12 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch – Universal Carrier with 2pdr

  1. Why exactly didn’t we get this as the tier 2 Brit TD? It looks so much better than the UC2pdr.

      • although they are both uc2pdr tanks, the in-game model has a front mounted gun, if i remember correctly. This one has it on the back

        • Correct, the one in game is IIRC the Canadian attempt at mounting a 2 pounder on a Universal Carrier with the gun at the front. The Australian version has the gun at the back and also has 360 degrees of traverse.

          there was also a British attempt by I believe Vickers, to mount a 2 pounder with limited traverse inside of a conical casemate on the rear of a Universal carrier but it never got past prototype stage due to the cramped conditions and lack of interest

          • In-game one was called “Canadian Tank Hunter” IRL.

            Overall, there are a lot of carriers with 2-pdrs.

      • Internet tough guy, huh? Are you really incapable of telling the difference, or do you just like trolling?

  2. As a non-native english speaker the term “maintenance bear” made me think about an actual BEAR doing tank MAINTENANCE. That would be awesome!