Not much today (apart from the Stronkhold QA earlier). Again. But at least the 9.3 supertest will be soon, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

- SU-76I (premium tier 3 TD) is still being tested apparently
- MBT-70 in WoT? “No comment” (SS: no, too modern)
- HD model size changes (SS: it got a it bigger IIRC), for example on the IS tank do not mean that camo factor was changed as well

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  1. Didn’t development for the MBT 70 start before the Leo 1? I know the MBT project was the result of Murica and germany trying to build a tank together and they ended up building their owen, Leo and Abrams.

    • I dont know is it too modern or not, but it would be seriously overpowered… 30 horse per ton and 70kmh…

      • The original prototype was made of non-armor mild steel and was tested with a 105 mm L7A3 or M68 rifled gun iirc. still, the rest of its features would make it OP.

    • MBT-70 (US) also know as KPz-70 (Germany) is the grandfather of Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams. The problem is the armor, because the armor is spaced armor made of steel, that offers great protection against HEAT ammo.

      • While I do agree that it’s too modern for the game, I felt the sudden urge to say:

        Well, not like HEAT ammo works very well against tanks already in the game anyway, :P.
        (Is way more situational than APCR, at least.)

  2. - MBT-70 in WoT? “No comment” (SS: no, too modern)

    That’s b/s. There is several known mild-steel hulled prototypes that were built before the finalized MBT was produced.

    The US used Continental engines and the gun similarly found on the XM-551 Sheridan and the M60A2 Starship. Radio and Targeting systems were conventional.

    Ze Chermins used a MAN engine (IIRC) and the Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore. Now, you could argue that that is too modern, but I’d argue back that these guns will eventually find their way into the game with balancing factors being the ammo. The german tree was originally plagued with tanks going obsolete due to the power creep so why not let them be the first to do something unique and open up a few smoothbores of the 1st generation of tanks (imagine how many happy tankers would like to fire smoothbores into those pesky autoloader tanks and td’s)? Again, radio and targeting systems were conventional.

    It’s a possibility WG should touch … the idea of two similar tanks on two national trees… US gets the MBT-70 prototype with the 152, and the Germans get the KPz-70 with the 120. Camo’s and guns would be the major differences, engines were roughly equal in performance.

    Want to give the Russian tree something unique in response? Duh … Object-279.

    • KPz 70 has 120mm smooth bore gun, so it is big no. If that tank allowed, then the T-72 first serie with all-steel armor and a deadly 125 mm gun also suitable.

      About American prototype with 152mm launcher, just think about is as SU-152′s gun. You probably don’t want to use that shitty gun on a tier 10 tank.

      • You’re about to see the gun on the XM-551. ..err… T49LT rather.

        This whole thing about smoothbores is seriously overrated. Sure, they’re used today, but the shells today are far better than they were during the infancy stages of the cold war era.

        You’ve got to think of things like this in terms of “counter-to” types of things. Artillery was a counter to hard target heavy tanks (the really thick ones that used to give other heavies trouble), and Tank Destroyers. Autoloaders were a counter to them as well, but at the cost of weaker armor – and also help to negate one-another in battle.

        What would help counter an autoloader? A hard hitting single-shot smoothbore. Sure, the pen would/could be pretty incredible, but they can balance it with reasonable alpha damage scaling.

        Remember, WoT used to say no to MBT’s and the game is chocked full of them in the higher tiers now.

        • Do you have any idea how big of a power gap that would be?

          A “bad” smoothbore could penetrate an angled Maus’ upper frontal plate with standard ammo.

  3. What about chaffee changes ? Will we get some free xp for the modules we unlocked but will be removed or get them unlocked for the thie 6 ?
    What about it’s price that will be reduced ? Any compensation?

  4. - SU-76I (premium tier 3 TD) is still being tested apparently

    FFS do we need ANOTHER fucking Russian prem TD? How about the US get one before you add a FOURTH Ruski?

  5. No matter the rest.
    Gimme dat premium SU NOW! I have money! Take it now and gimme dat little beauty!!!

  6. Love the Bill Murray reference. I viewed that scene from Caddyshack recently, and it wasn’t dated at all. You can find all of the great moments on Youtube.

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  9. The funny part is, all the composites and the likes do is create increased HE resistance. That is a variable that’s already in the game and could be adjusted accordingly for balance.

    Another funny thing is that people often claim “BUT MODERN TANKS HAVE LASER RANGE FINDERS AND FIRE CONTROL AND OPTICS!!!”

    As if every tank currently in the game from the Loltraktor to the T110E5 doesn’t already? You point your reticle at a target, get an instant, accurate range, while the game automatically adjusts elevation for you to hit that target at the range that’s specified.

    That’s modern range finding and targeting computers in an Loltraktor!

    Not to mention the fact that when you point at a tank behind a bush you get the entire tank outlined in red/green. Hey, that’s modern IFF systems and IR systems on a Loltraktor!

    Honestly, nothing’s “too modern” for this game as long as it has factors that can be balanced with parameters that are already in effect in the game.

    • A pivotal part of the entire MBT-70 program was that it had a smoothbore gun for the Germans, or a gun that fired missiles for the Americans. Granted, the gun-missile launcher IS in game on the Proto-Sheridan, but not the missile.

      The smoothbore gun the Germans put on it? The 120mm gun used on the M1A2 Abrams and the early Leopard II models.

      Something that can frontally penetrate the Maus with standard ammo at any combat range is impossible to balance.

      • Not really, no. The 105mm T140 would’ve penetrated a Maus thru it’s glacis pretty easily. The 120mm M58 and the 105mm M68/RO L7 would’ve done that too. There are plenty of guns in the game that would’ve penetrated a Maus frontally that have been toned down for balance sake. The T140E2 is an especially harsh case of this. With the velocity of that gun and the weight of the projectile it should’ve been penetrating 300mm+ with solid shot.

        Smooth-bore guns are another thing that could easily be balanced. There is no parameter of a smoothbore gun that can’t be adjusted by existing ingame parameters. So the whole “No smoothbores” thing is pretty much a cop-out.

        Lastly, as for the MBT70, it wouldn’t be so bad. Give it the gun-launcher in the same capacity as it’s going to be on the T49 but with better soft stats.

  10. Why do they say ‘no comment’ instead of ‘no’? Do they /always/ say no comment for questions about inclusion of tanks? (doubt it)