8 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch – ISU-152, Part 2

  1. Wow…lots of room in that beast. And really, who needs more than 20 rounds of 152mm derp shells? If you’ve gone through that much ammo without being able to resupply, you’re pretty well screwed anyways.

    • I remember using the ISU-152 on Red Orchestra, against hordes of Panthers, stugs, and the occasional KT.
      All historically accurately depicted.

      I can confirm that after 20 shells, there just isn’t anything left to shoot at.
      20 shells were enough for a 30 minute conflict in a game. IRL, if the tanks had more infantry support, and a bigger sense of survival, the battle would have drawn out for 10 times that length of time.

      If 20 shells isn’t enough, you’re horribly outnumbered, and chances are 50 shells wouldn’t save you either.

  2. I really like these vids, no nonsense from an American (or Irish-Am…still!), dry humour in adequate portions. Quality stuff! :)

    I saw someone complaining that he’s not funny enough…personally I have no need for some typical American clown, just give the straight facts and some opinions on what you are seeing/experiencing, GG! (when the opinions come from someone with RL experience in tanks, it counts for something, take that over Ola/Olga anyday).

    Also, whenever I see these vids (especially about Soviet tanks I guess), I can’t help to think that it was just as well that I didn’t get to experience my childhood dream of becoming a (armoured) cavalryman :-P
    Soooo cramped, and maintenance must have been bitch!