BT-SV and Type 59 To Be Sold In Gift Shop

Source: Tanitha’s Post

Thanks to mttspiii for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to Tanitha’s post from ASIA forums, an interesting thing is about to happen:

- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop
- BT-SV will be sold as well as a part of a 100 USD bundle

There are currently no plans to introduce MTLS and Panzer II Ausf.J to the shop. This is valid specifically for ASIA server, but I have to wonder – is Wargaming so in need of a lot of money as to cross that boundary on US, RU and EU?

230 thoughts on “BT-SV and Type 59 To Be Sold In Gift Shop

          • The nerf is a lie. It’s never been directly nerfed. It’s been buffed numerous times, however.

            • it’s traverse speed is shit to what once was, i could once circle a heavy tank like i would do with a scout today!

              why i remember the days when type 59 was competing with t 44!
              you would see epic battles, big clashes, but the t44 would become victorious, as it was experience players VS gold players without gaming xp!

              things have changed, as today’s players on EU server owning a type, are usually old and experienced players! as for the once his mighty competitor t44, meh, not much of his glory left!

              • You’re on crack. It was never that mobile. Ever. T-44 was always more mobile. In fact, the Type 59 had it’s track traverse, turret traverse and ground resistance buffed in the patch that released the Chinese tech tree. So it’s actually MORE mobile now than it was.

                In 8.2, the Type 59 was buffed in the following ways:

                Track Traverse increased (45*/s to 46*/s)
                Gun Dispersion during hull rotation buffed by 5%
                Ground resistance buffed by 10%
                Turret frontal buffed from 104mm to 130mm
                Reload buffed by 0.7 seconds
                Alpha increased by 20 points (230 to 250)
                Penetration buffed 6mm (175 to 181)
                Prem penetration buffed (235mm to 241mm)
                Turret traverse buffed (45*/sec to 46*/sec)

                And what nerfs did it receive to compensate for this?

                It lost 5mm side armor, gained 0.03 seconds to the aim time and weight increased by 1,000kg

                OH NO SO NERFED.

                They buffed the fuck out of the tank in 8.2 and now they’re re-releasing it better than it’s EVER been..
                Ground resista

                • A 1ton increase of weight added to an already overburdenned engine makes it act more like a Centurion than a T-54.
                  A Centurion that can’t climb hills, with glorious hull armor that can’t stop 175mm pen shells anymore.

                  In essence, a tier6/7 tank bully. A noob-basher, much like the KV-5, except it can’t just say “fuck it” and ram an E75 for maximum lulz.

                • You forgoth about the gun depression nerf wich made that buff of the turret armor almost useless.

                • Sorry but
                  Reloading time of the Type 59 100mm gun increased from 8.0 sec to 8.7sec.

                  its not a buf its a nerf, pls learn to read

        • Type 59 – T-54 with premium MM without the HEAT.
          So, while it does not have the “autopen tier X heavies on autoaim” HEAT, it still has light tank mobility seamlessly mixed with heavy tank armor (not to mention the excellent gun depression).

      • I’ve got bad news for you, the only thing Type 59 has going for it is it’s matchmaking, otherwise it’s not a very good tier 8 med.

        • heh, not very good t8 med… well, except its great armor (for medium), above average gun depresion (-7 degrees, more then any other tank with similar turret design), average speed, accuracy and aimtime, and good camo values… i think it is the best t8 medium, even if it wont have premium MM, it just doesnt have any disadvantage…

          • Bad gun. Armor is mostly useless. Slow.

            It is about as good as other T8 normal tanks. At most a nerf to gun dep (but buff to gun) and no limited MM (a buff to credits :) ) will make it perfect.

            • Bad gun? Definitely not. It’s rather average but definitely far from bad.
              Armor useless? You are wrong. Used correctly it bounces T8 heavies like a charm. Learn it.
              Slow? Hell no… Sometimes i wish it was, i would die less often :P

              Limited MM is perfect – the average gun couldn’t work on T10 as the alpha in combination with the limited ammo capacity means that i do not have any premium rounds loaded on this tank – i don’t need them on T8 and T9 but on T10 the results wouldn’t even be great WITH premium ammo.

              You sound like a troll and i wanna feed you.

              • I am a 60% solo win rate with my Type 59.
                Problem is, I am 63 with T-44 and Pershing and 61 with Panther 2.

                Only the T-34-2 is inferior to the Type 59.

                Gun is BAD. Soft stats are BAD. Use the LB1 and Persh gun. You will see what I mean.

                Armor is useless with so much prem ammo. Only turret is fairly tough. Front only from time to time can be useful now. You must be VERY lucky.

                It is SLOW. Play a damned T-44. The difference is HUGE.

                The limited MM annoys me. Less money cause no T10s to kill

                • With those stats, i would expected you to know, that shooting high tiers doesnt give bonus credits (except for the higher amount of dmg, which, with a type you cant use thx to the limited amount of shells (A t34-3 with higher caliber has MORE shells than type 59)). You only get a bonus on XP.

                • rly? comparing Type and T-44 in speed? it is like complaining that IS-7 is not as fast as Leopard… T-44 is fastest t8 med, EVERY T8 MED IS SLOWER…. and every t8 med has worse gun soft stats then Persh 90mm…. the thing is Type doesnt have any significant weakness…. and if you enjoy shooting high tiers, platoon with t10 tanks in your Type, and you will see how useless you are….

          • that’s because type 59 is a premium tank and has it’s historical modules, as for the standard tech tree tanks who usually got an extra gun from the following tank!

            it’s the light tank of t7 (wz-131) who has the canon of type 59!

            • That and the MM:
              WZ-131 has battletiers 8-10, Type 59 only has 8-9, so the “scout has the same gun” argument is either trolling, lack of knowledge about MM or simply invalid…

      • Funny, whats the bad news? That its this amazing tank? You call him a Scrub and you think you know what your talking about, lmao. How did you qualify him as a scrub? Did you actually look at his stats to determine your response?

        So lame. Try using your mind and not your opinions……

        For the Record, the 59 is not OP. It used to be very OP. Ive seen teams just give up back in the day if their were three 59s on the opposing team. Those days are long gone.

        You think you know what your talking about? Take your 59, log into the test server, and run it with a new crew. Then respond back to us.

        The 59 is still my Favorite Premium, followed by the Super P. Those two are the best combination of Fun/ Credit return. But I still made more money and trained up 3x the crews on my Jag 88.

        If anything the 88 is OP. Its a beast, but like the Kv5, but their very role specific, imo.

        So the next time you start calling people scrubs, don’t be a FOOL.

        • What made it OP before and not OP now? The tank’s only gotten better…

          It got an armor buff with the HD model and it got a huge buff when the Chinese tech tree was released. It’s a much better tank than it was back in 2012. So how is not not OP now when it was OP then?

          With the Type 59, you get what is essentially the best tier 8 medium in the game. And you get it with preferential matchmaking…

          • It doesn’t have an HD model, it’s armor is what it’s always been: 100 hull, 200 turret. Never buffed, never nerfed. And what buff are you talking about with the chinese tree? I don’t think type59 is the tank you think it is

            • t-54 got armor nerf after it was made HD
              and that’s why they didn’t touch type 59, cause they know how much players will whine if it’s armor get’s nerffed like t-54

            • Read the 8.2 patch notes. I thought these changes were made in 8.3 (with the release of the Chinese tech tree) but they were made in 8.2, the patch proceeding it.

              Here. I’ll leave this right here for you.


              Increased the traverse speed from 45 to 46 deg/sec.
              Reduced the gun dispersion during vehicle rotation by 5%.
              Reduced ground resistance by 10%.
              Changed the Norinco 12150L engine tier from IX to VIII.
              Repair cost of Norinco 12150L engine has been increased by 22%.
              Weight of the hull increased from 15,400kg to 16,478kg.
              Armoring of the Type 59 turret increased from 104mm to 130mm.
              Armoring of the Type 59 hull sides decreased from 65mm to 60mm.
              Reloading time of the Type 59 100mm gun increased from 8.0 sec to 8.7sec.
              Increased the aiming time for the 100 mm Type 59 gun from 2.86 sec to 2.9 sec.
              Increased the damage value of the Chuan bei-412 shell from 230 to 250 points.
              Increased the penetration value of the Chuan bei-412 shell from 175mm to 181mm.
              Increased the damage value of the Chuan chao-412 shell from 230 to 250 points.
              Increased the penetration value of the Chuan chao-412 shell from 235mm to 241mm.
              Increased the tower traverse speed from 45 to 46 deg/sec.

              And yes, Type 59 did get a new model. It may not have been an HD model but it did get a new visual and collision model that changed the armor quite a bit. For the better.


              • lol

                If you read this carefully you see some important.
                They buf traverse speed and ground resistance, but increase weight and thats mean reduce acceleration and agility include turning.

                They increase alpha DMG but increase reload time, DPM its same 1725

                They increase armor, but if you look at all new tanks after 8.2 all have more and more penetration than old one .

                So this is not a BUF this is a balancing

          • It was OP when it was one tier lower than the maximum for mediums. Power creep has made it less OP: there are new tier 9 mediums with Tier 10 guns with standard APCR, and Tier 10 mediums were added.

        • Wait a minute…you’re saying that the Jagdtiger 88…which, btw, has the FOURTH-LOWEST WINRATE ACROSS ALL SERVERS, is OP!?

          What kind of weed are you smoking!?

      • funny how he’s a proper unicum playing halfway across the world from the server and has a type 59 to boot

    • Don’t now if great, but still it’s a premium tank which giving me best income of all my T8 prem tanks.

    • its still better than T 34 3 and T26E4 so technically it is OP if it can outplay the other two tier 8 meduim prems…

    • yeah ive been able to solo take don type 59s in the tier 7 medium Panther with the l100 relatively easily you just need to make them miss or bounce once then they cant kill you before you kill them its actually not hard. i used to have a hard time with them but that as because id feared it because of the hype surrounding that vehicle but now ive experience against them in tier 7, 8 and 9 tanks i dont find it difficult to kill them provided i have a tank which is either more mobile than it or has a high pen gun or im in a tank with a lot of armour. if im honest im of the opinion that the type 62 is probably a better choice if you were to choose between them. it doesnt need to worry about the gold that the 59 has to worry about the 62 gets a higher rate of fire lower pen but more maneuverability it meets tier 10s which is an advantage in this case because a good game in the 62 were you do some damage to tier 10s gets you a shit on of money and xp. its also a tiny target which means brawling with tier 10 heavies is relatively easy if you do it right.

      • There is no tier 7 tank good enough to beat Type 59 1v1 unless there is a gap in skill.

        When Type 59 is properly played, it’s also competitive at tier 8.

        And if you lose to Type 59 1v1 in a tier 9 tank, you need to uninstall.

        No, Type 62 isn’t better if you like winning; you actually can’t damage E-100 and maus from almost any direction; nor do you have enough ammo to kill many tier X…that’s assuming you don’t get killed in two shots.

    • Type 59 seems good only because of:
      - More experienced player have it/tournament winners have it.
      Most other prem tanks always have fresh blood. The Type 59 drivers have been in game for a loooong time.
      - 5+ skill crews!
      - Full camo, full equipment and consumables on almost all Type 59s by now (other tanks arent that complete).
      - People that played the Type59 are by now fairly decent with it. At least more then other prem tank players.

      • I wish. There are so many potato Type 59′s out there (Edit: EU server), that will make you believe its for sale like any other premium.

        • I hope you don’t mean the moments when they still die without support because team is scared of scratching their paint, cause they don’t have premium accounts and premium tanks to farm credits?

            • Then drown in a sea of “TYPE 59 UP! SCAM BY WG, MONIZ BACK OR INTERWEBZ LAWYER!”

              I can already see an endless ocean of tears as baddies realize that armor is not that good, how how ridiculously prone to module damage it is x’)

      • And because people playing it are so good and its so OP, it has the lowest expected dmg from basically ALL t8 prems, even T7 tanks have more expected dmg than type. A lot of morons are driving this tank. Its OP if you know how to play it, if not, it has only few HP and bad gun handling, people playing it are terrible, i rarely see good players in it tbh…

      • You missed the good APCR ammo, pre-nerf T-54 turret, 100mm hull armour(just enough to make it bounce 175mm with a little angle).

    • When the Type 59 will be weaker than the T-44 or T-34-2 (considered to be a “poor man’s” Type, since it gets the same gun, but with much worse hull armor, gun depression, etc), please let me know.

      Type 59 is by definition OP since it’s better than regular, fully upgraded Tier 8 MTs. AND it gets preferential MM.

      P.S.: Someone complained about the gun not being good enough if it could see Tier 10… T-34-2 & T-44 says “hi!”
      P.P.S.: When any other Tier 8 MT will be able to just stand in front of Tier 6 & 7 guns (especially with under 200 pen) and just bounce them all off like crazy with its stupid frontal armor, please let me know

        • Just No. It meets T10 (very often) and that fact alone makes it gameplay wise a worse tank. + type59s turret is really really stronk, and even its frontal hull armor is enough to bully most t7s and some T8 guns. T44 is sadly not the better tank…

      • “Type 59 is by definition OP since it’s better than regular, fully upgraded Tier 8 MTs. AND it gets preferential MM.”

        Sorry but not all.
        If you compare Typ 59 to other tier 8 medium tanks you will see this :

        Indien-Panzer have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +31mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine and have great armor.

        Centurion Mk. I have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +45mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine, more agility and have great armor.

        STA-1 have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +37mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine and more agility.

        So you still can try to say Typ 59 is OP

        • “Centurion Mk. I [...] have great armor.”
          except front turret it’s just plain bad. and you’re saying it has great armor while comparing to type59. lol

        • Indien-Panzer has shitty bloom and bad armour(great? No, it barely has anything on mantlet), bad camo, and lower alpha.

          Centurion is fat(bad camo) and only has meaningful armour on turret, also has low dpm(and lower alpha).

          STA-1 has almost no armour, lower alpha, tall turret(+ no armour), and lower camo. It also has HEAT round for premium ammo that has mediocre pen.

          Meanwhile Type 59 has a pre-nerf T-54 turret, -7 depression, 100mm hull armour, and it can use all of it since the mm is capped.

    • But it is a great tank. Despite the fact that it is the only descent premium MT it makes quite good money, it has very nice (especially for ch. tank) gun and hull and descent penetration. What more?!

      • I wonder how many of these people who insit the Type 59 is overpowered actually own one, and aren’t just butthurt because they can’t get one?

        The Type 59 is a very strong premium tank, and in the premium tank role is possibly overpowered.

        Against other tier 8 mediums however, it’s no better overall then any of the ones I have (and that’s all of them). Why do you think that in Team battles you don’t see lots of Type 59 teams if they’re as OP as the “legend” says?

        They are very similar to the T-44, without the agility (and at the time of sale they had a worse gun) yet players could buy them for gold. This made them too popular, hence the removal from the store, not because they were better than the elited standard medium tanks.

        • I don’t think anyone actually believes it’s better than regular tier 8 mediums.

          The T-54(prenerf) turret, 100mm hull armour, and limited mm makes it a lot more attractive to drive in pubs than T-44, imo.

          Why would anyone play something like Type 59(known for its armour more than anything) when team battle has mostly premium rounds?

  1. The BT-SV……$100 bundle…..??? Ok, now you’re just not even trying anymore WG… -_-

      • I have a PZ II J. And I ace it in about 80% of all the games I play in it.. It’s the same with BT-SV, which is even more rare but not so OP as II J.
        BT-SV won’t brake the gameplay so much, if more people would have it, but if you start selling a II J to masses, then Tier3 games will be doomed. Because noob vs. noob in II J will have no idea, how to kill one another. I did it once, but it cost me some good 50000+ silver to do it. =)

        • I agree: Pz II J should not be sold like that (even though i want it as bad as BT-SV).
          BT-SV has a bit trolly armor (weird sloping) and ridiculous acceleration, but its far from OP-ness of II J.

  2. Damn… err… depending on the bundle contents I may see myself buying that BT-SV bundle >_> If it ever hits EU.

    • only american fans are probably waiting for fury! it’s not even a good tank in the tech tree, it will also be weaker after fury version comes!

      • The only reason i bought the Fury is i needed the Gold anyway to convert XP and the Fury was free with $99 of gold.

        • Nice 1 ! This is the only chance to get the Fury – free (with package). Else it’s damn weak tenk. I mean, you have to play on hulldown while you don’t have hull (60 mm armor)….

  3. I’m glad I’m on ASIA server now ^^ hehe. After being practically ignored by other servers

  4. One week of battles cosisting of 10+ types per side, then people see it’s not that great and just a fraction of the buyers will get them out for daily doubles, credit grinding and crew training regularly

    • Considering premium tanks should be worse than regular, I see no problem with the type 59 “not beeing that great”. Pfft, there is a reason the removed it from the shops. Because it was as good or even better than the regular tier 8 mediums not to mention better MM.

  5. “- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop”

    Mhh cant image this happening on Eu server after calling the last offer already “last chance ever” and fixing ppl with it as a reward for different (very hard) contest or as super rare “giftcart” Viktor handed out on GC.
    Of course, this would make many many red tomatoes happy … until they buy it and realize its “just” as good as a normal tier 8 tank and not the “I win”-Button they expected. But it would especially create hatred from all the ppl being tricked into those contest and the last offer.

      • sure. Its a pleasant tank to grind with, but the exorbitant high expectations will make many ppl get disappointed (Especialy when WG sells it for a super high price with their lovely 5000 large repair kids).

    • The point is that this is a tank “just as good as other tier 8 medium”,that craps money.
      You can play it like another tier 8 medium,having a lot of fun and making shit loads of money.
      Or,you can play it with gold ammo/food/gold consumables,be a beast on the battlefield without loosing a penny.

    • Imho the biggest thing that makes it ‘OP’ is the limited matchmaking. It doenst have to be comparable with other tier 8 MT… but it actually is.

  6. Maybe not a great tank, but, at the moment, the only real premium medium tank, other than T-34-3, which is a very hard tank to play.

    I’d would cry if I missed this too lol.

  7. Waiting for all the QQ when they played there Type59 and found out it isnt that good anymore :)

  8. So when they sold the Type on the Korean or Chinese server was it for a short time? When 90% of the tier 8′s playing was a type. Yeah that will work. If that happens. I’m not playing WOT for 2 months. Nor am I getting a type

    • theyre ALWAYS available for purchase on the chinese server, so pretty much everyone there has a type

    • Lol If I were in the game, the list would be like type 59, type 59, type 59, type 59, T-34-3… I used to want the type 59 so bad but I really just wanted a Chinese premium tank. So I’m happy with my T-34-3 and Type 62.

      I’m totally going to buy the type 59 though. Knowing myself, I say I won’t but I’ll end up buying it anyway. Lol

    • Ever fought one? They are fun to play against from time to time but it would suck to see them alot. especially when its a T3 match.. then they are more or less invincible and totally break the game if played right

      • nope, never played it, but I’ve seen a lot games in it… yeah, useless gun, need to gold ammo to hope for penetration for 11dmg. But it has armor of KV-1 on tier 3 :D
        must be fun :)

      • Fought one once with my Pz II G. Literally melts them away. 95mm pen goes straight through a II J.

      • They are far from invincible. Every T3 TD can pen it. Its a noobclubbing tank, but as soon as it meets a good Marder or FCM driver its a pile of scrap metal.

        • Problem is that there isn’t always a good TD driver on the enemy team. Even if there is it’s quite likely the II J will do a lot of damage before it’s destroyed.

    • As someone who owns one I would suggest you just buy yourself a KV-220 next time it’s on sale. It’s much cheaper and the experience is similar. Both have awesome armour, noobs don’t know how to kill you and if you’re top tier you can rape hard. The II J will kill your credits though. You must fire gold to make it the win machine it’s supposed to be. This however will mean losing about 30k per game. 220 on the other hand will actually earn credits.

      I only bought my II J because I’m a light tank fanatic. Germans in particular.

  9. I want a Type 59 sooooOOOOooooo much!

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to afford it if it’s going to be more that 50-60 Euros….

  10. I’ve lived through the hordes of Types 58 (two years ago, or was it three?), so I could live through them again, but that would be a pathetic money grab on the WG side, and a cause of worry (as in they are in a financial trouble, or owners need cash). Still, this may be ASIA exclusive, and knowing how much the Type is popular on the Chinese server, it would be reasonable, as there are mnay Chinese players (and in general that sort of mentality, just check the Asian forum, they openly are speaking about gold spam etc.) in the other countries of the region.

  11. I will enjoy the bitching of disapointed players, when they realise that type is average medium, no way OP. then they realise they puted shitload of money to get it and they will bitch even more :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    PS: I have type59 from its release, I can tell you that this is THE MOST NERFED TANK in game ever, more than 2k games on it, so I know what I am speaking about

    • It is still good though right… a 3 or 4 perk crew and food will make up for the gun handling doesn’t it…and armor is still quite trollish right

      • I didnt said that is not good, just not OP at all. It is good reason it has limited MM :)

        • What premium tank on T8 is OP? I mean srsly hands down the best premium for money making.

          - limited MM
          - scouting potential
          - medium mobility
          - size

          Ofc not OP, but its still a fucking money making beast.

  12. LOL cant waite for the flaming on the forums….type 59 needs buff I get penned all the time and gun is shit:)!!!!….well if the type and btsv are available on NA server I will prolly buy them just cause I am a tank collector and cant resist rare tanks :)

    • It’s already one of the best, if not the best tier 8 mediums in the game. It does not need a buff…It’s already been buffed. Multiple times…

    • Ppl who complain are fucking scrubs that suck at the game. Everyone I know that has ATLEAST blue stats and has it say the same. Hands down the best tank for making money and having the least of a premium tank feel. It is borderline OP and basically on par with its other standard t8 medium counterparts. One could say its even better then the T44.

    • The gun is “shit”? It has 181mm pen which is good as well as the best armor out of all tier 8 mediums. Sure you will get penned by 200+mm pen guns, but we are talking about tier 8 mediums, let alone tier 8 in general which is not about armor facing equal or higher opponents. There is a reason it is so fucking popular and sought after.

      • Yeah I don’t understand these people.

        Back before gold ammo if you came across a Type 59 in your tier 8 med you were in serious trouble as it is a nightmare to hurt when you only had 160mm penetration.

        Thing is that a lot of people seemed to think that because it’s a medium it should always try and outmaneuver or circle it’s opponents. So many drivers wouldn’t angle and sit in your face, they’d try and get behind you, giving you their side armour. Which resulted in dead Types.

      • Oops didnt really read what i typed:) I meant other people “aka noobs” will be saying on the forums that the type 59 needs a buff after they buy it because it will not live up to their expectations…I personally dont own a type 59…with the introduction of gold shells and that horrific aim time I dont feel the type 59 is OP at all and should be available to buy…cause i want one:) lol

  13. If there would be a package that contains Pz II J, I would immediately buy it without any doubt.
    but Type 59 and BT-SV… Pffft.. Not interested. I’m german tank collector.

  14. “- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop”

    There goes tier 8 variety.


    Everyone get ready to buy one of the best tier 8 mediums in the game!

  15. Oh, BT-SV. Y U so mean WG ? Also I dunno what they’re smoking to actually sell Pz II Js to the public…

  16. “- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop”

    They suddenly need to catch up with the revenue? xD
    Beware of the money waves.

    • maybe they want to inflate their cash results for a potential investor? Or they’ve lost some cash this quarter for some reason. Who the hell knows. There is nothing goos in this news.

  17. Having been a tanker for about 5 years on and off, (on for about a year and a half, off a year and a half, now back on again for the past year), and only having put about a total of $40 into the game, I would easily put down $100 dollars for the Type 59.
    In fact I think WG made a huge mistake making it a premium tank, although they didn’t know it at the time. This take would have made an awesome regular tier 8 medium tank to have for the chinese. It would have driven many a tanker to go down that line specifically for that thank. Instead the Chinese get the lackluster t-34-2. I doubt that WG thought they would ever get to a Chinese line 5 years ago when the Type 59 was for sale though so I don’t really pin it on them. In fact this would’ve paved they way for the chinese to also have some good prem tanks that wouldve sold well for people crew training/grinding for the type 59. They already have the t-34-3 which is good enough, people just give it too much grief for its lack of gun depression, and they could’ve made the t-34-2 into a tier 7 prem tank.

    • Well, Type59 is still too OP to be a regular t8 medium. It just easily beats the crap out of any other t8 medium. Fighting one in my T-44 was a pain

      • Type 59 has tier 9 medium armor some or less and 181mm pen, which is 6mm more than the T44 for example. Pen and bouncy upper and lower plate as well as turret is VERY important on medium tenks.

    • You know… WZ-120 is the factory designation of the Type 59 and guess what! It’s in the game as a tier 9. So, Type 59 should be a tier 9 premium.

  18. “but I have to wonder – is Wargaming so in need of a lot of money as to cross that boundary on US, RU and EU?”

    So according to your logic Wargaming is greedy and in need of money if they are selling their own products? Like if Microsoft sells Office they are in need of money. Instead they should only sell Windows.

    Type 59 is perfectly fine, and should be in ingame tech tree, available for gold. Old Type was overpowered for many reasons. Nowdays things are different and Type is a tank like any other. If it’s strong should be nerfed, if it’s fine should be sold.

    • No, dumbass, it is because, Dungfeng, they have stated, that this tank will NEVER be sold in the open again. Secondly – it is blatantly OP, and if you do not see it, you just can’t handle this tank. And for the final point – we, in the EU server do well remember the hordes of Type 59 wolfpacks when they were available…
      There is a reason why so many people want to have that thing, nub.

      • First, it’s not my problem that you grew up on the street without mom and dad to teach you some manners and proper language. Second, yea yea, they said many things but you know, in life things change and you’re idiot idiot or religious fanatic if you’re not adjusting your actions along with the changing circumstance. And third, Type 59 is not blatantly OP, maybe if you’re a noob. There are premiums that are much more OP than Type 59. Fourth, I’m on the EU server, current Type 59 is totally different from initially released tank so your opinion is BS.

  19. A type 59 might make me come back to WoT again :>

    Iam up to this day regreting not buying it in 2012 when it hit the gift shop.

  20. Type 59 in gift shop? Yes yes yes! I only hope it won’t be sold in a bundle for a lot of money. But 50-60 euro? Hell yes. Finally an opportunity to get a good tier VIII medium.

  21. Id like to see WG auction one Type 59 every month. Auction starts on the first day each month and ends on the last. I wonder how far people would go to get one.

  22. Nice… sell the BT-SV … tier 3 premium, but don’t be such epic douchebags as to attach it to a 100 dollar money-grab package.

  23. Pingback: Type 59 a BT-SV v gift shopu?

  24. PzIIJ comes into premium shop for €15 or €20, that would be hilarious for all the folk buying them on eBay for mega bucks.
    Going to get a Type59 though, its still a very good tank.

    • oh yes, PzIIJ for a such low price would cause so much butthurt, and it would really be worth it just to watch the rage of people that went crazy and bought the codes for ridicolous amounts of cash :-).

    • Oh i would love to feed on the tears of those pay to win scubs that buy that tank! Kappa

  25. Too bad we never get shit like this on NA (or when we do, it’s available on every other server as well).

  26. Reintroducing T59… You know the game went to hell when they are selling the tank they explicitly said it would never be sold for money again, only given as a reward for something or other…

    • Yep..

      I “had words” with Ectar about this…….

      Originally WG said it would “never come back”…
      …then it turned up as a gift tank for stuff..

      I argued with Ectar about this publicly, he reckoned (wrongly) the original statement was that it would “never be sold again”…


      ….I wanna ‘nother word Ectar…..

  27. If they sell the Type on the EU server I am buying it no question. Just something that is happening.

  28. Type 59 has been nerfed a lot so it is now just a standard good tier 8 – Which ofcourse is still better than what a tier 8 premium tank should be. And then you get the credit income hehe… Buy it if you can – I love mine!!

  29. I hope Type 59 will cost something around 1000 Euros. That way it won’t flood the server like it used to do. I really don’t want to see more of those OP shits.

  30. Lol after all this time ppl stil believe in a Type 59 myth…
    Go WG sell it for 1 day so you can milk this believers hard enough to make more profit than in the entire year -it should fix any of your financial problems if you need money that hard

  31. If WG needs money sell the fucking T54 Lite as a tier 8 Premium Medium. They would sell hundreds of thousands of them.

  32. They’re selling the Type 59?!?!? AM I SLEEPING OR WHAT? No this is not a dream as my hands can feel this keyboard. See, you can think you’re IRL when you’re dreaming, but you know you’re not dreaming when you’re IRL. Anyway I remember when I last time saw a dream that I had Type 59 in my garage it was too sweet to be true also had Conqueror, dunno why.
    The dreams have come true. Thou I don’t have Conqueror, dunno why.

  33. WG needs money? all they need to do is sell the Type 59 on store..

    hell, i’d be a buyer.. i bought the fury….

  34. While I was reading I thought:
    Let the ‘Type 59 OP or not’ comments begin.
    And here we go!

  35. If WG is making more money from people playing the tanks and “Converting” XP then I can see why they want to do this.

    As I said before, this is probably (My guess) the reason why the US server keeps getting so many “free” premium tanks.

    Everything is mixed and match on each server to increase profit potential.
    This is the same reason that the US server can buy and sell premium tanks at will (once purchased via gold) and the other servers are not allowed to do this.

  36. Lol, noobs thinking the Type 59 is OP. It is not nearly OP as it once was. It used to be bad for a tiny bit there, but I like mine again, just not nearly as much as I used to. Before, the armor, DPM, speed, everything, was on the Type (or at least felt like it, I was a scrubbie but still did pretty well when I first got mine). But since then it has been nerfed. The DPM is okay, it is definitely a slower medium (not Super Pershing slow, but it does not accelerate fast), the aim time and accuracy is completely garbage without buffing it as much as you can, the armor and GD is great, and so is the camo. It is pretty much a T-54 but nerfed in every way. But what also happened was a lot of things have been buffed since it has been released. Rhms and 416s were not in the game back then; I don’t even think the E-75 was there when it first came out. But probably the biggest thing, it does not make nearly as many credits as it used to. I used to make 100k profit easy, as a baddie, and would get 200k profit on pretty good games. Now, lol, I have not made 200k profit in a long, long time. So, it has been nerfed, it has been creeped, but it still pretty good.

    • I am most certainly not an idiot and I do not think it is pay to win. My presumption of your next three arguments are:
      1. Premium ammunition is unbalanced and I can’t get it.
      A. Yes you can get it you can get everything in this game but premium tanks provided that you play enough. If you play tier 5 etc long enough then you will make enough money for anything.
      2. Premium tanks are OP.
      A. No they aren’t. They are balanced to be better than a stock tank of that tier, but worse than a fully upgraded tank of that tier. The Type 59 seems to be the only exception by common consensus. The T34 doesn’t have speed, the Lowe isn’t as good as a tiger II, anyone will tell you that. An FCM is a big medium tank with a large HP pool and if it is OP then lol. A JT8.8 is really slow and doesn’t have the alpha, A super pershing, slow, it doesn’t have troll armour anymore and it has huge weakspots, poor gun. 112, IS-6 poor penetration, not amazing armour (varies between the two). T-34-3 poor DPM, poor pen. Need I go any further? I think not.
      3. I can’t have as good crews as people with gold.
      A. Well you can, you just won’t have them as quickly.
      From all of this what we can see is that WoT isn’t pay to win, it isn’t fully pay to progress, all you pay for in this game is for saving your own time. If you have no time you generally have more money (because you are working) and so you pay a bit more to get more stuff, if you have more time you generally have less money (because you are working less) and so you don’t have to pay.

      Besides even if WoT were pay to win, if nobody is paying, nobody is playing. The game isn’t developed for free, it is a service where the cost has to be paid for somehow, and that is through people paying.

      • The Type 59 is clearly pay-to-win. Most premium tanks are markedly inferior to their elited tier/class counterparts. Type 59 is equal to or better than most elited tier 8 mediums. That is not how premium tanks were supposed to work. That is why it was so ridiculously popular. That’s why it wasn’t uncommon to see 12 Type 59s on each team in tier 8 games, and that’s why it was removed from distribution to begin with.

        It’s a money grab. Wargaming knows they will make a fortune off of offering it for a short time. Screw the playability of the game.

  37. By selling the Type 59, WG could be trying to recoup from the WoWp fiasco. WG will double up on the revenue stream. They will make tons of money from players buying the 59 and almost as much money from other players buying gold rounds to put down the hordes of the 59′s in game.

  38. The only other tier 8 that’s of any real value was the Jagd 88 in my opinion. I also believe it’s one of the best credit makers, plus the premium MM for the Jagd is very reasonable. I’d spurge for a 59 just for the hell of it.

  39. Maybe WG is in need of the money. The number of players on EU servers is lower than I remember it was and summer is long over.

    • Yea, but thats because players skill level is deep under “none at all” and even average players are special now. Noone likes loosing battles because of stupid team members.

      • That’s normal for every MMO game. But its their fault they did nothing for older players. They should have implemented the league MM and personal missions long ago. Also the accuracy buff was a bad idea. Every tomato now acts like in counterstrike.

  40. Told ya. I guess this will get on EU server too and then there will be a huge wave of people crying because Type is not as OP as they thought.

    • As someone who has been playing for almost three years, I have a Type 59, and I agree with SuperSpy. Back when I bought it the Type was hugely OP. Part of the reason for that was the old accuracy mechanic, which made the Type 59 extremely bouncy due to angled armour. Also back then gold ammo cost real money and so players used it alot less.

      Two years later, accuracy means less, gold rounds available for silver, plus power creep mean that as a tier 8 medium the Type 59 is at a score of about 8/10. Two newer tanks namely T69 and Object 416 once elite probably score 10/10 on my scale. T69 because it can auto loader clip off alot of health, and Obj.416 for cammo and tier 9 boom gun.

      I still play my Type 59 alot solo to make silver (it generates alot of income), but in platoons I play the Obj.416, and in Stronghold/Team battles where a medium is required it’s the T69 that gets played.

      So no, anyone who has a Type 59 with over average stats in it, and alot of games played will say (a) that it is now in no way OP (although it used to be), and (b) it’s still good, but has suffered power creep.

  41. I can see it now:
    1.Wg introduce Type 59 as limited time offer
    2.Hords of zombies buy it because of its op myth that still exist
    3.They flood battles
    4.Some time later Wg will decide that type create unbalanced battles (like it was long time ago)
    5 Right after that (next patch) huge nerf to Type 59 – for balance reasons
    6. All milked hard by Wg “oh op Type i want” players turn into crybabies.

    Same will soon happen with PzIIJ since its code sells on different auction sites increasing day by day

  42. “Type 59 is by definition OP since it’s better than regular, fully upgraded Tier 8 MTs. AND it gets preferential MM.”

    Sorry but not all.
    If you compare Typ 59 to other tier 8 medium tanks you will see this :

    Indien-Panzer have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +31mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine and have great armor.

    Centurion Mk. I have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +45mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine, more agility and have great armor.

    STA-1 have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +37mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine and more agility.

    So you still can try to say Typ 59 is OP

  43. M26 Pershing have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, -1mm penetration, great gun depresion, more powerful engine, more agility and have great armor.

    Panther II have faster aim, faster reloading, more accurancy gun, +22mm penetration, more powerful engine, more agility and have great armor.

    • None of the tanks you’ve mentioned as having “great armor” have anything close to a 100mm@60* glacis and a T-54 turret.

      You said Centurion has great armor – only on the turret.
      You said Pershing has great armor – only on the turret

      Their hull armor is nearly non-existent. A 100mm@60* glacis gives the Type 59 the best hull protection of any tier 8 medium, by a long shot. And that’s without even talking about the turret. The gun has higher alpha than most tier 8 mediums while the DPM is average (Most vehicles trade DPM for alpha, Type 59 gets both) it’s gun handling, especially depression, is better than average (And a-historical)…

      Just the fact that you’re comparing it to fully-elited tier 8 medium tanks shows how wrong it actually is. Prem tanks are supposed to be comparable to STOCK tanks of their tier and class. Most ELITED tier 8 mediums have issues with Type 59s. Stock? Lol… Just the fact that the Type 59 is one of the best tier 8 mediums AND is a premium tank WITH preferential matchmaking is just wrong on so many levels. And that’s why it was as popular as it was. You don’t get 12 tanks on each team being Type 59s unless there’s something to it.

  44. Few questions:

    1) only asia ? Or will the rest of the non ex-communist world have a chance to get it ?

    2) how much for the type59 ? I can smell a package with a useless amount of gold and credits, and then the type… For 99.99€

    3) do WG even realize that we’ll see tier 8 battles almost full type59 for the next months ?

  45. I’ll be the first to admit that I will buy both the Type 59 and BT-SV if they are available on the NA server.

    That said, I fail to see how the Type 59 is OP. Good? Sure, but not OP. After all, if the standard for measuring whether or not a premium tank is OP is comparing it to the tech tree tanks, then the T-34-3 is also OP because it is better in every measurable way than the 122mm armed 34-2, and the 34-3 is getting buffed in 9.4. I’ve never seen anyone claim that the 34-3 is OP. The real “problem” with tier 8 mediums in general (with the exception of the newer ones) is that they are mostly underpowered. The Type compares favorably to them because it has limited matchmaking and T-54ish armor.

    At any rate, I really don’t understand the fear of lots of mediums on each side, Types or otherwise. I was in a tier 10 game on Sand River last night with 8 mediums on each side in my Leopard PTA. It was extremely fun, and not nearly the camp fest that tier 10 games can often become. I’d much rather play in a game with eight Types on each team than eight TDs or five arty.

  46. Uh, why WG isn’t going to rebalance it before releasing Type59?

    They said T8 premium Soviet Medium would be T-54 Mod.1945
    and it has 120mm upper frontal hull armor

    They could “correct” the mistake they claimed before…
    and not to repeat it so…casually?

    Type 59 is NOT op to same or higher tier tanks
    when engage most Tier 8 heavys or Tier 9 heavy/medium tank
    Type 59 seems not good as other T8 Medium tank

    Type 59 is difficult to deal with to most T6 and many T7 tank
    THAT IS why it was SO op and got MANY complain
    There are so many T6~T7 tanks who have <175 gun penetration
    They can hardly penetrate Type 59's frontal armor unless using gold shell
    and their maneuverability can not flank Type 59
    THAT is DIFFERENT from other T8 mediums, that is the difference
    Panther II? Centurion MK.I? Indien Panzer? T-44? Pershing and EVEN Super Pershing?
    They have weak spot on frontal armor, more easily to penetrate
    But Type 59? Their LOWER front hull is harder to penetrate (from Tank Inspector)

    Well, I haven't mention that miracle -7 gun depression….(Same as T-44)
    Aimtime may worse then other T8 MT..
    Oh, T-34-2 has the same gun and same 2.9s aim time, lol
    with -5 gun depression, and 70mm front hull armor. crap

  47. As a tank collector, this makes me happy in my pants,

    lets hope it sees the EU server aswell

  48. Yes, but how many times have things been confirmed by Wargaming, only to later be changed? After all, is there another tier 8 premium that could be sold exclusively on other servers to make up for the Type 59 not being available? Perhaps the Mutant Six on EU, but they are unlikely to offer the Mutant on NA, and if they don’t, what will they offer?

  49. So… one time only bundle this year, two more times with smaller bundles first half next year, mission tank second half next year?…