25 thoughts on “6.8.2014

  1. Step one go to hotel/motel.
    Step two find alcohol.
    Step three drink alcohol.
    Step four get laid.
    Step five drink more alcohol.
    Step six wake up next day and try to remember the night before.
    Step seven find the gnome that gave you the massive headache.
    Step eight realize that this is a bs post and disregard all other steps.

    Have a great vacation

  2. Now that I’m commenting, I know there are some readers from China here as well, could anyone be so kind as to mail SS a story about the Chinese tanks if available? I’m very interested in the story behind the t-34-3 particularly, to me it appears to be a Type 59 prototype, although the ingame description tells a different story.

    • No no. Type-59 is a mass-producted tank. It took place in the Vietnam war(against American and South Vietnam), the vietnam-china border war (against Vietnam forces). And maybe more I don’t know. In the game, basically we have 2 Type 59 they are the prem one and the WZ-120. The “WZ” (Chinese industrial designation) thing is kinda like the “FV” in the Brit Tanks. So the prem Type 59 is like a stock WZ-120. Although I never see any Type 59(WZ-120) with top modules in real-life(like the in game WZ-120). I only saw Type 59s with the 100mm gun (Looks similar to the 100 mm D-54 from T-54).

      • Thanks for your reply, do you know if the t-34-3 really existed in metal? I mean if you compare it with the wz120, they’re very similar, the only difference is that the 34-3 is a tiny bit smaller.

        • Well… I’m not sure. But take a look at the T-34-2. It’s is a project of Chinese to copy the T-54. But then The Soviet passed the Teach to them (to build the T-54 them self maybe). That’s why they have the WZ-120 aka Type 59(This I’m not so sure, Why didnt They call it T-54 then). In wiki of WoT they say T-34-3 is a modification of T-34-3…
          Too much copy and paste lol

          • Thanks for your answers mate! I have always compared the 34-2 with the t44 (if you compare them, there are some similarities!) and the 34-3 with the t-54/t-55, maybe they were reverse-engineered copies of those tanks?

  3. Same to you man! Just have fun, relax… We won’t go crazy without ftr for a few days :)

  4. I hope you have a good time today, relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Do not dare to turn on your laptop. You deserved your rest :)