Panzer IV Sold for 213k EUR

Thanks to everyone, who sent me a link to this story!

Hello everyone,

in early October, I posted a piece of news about certain Panzer IV being sold in Finland in a bidding.


When the original article was written, the vehicle bid was 5500 Euro. Well, it got sold for a lot, lot more – the final bid was 213.150 Euro. Quite an expensive tank – I hope the new buyer will restore it (if it’s possible anyway).

34 thoughts on “Panzer IV Sold for 213k EUR

  1. that junk is devoured by rust. why the hell would you want to buy a wreck for 213k?
    they have to replace big chunks of metal in the attempt-restoration process.

    • well, after all, a panzer IV is a big party of the history in germany and the countries who fought against the nazis, I think that it’s really nice to see that somebody pays such amount of money for it, I honestly hope he will restore it (the tracks for example), I think it will look really cool.

    • why would you want to buy a wreck for 213k? because there are people so bored/passionate and with so much money, that for them 213k USD means like $213 for a regular person.

  2. The ultimate “ran when parked” restoration project? Welcome to the Hell Garage!

    BTW, they’ve restored FAR worse armored vehicles, especially since there’s very few real era tanks left around. If something this bad is found, its still worth the time, effort, and cash to save, because its real. Hell…they rebuild tanks that have sat upside down in a river since the early 1940s with 3/4 of the armor blown off, so why should this be considered hard? LOL

  3. If you have enough money to sink 213,000+ EU into what is basically a collection of rusted steel, then you have the money to rebuild that tank.

  4. The bid was 1550 when you wrote the article, to be accurate

    I told my friends it was a deal at that price, joking, but I knew it would have been sold for much more than 1500 euro, just didn’t know this much

    By the way, there seem to be almost all the pieces inside, somewhere, so it’s mostly a “collage” work, exept maybe the right side armor that’s a colander

  5. I believe some tanks from Littlefield collection sold for less. And they were at least in better more complete shape if not in running condition.

    The only reasonable explanation would be that there aren’t many Pz IVs left.

  6. lol – did SerB buy it? Somebody must have too much Money :)

    This is a huge pile of rusty scrap – can’t rly rebuild anything from this…

  7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to build one from scratch? I know it wouldn’t have any historical value, but looking at this rusty metal.. It wouldn’t really matter lol

    • If it were so easy there would be PzIV everywhere but the fact is its not and it simply aint worth the time if the rebuild didnt have some elements of the original or the real thing.

    • It’s history is what’s valuable i think. Of course they can go to some printing factory, give them the blueprints or something similar to build from scratch the hull, wheels, turret and voila you have a PzIV.

      But then it would be just a regular modern metal copy and then everyone would say : you spend all that money on a big chunk of metal parts?

      • You don’t really buy the vehicle itself, you buy the serial number which lets you track down the history of that particular vehicle.

        It’s like those crashed WWII fighters that they salvage and “restore”: They only keep the plaque from the engine where the serial number is printed and build an entire new plane to put it on.

    • Yes, i dont think restoration is possible on tank so badly damaged. They need to build most of the tank again, with only some elements remaining from the original tank.
      It will be more like a modern 1:1 scale copy that a “restored” tank, but at least they can have production numbers and some original pieces left so its kinda worth it if he has like a shitton of money to waste!

  8. I think it doesn’t matter how much this guy would have to rebuild. Even if he had to replace almost all parts with new ones he now have documents that it was real tank, bought in an auction. Not some stuff build from scratch in some workshop. Like someone said, this junk is more valuable in historical meaning then brand new parts. He doesn’t have to tell anyone how many new parts are there.

  9. This is a good price! obvs some of the above posters don’t have much knowledge on tank restoration, but there is quite a bit to work with here. I’ve seen vehicles in far worse state been turned around in less than two years to running vehicles. – fully restored this will go for about 2.5-3M max.

  10. 213,150 for THAT!?!?!

    Someone just learned a valuable lesson about bidding drunk I guess…….