loaded you stand NO chance (well, you MIGHT have a chance in E100 or Maus) Ofc you dont go 1v1 vs WT, but even so in some situation its pretty hard to hide from it, especially when you dont know where the shots came from. and 2 shots s enough to end your game :)

          • I destroyed solo two loaded WT auf E100s with my FV215b at the distance ~50m. It’s possible, but requires wiggling like in the “party rock anthem”.

          • Eeerm, if you use “teamwork” and “brain”, you will almost never face WT 1vs1, thats what im talking about…

            • well only “brain” is enough :P.

              And i know what are you talking, but my point is its still very hard to fight against those tanks without taking sheels in return in random games. not imposible, but hard. And for balancing, random games matters more than cw. :)

    • When in CW is a back row td the 1st spotted hhmm? Almost never.

      And if you run into 6 enemy vehicles and everybody focuses the wt in the back, guess what..5 other vehicles get to maneuver and unload on you.

      The bottom line is the wt100 firepower is waaaaaay too high.

      • I think most of you guys are making excuses why you sit there and take it from something as big as a house that gets dogpiled on almost immediately. It takes 1 good HE, HESH, or HEAT round into the gun to break it with a good crew and good shot placement, and if you get “caught out” in the open with no cover to get to, it’s more about you driving into a vulnerable spot than it is about the Waffle “separating the weak lamb from the flock.”

        But hey…. it’s not the gun’s fault, like I said earlier, it’s the time between shots being so rapid that give you the illusion that it’s some un-killable object. Let’s just completely glance over the fact that it’s a giant vulnerable target after the 6 shots fly.

        • You make it seem as though it is impossible for a WTE100 to hide itself after shooting. You know you aren’t the only person who is good on the battlefield. A good WTE100 player can do very well in any game it gets itself into. A good WTE100 player is what makes this tank so ridiculous and stupid.

    • It’s dangerous because even very bad players can hold down the mouse button and empty a whole magazine into any enemy tank.

      • Again… you’re basing a tank off of “12 seconds of doom” – let’s completely ignore the 50 seconds after where a Bat-chat rounds the corner and sends the waffle back to the garage.

        Frankly I don’t care, it sits in my garage as a reminder that “WG made it just to bilk you out of 6 million credits” – sure it was fun at first, but it’s such a niche TD that it’s not very enjoyable to play long-term.

        Anyone else remember when the T30 was good before the “13 nerfs of doom?”

        • *10 seconds.
          You only have to reload 5 shells after the first one is fired.

          WTF E100 will slam those 6 rounds into you with lightning-fast aim time and one of the best accuracy in the game. It messes up people so badly they don’t have 60 seconds to rush up to you and kill you while the his allies and shooting you up.
          And that’s *if* the WTF E100 is fighting from close enough for you to spot him.

          Face it, 6 rounds, pin point accuracy, good penetration (276mm AP > 290 APCR, thanks to normalization), lightning aim time, strong alpha, and only 2 seconds in-between shells.
          Oh, and good view range, and rather decent mobility.
          But yeah, totally balanced by the fact that it’s big and unamored….not.

          It’s too strong, period.

        • “12s of doom” – Except this case those 12s can put the WT up near the top of the damage for the match, 1 min later they can BE the top of the damage meter. Right now VBaddict has the WT as the top damage/match tank, with and average of 2220 per match. If in every match you can use that “12s of Doom” you’ll be doing more damage per match than the best tank in the game… THATS FIREPOWER.

          • So, you wanted it to not be on top for damage dealt, despite the fact that it was built for the sole purpose of dealing damage? Which tank you wanted to be on top? The E3, which can also soak a shit ton of damage?

  2. “The firepower of these tanks turned out to be significantly higher than others of the same class.”
    No shi*t Sherlock!
    Anyway, i tihink that the biggest power of WT E-100 is in its 2s between the shells….

    • Same. i had no problem with Foch 155 even before it got nerfed. Only T57 and WT E100 annoied me and was really scared of them. when first sheel is coming you are already dead, since you cant fall back quick enough to avoid them, especially in a slow heavy tank.

      But on the other hand, if WG makes the time between shots too big it becomes a pain in the ass to drive it, since you spend even more time in the open so everyone can shoot you (and they do) in the turret, where its a guaranteed penetration.

      • That’s how it should work. Want epic burst damage. Well, then you just have to spend more time in the open to empty the clip instead of like this. 5 shots in 8 seconds and then ran away for reload.

  3. There is small difference between CW and random battles u know? If u have team full of ultimate tomatoes no one will shoot on WT automaticaly. CW= teamplay, Random battle = in 70-90% of time chaos without any marks of tactics.

    • NA usually has it the Thursday after RU or the week after (usually the 1 week delay is because they found a bud they want to fix and delay the NA patch to include the fix)

      But it is so inconsistent that the best we can expect is sometime between Wednesday July 30 – Friday Aug 8

  4. “…generally weak armor of these vehicles is fully compensated by their massive firepower. As the praxis and statistics showed, the firepower of these TD’s, the firepower of these tanks turned out to be significantly higher than others of the same class.”

    Khm… others have armor…

  5. Shame about that map. Still, even with it there’s not enough maps – after a few thousands of battles, all of them get boring…
    We need procedurally generated maps!

    • Also: maps that aren’t bottleneck for spoon-feeding heavies and well armored TDs.

      At least 50% of the maps are utter shit for lights, repetitive for normal meds who always need go at the same spot (all the others are useless for flanking), and boring for lightly armored TDs who are resigned to either camp in a bush and wait for the enemy, or go in CQC.

      • After all the RNGs already in the game you bitch about random generated maps?
        Exo logic. :)

  6. “the firepower of these tanks turned out to be significantly higher than others of the same class.”

    Does that mean, that wg need to buff the armor of the wt line, since it’s significantly lower than others of the same class?

    Just curious of how the hell wg reason..

  7. Chinese “Great Wall” map will not be introduced to EU/US/RU/ASIA servers, as it is not popular even on Chinese server.

    WG logic: we will not test ready map on another server because on one very specific server people don’t like it. But we will keep some maps unpopular on all servers because… well, probably because they can do it.

    Seriously, I don’t see any reason why not to introduce this map on other servers and keep it for few patches. They always can remove it later.

  8. The problem isn’t only the 6 shells wargaming…..ITS THE 2 SECONDS BETWEEN THEM!!!

    • ^^

      Really, the one clipping might be reduced now but a 2 seconds between them is just terribly good. Give it a 3 to 5 second reload between shots already.

  9. I dunno. I saw a video about this Great Wall map and I kinda liked it. They don’t even try to put it in. I don’t know why people does not like these maps. Same goes for Dragon Ridge and Port. These were amazing maps but some butthurts did not know how to play them so WG removed it. [sarcasm] I really love how these game changes work. [/sarcasm].

    • Port was an amazing map. it is very missed by my 1390, most of my epic games were on that map. All those awesome side shots

  10. love how they defend an OP gun, 5 shot clip, great camo, great view range due to its thin armor, but then decide the hellkitty is to OP… pot, meet kettle

    - Chinese “Great Wall” map will not be introduced to EU/US/RU/ASIA servers, as it is not popular even on Chinese server

    is it really going to freaking kill ya if we can determine if its going to be popular or not? idiots again….

    • great camo, on WT e100, u are troll or what ……. if its so OP, go get one, and be master on it…..STOP spam how op its is, GET WT e100 TROLLS….omg whine all day long.

      • why waste exp on a op tank when one can go on test server and try it for themselves. it’s good with the shitty 15cm gun, OP with retarded point and click 12.8cm gun.

      • Ares354 (shoe size, IQ and Age) – sthu 44% pubbie. I happen to have one, and know that its camo is OP (until u fire of course, just like any tanks). You on the other hand, are obviously still stuck at tier 2 since you know nothing. Finally, you may want to make sure you get pasted 2nd grade english class before you post on the forums.

        • I am sorry, OP cammo on the WTE100. Lets just review that particular statement

          From the last time I did the calculations of the figures, a tank with a 350m view range will spot the stationary WTE100 in the open at 348.8m.
          The Maus, largest production tank ever, in the the open, spotting tank with a 350m view range, 345.8m
          In fact, with the exception of the Maus and the E100, you will see the WTE100 sitting in the open, not moving, not firing BEFORE any other tank in the game, even when those tanks are firing upon you and moving around.
          Now, how OP is that

          I will admit that the figures that I have are about 6 months old, but last time I checked, there hasn’t been a buff to TD Cammo in that time.
          Please check your facts before you make such sweeping statements Dead_Zombie.

          P.S. If anyone has updated cammo percentages, let me know so I can update my own calculations

          • Quick addendum, GWE100, if it is sitting, better than waffle sitting, Firing about the same as waffle sitting

    • Dude the WTaufE100 have bad cammo, almost as bad as Jpz E100. It’s not the klingonian RHM.

  11. Good, good, remember the days when tier 9 tds were fearsome enough? =O Now its all about ruining the game with dark corner campers when they catch you in 2m opening when advancing, tracking you and leaving not even a chance to repair the tracks because WG decided its normal to give a TD that insane burst.

    And then you have the one clip warrior platoons that yolo and be destroyed with not even one clip finished, handicapping your team greatly.

    • tier 10 tds are op imo, i tell anyone who is serious about tier 10 gameplay to get a tier 10 td.
      yesterday Westfield i was shooting this poor E-100 first shot was 938(max damage for T110E3) and wasn’t spotted even though i wasn’t hidden properly. poor guy got melted by me

  12. ““…generally weak armor of these vehicles is fully compensated by their massive firepower. ”
    I really hate this design philosophy in WoT, where OP firepower is supposedly compensated by poor armor or reload time. It reminds me of the saying that a man with one foot in a bucket of boiling hot water, and the other foot in a bucket of freezing cold water, is on average, quite comfortable.
    I don’t care how ‘balanced’ these tanks are when averaged out over thousands of battles and thousands of players, when I get one-shoted with no chance to reply, it just sucks. So what if my team, through some miracle, strikes back and punishes my killer? I still get a big fat repair bill, a trip to the garage, and a bad feeling for facing OP tanks.
    WG has all kinds of excuses on why things work in WoT, counter to RL and historical accuracy, for the sake of gameplay. Fine, got it. When are they going to get OP alpha strikes suck for gameplay?