Meanwhile in South Korea…

Source: (thanks to Daigensui for translating)

Hello everyone,

1st of October in South Korea is the Armed Forces Day – basically, the Korean military sites (some of course) are open to public. This time, Wargaming participated in one such event with a stand with PC’s and all that. Additionally, Korean players could also check photographs and artefacts from the Korean War era, as well as modern battle tanks and the equipment of Korean army. And so, the smallest Wargaming cluster (Korea WoT peaks are 4000-6000 players) is doing its best to “bond” with the army of South Korea, to show the players the history of their armed forces.

Regarding the opinion on Korean community from a player, who actually plays there (Daigensui): “There are lot of problems, from occasional mistakes on WG KR’s part, constant trolling from the bigger communities like Ilbe and DC Inside, rage against bad players (heated more than other places from the competitive atmosphere), and stupid stalking and false accusations of people they don’t like, but all in all it is still a pretty tight community. While WoT in Korea might not be bigger than in Italy, the enthusiasm shown is certainly one of, if not the, best of all WoT servers. I hope that WoT still maintains a position as the one casual military game anyone can fall back on, in Korea and elsewhere.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand… there was also this – that’s what I call advertising done right:





The players could take pictures with the models as well… :)



Here, you can see actual Korean soldiers trying their tanking skills in WoT:

There was also a model competition:

Various photos and artefacts were also present:

And various modern vehicles, including the Korean M103 Paladin SPG and the modern K1A2 battle tank:

Edit: Comments closed due to butthurt Koreans coming here and spamming shit against Daigensui. Go take your feud somewhere else. Thank you.

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  1. Would have been way more interesting if it had happened a little bit more to the north.

  2. The M103 infantry was the Base for the newer AIFV (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

    the Korean name for this vehicle is K200 KIFV (Korea Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

  3. Dear SS:

    Even if I like Asian women, I think you shouldn’t overdo it with pandering to the boobs nation.Every time I stagger across things like these in your articles (“that’s what I call advertising done right”, visible sadness about no scantily clad women in streams from WG actions across few articles, etc), I can’t help but feel dismayed.

    I come here for tanks and info, not for wolf whistling. Don’t take me bad, I guess these increase visitor count and stuff, so a pic here and there doesn’t hurt, but you could try and tone down your messages regarding these pics in a way of: “This had boobs, I liked it” vs “This didn’t have boobs, I didn’t like it”.

    Of course, it’s a personal blog, so feel free to ignore me. Just my opinion :)

    • I think there is a little bit of irony in the “whistling” and it does not hurt to comment on in a personal way… otherwise we would all be bland robots.

      And yes, it IS cheesy and creates feeling of inapropriateness… but this is for the masses and masses tend to get shephered.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was talking about. There are basically three options to report about this.

        “That’s what I call advertising done right!”
        “There were also booth hostesses”
        “There was also this disgusting thing!”

        The first one makes you look like someone who can’t hold his/her genitals calm, the second one actually makes you look like a proper objective blog, the third one makes you look like a bigot doodoohead who has no clue how sexuality works. I prefer the second way on blogs that deal with news articles, but it’s true that I might be in minority :)

        After all, it’s a well known SS’s quirk, just thought it’d be nice for him to know how I feel about it.

    • “I come here for tanks and info, not for wolf whistling.”

      Really? I come here for the boobs.

      Please ignore PC nonsense SS.

    • Well, that’s the problem with personal opinions.
      They’re like assholes… everyone has their own. :P
      Okay, more seriously:

      Men like women, women like men.
      That’s the general rule of thumb, sure there are gays and lesbians but those are minorities.

      From my point of view there is nothing bad about women in sexy clothes for advertisement.
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      The difference comes from the context.
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      Advertisement doesn’t need any further context, it’s eye candy, nothing more, nothing less.

      The equivalent of what SS wrote would be a woman posting a couple more pictures of the korean soldiers instead and add the comment:
      “Hell yeah, that’s what I call a mighty fine soldier boy~♥”

      I don’t know about you, but as a male I don’t feel objectified by that sentence.

      • I agree, but the thing is I don’t have any problem with the content itself (it’s unavoidable, I guess), but with how it’s presented. Every time it appears it’s viewed as “awesome” and every time it’s missing, SS literally whines (I wanted 24/7 stream to see half-naked girls on Gamescom – present in 2-4 articles). It distracts me and undermines – for me – the hard work on this site a bit.

        That’s all. I guess I’ll manage, but again – just wanted to point it out, not to run around screaming: “HURRDURR, SS STAHP OR I UNSUSCRIBED!!!OMGONE!” :)

        • The question then becomes, is it really whining?
          Look at it from a different perspective.
          Gamescom is pretty much the biggest european games convention, with E3 having gone mostly towards bollocks fake trailers and inside industry stuff it has become even more influencial.

          You would expect the publishers and developers to fire off all their guns there.
          It’s not about wanting to see women in sexy dresses, it’s just logical to assume that there will be booth girls there.

          Then again from what I recall this year’s life stream was terrible for completely different reasons, too.
          Like making most of it a random talk show…

          • “It’s not about wanting to see women in sexy dresses, it’s just logical to assume that there will be booth girls there.”

            If that’s the point, why is it always emphasised as THE reason to watch these streams, or demand them? I mean, “The stream is terrible, but if it’s 24/7 and we can oggle hot girls, it won’t be as terrible” Really?

            So if a company makes crap, but has hot girls, it’s reasonable? For me the stream was mostly crap this year (watched it along with playing WoT and didn’t miss anything important) and no number of (half-)naked girls could improve it.

            Hell, if I want porn I go and Google it elsewhere, but I don’t bring it into my tanks.

            • I’ve actually taken the time to re-read the Gamescom posts from SS:

              Aside from him finding the “Turkish girl” cute there wasn’t actually much about booth girls and such.
              He mostly focused on the talk show being lazy and boring.
              (Unless it was in other posts/forums/whatever which I didn’t see)

              As for the later part.
              No, you’re missing the point.
              It’s not about what kind of games a company makes or how good/bad these games are.
              It’s advertisement.
              Advertisement doesn’t care about how shitty a product is,
              it cares about how to sell/promote it.

              Btw, one question, why does equality mean to “push males down to the ground where females are”?
              Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on equality by putting females “up to where males are”?

              For example, because I’m pretty sure I worded this awkwardly:
              Instead of demonizing booth girls, ask why there are no booth men/boys.
              Sexuality is one of the basic needs of humanity (Both male and female), hence there is nothing wrong with using attractiveness for advertisement.
              Hence if equality is the goal, wouldn’t it be best achieved by fiving the lacking party what it lacks instead of taking it away from the one that already has it?

    • Your unhealthy bias toward flat chested anime girls of questionable age does not grant You right to preach grown up men about their privileges.
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      • - I doubt you laughed out loud
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        So the only thing correct in your sentence is “at”. Work on it and you’ll get better at this~

  4. Korean Armed Forces Day is 1st of October, NOT 3RD. 3rd of October is the Foundation Day of old Joseon.

  5. Wrong information in this post. Korea Armed forces day is October 1st, not 3rd

    and as a korean wot tanker, I wanna say
    “Do not trust Daigensu”

    “He” is identified as a nazi follower by the largest wot community(called naver wot cafe)

    • is there any valid reason? Because her research work enabled Japanese tanks in WoT, so you are making a big statement mister nobody. Why do you see her as a nazi?

      • I have enough fact about my opinion. I hope u can read korean but u can’t.

        truth about daigensu needs time to translate. if u want I can show it

      • IIRC Daigensui is part-Korean and part-Japanese. Due to the occupation and war crimes committed by Japan in Korea before and during WWII, and the reluctance of Japanese to accept responsibility or even admit historical facts, Korea has ‘issues’ with Japan.

        Maybe she is called a ‘Nazi’ because she also researches Axis vehicles and shows Japanese (and German) chauvinism.

        • And that “thing” is never part Korean and part Japanese

          that thing is just a Korean Male. Lots of evidences are suggested in Korean wot communities – and they are legit.

        • There is an evidence that “Daigensui” was in nazi follower’s community which requires annual fee to join.

          It seems that that ‘thing’ is a true nazi follower

          • Well, I’ll be glad to see evidence, if it is ever in English. I am hardly a friend of Daigensui, but just saying ‘Nazi’ and ‘him’ over and over again isn’t that convincing.

        • One of biggest Korean WoT community manager had a call with “HIM” and the manager said, “At least, what I heard was the voice of man, not woman”

      • You guys sure are angry about her/him… :) Unfortunately, the number of haters only usually shows one thing: that the person in question has strong opinions. Personally, I think that any allegations are irrelevant and I would ask you NOT to bring this here anymore. It is not welcome. That is your first and last warning.

        • How is this hating?

          All I am doing is pointing out a simple factual error

          That person is not a ‘she’

          • 저기요, 워쉽 알파 할려면 신분증 제출해야 하는데, 그걸 은근슬쩍 무시하시고 헛소리 하셔봤자 소용 없습니다.

            괜히 시간과 노력을 낭비하시지 마시고, 조용히 가세요.

            • 아이고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나왔네 ㅋㅋㅋ

              야 진짜 이제 네이버에서도 털리고 갈데가 없으니까 이런데에 글올리냐?

              • 끼리끼리 잘들 놀고 계시는데, 제가 상관할 바 아닙니다. 그 사이에 저는 계속 제가 갈 길만 가면 되죠.

                • 상관할 바 아닌 분이 이렇게 글을 쓰는 것부터가 이상하네요.

                  It’s strange the person who dosen’t care about this writes this.

                • 여기는 한국이 아니기 때문에 그렇죠. 분탕질 하실려면 다른 곳을 찾아보세요.

            • 권력 좀 잡으셨다고 외국말 좀 한다고 사기치시는뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

              그래 누가이기나 해보자 국제구 사기꾼새끼야

              • 이미 헛소리로 인정된 “증거”등이나 모으실려면, 좀 더 제대로된 일을 하시는 것을 추천드립니다.

        • okay. if u want I will not bring it anymore. but plz, do not deny fact. and warning is really stupid

  6. Daigensui is famous for WOT tankers in S.Korea.

    That “thing” (DO you still believe that thing is woman?) is nazi follower, and he gave wrong information to ‘Wargame Red Dragon’ (Korean army never had hellcat)

  7. Interesting fact – when Korean server was started, yhe number of peak users was almost 15000, however, due to stupid Wargaming Korea, now it’s peak player number is 7000

    However, in August, there was a SuperPershing event, reaching 12000 peak user during event.

    (And 18000 players received SuperPershing lol)

  8. “HE” is blaming ilbe storage and dcinside. It is true they are too much heated, but I don’t want to see “HIM” blaming ilbe and dcinside in official. KR server’s problem is limited KR server’s problem, not world’s problem.

  9. well..KR server’s peaks are 6000~7000 players not 4000~6000 since August Superpersing event

    • 번역한다는 분이 국군의 날 날짜도 개천절하고 헷갈리는 것보단 낫다고 생각합니다만

      • 의견 부분 빼고는 링크 준 것 밖에 없습니다만. 하긴, 제가 번역질이나 하며 있을 사람으로 생각하시는 것을 보면, 착각에 단단히 빠졌네요.

  10. And I think KR server is not the smallest server. SEA server’s users are not only SEA users, Japan users use SEA server too. And the population gap of KR and SEA is big. “HE” dosen’t consider this.

  11. Why not? It’s interesting, such as all those TOG cushions. I believe only KR gives/sells that many around.

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