A quick announcement – I had several events planned for this week, specifically a nice historical competition, the Hall of Shame mod, some streams and such. Unfortunately, everything got delayed by a week or two by the fact that my PC is undergoing repairs, so please, be patient (especially the mod seems to be a requested featured judging by mail).

- the equipment is tied to a vehicle, not its modules. FV207 British artillery for example uses medium caliber rammer, while the vehicle tier higher uses large caliber rammer, even though it can use the same gun. That is due to the presence of the 7.2in howitzer on the latter vehicle
- Swedish tanks in the game? “If Swedish tanks were to be added to the game they would more likely be part of a European tree.”
- regarding WoT monetization: “The game model is such that you use your tier 6 and tier 5 to generate credits to fund your higher tiers. If you could play tier 10 without ever having to really worry about losing credits, why would anyone ever use the premium account option, purchase premium tanks, or play any other tier than tier 10 where they don’t have to worry about facing tanks of a higher tier?”
- T95E2 Medium Tank in WoT? “We can’t comment on future content because it’s always subject to change. The future of this tank hasn’t been confirmed, once we’re sure of what is happening with it, we’ll let players know at a time where we’re also able to answer any questions players have about it.”

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  1. Su 122 44 get medium caliber rammer, and su 152 uses a large caliber. Same tier td, of same nation, only difference is 152mm gun. Obviously, the fv207 example is bullshit.

      • KV-1s tier 6 122mm top gun: Large Caliber Rammer.
        SU-122-44 tier 7 122mm gun: Medium Caliber Rammer

        • It’s not tied to gun CALIBER but to TANK CLASS.

          Medium is for medium tank and large is for heavy. KV-1s is Heavy while SU-122-44 is based on medium tank.

          Now… can you calm your nipples and star being humane ?

            • Big deal. That needs a proper investigation and punishment of responsible people. Go after it. Chase them down and burn them on electrical chair. Geez. Get a job and you won’t have time to think about such bullcrap.

          • Perhaps this rule doesn’t work all the time.
            36.01(H)&M6&Chuichill MK.VII with Medium-Caliber Rammer say hi.

            In addition:
            T-34-3 (with D-25TA) got a LARGE-Caliber gun rammer, and T-44 (with the option to carry D-25-44 gun) use a MEDIUM-Caliber one.

            • thats different
              su-122-44 was probably a mistake, but since wg is agaist to change prem tanks even if is a buff they didnt changed anything.
              -these hts have low calibers like mts usually have.
              -t-44 122mm isnt the elite gun, like the t-34-2 and even wz-120 has 122 as elite gun, all the other choices are lower calibers. BUT 121 uses large rammer.

              • I see that at least for T-44, no one really takes D-25-44 gun into consideration, but it’s marked as tier VIII, while LB-1 stays tier VII.(so Tank Inspector and the Android Knowledge Database use D-25-44 as default “elite” gun for T-44)

                And for caliber problems, there are more examples:

                Caernarvon: 20-pdr gun(83.4mm), LARGE Caliber Rammer.
                AT 15: 20-pdr gun(83.4mm), MEDIUM Caliber Rammer.
                For gods sake, AT15 is by no means based on a medium tank hull. (not if you call something that weighs over 60t a med )
                And it have exactly the same gun as Caernarvon. (20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel versus 20-pdr AT Gun Type B Barrel )

                It’s really messed up.

                Especially when you see that we have a tier 7 HT named Black Prince (17-pdr,76.2mm ) that uses LARGE Caliber Gun Rammer.

                • Black prince is the most egregious example of this. Presumably just because it’s a heavy tank, but that’s a bullshit reason to put a heavy rammer on it. The prince is shitty enough as is, they might as well give it a break and let it use the medium rammer.

        • 122mm is a medium caliber gun in relation to tank destroyer guns in the game, but it’s a large caliber gun in relation to tank guns in the game.

          I don’t know, but that’s all I can guess.

  2. As far as I remember Tiger I uses a large caliber rammer while it has just 88mm barrel. At the same time all TX meds with 105mm guns use a medium one…
    The same thing with Caernarvon and even the BP(!) for the British.
    It doesn’t make much sense…

  3. Please, give up that Hall of Shame bullshit. It makes FTR look ridiculous, and you a hypocrite. Taking seriously the babbling of 10 years old and/or idiots in an online game, then posting it on a blog? And you seriously think the HoS supporters support it because they cast stones at those hurrdurring fools? Bullshit, they just want to see and enjoy the best catfights of WoT. It’s like why people watch Jerry Springer Show.

    • Of course, WG never looked at the Hall of Shame and thinks, “Wow, the game chat really is bad. And now more players are seeing how rampant it is. Maybe we should develop a way to automatically ban that stuff.”
      No, of course WG would never do anything like that.

        • Which is why he said that. :) he was being sarcastic.
          Not trying to be insulting, just have no clue if you know what the word means.
          Sorry in advance if you do. :(

          …..I feel stupid right now. you’re probably just stating a fact and have a full understanding of what he was meaning- and now I’m just going to look like a jerk for even giving you this definition. :/

          sorry again.

          (on topic) I’m rather glad that the American servers haven’t really seen this kind of chat- or at least I haven’t. I’ve had 11k or so battles… I could have forgotten? Or maybe I am just lucky and have not seen them.

          One thing NA has in abundance, unfortunately. Is whiners, ALL THE WHINERS. OH MY GOOOOOODNEEEESS AAAAAAAALLLLL THE WHIIIIINE! WE HAS IT ALL!


          *Kauris died from the annoyance overdose*

      • I’m still not sure about why you would want to *ban* people for their insults. If you can detect those words automatically, then you can also filter them out to leave ****s in their place. Or just prevent the whole message from being sent, with the offender receiving a ‘please be polite’ notice instead. Nobody gets offended and nobody gets punished, it’s the best of both wolrds.

          • There will be no insults and no neonazi comments if you don’t allow such comments to begin with, using an automated filter. I doubt the World of Tanks chat is a place for discussing anything Auschwitz or cancer, so you should be fine just filtering out those words.
            You can’t punish people for thinking what they think, or else Silentstalker would have gotten in big trouble already over his comments about romas and transgenders. And following that, if you don’t allow these vocal individuals to express their disgusting hate, there is no basis to punish them, since nobody’s feelings are hurt.

      • Did you see the “Taking seriously the babbling of 10 years old and/or idiots in an online game” part? Are you people really this senstive? Oh my god, a 10 years old degenerate told me in WoT to get cancer? I feel so offended… World’s full of overly agressive idiots, and internet’s been always the best place for faceless insults/threats. If you give a damn about idiots who you don’t even know and probably will never meet IRL, it’s your problem.

      • i did notice hall of shame was full of people who raged, but some of them had good reasons to rage.
        people are just sick of “red” team players who cost them the match!
        so there should be a hall of shame of idiot players too, that you beg MM not to put them in your team!

        • Even if you are sick of reddies it doesnt give you the right to heavy insult them

          Also, HoS is not about ppl whining on reddies. Its overall all about retards whining on everyone. Be it a reddie, an unicum or an averange player

          I killed greenie ? Here comes the holocaust stuff
          I killed the unicum ? Here comes the blitzkrieg and separate servers stuff
          I killed the reddie ? Here comes the noob and your mum stuff

          The biggest shame is that WG report system is a totally fucking joke. Every person that is spewing such heavy insults should be automatically banned for some period. And how WG system works ? Oh well, here’s a chatban for 3-7 days…and only after shitloads of ppl will report the same person in a short amount of time

          No matter how I’m enjoying the WoT, I never enjoyed its community. Its the most toxic community I ever saw in multiplayer games.
          And the reason behind this is because WG dont do shit to actually ban ppl. Imagine how friendly and clear the game would be if WG would hire actual moderators for ingame battle chat that would ban ppl instead of this crappy report system with chat ban. Or a autoban system. Doesnt matter – what matter is that the game would be a lot better when the flamers and haters would be banned for good. You were banned for a week and you are still spewing acid ? Here’s a monthly ban. You are spewing acid again ? Nice, catch the permaban

          But hey, WG doesnt care. Not to mention that if you pay ‘em monies you wont be even chat banned

          • But hey, WG doesnt care. Not to mention that if you pay ‘em monies you wont be even chat banned
            wow thats the biggest Bullshit ive ever heard…

      • i hate the idea and i really hope WG will forbidd that mod and give you a perma ban.

        i mean srsly normally those people got already chat bans etc. so they already payed the price for their actions
        its the same as in real life you cant be arrested twice for the same crime because it would be tottaly retarded and also you are not WG or something you are only a guy who plays police…

        • I do believe the mod was made in collaboration with WG, so you have a long time to wait.

          Also, they wouldn’t be chatting in battle chat if they were already chatbanned, would they? If they did get chatbanned and are still vomiting nazi crap in chat after the ban period expires, that’s not being arrested for the same crime twice, that’s being arrested for relapsing into crime after release, which happens all the time in real life. I suggest you get your real life examples straight first before you post.

          • yes but then you get arrested by the police (in this case WG) and not by some guy who thinks he is Justitia…
            and this mod automatically reports People who where 1!!! Time in the Hall of shame so maybe it was the first and last Time they wrote something like this in the chat(maybe they had some rl problems and had to let off some steam) and already got their chatban,the mod will still report them for 1 mistake in the chat,thats not fair or anything…

            and i am sure the mod wasnt made in collarbation with WG because why would WG like to get banned good customers for writing something stupid in the chat,its not that a lot of people would quit the game because the chat is so rude (you can even turn the chat off…) if it would be like that LOL wouldnt be that popular…

            • Well, you got it all wrong. It’s not SS who is going to ban them, it’s WG’s automatic system (police force of this game). We, citizens just call the police using above-mentioned mod.
              Got it?

        • You said it. This not WoT so we are not aware of any penalty incurred. Besides nothing happens to them if they are outed as assholes in FTR.

  4. About mods, uhm does anyone know if there is a historical naming mod?
    Meaning that if the T-49 light uses the second turret it;s name changes to XM55 or if the T-34 uses the first turret and the 76 gun it would be name T-34/76.
    I know slim chance.

    It would a neat mod but probably hard to do.

  5. “the equipment is tied to a vehicle, not its modules.”

    this is entirely bullshit, since t 34 3 and 121 uses a large gun rammer cause they got a heavy 122 gun, even tho the tanks are medium!

      • yes, defined for the vehicle but no for the example: I use 122, 100 and 85 on T-34-2 with medium rammer

        there’s no rule for that, as already been said, M6 and KV-1 has medium rammers

  6. Leave the mod SS. While I understand (and approve) the idea behind it, it is a very slippery slope. I strongly recommend you dont go through with it. It something you cant repair later.

    • im whaiting for this mode, when after re-make its will be posible to use even XVM, so autoreport all >3k WN8 purples :D or <45% WR noobs, or make local db of players, where you cant add whool clan like R1SE, Unica and others tops for autoreport, share config and tratata lets party begins :D

  7. Still haven’t give up on that retarded mod. Why am i not surprised. I’m pretty sure it will backfire at you nicely :)

    • Not to mention the mod is actually abusing the report system. (These things fall under the category Insult/Provocation, while you want your mod to report those players for Unsportsmanlike conduct)
      While the Hall of Shame is rather OK-ish, it’s still a couple of screenies take out of context. While some of the entries are results of behavior of some sick persons, some can be easily provoked reactions, one time things. Still, well, man should take responsibility for his actions.
      But it doesn’t give any right to Silentstalker to create some sort of vigilante group, which is going to abuse the in-game report system. Not to mention he proclaims himself to be “the jury and the judge.” Silentstalker, while I respect your work highly, this thing is crossing a threshold you shouldn’t be crossing. It makes you hypocritical power-abuser.

  8. Well SS, i like your blog very much, but this mod seems to be very unfair to me, because it can report players who maybe already had a ban in past for their behavior. At least i get it that way, or is there any system of removing people from Hall of Shame? Or chance to report only nazi/random nation haters/etc.?
    Get reported always by mod because saying ‘f*** your mother’??? (in some cases once, but person had ‘luck’ to make it to HoS) – I think mod in this situation is worse than actual behavior of the person. Is there any rules to get to HoS?
    I still believe that you have taken all of this in mind and the mod really can help the community.

  9. I think it will be a good mod, because, humanity is swimming in neck-line shit. I man, I wouldn’t be sad if Putin was launching nukes around everywhere as I was writing this.

    Basically, fuck you all, for doing nothing good as a whole society…