Straight Outta Supertest: Premium Tiger


Hello everyone,

for some really weird reason, Wargaming added a premium tier 7 Tiger in historical configuration (88mm L/56) to the supertest. It’s identical to the regular Tiger, but in roughly historical setup (132 pen on tier 7 (yay!), 650 hp engine), but it has 1700 hitpoints (instead of 1500) and 3000 DPM (elite Tiger has cca 2200).

It is not known, what is this vehicle for. I asked around at WG and noone seems to know, it’s possible that it will actually be a regular premium tank (to be sold). Some speculated that it’s something related to Fury (“raid boss”), but we have no indication that there is such a mod in preparation (far too late for that).

Here are its stats (for 100 percent crew)

Hitpoints: 1700
Viewrange: 380

Turret armor: 100/100/80 (identical to regular Tiger elite turret)

Gun: 88mm L/56
Penetration: 132
Damage: 220
DPM: 2928
Reload: 4,507s
ROF: 13,313
Accuracy: 0,307
Aimtime: 1,73
Depression: -8

Engine: 650hp
Weight: 56,57 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,49 (elite regular Tiger has 12,15)
Hull traverse: 30 deg/s (elite regular Tiger has 26)
Maximum speed: 40/12
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,397 (1,151/1,342/2,781)

Clones for the clone god!

99 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Premium Tiger

  1. It’s actually usable since accuracy isn’t shite.

    And probably would work with a limited MM.

    • what does it mean limited for you?
      132 pen in a heavy vs is3, kv4, t28 proto, t28, at15, etc…

      • With nearly .3 base accuracy and a stupid aim tank like that, you can damage all of those tanks apart from KV4 frontally really easily and consistently

        I mean the KV2 is already extremely easy to play with AP in t8, if this thing is a 7 with no t9 matchmaking its going to be an instant buy

        • If you can hit a charging IS-3 at 200m right in the roof maybe, which is almost impossible. Just face it, 132mm pen isn’t worth shit against T8 heavies, even the shitty Tiger II can bounce all your shots with the LFP, and that’s the greatest insult ever.

      • oh really so what your Saying is that out of all of the Soviet union’s T34-85′s they never once experimented with adding an 88 to it? you have no actual facts to back up the claim that it’s total fantasy.

        • Actually, Xplato, I’d say that it’s up to you to prove that it happened. In logic, it’s never the responsibility of the party who claims that something never happened or doesn’t exist to prove it. It’s the responsibility of those who make the claim that something happened or something exists to prove their claim to be true.

          I have no doubt that it’s “possible” that Nazi Germany may have experimented putting an 88 into a captured T34-85. But saying that it’s “possible” isn’t the same thing as knowing that they did it, or even contemplated doing it. For that, actual evidence is required.

      • There are some information about one conversion made in Kurland by local units and workshops. They specifically informed about T-34/85 with 8,8cm installed instead of damaged original 85 mm gun.

  2. Since it will be a premium, you can actually use premium ammo without losing a lot. if you have premium account as well you can actually go full prem ammo load-out. With that DPM, it will be ridiculous!

    • Cool story, bro – pay for premium tank to pay for premium ammunition.

      Yo Dawg, we’ve put T6 gun to you T7 premtank so you can pay for ammo after paying for tank.

      And 171 penetration on T7 doesn’t shine also, for IIRC 3200 credits.

      • For the lolz of course. of didn’t stop pz2j drivers from doing it.

        Maybe you had a few bad games, your teams were complete plebs, you decide to screw it and load your 3k DPM Tiger with APCR for fun.

    • Yeah honestly when I read the post title I figured they were doing a “historical setup” and balancing it at tier 6, which would really just require the hitpoint nerf, no need to inflate DPM to rediculous levels. Actually if you gave it 650-700hp and made it tier 5, balanced the other stats similarly to the KV1 it’d play just as well. The 88mm L/56 is only marginally better than the KV1(S)’s 85mm.

    • Imagine a triple platoon of premium Tigers with a combined 9000dmg/min output… and maybe limited MM? It would be like having three Matildas, only higher tiers.
      Where do i sign up?

      • Tiger 131 seems likely. back on the 9.3 test server there was a tiger only sand camo just like the bovy tiger.

  3. Oh ffs, WG! Make it a Tier 6 HT with Premium MM so it sees Tier 7 tops.
    132 pen is good for Tier 6, but barely adequate for Tier 7

    Of course, we wouldn’t want fans of Jerry tanks happy in the slightest now, would we?

  4. That gun handling though…
    Accuracy and aim-time, yes please!
    Penetration…. ouch… even at tier 7 it will struggle, tier 8… Drive a VK36.01 I guess. It can be done, but it would be damn hard work in tier 8 games. And at least it should hit where you want it to, unlike the 36.01…

  5. Seem like Wg doesnt sell enough gold ammo:
    Step 1) Nerf acc., so noone will hit weakspots
    Step 2) Sell an OP tier 7 premium tank with the HP of a tier 9 heavy and the DPM of a tier 10 Medium, that is only usefull/becomes totally OP with Goldammo (Those sec. account statspadders will love it)
    Step 3) Profit?

  6. Wot player logic: wg announced to introduce amx 30. “no! we don’t need leopard 1 clone!” wg want to introduce panther premium, tiger premium, m4a3e8 premium, t55 premium… “shut up, and take my money!”

  7. Premium tiger… interesting. But with that gun it really should get special MM (T7 max). After all it’s a sluggish heavy tank so it’s not possible to flank enemies, just like T6 meds can do in T8 battle.

    And shooting APCR vs T8 heavies, still barely penning…

    Also AFAIK, in one of recent Q&A Minsk said (was it Storm?) that players don’t like prem tanks with low penetration, hence WG is not going to introduce such premiums ;)

  8. useless crap tank what ever mm type. t7 132 pen is fail. Just xp pinata. Another fucking biased russian wot tank…ye we know russsians are strooonk. german is punnny. Stalinnn is strooonk….

  9. If you consider using 100% prem ammo and Limited max tier to 7 (maybe even 8) it can be a really fun tank to play

    - Insane DPM
    - Decent penetration and acc.
    - Decent armour if angling.

    That said, the creditmaking capability would be 0, of course.

  10. Put vents and rammer, chocolate, BiA on the crew, full gold loadout, and enjoy shredding enemies through their weakspots thanks to 0.31 accuracy and more than 3k dpm. With 1700HP you can trade shots all day long.

    It’s more OP than it seems, but it’s gonna be expensive: a case of p2w.

    • That would be the way to play it, if you wanted to pad and/or make very efficient crew training vehicle.

      BUT this could be kept in check by a simple thing: disable premium ammo. There are already vehicles in game, that don’t have access to premshells, so it’s perfectly possible.

      Now, would WG want it? Dunno. Spamming APCR 24/7 in this Tiger would require premm account, so hard to say…

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking.With this setup (BiA/Vents/Food/Rammer) the DPM would be around 3.5k with about 0.28 acc. and god knows how fast aiming time.

  11. Whatever comes from it a premium historical Tiger will be a huge blockbuster amongst newer players… And with 3k dpm the rate of fire will compensate for the penetration a lot!!

  12. make it a tier 6 prem heavy tank and ill buy it . i could imagine now that tiger eating m4 sherman and t 34 like in ww2.

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  14. To be short, i don’t like this WarThunderish direction WG is heading now with this game…

    Fury i don’t like much (why can’t we have Rudy as a premium instead of inscription only, then?), but i understand special case – still, stat copypasta.
    Adding copycat premiums, definitely NOT. No to 88panther, no to stocktiger. It becomes pay-to-win indeed if you can buy tanks which are the same as grindies and should belong to regular tree.

    Let’s hope this one is some fluke or missclick and won’t ever appear in shop.

      • I mean,in this particular case I can see how this tank can be p2w,but why does it mean that all copycat tanks that are premium are going to be p2w?

        Unless their are not OP,which doesn’t have anything to do with being a copycat,it’s actually a better idea to have premium ” clones” than unique vehicles.

        Unique vehicles as premiums means that you are potentially forcing players to buy them even if they don’t really want/need another premium tank.
        For example:
        - You want a full collection of IS tanks? Too bad,spend gold.
        -You want the unique Panther/M10 for its historical value? Gold please.
        -You want the TOGII* since it’s one of your favorite tanks of all time? GOLD

        So,yeah,WT systems of premium tanks that can be obtained in the tech three as well is a better system than unique vehicles as premiums (even though WT is doing this to some extent as well,looking at you expensive premium T-35)

  15. looks like pure gold for a tier 6 premium… though it wouldn’t need those hitpoints or DPM.

  16. Since it doesn’t have prem ammo, probably a PVE mode thing.
    Would be weird if a bot suddenly starts spamming prem ammo on you haha

  17. Now I strongly believe WG will make M47 Patton II tier XI premium tank which has M56 Scrorpion’s gun. If M47 Patton implements, I will buy it.

  18. I don’t even mind about it, i like what they’re doing; giving those good old classic tanks even more caracter and details like the Fury. It’s just nice to see, a tank where it’s visible the crew lived there. It adds just so much caracter to an old beast of a tank, the stats don’t really matter, you may as well drive the regular Tiger if that’s what you like.

  19. Another way to milk money. Introduce a premium tank that has monster DPM and HP but give it a gun that has low penetration. When firing standard ammo, it’s mediocre tank that will bounce most of the time. Load gold ammo, you have monster killing machine that penetrates all T7 and most of T8 tanks with ease and makes ~220 dmg every 4,5 seconds (we’re talking E25 ROF/dmg here). Solution? Always use gold ammo. Want to actually earn money in this tank? Buy prem account. With both, fun is guarantied, especially if in 3x toon – you just go one side and you don’t stop because with that HP and reload time, there is no reason to stop… WG profit guarantied!

    • 100% agree with you Dejan Lukic.
      100% agree with that words.

      Plus … i will propably buy this tank if it will be open to buy normally with no special requirements (special reward or mission).

  20. I would totally buy this tank. Tiger I was one of my favorites and with these softstats it will really rock. The only thing it lacks is pen. I’ll just spam premium ammo, it’ll earn lots of credits anyway.

  21. So much butthurt for nothing:
    Firstly, how much tanks never introduced in game after supertest.
    Secondly, where is it said this tiger will be sold in ig shop?

  22. What about VK3002DB ?
    It got the same stronk gun at tier 7 reg. MM
    I think with 0.3 acc the Tiger will be playable.

      • VK DB being A FUCKING MOBILE med can easily make up for the lower pen. Only a noob would use the L70 gun, the short 88 is much better in this case. The pen diff is very small, you’ll still have to hit the sides of heavies with either gun, at least short 88 does decent dmg per shot, much better.

        That being said, VK DB is inferior to pretty much all T7 meds, with few exceptions.

        • Oh come on now you are giving Corvi too much credit, he probably doesn’t use the L/70, he probably uses the L/28 105 even more laughable and pathetic for that tier. ;)

  23. Fantastic. I can only pray it’ll be introduced very soon. Imagine, a full team of T7 walking pinatas, XP for everyone !!! Almost too good to be true.

  24. Comparison between premTiger and regular Tiger with 88mm L/56

    Hit points 1700/1500
    Viewrange: 380/380
    Turret armor: 100/100/80 / 100/80/80
    DPM: 2928/2502
    Reload: 4,507s / 5,274s
    ROF: 13,313 / 11,377
    Accuracy: 0,307 / 0,364
    Aimtime: 1,73 / 2,21
    Depression: -8 / -8
    Engine: 650hp / 700hp
    Weight: 56,57t / 57,1t
    Power-to-weight: 11,49 / 12,26
    Hull traverse: 30 deg/s / 26 deg/s
    Maximum speed: 40/12 40/12
    Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,397 VS 1,151/1,342/2,781
    prem tiger has 9%,15%,14% better terrain resistance

    BTW i think this Tiger will be for HB only and not for randoms…

  25. Funny, I had the idea to implement the movie Tiger as a counterpart to the Fury just the other day. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought of it.

  26. I hope this is a Premium tank that gets added, whether or not it gets limited MM, the Germans ONLY have 1 TRUE Heavy tank that can be used as a crew trainer, the Pz B2 Doesn’t really count since it has an odd crew layout it isn’t good for training. I will definitely buy it. :)

    • And everyone else just has an abundance of heavy crew trainers, right?

      Just what the game needs. Another German premium tank.

      Well, Wargaming knows weheraboos will open their wallets for Fascist shitboxes. Can’t say I blame them.

      Maybe one day the nations that are actually missing prem classes will get them.

      • Russia has 5 Heavy Premium tanks, U.S.A. has 3, and British have 2, you might want to do some research before you talk about stuff you have no clue about or it makes you look like an uneducated fool.

        Also I bet you are one of those people that whine EVERY time Germany gets more tanks, well I hate to break it to you but it’s not their fault they have more tanks, prototypes, and blueprints for tanks than ANY other nation Hitler was obsessed with bigger and better tanks so there were always new tanks on the drawing board. Germany has probably 30-40 more tanks that actually fought, were mass produced, produced in limited numbers, prototypes were made or blueprints were drawn up for that are NOT in the game that can STILL be added so just accept it. I can name at least 20 off the top of my head right now and that’s without doing ANY digging or researching.

        • Russia has 2 heavy premium tank that is readily accessible. US has 2. British have 2.

          And don’t get started on German paper projects. Germany gets the most off-the-wall ridiculous designs that MIGHT have MAYBE existed on a napkin somewhere, while US has vehicles that actually served with our armed forces in the game’s timespan and saw serial production yet aren’t in the game. Not to mention prototypes and pilots that actually existed. When the US gets the M47 and M60A1, you’ll have a right to bitch about your napkinwaffles not being in the game.

          But let’s give Germany more prem tanks! Even if they’re clones of tech tree tanks! STuG IV, Panther and Tiger…

          Still waiting for that US prem TD.

          • Dude Germany has at LEAST 30 tanks that were NOT blueprints that actually fought, were mass produced, produced in limited numbers, or were prototypes NOT in the game, I wasn’t meaning blueprint tanks but YES if you add them more like 40. I was also meaning that could be put in the tree NOT as premiums but yes I’m ok with premium tanks being added.

            • You’re so full of shit it’s dripping from your eye sockets.

              Not counting anti-aircraft platforms, trucks or half-tracks, Germany did not have 30 mass produced types that are not already represented in the game in one form or another.

              Want me to start naming US vehicles that saw serial production or were actually prototyped that aren’t in the game? I’d be typing the list all day…

              But let’s keep giving Germany prem tanks. Because they sell to fanboys who saw them on the History channel. Meanwhile, we’ve got other trees with glaring holes in their unit listings. US is still in pretty major need of a medium tree overhaul AND a 2nd medium tree, but hey. Once the German fanboys have enough prem tanks, maybe..

  27. The funny thing is that I know a supertester who told me about this premium Tiger a couple of months or so ago, but at first I was skeptical. Seems he wasn’t pulling shit out of his ass after all…

    Anyways, yeah, it’s a clone, but just be glad that it’s a clone of something OTHER than a T-54 (and by extension its various knockoffs) or a T-62A for once.

    Either way, if it gets preferential MM (meaning no tier 9 games), it should be a fun little crew trainer to supplement my Lowe.

  28. My guess is this would be a training Tiger to be used for an expanded version of the tutorial in the same way there is the training Panther.

    That’s the most logical conclusion IMO, based on the following:
    - There is no need to create an already existing tank with the same modules but modified stats unless this is to be used for a special purpose.
    - There was talk of expanding the tutorial, which should include a separate section for heavy tanks. The Tiger would be a good candidate to teach new players because it is popular, “feels” like a heavy.
    - A premium and historical Tiger at tier 6 would be too similar to normal tier 6 tanks, and at tier 7, would require preferential matchmaking effectively making it a tier 6 regular. It doesn’t sit well in the tree if you ask me.

    • And they aren’t going to give a tier 6 prem tank more HP than a tier 7 tech tree tank of the same type. That’d be like a Type 59 having more HP than an elited T-54.