Supertest M56 Scorpion Update


Hello everyone,

just a quick update on the M56 Scorpion and how it is doing on supertest. Scorpion set of characteristics (including pictures) was leaked earlier, when the vehicle was introduced to the supertest server.


The feedback from supertesters about this vehicle is that with current characteristics, it sucks even against tier 9 vehicles, let alone tier 10′s. The developers allegedly agree, they too are unhappy with the vehicle performance. Current line of thinking is that this tank destroyer will definitely have limited matchmaking – it’s allegedly even possible it will not see tier 9 and 10 tanks in battle at all. This is however extremely preliminary at this point, further tests and tweaks are being conducted.

87 thoughts on “Supertest M56 Scorpion Update

      • Compared to scorpion e-25 is one tier lower and with pref mm on top of that. Opposition is significantly different on that tier level, giving e-25 more freedom and chance to snipe with it’s machine gun.

      • It is closer to a US Nashorn than a US E-25.
        E-25 has an insane mobility, camo and rate of fire, while the uptiered Scorpion doesnt even seem faster than a medium tank, and has lower DPM compared to even tier 6 tanks. Nashorn has 9.52 rpm for comparision. SU-122-44 has 3000 DPM.
        Scorpion should be a tier 6 at the very best. It simply doesn’t fit at tier 8 because nothing stands out….except for the extremely expensive price for a shitty tank.

      • Why dont you take that old “super hellcat” (which was meant to be the actual hellcat in the past i know) but take the name, give it sth like a buffed 90mm e.g from the pershing? Say 170-180 pen & 250-260 apcr-goldpen, rof 8 and buffed accuracy on the move, groundresistance, turret turningspeed and good camo. 800-1000 health depending if t7 or 8.

        Make it a t7 normal MM or even a T8 with preferential MM, i ASSURE it will be sold like hotdogs and quite decent to play, too.

    • You can still do reasonably well if you have high alpha and high dpm. Against high tier heavies Borsig can at least do some damage before dying, trading one enemy shot for his two and retreating further back behind corners. Scorpion with current stats doesn’t have neither alpha nor dpm … not even enough pen to make every shell count.

  1. I wish there was info on Chinese TD’s, what candidates does WG have for the branch, there’s so little about TD’s from China, even something comes… it might be made up.

        • You mean this one ?

          I examined the pic closely, it shows signs of image editing (notice the height numbers)

          So it might be a fake or some WG employee was just trying to make an image from chinese description. Either way, if this turns out to be a fake, I’m more curious than ever of what WG got from their chinese partener

      • In service never had but prototypes existed, one of them was a SU-122-54 look alike but on T-34 hull, it was posted by SerB some time ago. Oh god, I’m dying to see at least what these tanks look like on blueprints.

    • There is a picture that SerB posted years ago of a “Type 100″, which is basically a really blocky, turretless WZ-120 with a fixed 100mm gun.

    • Rumors said there might be a SU-100-clone and maybe some obscure TD base on the M5 Stuart with front-mounted gun (like T82 but maybe with closed superstructure).

  2. Lets see why this TD is an obvious fail.

    1-VERY small maps.
    2-Not alot cover in maps and many maps are non armored vehicles friendly.
    3-World of corridors (is a good thing if you defend but if you attack or need move no).
    4-No armor
    5-low firepower… unable to scare a tier 8 tank.
    6-i think is like new tier 8 scouts, a bag of criticals

    Changes in maps are not specially good for unarmored vehicles and one unable to scare enemy with his gun…

    Lets see in what finis the test in WOT with bigger maps.

  3. Wow, a cardboard armored TD(Tank Destroyer) fails in World of Corridors just like any other TD w/o armor nowadays do. Strange.

  4. WG’s mistake was to try and force a TD into Tier 8 so they could charge a WHOLE lot more for it.

    Considering that its M54 gun is ballistically identical to the M36 gun on the Patton, how did it get a pen of 219 vs the Patton’s 172?

    What it SHOULD have been is a Tier6 with maybe Preferential MM (depending on testing).
    The gun appears in the middle of the pack for Tier6 TD Pen/Damage with the:
    Church GC having the best at 214
    ARL v39 at 212
    Nashorn at 203
    SU-100 at 175
    —The M56 goes here at 172—
    AT8 at 171
    Dicker Max at 169
    Hellcat/Jackson at 160

    They need to treat it like it really is; a slower, weaker (hp and armor), more nimble version of the Hellcat with 12 (yes, only 12) extra pen in a turret that can only rotate 30 degrees to the left and right.

  5. Putting this thing in at tier 8 was stupid from the beginning. Hopefully they’ll downtier it now.

  6. Give it 100 kms an hour, a 180 turret, a chaffee (old) turning speed.. and only sees t8 tanks.. Easy fix.. and a power to weight ratio of 35.80

    Reason? it weighs like nothing.. and has no armor to protect it self..


    Dear Silentstalker, do you onow something new about WoT Blitz Android Beta test ? I found something on Russian forum, but nothing on European or CZ/SK section. There are also some non-official download links, but im aware that my account might be banned if i use non-offi version. There is lot of chaos going arround about whole thing, in one QnA you wrote that beta test for android should begin 17.9.

  8. Why would they make it tier 8 anyway? This thing’s tier 6 material, tier 7 with preferential matchmaking at the very best. Tier 8? Without preferential matchmaking? Are they out of their minds?

    With literally 0 armor it’s going to get popped by near misses from arty like nobody’s business. Anything and everything poses a very grave threat to this vehicle. It’s gun is nothing to write home about.

    It doesn’t make any sense. They would’ve been much, much better off with the T78…

    • They made it Tier8 so they could charge a BUTT-Ton of Gold for it vs what they charge for a Tier6 TD (where it belongs).

      Tier8 Prem TDs go for 10k gold while Tier6 Prem TDs go for about 3k gold.

  9. To be honest its more likely a tier 7 material with tier 8 max mm, but again Wargaming wont justify price of 10k gold for tier 7 tank so they need to make him tier 8.

    • Nobody’s going to pay 10k gold for this thing anyway. Especially when they can get the same high-speed-high-mobility-mediocre-gun gameplay with the E25 for less money and actually have a little bit of armor to go with it.

  10. Looked at the stats again. One of the problems here is definitely the RoF. It’s just… WTF. As someone else pointed out, tier 6 Nashorn has considerably higher RoF.

  11. Either scrap this turd and replace it with something else or move it down to tier 6 and give it a damage ratio like the SU100Y but the M56 to have much better camo values.

    • IMO moving this down to tier 6 will be a bad idea considering the abundance of derp guns on those tiers

    • Yes, super limited MM would ensure Scorpion is the only tier 8 in the battle, while everyone else are on tier 7 or 6.

      … and seriously now …

      If it gets any better MM than tier 8 +1 it would be pain in the ass to platoon with, as you’d either have to pair up with tier 6 tanks or risk going beyond own MM limits. It would put you at the disadvantage either way.

  12. I’ve got a better idea, dump this piece of s**t down to tier 6 with a tier 6 hp pool like the Dickermax, and quit screwing around and re-classify the T34 to a tier 8 premium TD like it should be, and offer up the M6A2E1 as the Tier 8 Heavy replacement.

    Enough is enough already. You changed the T30, now change the T34 to its rightful place.

  13. Still will not buy unless demoted to at most Tier 7 with max Tier 8 MM, or better yet max tier 7 MM, whether or not this is turned into a Tier 6. It is that abysmal.

    I don’t think WG realizes that demand is price-elastic over their current range of gold prices possible for this, so dropping price increases revenue, and since marginal cost is basically nothing for being an electronic good, more revenue = guaranteed more profits.

  14. I also looked again at the stats they gave it…. and sadly I have to agree with the “WTF”-comments.

    This TD is so bad with these stats, that it makes me wonder, if some of the developers at WG dont have any idea about their own game at all. The Idea seems to have been, to make a premium borsig… but what keeps the borsig running, is the high pen, alpha and DPM. Now they take away ALL the armor, thats left on the borsig… that would now fit the bill for a *good* t8 premium-TD with normal matchmaking, as it is now weaker than the real thing.

    Then they take the awesome PEN away… ok, it maybe would still work, but NOT against t10 anymore. (Not without lots of armor and or HP)

    Then they take the alpha damage. That one hurts. Under 300 alpha means you have very bad burst dpm, and noone will fear your gun. This now is worse, than it seems, because this + bad armor means even tomato light and medium-tanks will rush you at every occasion.

    And THEN to top that madness, they take away even the DPM.
    WTF? Now this TD doesnt make ANY sense at anymore. How can they take a t8 TD, nerf it down to about t6 level and still think, they can sell it as a T8 TD with normal matchmaking???

    “Oh…hoho… now we might give him max t9.” .What? Thats what they need weeks of testing for? Really? Thats just a joke. -_-