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  1. So on that detail level you can expect 30fps with heavy framedrops when looking at exploding enemy ships?

      • Well sure, first we have to wait for the WarThunder ships. But no matter what, gaijin is going to fail them hard like they did it with their tanks.

        • They didn’t fail with their tanks. Some don’t like them, others do. It’s just not as successful as WoT.
          WoWP is the game that failed since basically no one playing WT or WoT plays WoWP.

    • Better is a subjective term.
      Some peopl say WT tanks is better then WoT. Their opinion. I say call me when WT has a non shit UI.
      Some people say.Bioshock Infinite is great. I say mediocre. Stalker is the best :P.

      • Well you can’t say anything about WT ships becaus they are not out yet they could be the next World of planes :P

      • But Bioshock Infinite was objectively bad. Gameplay was bad (okay, I guess this one is sort of subjective), setting was incoherent (plasmids made sense in the Rapture setting and meshed well with the plot, vigors were completely nonsensical) and the story itself was very poorly written (story failed at following its own rules, lots of plot-holes, tons of pseudointellectual garbage that seems deep to people who never read a serious book in their lives). So yeah, it was a bad example, because you’re objectively correct in saying that it is mediocre :P

        • Omg.
          Ok for gameplay.
          But story RULES. Only if you think about it until you understand.

            • Didn’t play Bioshock Infinite… But you just admited it’s just your opinion, yet you said that it was “objectively bad”…
              Problem with “x is better/worse than y” is that it’s almost always a matter of opinion. Some people might say that Panzer Elite Action is better than the original Panzer Elite sim… Probably 99% of the people will disagree, but it still is just an opinion…

        • >>plasmids made sense in the Rapture setting and meshed well with the plot, vigors were completely nonsensical

          Lemme guess – you haven’t played 2nd DLC ;-P

          • Columbia is attacking a nuclear SuperPower (USA) in 1984 with blimps.
            My friend, the US will kick em so hard, so bloody hard that they will wind (no pun intended) on the Eastern Block and get raped AGAIN.

            One man, with circa 1910-1920s weapons (in effectiveness) destoryed their militarry.
            A special forces unit with assault rifles that penetrate more and armor, trained in combat should be enough for Columbia. All of it.
            And then we have tanks that roll over their stupid mechanical robots and jets…

      • it was super easy in Battlestations. If your target is in firing arc, you have manual control, otherwise guns are automatically aimed and fired at other targets in theirs respectiv firing arcs

    • Developer answers: “It’s same as Swastica for Asian people, we respect their opinion and don’t want our game to be assosiated with horrorific events.”

        • I am Asian and I agree. The rising sun flag was Japan’s military flag. Certainly not in the same level as the damned swastika.

          It is unfortunate to say that a lot of people in the countries that Imperial Japan conquered still hold resentment to what Japan did and would take any opportunity to denounce Japan. Things from the rising sun flag to Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises anime movie about the designer of the A6M Zero (because they see the Zero as a ‘symbol’ of Imperial Japan’s military) would have critics from Korea and other nations. Ignore the fact that Miyazaki himself criticizes Japan’s wartime actions.

          It also doesn’t help that Japan itself whitewashes their actions during WW2 and almost outright denies the atrocities that they did in history books and even try to portray themselves as the victim.

          Completely the opposite of Germany who admits to everything and is sorry for it. I do like Japan, its culture and anime culture but really, this one thing about them is really pathetic.

          • Have you read any of Japanese textbooks? Well, I have back in late 20th century, but they never denied alleged atrocities, so your comments make me puzzled.

            • funny how they implement the pro-Stalin lines in Ruskie tanks…then again, old Asian people are some of the LEAST lenient people out there. Just look at big fat China. One of my friends told me that even the younger generation are preety sick of the old Politburo.

              I honestly wouldn’t mind, what me bein an asian =|
              Accepting what is bad is what makes us stronger. Kinda reminds you of bitter medicines, eh =D

            • they dont deny, im from the philippines and if you search the internet for what they did here it is terribly horrying, the hospital massacres, the bataan death march, flaying captured guerillas.
              they are sorry for the actions of the empire in ww2, and they do their best to help my country succeed, they improve our telcos, our infrastructures, they build bridges, they fund research and upgrades to our weather centers, etc.
              i love the japanese people, my grandpa is a vet and his band killed a whole camp of them japs, but he never had hatred for japanese people as a whole, he even had a japanese neighbor after the war and they share stories.
              this is a game, i still want to see the flag of the empire of the rising sun just for historical reasons

      • So a company called Wargaming that makes games about War machines that are designed for the sole purpose of killing people does not want to make games about horrific events. Makes sense.

        • WoT is like a history book. It exists to :
          1) Remind those in need of the tragedies of the past so the future generation may (hopefully) not repeat the mistakes our ancestors made.
          2) For enthusiasts of history like me. I like old tanks because they look unique, unlike today’s tanks which are mostly so similar they might just as well be made by a single company (not including Merkava, AMX 13, Centurion)

          Speaking about “making sense”, if you don’t like their policy, you can always try “shutting up”. Or “buy WG from big boss Victor Kislyi”. Why? “Makes Sense”.

          • Never said anything about nor liking their policy, just felt like being a sarcastic douch for giggles and shits. :)

      • But no respect for EU, in some countries for example in Hungary the USSR simbols are same as nazi simbols both forbidden.

      • I’m Vietnamese and the Japs did occupy us for sometimes, killed and took respond for some millions dead mostly by famine(kinda one of the worst ways to die). But I’m fine with the Rising flag. And to be honest I kinda love Japan.

      • Korean just bunch of pansies,, even their football team wear a make up,, they always brag this and that,, then,, JUST BAN ALL THE SYMBOL! damn it korean,, stop whinning,, Indonesia is occupied by the japs too but,, the past is still the past,, you can’t do a shit about,, the thing you need to do is just move on! the japs still using that rising sun flag up until now and guess what? german armored squad still using the same logo as WW2,, and you can’t do a shit about it,, if you hate the historical side that much then why you guys not ban the Swastika and Hammer and Sickle logo too? -_-
        and Russian still using that red star ==”

  2. If they keep the requirement WOT style, to get 60 fps partially steady you will need to play on lowest setting or play it on a machine that exceeds recommended requirements 2 times over.

  3. graphics dosent look very good… still u need a high end pc to get alright frames – bigworld engine in a nutshell

  4. So how can a ship be unspotted and invisible unless its past the horizon? I accept that a tank could be “invisible” from another tank because you’re staring out of a cupola across ground, but a huge warship being invisible from another is a joke.

      • Maybe not one man, but there are hundreds of people on these ships, some with the best optics of their times each with a sector to cover. That’s just using eyesight too, not mentioning any other ways of spotting enemy ships.

  5. Many of the GUI elements are way too transparent. They need to put some something opaque behind them.

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  7. man, can’t wait until it come out…. the grafic is so awsome (hope that my PC will abel to handel that piece of grafic) @@
    also can’t wait for the 1st mod in this game

    • Yes, the standard one will be a shipyard with 4096×4096 textures everywhere, 30 dynamic lights and over 100 particle systems to make it run at 5fps.

  8. Looks good enough. Interesting though that repairs are a consumable.

    Also, seeing those 65k hp could be an interesting indication for credit grinding depending on how much damagea good player can actually cause.

    • It does look rather good in “hangar”, but on the “battle” screenies it’s still kinda,meh.. However, there might be an improvement since earlier WoWS builds.

  9. What the point of implementing “WG spotting system” (c) (judging by “! DETECTED !” on all images) if you still can see an enemy on 12+ km (which is right in any way). The only reasonable explanation for me is to make an ambush behind some rocky islands, but I believe you will be spotted much sooner before you can take your position.

  10. WOWS looks visually awesome. Naval games though have been up to this point been a niche product. The same can be said for airplanes. For Free To Play to work, you need thousands of subscribers. Since Naval is a niche product normally, this does not bode well for WOWS. (of course no one had done a tank FPS MMO before either)

    • I expect the American market to be big for this game, possibly rivaling WoT EU’s current numbers, if not better. WG was hoping there would be a large NA market for WOWP but they messed it up and I feel that we as Americans get behind our fighting ships more so than our fighting aircraft.

  11. Looks fun. Much better then WoWP.. Would be interesting if they had a mode where you can tank, fly and sail on the same map. shooting at each other.

  12. Only 1 map shown.
    No torpedoes shown.
    No carriers shown, although I think you can see one marked on the HUD and mini map in the last photo.