46 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: IS-7 in HD

    • If you really want to spend much money for that game (as I do), then buy one of the T8 prem heavies. These bad boys generate 50% more credits than the regular T8. In really good battles (2500dmg+) you can get about 80000-100000 credits in one game. Only depends on how good you are.

      I personally have the T34, which is a solid tank without good armor (except turret), and a superior long-range gun because I prefer TD’s in normal game.

      • Done 130k+ credits in one battle with my Type 59 today, Scout and Ace Tanker on that one too. My T34 and Löwe are great credit makers as well.

  1. Anyone know the number of HD models that are going to be implemented in patch 9.3? Not including the new tanks.

    • i dont think the devs are certain off that themselve, hece the ”(IF they manage to put the HD textures in).”

      • Converting models in to HD is an ongoing process. Those that are finished just go to supertest or public test, those that aren’t, wait for another public test.

  2. Oooh, nice! Cant wait! But it says 9.3…
    *goes to Google Translate*
    9.3, from WarGamish to English, means 9.5 :(

      • black dots are ugly.

        look at warthunder even the 50mm at plains have real holes in the MB …. should’t be the problem

          • The thing it is in a way, warthunder may do it but old comps can’t really play it, WG are trying to keep the game playable still for older comps while improving the games looks,
            Textures can still look realistic when done right, ie; bump mapping
            Also where’s the proof the holes in the 50mm in WT are actually modelled, they can easily be animated textures, ud be surprised how many games use just textures to make things look 3D, it saves on space.

  3. Some HD models got nerfed while some (i think) got buffed. Best armor nerf example is M103.

    - nerfed turret ring
    - nerfed upper plate
    - nerfed lower plate
    - turret roof nerfed and also got a very shtty angle as a bonus. The area right above the gun mantle.

    Only it’s turret cheeks got buffed. As for IS-7 HD model i dont think it will be nerfed since it had even better armor IRL anyway.