Changes to Clan Formula

Thanks to AZMZ for this one.

Hello everyone,

regarding the Clan Rating formula – following changes have been made since its original announcement:

- in the first, general formula, the C coefficient is now 1
- bCoeff1 value changed from 15 to 7
- mCoeff1 value changed from 750 to 2000
- mCoeff2 value changed from 750 to 2000
- bCoeff3 value changed from 2 to 5
- mCoeff3 value changed from 750 to 2000
- mCoeff5 value changed from 750 to 2000
- bCoeff6 value changed from 1000 to 300
- mCoeff6 value changed from 1000 to 2000

8 thoughts on “Changes to Clan Formula

  1. Pfff….too many numbers and symbols for me, cant understand shit. :D

    Is this new formula gonna be more precise and relevant?

    • nope its still just clans avg WG-Shit-Rating +-200 points depending on the other values (for every clan with more than 7k avg WG-Rating.)

      • Just as an example: Fame would lose ~47points if everything except WGRating would drop to 0 (So no players , no tier 10s, elo rating of 0 etc.). Efe would lose mighty 130p… nothing would change at all in the ranking…

          • nope they are fine, check the formula again. the nice part of c=1 and 4sqrt( (c*SR)^4+TR^4) and TR=0 u simply get SR as a result. Now u can do the hard math of subtracting fame’s sr from their actual clan rating and well u will get 47. So pls if u dont know anything about math stfu and stop confusing ppl with ur false statements. THX: