Straight Outta Supertest: T28 Concept

Source: (and VK Wotleaks community)

Behold the tier 7 American premium/special tank destroyer. Because, you know, Storm said “no more fakes”, so here’s another one.


These are garage stats, not 100 percent crew stats

Tier 7 premium TD
Hitpoints: 900
Engine: 960 hp
Weight: 70 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,71 hp/t
Maximum speed: 29 km/h
Hull traverse: 18 deg/s
Armor: 203/101/50
Gun: 105mm T5
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 181/224/53
ROF: 6,74
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,1s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 570




112 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T28 Concept

  1. Terrible gun depression/elevation it seems. Decent frontal armor and a fantastic gun arc. gun is fine for a T7 td.

    • Also it’s ugly as hell. And it’s not that bad becouse your oppenents would be rolling on the ground and laughing instead of shooting this abomination.

    • Depression -5 I would say. So what do we get?
      - 70 tons pushed by 960 horsepower, so ~13,7 hp/ton. With 29 kph top speed – not bad. For such armored vehicle it seems to be pretty good.
      - 203 mm frontal armor – I see three options here:
      1) 203 mm over ENTIRE FRONT with only MG cupola sides weakspot (in other words OP as …)
      2) 203 mm on lower hull (LFP, UFP is autobounce anyway) with retardedly weak casemate – 51-100 mm thick, same as proto turret
      3) 203 mm on small strip of fron armor, a.k.a. “M103 style OP armor”
      And if I had to guess – option two is most probable
      - dat gun arc… 120 degrees to each side? It’s almost a turret!
      - 180 pen for tier 7 – fine, 320 alpha good, nice RoF – pretty good gun (like perfectly average tier 7 gun)

      Certainly not a premium, it seems it should be a regular tank… Heavily armored almost turreted TD, but with only average gun? Interesting.
      And if not these side cupolas it would be the only TD that could sidescrape well – enough gun arc, gun in the middle, enough side armor…

  2. Isn’t this actually the real protoype for the turreted T28? I remember seeing an original mock-up from the 50′s somewhere either on the internet or on this blog.

    So if this is that prototype, doesn’t it make it more historical than the current T28 Prototype? Albeit that never passed the prototype stage and only was a mock-up.

    Found it:


      • Well…the IN-GAME T28 Prototype is actually WG’s variant on how they think the T28 Prototype looks…in other words, kind of a fake. This one is actually based on a wooden model someone discovered and is in more ways much more historically accurate than the T28-P we see in the game today. I for one am glad that they are finally introducing this tank! (plus hey…who can complain with another american prem TD…about damn time :)

  3. It looks so badass. For one I am not bothered by such fakes or mockup-that-made-it-to-reality-only-because-of-wot’s. If we think about it, it’s – in a way – the only chance to see such models in a popular game.
    To have 10-20 inventions in a database of nearly 300 tanks is not a huge deal

      • I think Storm said it wouldn’t fit gameplay or something like that. maybe the later tank model dates? the amx-30 is like from mid 60s so idk what the probs are.

        • The AMX-30 would just be a more different Leopard 1. But, they included 3 nearly identical Russian mediums, so why not?

  4. I like it. Silly, sure, but a lot of the game is, and I still enjoy it. Not quite as mean looking as the T95, but compared to that, this thing is a F1 car…

    • AMX 40 says 50km/h … and it actually reaches that speed,, during free fall from a cliff.

      expect the same here… it will be more of a weaker T95

      • 13.71 HP/ton. If ground resistance is not shit, it will reach top speed quite quickly.

      • Amx 40 also says 8.9 specific power.
        This has almost 14 hp/ton, so it will be able to reach that 29km/h

        • AMX also has a ground resistance of 1.4 on HARD surfaces. That’s really, really bad.

  5. it actually doesnt look to bad but a few questions can they give the t25/2 that things gun because as far as im aware that thing is fake too. could they also give the other t28s this things engine so they can have higher top speeds than 18? also is this a reward tank or a “buyable” tank?

    • wooden small sized model… Yeah, not fake, and totally more legit than all of these projects that have never left the drawing board…

      • I honestly don’t get your focus on that part of this tank. A large portion of the tanks in this game have some stats that are made up/guesstimated because the real historical numbers are unknown or never established. You yourself have advocated adding tanks where certain aspects are unknown and will have to be approximated.

        I certainly approve of pointing out that this is a concept and parts are fabricated but you should also point out this model is far more realistic than the T28 Prototype in game that is only based on the conceptual drawing. In fact I’d have thought you’d be advocating that this should replace the proto rather than be an additional tank.

        In the end this tank belongs in the game more than many tanks already in the game. I for one am looking forward to it and hope it is an actual premium and not a reward tank.

    • Ya, seen that before, and not just here. Not sure if I remember that it was affiliated with the T28/95, but whatever. Hey, it’s better than the WTF-100 which has no basis in reality.

    • Not a fantasy tank, if you look back through the archives here on FTR, you’ll see that this tank is based upon a wooden model that someone discovered of the REAL T28 Prototype (not the WG invention in-game). So the model itself that you see here is not fake, in any sense of the word…only the stats, which were never discovered.

      • While this may be a T28 prototype, although I would more call it a predecessor considering the massive differences, I don’t think it’s related to the in-game T28 Prototype. That one is more a ‘let’s put a turret on this thing’ project.

  6. If my actual T28 and T95 had 960 hp engine without changing ground resistance, and a comparable buff to top speed (bigger engine means capable of mroe top speed, logically)… I’d buy them back in an instant.

      • Bcos aint nobody got time fo` readin` :-/

        “Gun: 105mm T5
        Damage: 320/320/420
        Penetration: 181/224/53″

    • When i saw the wooded mock-up…i assumed it was either a 105mm or a 120mm….my heart hoped for a 120mm, but my brain logically concluded a 105mm was probably more practical :P

  7. R2D2 turrets look promising. Bouncing gun mantlet will cause sure hit of R2D2. Awesome!

  8. I think i will stick with my SU-122-44. I like american TD line but not that much that i have to buy another slow box.

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  10. First want it, loved the t28 proto so this thing seems like a lower tiered version
    Also correct me if im wrong, but no price?

    • Not yet, all we had was a couple of screenshots. Placeholder stats leak had 7000 gold for price.

  11. So viable gun, average speed, can reach it on flat ground, magical gun traverse, good armor, it looks like to me the only major weakness of the tank is the 2 tumors.

    and the .4 accuracy….but meh




  13. I like how Wargaming can add in this going off a wooden model but they can’t find a tier 7 or tier 8 French medium tank.

    • Because the lack of info lets them fill in the blanks and nobody will care too much. Different thing with tanks actually built, especially ones mass-produced and used in combat.

      • Their claim was that there were no mass-produced French tanks of the medium nature from tier 7-8, which is sort of true, although one can use the M4A4 FL10 and M-51 as heavily French influenced units in the tree if you wanted.

  14. i want this. although ppl will prolly start shooting the warts on the side. also, 181 pen on t7 is….feels kinda lacking, eh?

    • the kv3s top 122mm gun has around 175mm of pen and its a tier 7 heavy so its in the tier 7 zone id say.

  15. This game is sadly turning in eye-candy parade and tank (clone) masquerade. Fake tanks, fake motion physics, fake pay2win policy, fake balance, fail maps…

    Just look at the tank trees and the amount of premium and event tanks of USA, USSR and Germany. 5-6 version of M4As… Sad.

    • This tank isn’t fake. it was just never built. Besides, it’ll never be real. watch the original trailer. they made fun of tank sims for being too realistic. This game is meant to be fun, with a splash of historical accuracy and “what if this tank could have run like it was supposed to”

  16. They need to stop with the fucking “reward” tanks. Especially when the US tree is in need of TDs anyway, premium or otherwise.

    What they need to do is pull the 100% fantasy T28P out of the game and replace it with this at tier 8. At least then it’d be SOMEWHAT historically accurate.

  17. 2nd TD route:

    T25-2: Fake
    T28P: Fake
    T30: Not a TD
    T110E4: Fake

    Have a TD that has some actual basis in reality?


    Meanwhile at Wargaming…

    • Other than the early stuff such as the Wolverine, Hellcat, Jackson and T28/T95 there are no real US tank destroyers. As you say, the T30 isnt a TD.

      It’s either make stuff up or have a big empty space where the high tier stuff would be.

    • Don’t forget the T25 AT is not even an actual designation. T23 AT would be better, but wouldn’t be accurate either, its a T23 90mm AA mounting which WG elaborated on.

      And for the T110E3, that’s not correct either. Its the more correct than the E4 we have, but the E3 should be called the E4.

  18. Well the thing is with this, while it may not have existed in physical form in the concept, it did get a wooden mock up model, and its a dead ringer for this vehicle. This concept actually did eventually get changed and modified into the T28 or T95 GMC.

  19. Looks pretty bad ass though.. I’m fine with fake tanks, just no more “Tank only in thoughts”. If there are blueprints/models then sure.

  20. One thing’s for sure is they did a stellar job on the model. The imperfections in the casting really add character and it looks fantastic.

    I really really hope they don’t give this away as a clan wars gift. We already lost the M60 to that bullshit and they’re probably not going to give us the M60A1. So instead we get stuck with an early 50s tank while everyone else is scraping the heels the 1970s…

  21. is it just me or does it look like a british td(armor, layout) mixed with an m6(trackes), and a bunker(not to say the brit tds dont look like bunkers already)

  22. This looks like it will be one of those tanks that most people dislike playing, but can be gold for people like me who drive the M3 Lee and T25/2 for fun.

  23. Technically not a fake, just a paper project that was never built (iirc a wooden mockup may have existed, but that’s all), which is more than one can see for the T28 Prototype in the game (which IS completely fake).

    That being said, it looks interesting.

  24. OOooh, I like…ok, WG, shut up & take my money, I need a good US TD crew trainer (the Scorpion is anything but, since its clearly not going to play like a US TD…more like a German waffle line TD since it has no armor at all).

  25. Although this is fake, at least its based on a wooden mock-up; much of the American td branch is completely made up. I think this might actually fit the tree better than the fakes we currently have.