Upcoming HD Models

From Amway921′s “visit to Wargaming” video. These are apparently – according to VK Leaks community – the HD models that are being worked on right now. The ISU-152 is clear, the rest… not so much.



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    • I see ST-I far back on the left.. I don’t think that’s M103 just because M103 is 4th in the middle row.. just after that arty

      btw that near ST-I looks like T25 AT

      • That’s an M103 without its suspension displayed. It has the same muzzle brake as a stock M103 and the same little bulge on the left-rear of the turret. Next to it is the Hellcat without suspension and beyond that is a Sherman. I think that entire line is the first patch of HD tanks.

  1. I can recognise IS-7, IS, T-62A, T-44 (?) and then perhaps M48 in the distance (or T54) , M40/M43 too. And on the first pic there could be a Tiger II or the Panther.

    • Thats generally what your toolkit looks like when working with meshes, random models half textured or missing maps lying around as you mess with them to get them working in-engine.

    • They said that there are several people working on one HD model, like one for turret and suspension, one for front hull and side hull etc… They make HD models in several parts and they left the seperate turret there, for some reasons

      • Yup, I think it’s orthographic – look at the ISU in the top right corner, the 152mm looks all out of whack because of the way it’s displayed.

        • It’s not ortho, it’s just a very uncomfortable narrow FOV camera. If it was ortho, you wouldn’t have the further tanks looking smaller, and you’d have the front and real of the is-7 actually parallel on the picture.

  2. Looks like IS, T-62A, IS-7, T-44, T54E1, IS-4, M12, ISU-152, something Panther-based in the first pic – probably Jagdpanther.

  3. Oh looks like the Machinegunnus Giganticus on IS-7 is folded. Thats cool! I don’t like that machine gun, the tank look silly with it so I’m using a “without machinegun” IS-7 skin.

    • That Machinegunnus giganticus is 14.5mm KPVT, so it was huge :) It could be used from the inside of the tank when unfolded.

  4. I wonder if the Object 268 will be correctly remodeled or horribly buffed in comparison with the reality (as currently) …

    • It might be. They mostly change armor values when reworked in HD. But if the changes make it unbalanced, they’re gonna keep it like old…

      • buffed? what?
        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the real life model has worse angles than the in-game model am I right? IRL the obj.268 is taller, the pike-nose due to the angles is worse…
        I think the HD remodel of the obj.268 would mean further nerfs, thus WG should buff some of its stats, even just soft stats, or i dunno…

  5. Fingers crossed for IS-7! so far i think almost every HD model got it’s armor nerfed.

    • Take a look at STB-1, now at IS-7 or SU/ISU-152…Tell me, which one is newer…WG admits that newer models have higher details (higher polygon or smthing, im not an expert of this), but even casuals can see the difference.
      Add to this the fact that germans, soviets and the US are the most played nations. (Though there is no french HD model so far, but 3 UK, and French tanks are a BIT more popular than UK vehicles…)
      I am not surprised that tanks of the nations you mentioned are being prioritized after all… :/

      • To be honest, if WG are aiming to make the game look better, doesn’t that mean making HD skins for the older tanks, with the least polygons (first tanks to be implemented in the game) first would be why they are choosing this order? Especially ones that are most played.

    • Yeah why aren’t all churchills remade right now? I mean the Churchill I and III share the same front hull and turret, III has the skirts that can be used on the church VII etc… you can make 3 tanks for the cost of like 3 models.

    • you would think they would do something like the T29 first. 3 tanks for the price of one. (T29, T30, T34)

      • type 59 wont be i sence a type 59 whine about how op that armor value will be the same godly armor it always has ;p

  6. The ISU-152 looks completely wrong. Has to be the worst model of a tank I have ever seen.

    First Image:
    Tiger II or E50/75
    IS-7 (of course)

    Second Image:
    Back Row
    T110E5 more than likely
    :::Middle Row:::
    Type 59
    :::Front Row:::
    M4A3E8 or T37

        • Panther II, Tiger II, E50,and E75 all have little loops extending from the rear of the hull sides for towing, this picture doesn’t have that. Only Panther I-based tanks lack those loops, and the only Panther-based tank that currently has spare track links on the rear like that is the Jagdpanther.

          Other possibility is that this is the new upcoming premium Panther F.

          • Seeing as how there is only 1 example of a Panther II hull and 0 examples of the E50 and E75 I think you could guess that it could be them. However, there are plenty of tanks in the line ups that are already HD in the game so it could be the Panther. There’s just too little of the tank shown to know what it is. I could see it being the Jagdpanther as well based on the spare track links.