“Super Secret Tank” for the Fury Competition

Hello everyone,

so, yesterday, I got asked several times: “what is the super secret tank, awarded for the Fury competition”? Well, unless it gets leaked by the “Insider”, we won’t know for sure of course, but it’s not that hard to guess.

- it is something that is in the game already or was developed previously (competition end might not line up with new patch)
- it is something that was already supertested (which means it is something that we have seen before)
- it is not something EU server exclusive (WG does not work that way)
- it is something lowtier (current policy is that hightier tanks are not given out as rewards, only lowtiers do)

Well, basically there are only two options and one is much more likely. SU-76I and Grosstraktor – and given the fact that a Soviet tank destroyer is in no way related to the movie and it was tested ages ago (years, really), I think it’s going to be the Grosstraktor, which is… not a good tank, to put it mildly.

Edit: hmmmm looks like I might have been wrong with my guess. On it.

By the way, at first I was actually thrilled by the competition – not that I want to participate (even if I was Steven Spielberg himself, I wouldn’t win anyway) but the first prize is very exciting (a paid trip to USA – you don’t have the option to win that every day) and I thought we’d some some very creative things.

Then I checked the rules and damn, they are pretty strict. Pretty much no creativity is allowed, I think that all you will get is a bunch of videos showing a Sherman shooting at a Tiger with the “allowed” clips in the background and then a big “Fury” title and that’s it. How will it be decided which clip is better, I have no idea. But who knows, maybe I will be surpised.

32 thoughts on ““Super Secret Tank” for the Fury Competition

  1. Hmm…too bad they’re not doing anything here on NA like that. I wonder if the “super secret” tank will be the alpha/beta tester M4A2E4 Sherman? That would make sense, since the movie is about Shermans…

  2. A bad tank can be good if it gets placed low enough. Gro├čtraktor Tier 1 premium? Yeah, any time.

  3. SU-76i was tested reletively recent, SS. I think you’re mixing it up with the SU-85i

  4. Well, if it is gonna be the Grosstractor, i hope they fix thatmtrack bug first though. (Last i checked the track was not a ‘spaced’ armor, but just regular armor.)

  5. Well… maybe it’s an M6A2E1 or a M4A2E4 (even been Beta reward it’s only to be given 20 of them…). It SHOULD be something related to that “Fury” tank (anyway Wargaming can give any annoying tank they have in the sleeve).

  6. What are the rules of the competition and when will it happen?
    And is there a limited amount of traktors available?

  7. Hmm, a BT-SV or Pz II J would be a reward worth competing for. They’re not RU server exclusive, and they’re super rare. Will be interesting to see!

  8. I have played with Gro├čtraktor and must say – it is definitely A CRAP. High HP pool, many crew members (good for crew training) but the gun is ugly and the whole tank is a paper.