Straight Outta Supertest: New Map “Crab Village”

Hello everyone,

a video from supertest, showing a certain map. Its internal name is “Crab Village”. This time, with stylish soundtrack! Please note that this is not a real map, but an internal map used to test WG vehicles apparently.




30 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: New Map “Crab Village”

  1. Name seems to be allusion to crayfish and to peasantry, but isn’t it map for internat tests of vehicles?

  2. Dafuq is that soundtrack, I was even able to understand it…well, as a german…

    Looks kind of interesting though with all them hills, a bit like Red Shire 2.0 but not quite. Pretty boring actually, but hey, not every tank battle took place in a densely populated city…

  3. Maybe its a fucking joke. It looks like it’s 200×200 meter. Not really ideal for tanking….

    I don’t think this is serious at all.

    • Crayfish means noob in russian, the map is called crab village, it is small and perfect for tiers 1-3, you really need to think more thoroughly before you label something as “fucking joke”.

      • Welp, the thing is, WG nowadays hardly seems to care about low-tiers, since that stuff gains them very little income. Seems a bit weird to me for them to throw resources at a map made specifically for low tier vehicles >_>

        Then again if WG has some greater plan to make low tiers attractive for experienced players (for st other than sealclubbing), I’d be one happy panda :)

        • Low tier is the first thing people get to experience when they try your game. If they don’t like what they see at first, they’re not gonna stick around long enough to spend money.

      • Yes sire. You seam very wise. I will take your advice and think…… Done…. It’s still a joke to me and a test map for WG.

  4. No, everybody look at the overhead view of the map! It’s clearly the shape of a crab’s carapace.

  5. If this is the intended size, please restrict it to Tier 1-3… buut I guess nope since we have Ensk, Mines and similar lol-smaller-than-loltraktors-viewrange shit at all tiers.

    • It’s not, otherwise they would not have bothered to start working on playable areas outside of the marked lines (red lines). Most likely this is just a concept map at the moment, seeing how it’s not even remotely close to being finished.

  6. This is a supertest exclusive map, I’ve asked around.
    Nothing of the value is lost though.
    The joke, as far as I could get it, is that battles on this one are very short, and thus it’s easy “to crab” tests on it.

  7. So this is what they have been spending all their time on instead of releasing the second French HT tree…