9.3 HD Models

Source: Various (wot-news, world-of-ru, Wladimir S.)

If you are wondering about the red parts on some models, red is the replacement color for missing texture.

Chaffee – stock turret, stock gun (75mm M6)


Chaffee – elite turret, elite gun (75mm M17)


M5 Stuart – stock turret, 37mm M6


M5 Stuart – elite turret, 37mm T16


M3 Lee – 75mm M2


M3 Lee – 75mm M3


KV-1S – stock turret, 76mm ZiS-5


KV-1S – elite turret, 85mm S-31


KV-1S – elite turret, 122mm S-41


KV-85 – stock turret, 85mm D-5T


KV-85 – elite turret, 100mm S-34


KV-85 – elite turret, 122mm D-2-5T


T-34 – stock turret, 76mm L-11


T-34 – stock turret, 76mm F-34


T-34 – elite turret, 57mm S-54


T-34 – elite turret, 76mm S-53




ISU-152 – 122mm BL-9S


ISU-152 – 152mm BL-10





RU-251 – 90mm Rheinmetall DM1


Jagdpanther – 75mm L/70


Jagdpanther – 88mm L/56


Jagdpanther – 88mm L/71


Jagdpanther – 105mm L/52









76 thoughts on “9.3 HD Models

    • the answer is simple.

      First reworked are historical tanks, you know, the legendary ones like T-34, tiger etc.
      The new tanks are made in HD by default so… yeah there goes your answer. The Tier X comes after historical tanks and then comes prototypes, last for rework are fakes like GW Tiger P or T28 proto.

  1. Second pic with KV-1S also has elite turret, minor mistake but you might want to correct it ;d

  2. Still no French tanks in HD this patch? They’ve yet to get a single one.

    No more British ones either, they only have 3 to the Russian, German and American’s what…8 now at tops?

    Why not just do 1-2 vehicles in HD for each nation per patch rather than this scattershot way? Let every nation’s players get things equally, then after the small ones are done from this way, give their slot over to the larger nations to continue filling their larger trees, with focus on iconic mass produced tanks first.

    • Because historical tanks have priority and Frenchies have nothing at high tiers that fought the war and B2 is just… unpopular :(

      • Because historical tanks have priority..errrr

        There are NO Historical tanks, its all compromised by balance (as it needs to be for a game), however NONE are correct in true “fact” based assessment.

        The reason the French Line is ignored, pure $$$$$$, stronk Russian fantasy models = MONEY, simple fact

    • 3 degrees gun depression angle, like the hightier chinese tanks, longer reload, maybe even worse accuracy…

      • Yes but it is the same 1 shot gun as the KV-1S so nothing has changed, doesnt matter if it has longer reload and a bit less accuracy if it still can 1 shot half the tanks and 2 shot the other tanks he meets.

        Personally i dont care if it still 1 shots, i didnt care the KV-1S one shots every thing in his path, and as I dint care about what the previous tanks and current tanks did before being nerfed uselsesly just becasue some 8 years old crybabys dont know how to play against tanks or with them

        • you’re right with that the gun is mostly the same, however the tank should be far less mobile now than it was AFAIK…
          the biggest problem with pre-0.9.3 KV-1S wasn’t the gun, it was the fact that that it had trollish armour (with armour values taken from historical KV-85, not from KV-1S), too good mobility (IRL taken from KV-1S, not from KV-85), good and unhistorical top 122mm gun depression (8 degrees down, instead of historical 3) and on top of that was the gun with brutal damage and pen, and all of that only compensated by poor reload speed and bit worse accuracy (which frankly wasn’t enough)…

          Compare it with KV-2, that is also able to one-shot or seriously cripple any tank on the same tier… the sheer power of the gun was balanced by poor mobility (not the worst in it’s class, but still poor), abyssmal acuracy, poor pen values, turret armour that left a lot to be desired and really slow realod time (though quite realistic, as the 152mm shells tend to be heavy), with ARL-44, that has two top guns, comparable to top guns found on tier VII and VIII heavies, and a good upper glacis armour, yet it’s riddled with weakspots, it’s mobility leaves lot to be desired, and the guns, although nasty, are hard to handle (at least for the bottom 90% of players), or with T-150, that has really good armour and good gun, but it’s mobility is also kind of bad…

  3. I have 3 HD tanks (Panther, Stug III, IS) in my garage + this M3 Lee and KV-85 (Replacing the tier 6 KV-1S in my garage, no free tier 5 KV-1S).

  4. The T-34′s F-34 gun in the stock turret? It looks really weird… And for god’s sake, from where did that idiot muzzle brake of the D-2-5T came from?

    • from one of the trial models of 122mm D-25T gun (there were three types of them… this one, the one that looked german-style, and then the classical production one)… AFAIK that’s the infamous type of the muzzle brake that was blown appart during firing trials of the IS-122… it probably wasn’t used on the prototype KV-122 (D-25T armed KV-85), but who knows…
      So it’s historical type of D-25T gun, but it may or may not be historical on KV-85

  5. I’m kind of surprised with the 88mm KwK 43 L/71 gun barrel on the new HD Jagdpanther…
    They made the early production Jagdpanther instead the more known version.

    The early production gun barrel (like the one on the Ferdinand/Elefant, one piece): https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7091/7296284774_46c61de40b_z.jpg

    The later production gun barrel (like the one on Pz. VI B Tiger II, two piece, to make the replacement of the rifling closer to the muzzle, as the higher velocity of projectile closer to the muzzle damaged the riffling too fast):

  6. That T-34 looks pretty damn great. It’s a shame that wheels aren’t moving independent for me, due to my low kind of graphics quality. :( It would be also nice on the ISU and the IS.

    If anybody knows the solution, please help me. THANKS!

  7. I’m guessing the elite KV-1S turret (the one with the giant cupola) is not exactly historical?

    And the stock/elite M3 stuart…can anyone tell the difference bewteen the two guns? Because I can’t.

    • the top one (M3) is shorter, and straighter, the stock one (M2) is shorter, and is widened a bit at the muzzle

      • Ok, so it looks like some minor differences are visible if I look at them in full view.

        …So a shorter gun of the same caliber gives more penetration? What are they using, supercharged propellants?

        • “And the stock/elite M3 stuart…can anyone tell the difference bewteen the two guns? Because I can’t.”
          “…So a shorter gun of the same caliber gives more penetration? What are they using, supercharged propellants?”

          You talking about the Stuart or the Lee?

          • oh… I messed up…
            for M3 Lee medium tank:
            The stock (M2) gun is shorter, the top gun (M3) is longer…

            for the M5 Stuart I don’t know… the top gun will have “autoloader” (or more precisely, semi-automatic clip)

    • “I’m guessing the elite KV-1S turret (the one with the giant cupola) is not exactly historical?”

      I don’t have pictures of the necessary side of it’s turret, but I’m suspecting it’s the turret for the other KV-122(mounting the howitzer)

  8. Is the JagdPanther’s L/71 not supposed to look like the L/56, with two cannon sections for easier replacement of the worn part?

    • As shown the JagPanther is very poorly modeled and is a mix of model types. The most obvious error is the use of a one part barrel with the later bolted weapon mount, that and the exhaust stains on the rear manifold cooling intakes.

      Only early type JPs had the one part barrel with the thin edged weapon mount.

      No, NEVER fitted with a 10.5 or 7.5cmm l70 or the 88 L56, all total bollocks and not historical, more WG Fantasy shit.

      The 2 part barrel was used as the forward section wore faster and it was easier to make with the increasing shortages of long bore machines (Older boring machines with a shorted reach could be used for the 2 part type)

  9. Oh great, they all look like they’re sculpted out of cheese like the first HD models did in 9.0 before they fixed the textures. Hopefully they deal with this before they release 9.3.

    • The tanks in the pictures dont have their final textures on, so that is why they look like that