Meanwhile in Philippines…

Thanks to wan2tri (ASIA server) for this one!

Hmmm… that logo on the box looks familiar. Price: cca 1 Euro. Of course, for that kind of money, the quality is… corresponding.





36 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Philippines…

      • Judging from the picture, I seriously doubt The Philippines made this kind of product. Obviously “Made in China” as what the box says & dumped at the market for sale at cheap prices/low quality like most of china’s cheap products.

    • That’s just the brand name.
      You see worse ones around if you take a moment to actually look at them in the stores and give it some thought. :p

    • Pay more for the shipping here (13.54$) than the tanks themselves (12.99$).
      And they look boring, too.

      No thanks.

          • China has a few good model kit manufactorers, these things are just an abomination, a disgrace and an offence to the proper model kit companies.
            How can people want to buy those pieces of crap, is beyond me anyone with any kind of can see these look nothing like the real things.

  1. Sorry man, the proper way of calling the PH is The Philippines, idk why they added the “the”, though.

  2. You get what you paid for.

    In this case it’s actually not bad.

    I bought an ISU-152 and it was much worse.

  3. Just to add…I’ve assembled the Stug III as well, and I’m about to start with the T-55.

    They all have the same design for the wheels (they look like the ones in American tanks actually), it seems the suspension is standardized for all of the models.

    The StuG III has the least number of parts (including weirdly, the tools attached to its side), while the T-55 has the most number of parts (and you also have to ASSEMBLE the fuel tanks; yep, each fuel tank is made up of two parts).

  4. Considering all tanks look like they are from an alternate history, the 4D brand is quite fitting. :D

  5. WoT logo in a corner, an image from an image depicting a “forces of valor” model, and a faked CC emplem with 3 Cs… looks legit.

  6. Them chinese are really good at twisting the reality a bit. Not only in media :P

  7. Looks good for 1euro. What more do you want? the model itself is great if you want to glue some extra stuff onto it, paint it, etc.

  8. For tabletop war gaming they are not bad at all, a cheap way to build a large amount of vehicles cheaply. For display models they are very sub-standard and most on here are just looking at them as display models

    • Ur joking right, even at tabletop there aweful, especially more so if you do historical TT gaming, even been cheap I wouldn’t use them for sci-fi TT

      • I’ve seen worse quality than this being used in the past for tabletop war gaming and they were resin models, you may look on them with disgust, but I would happily use them for tabletop but most defiantly not for display purposes.

  9. Did someone else noticed the fake “World of Tanks” logo? They’re using the upside-down W from Circonflexes clan logo. They only changed it a little bit.