22 thoughts on “9.3 Different Track Models (Reloaded)

    • Yes they do that’s why I believe its a visual model error, if u look at every pic there is no actual change in color nor actual track design, only a positional change in the visual model, so I don’t think its ment to be intentional.

      • There’s definitely a change in track design for the Sherman and the Tiger, but the Panther & Jagdpanther changes are just positional.

        • No, Tiger and Sheran have also the same tracks, just with more/less links, so it looks like it’s different

        • If you look really close on the panther an jagdpanther, the elite tracks are a little bit rounded on the part that comes in contact with the ground, the stock ones are flatter.

  1. Panther / JagdPanther tracks look the same, just placed a bit differently

    M4 and Tiger tracks look different, but the sprockets remain the same and thus don’t match up with the tracks properly (worse on the M4, the Tiger looks okay from this angle) :-/

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  3. Well, the whole point isn’t that they look different (because its obviously just a modelling error) but rather that there are different models for each track module AT ALL. Because why would you even attach the modules to an in-game entity and give it variations unless you are planning to make actual different track models. If they were planning to keep the same tracks for every single tank in the game, they could have spared themselves the resources separating the module models.

    • The system’s been there for as long as I’ve been file diving, it’s just that only now they’ve started messing with it. Since it’s from the test server, I’m guessing that’s just a little something that’s been experimented with internally, and somehow fell through the cracks, with the actual track models being way further down the road…

      • Yes it’s always been there. Edit a single line in XML file and you can give suspensions a different model. And if the new track segment has the same length as the other one, you can even reuse their spline definition.

        And there’s also an easy alternative for the HD model if u’r running under ‘improved’ graphic. Remove “splineDesc” node under stock chassis paragraph in the xml file (panther for example, scripts/item_defs/vehicles/germany/pzv.xml) will force game to use the 8.x format track for the stock one, and still use new HD tracks for the elite one. Under normal circumstance the 8.x old tracks are only used for client running under ‘standard’ graphic setting.

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