British Tanks – Final Decision


Well, okay, this is a twist. This decision was taken yesterday.

Final solution for British tanks changes (this overrides any previous info, including the earlier Evilly post):

Tier 10 medium tank will be Action X Centurion (read about it more here) with 105mm L7A1 (it had a 20pdr in real life, but both weapons were interchangeable in its mounts). Its features will be very strong turret (220mm to sloped 150mm) plus very good depression. It is not yet decided how the FV4202 to Action X change will look.


FV4202 will be changed to tier 8 premium tank and brought to its historical parameters (upper frontal plate 50mm, lower frontal plate 75mm, turret from 200mm to 60mm (the sloped part), 20pdr gun). It is not decided yet whether it will be given for free.

Tier 10 British heavy tank will be the Chieftain Mk.2

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  1. please, just tell me this is really the final solution. Im tired of the twists )

          • I have already both top tanks unlocked, eventually sold both of them, when i got hands on their other nations counterparts. Imho the only competitive not-autoloading T10 HT is the E5, all the others are either boring to play or just bad for me :D but I admit that part of the reason i sold 215b was the fact that its ugly as fuck :D while having both lines grinded to the top, I kept only the Comet and Cent 7/1.

            • I sold fv4202 because its lame as a med unlike cent 7/1. I now own an obj140 and an stb1

        • Prediction: Thanks to this report, the number of tankers grinding up the UK medium line will skyrocket.
          WG will notice the increased attention on the UK medium line and will be very pleased.
          When they officially announce the change, they won’t confirm or deny that owning the FV4202 will get you a free premium tank. Tankers playing the UK medium line will continue to increase.
          When WG does release the new Tier X MT, the only thing free you’ll get is the replacement tank and retrained crew.
          When the uproar gets too loud, they will tell us to quit listening to rumors.

          • You’re probably right, that’s exactly how it’s all going to happen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go grind the UK line anyhow.

  2. It would be nice to get it for free.
    1. Not many people have it !
    2. Will it be any good ?
    3. Would only be fair since everyone got a T34 for free who already owned it.

    • It will be much worse than it’s tier X version ATM, worse armor and a 20 pounder which (I believe) deals 240 damage per shot.

      It will most likely get limited MM because the 20 pounder is not great in my eyes in damage output.

      • DPM is insanely good, but lacks against top tiers with penetration. I guess the pen wont get to much nerfed and Iam pretty much positive that it is gonna stay around the FCM 50t one of around 200 AP pen. The only positive thing about the tank will be the gun I asume since the armor is trash.

        • Yes, but premium tanks will get balanced in a way they are worse than their tier 8 counterparts and since the tier 8 Centurion Mk. I doesn’t have the 20 pdr type B barrel. It probably will have low ROF. The Tier 8 centurion Mk. I has a 7.5 ROF, so I don’t expect anything BETTER than that. But I am not even sure if it will get the 20 pdr Type B barrel.

          At least I think the tier 8 4202 will have a maximum rate of fire of 7,5 R/M.

          But I’d think the vehicle will get limited (tier 9 games) MM, as it will probably just be a terrible premium in tier 10 games.

          DPM will still be decreased because of the gun change though by 790,5 Damage per minute (if the new 20 pounder gets a 7,5 R/M)

          • A Tier 8 Premium is a … Tier 8 Premium. When it’s free – it’s great !
            I love my Super Pershing and I do alright with it. Even have my first Mark of Excellence on it. Armor is pretty much nothing to be bothered about. If it has the view range, gun depression and adequate hp-per-ton ratio, I’d be more then happy to have it.
            Not all Tier 8 Premiums are “so and so” “worst” then their counterparts. When Top Tier, an IS-6 is simply making an IS-3 look silly, in the hands of a capable player. Better DPM, althou lack of penetration. JgTiger 8.8 vs Ferdi & JP II ? But even if that’s not the case, compare the Type 59 vs T-34-2 then ? Type losses on DPM, but I would give a kidney to own one :D

      • Well I suggest that it will not get SMM, because the 20 pounder gun has very high penetration (226mm). With a descent accuracy, ROF and the camo like it have it now, it will be very dangerous in t8 battles.

        And in my opinion i would suggest that guys which also drove this tank for example 100+ battles, the tank should get be given out for this one. Well they proof that they liked this tank and also tried or managed to master it ( especaily after the buff 9.2 will bring. I see much better DPM)

    • 1. Many people will grind it, if they hear that it will maybe be given away (including me :P)
      2. If it keeps its top speed and gets a gun similair to the Centurion 1, I think, it will be.
      3. Back then, the game was way smaller and they didn’t lose as much money as they would now, so they probably won’t give shit number one about fairness.

      • I will grind it aswell, but ONLY after it becomes ofcially confirmed. Good for me that I have like 20% done on the way to the Cent 7/1. I should easily be able to grind the FV4202 in like a week of semi-intense grinding.

    • Any idea how many fv’s are on the server?

      I looked up wot news server stats and the only info they have is from 09 oct 2013 at 5542 fv’s. Surly it will depend on the amount of people who have one.

    • The problem is… the way the US tree looked like was pathological back then. It wast calle the American autobots or transformers because essentialy you had T29, T32, T34 and T30 in one line. All had exactly the same values with only T32 standing out with its small turret. It was actualy the same tank with only the gun getting bigger. Booooring. This had to be changed and also there were very few tanks in the game when compared to current numbers and variety so such a serious change as removing the high tier tank had to be somewhat… compensated. Especially back then the only Tier X tanks were heavies, an overhaul of top of the tree had to be compensated. Here you have merely a switch of a single tank which isn’t that popular as T34 was…

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  4. Well, WG definately didn’t pick a fully historical option, but the Action X Centurion will be more historically accurate than the FV4202 and I guess the tank won’t become a VERY different tank in armor statistics (maybe only worse hull armor).

    Chieftain Mk. 2? Yes please.

  5. It is not decided yet whether it will be given for free.

    Pls gib qq. Not entitled to it, but i do rather love the idea of a t8 brit med prem.

    hopefully fv215b becomes t8 ht prem or stays as alternative (aka t62a/140)

  6. Now I wonder which British Med is better for its tier, the 7/1 or the Action X.

    As for the FV4202, I’m definitely going to get one(Strong turret is good, unlike the useless SP).

    • strong turret? where did you get that? Its weak now and it would be nerfed to hell according to the info.

      • the turret? it is the hull that will be nerfed, not the turret ;)

        • “FV4202 will be changed to tier 8 premium tank and brought to its historical parameters (upper frontal plate 50mm, lower frontal plate 75mm, turret from 200mm to 60mm (the sloped part), 20pdr gun)” – the sloped part was basically only place it could actually bounce a shot. Now the turret will be holding up only against T6s and maybe some low pen T7s.

  7. Does annyone has a picture of the Action X Centurion? Because when i look it up on google i see mostly normal Centurion or the 183mm Centurion.

  8. Wow, this is so exciting… CAN’T WAIT!!!!! GIVE NOW

    Seriously, Centurion X and Chieftain Mk.2 OMG OMG time to grind the Brit heavy line and rebuy the 4202!!!!

    • Dont get to overhyped imho… I guess they decided for the Mk.2 coz of the stronger 650 HP engine as the previously mentioned Chieftain Proto had only a 500 HP one which is shit.

      The Chieftain Mk2 has a deadly 120 gun (maybe even the bigger one?)

      • Well TBH I’m more hyped about the Centurion because I already researched the 4202 and for the Chieftain… Well, I don’t care which engine/armor variant, as long as it’s a Chieftain with the 120mm :P

  9. In tier 8 the FV is going to make a very nice premium with it’s real stats and the 20lbs gun. I’d love to get it for free, but we will see about that. If not… well… too bad. Cent Action X is an interesting choice, I’ve heard about it before, but as far as I know it hasn’t been mentioned in the past from the side of WG as a realistic replacement.
    Chieftain Mk 2? So not a prototype? Wow, that’s even better than expected :D

  10. Cannot wait to find out what happens if you have the British T10 in your garage.
    I hope it’ll mean goodies (tanks!)

    (need some 90K for the T10 hvry but have the FV4202 already)

    -> grind on ppl!

  11. SS does this mean they have completely scraped the Vickers MBT or will it be in another line?

    Action X must be the coolest tank name in the game.

  12. So, Fv202 had great armor, better than E50m, nice gun dep, but now will be better in every way, and what. Wg dont give **** about “Fatton” and e50m. All whine about Fv, the worse think about it was top speed, nothing more. Well Wg and balance.
    More tanks for briths , and dont care about french TANKS!!! GG wg …

  13. So… I get it that they keep the Vickers MBT for a different med branch?

    Maybe the one with the Firefly but then it will be a mess since there will also be TDs.

    • The thing about the FF line is the med component will just dead end at the Firefly, and the second TD line will start at tier 5 with, I’m guessing, the Achellies.

  14. Hey SS, outside of the turret, how else do you think the Action X with be different to the Cent 7/1? Like a bigger engine, a little more hull armor, ect.

    • That is the difficult thing: The /1 in Centurion 7/1 means that it already had the extra armor package. This means that can’t have more armor, if they are going to keep things as historical as possible and to differentiate it with the Chieftain. I think (purely speculation) it is going to have more turret armor, higher rate of fire and some more maneuverability (not necessarily so much faster, but a better track traverse). Going to be interesting to see.

  15. Finally a British evolution of the cruiser line, the 4202 was ok but as a tank never designed for warfare the tank wasn’t ideal

    The Action X turret was a proposed production turret and so had realistic design and thickness.

    Also I’m glad they aren’t going for the Vickers, nothing against the tank but it isn’t tier 10.

    Chieftain mk2!

    • Well also did we also need ANOTHER tank like the Leo 1, with there already being the STB, and since SS said the Vic MBT would be like a Leo 1. Also we are already going to get another Leo 1 clone some time between now and when the world ends in AXM 30.

  16. Well, that is good news I guess. The FV4202 needed some love, either in the sense of a replacement or in the sense of a good buff (something more than the wimpy reload buff we get in 9.2. What I am worried about is that the medium line is going to get the shitty end of the stick as the Chieftain is both incredibly popular and because it is in such a delicate place. It is almost a medium, but at the same time they have to get it heavy armor. Dunno, going to be interesting to see.

    I would be interested to know what time-frame we are looking at, but I am guessing 9.4 in early November/late October or 9.5 in very late December.

    • I think you’re right about 9.5 being in about the same time frame of 8.10 last year. I am guessing tho that the Chieftan will definitely move and feel like a heavy, not a heavy/medium hybrid like the 50B. I’m guessing it will have a 34-36 kph speed limit.

  17. calm down children

    this thing will be getting blasted into next week with 50mm of frontal armour

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  20. Oh, man, tell me this is a bad joke! Tell me, please!
    I don’t want another ugly Centurion! An ammorack on tracks… I guess mobility will suck, as well the gun handling, and I already see, that the DPM boost which the Demi-Chieftain gets in 9.2 will be gone… And have I said it’s ugly as hell? Also huge, thus low camo.
    I don’t understand why did they have to touch my beloved Demi-Chieftain, really, instead of removing that waffle abomination… I was hoping for the Vickers MBT, cuz it looks nice at least, but this centurion…
    At least I hope the HESH will remain, or that tank will be a real shit.

  21. Oh my god!!! After reading this news, I need to save up money for both Chieftain and this Action X Centurion!!! They both look wonderful!!!

    • Good question. Is the Mk2 the Bovingtion 150mm Prototype or the 195mm Production Type?

  22. Screw that ‘historical accuracy’, the Chieftain as well as Centurions were technically main battle tanks, there’s no point in categorising them as medium/heavy tanks because they aren’t.

  23. FUCK YES! The brit medium line ends in a unique tank that isn’t an Export-Centurion! I’ll celebrate this by giving the FV4202 alot of driving as soon as the 9.2 patch is out (and definitly purchasing the FV4202 as premium, once it comes out)!

    So, now about the FV215b 120…

    • Likely still HESH, as it’s the same gun. Besides HESH is awesome and with that accuracy, you don’t really need Super-APCR/HEAT often.

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  25. There are enough possibilities to deal with the t10 to t8 prem situation. first of all, WG doesnt really owe us, the owners, anything. You will get the replacement for free. However, if they are inclined to compensate the owners, there multiple easy solutions.
    1)Give the fv4202 prem tank to all t10 owners (no profit in this for WG so unlikely)
    2)Give the t10 owners a 50% discount when buying the t8 prem
    3)Make the t8 prem buyable for gold right away to the t10 owners
    4)Give the fv4202 prem tank to all t10 owners who had the tank BEFORE the announcement was made (or rather official confirmation) This way you dont have to give the free prem to all the grinders who just grind the t10 for a free prem tank
    5)any combination of the above.

  26. Wow.. exactly what i was hoping for… gosh, prise the lord we got around this Vickers Bullshit ^^ as T10 med…

    Chieftain is a very good choice for the T10 Heavy..

    Now just hope they can balance this out smart enough! (fingers crossed)

  27. Man FV4202 is so crap even T8 for free is not worth it. Slow, big for a medium, historical armor aka 0 armor, module damage will skyrocket.

    And light T-54 will rape it.

    • “even for free is not worth it” ? what kind of retarded logic is that?

  28. SS The chieftain mk2 has a box on the side of the turret for the giant spotlight i think it is. Can you ask wargaming if this will be separate from the turret because it could end up like the centurion when it was first introduced shooting the boxes on the side of the turret damages the tank. If they add the spotlight box that is.

  29. My fear is if Action X Cent. has the similar turret characteristics to FV4202, as in, no “Gun Mantlet”, then it is likely that the turret is pretty good on paper, but perform badly in action.

    Although it is not decided yet how this tank will look, so hopefully it wouldnt be disappointing

  30. I am not certain, can someone tell me what the difference between upcoming cheiftain and action x will be? I guess they will have the same gun + pretty bad body armor + pretty good turret armor and maybe even the same ish size and good depressions, except the action x is medium and will at least get camo and speed better, how can chieftain get an edge that E5 doesn’t already have?

  31. The FV4202 premium tier 8, should 100% be given as free, just like the T34 was when it got moved from tier 9, also the tanks should all come with crews of equal skill sets. WG should do this because the FV4202 is the worst tier X medium that players have had the misfortune to put up with. The HESH rounds are so unpredictable even on very thin armour, that they are not an option. So the stock shells are the best ones. Every hit on front lower plate breaks the ammo rack, it is also slower than half the tank destroyers. WG only need to look how little it gets used in clan wars, to see how bad it is.

    War Gaming have had a long time to improve this tank, but as they have not at least be decent and give the premium for free!

    • Worst tier10 my ass, it is the Fatton! Also, your statement about HESH clearly shows to me that you are a noob. So you just don’t say a word! You think Cent will be better cuz it will have 44km/h? Well, no.

  32. I was hoping for a final decision on whether it will be given for free, I downloaded the game again already to finish grinding that line and I forgot how much I hate this game…it’d better be worth it.

  33. What is good depression i wonder, can I hope for a tier x – comet?? :D

    I hope we will gett the fv4202 for free, maybe this will be the first proper t8 premium medium since the type 59…

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  35. Yay! I was hoping they would use the Centurion upgrade for the Centurion line! I hope this means we’ll still see the Vickers MBT in the future as well though. In its own line.

    Are there any other British mediums to make a second line? Anyone know?

  36. Right, so we’re getting a new Cent. Maybe it’ll be better than the FV. But the flavor of the tank will be… three tiers of that tank. The FV had one really cool thing going for it — acceleration. The Cents are slugs. So if your main complaint against the FV was it’s low top speed, I doubt the A-X will please you.

  37. Well, I finished grinding the conq a long long long time ago back when I thought the heavy replacement would come when the real 215b (the 183) was added in but never bought it cause majority opinion was it was trash and I’d rather save the credits.

    Now that we have definite confirmation of a chieftain replacement I guess I’ll be buying it during the “on track” event when it’s on discount just so I dont have to pay full price post-swap. (And of course the day after that they announce they’re leaving the 120 in the game and making the Mk 2 a second tier 10 heavy you can buy and I just wasted 4m credits)

  38. I think I will wait until at least 2 patches after that tank comes out to see whether it is worth putting the effort in or not.
    After seeing what happened to the WTF-E100 and the death-star, I seriously question the wisdom of WG team when releasing new tanks.

    They put out tanks that were OP from the start (everyone said and knew that even before the TDs were released) still they went on with it only to crush it with the nerf bat (which every sane player expected from the start) again and again patch after patch.

    It is better to wait and watch what are the tank’s stats, how useful would it be in pubs and CWs. Whether it would be nerfed/buffed/OP/UP or, in very very unlikely case, perfectly balanced.

    That is of-course my personal opinion.

  39. So I have the FV4202 researched yet I don’t want to buy it, should I buy it last second if they do decided to give it as a free premium to those who already have it? Or save the money for when I research the Action X Cent?

  40. Premium tank aside at least they won’t have to change the barrel art for the FV4202 when it’s returned to historically rubbish armour values and sent to t8.

    Because the art for the FV barrel already IS the 20 pounder with a glued on bore evacuator to make it look like the larger 105mm.

    Much skinner than the 105mm on the Centurion 7/1 and the bore is ridiculously small.

  41. Is there a source for me to find out the historical accurate data of this Centurion? I am planning on building a 1/10 model of this thing.