Hello everyone,

patch 9.4 is coming out on RU server today (in the night) or early tomorrow , so we can expect EU patch this week as well, likely on Wednesday.

- Q: “Why is Wargaming against introducing new matchmaker?” (SS: I think the player means skill MM, unclear) A (SerB): “There were already two ‘new matchmakers’. How many more there will be is not known for now. But they will not be designed by players.”
- SU-122-44 will not get preferential MM
- Storm apparently liked the Fury movie
- Storm states that the tank textures will not be in the future in such a resolution as from 9.0 onwards (HD models), but the resolution will be higher than pre-9.0
- according to Storm, the HD models from 9.2 onwards are of higher quality than the War Thunder ones
- Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”

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  1. - SU-122-44 will not get preferential MM

    Somebody actually asked that? It’s the best TD on T7…

      • SU 122 44 is op (but then every rusek TD is so arguement is invalid)
        E 25 is and isnt op, if it is against high tier heavies and doesnt have gold then its pretty much toast, but if it gets tanks of same tier then its op (and that t8 max mm)

      • Not on these maps. E-25 is really obsolete on many maps, because bushes got removed and maps got streamlined into corridor fights where low alpha, lack of turret and camo dependancy hurt like hell. SU-122-44 also suffers from those changes, but due to alpha and DPM it kinda suffers less. Nowhere near OP though, T29 has way more impact on the game than SU-122-44 and carries much better.

      • Yea, lol, the Better Russian jagpanther. That tank so Typifies WOT view on history and ther business model to the rest of the World.

        SS, im done. I’ve been coming on here for almost 3 yrs now, hoping things would get better and their not. Other people are starting to see it as well. Numbers are down, Ques are down, the bounces, the misses, the cammo, the spotting, THE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. It just never ends.

        Its been great, you run a wonderful Blog, wish you all the best but Im moving on to Amored Warfare…….and anything else.

        All the best.


      • E25 is not OP anymore. World of Brawling made sure of that. Now E25`s on most maps get fucked. FUnnels mean everytime they redo a map from an open field into a funnel/alley things like IS7 get a buff and Camo dependant things get a nerf.

    • I’m as confounded as you are.

      Seriously guys, if I can do 4000 damage with the thing in tier 9 games, one of them as the last tank alive on my team by that point (the only other tank to do more than 1000 damage in that battle was a T30), then it doesn’t need preferential MM.

      • Just for the record, I never stated that I think the SU-122-44 is OP, it’s just one of the easiest-to-play vehicles in the game and therefore definitely the best TD on T7. For the E-25 you do need earlier TD experience to make it work while the 122-44 forgives many mistakes and it is a good beginner TD if you switch from heavy tank to Tank Destroyer. The SU-122-54 however…;)

        • “I never stated that I think the SU-122-44 is OP, it’s just one of the easiest-to-play vehicles in the game and therefore definitely the best TD on T7″

          That’s a huge (and incorrect) logic jump.

          Also: why is SU-122-44 regarded as so good and SU-100M1 as so bad when they are nearly identical? Hell, the only advantages 122-44 has is the higher damage and slightly better slope on the frontal armour, while having severe disadvantages.

          • Oh, look below, I think the SU-100M1 is just as good as the SU-122-44, so no flaw there ;)

            The 122-44 just works better as Tank Destroyer due to the heavy gun and therefore high alpha damage.

  2. - SU-122-44 will not get preferential MM

    looks at SU-152…..seriously, preferential MM for SU-122-44…SU-152 gets the big 152mm derp and SU-122-44 gets the mobility, it’s perfectly balanced.

        • 100M1 is actually excellent sniper and 101 is decent (but nothing special) supporter. Both teach you to play TDs with rear casamate and w/o depression which is crucial once you get 263.

            • I think the SU-100M1 is an actually way more capable Tank Destroyer than the SU-152…it has outstanding DPM, absolutely german accuracy, an unbelievable camo value, fairly good mobility and even armor. And the gun handling is just amazingly good.

  3. “Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.””

    Haha priceless.
    Although, T34 doesn’t have any armour on the hull either, and Lowe does have better gun accuracy and reload.

    • you are right but there are two more very substantial detail. The turret of T34 is almost impenetrable for everybody. The turret of Löwe is penetrable for almost everybody and from the other hand … compare alfa dmg. For “peak and boom” is alfa dmg much more important then accuracy and reload time. T34 has incredible penetration so it doesn’t need to aim as good as with Löwe. At last but not least whenever you try to snipe with Löwe you convict as “noob moron camper” because you have heavy tank and heavy are not allowed to snipe….

      • That’s not entirely true, that turret of T34 is impenetrable. I you mean directly gun mantlet, then yes, but to be honest, gun mantlet is smaller then actual turret from the front and you can easily penetrate T34 everywhere around mantlet, even above it (which happens to me more then usual from all those inaccurate russian guns on Is-3 and other ones) and I don’t even talk about the roof and commander’s cupola. Lowe can at least do nice hull down, while T34 will suck in it. Both vehicles has it’s pros and cons and probaly pros are easier to determine on T34 then on Lowe. And btw it’s also not true, that accuracy is less important for peek a boo. If you miss 3/4 of your shells or they always flight to the hardest steel and bounce, that’s a problem too. Big pene is useless, if you are not able to hit steel you can penetrate.

        • frontaly truret of T34 is easy penetrable if you have arount 270mm+ pentration and this pene have mmm a few TD thats all xD (without gold ammo of course). yes hulldown with löwe is pretty good but with T34 is 10 times better xD T34 is one of the best hulldowners in the wot.

          • No. Actually it’s quite easy to pen with 220+mm pen. Witch is rather common form lvl8 and up.

    • But the reload isn’t that much faster on the Lowe, and T34 does have 400 alpha. Besides, Lowe’s lfp is just too big and too weak compared to Tiger II. Tbh, I sometimes wonder where all that weight go(Tiger II is 70t, Lowe is 90t).

    • High penetration makes it more easier on moving/shaking targets, since you dont have to hope to hit the fuck’n weakspot. Often enough you don’t have the time to aim for it, since he takes cover again.

      Next, what does reload mean at all? Even tomatos shot and take cover and showup again after reload for another shot out. So the alpha dmg counts more.

      I still believe that the Lowe need some buff, just not sure on what direction. A buff on the mobility would be warmly welcome.

      • I have played this game since it’s launch and was part of the US server initially before transferring to SEA in hopes for better latency. After playing for a considerable time I decided to buy the Lowe.

        Worse decision I ever made. Though I love playing HT, the Lowe is a disaster in my hands. Even with a 54% win ratio I feel like I am personally dragging that vehicle in the battlefield when moving from Point A to Point B. My initial goal of playing as a sniper was smashed as well because against Tier 10 I loose a good amount of penetration over long distances. That or lag spikes kill my targeting to the point that either I shoot under the oncoming tank or on the UFP. Firing gold takes up too much gold with a sad DPM like Lowe’s and ends up putting your earning in the red on a standard account. And god forbid if I end up as a top tier, for my own team mates will tear me a new one cause they don’t like my sniper support play style.

        I am screwed either way. Sigh, it has been 2 patches since I updated this game and I parked my Lowe long before that. In a perfect world I would have requested a test drive of premium vehicles before I made my decision on what to buy just like one does before buying a car. I wouldn’t care if they didn’t give me any xp/gold. At least I would have made the right decision then.

        • I use to think this way, now more and more I think “F*** You, I will play the tank the way that I want to play it!” now with that said, there are times when you have to bite the bullet and play it other ways. To be honest though, I just put myself in better positions now, if I am in a T34 or a Lowe and I am one of two top tier heavies vs 2 better heavies or more often then not, 4 heavies then I simply sit in ambush in a hull down position and let them come out of the city.

          The T34 and Lowe in a map where there is no hull down are both second line tanks and should not be put in front, they are easily penned in the hull and will be removed from the battlefield instantly if facing anyone that is good at the game. If you want to take them into a city you need to have a position that will allow easy retreat, or be with another better armored or fast firing tank to offer support.

          If it is an open map, then they are snipers, find a location where you can be constantly firing your gun and support the forward tanks. When the team bitches about a heavy sniping, make them notice what you did on the scoreboard at the end of the match… Fuck the people that think know everything in the game and how to play your tank, meanwhile the highest tier tank they have is a T8 premium, with a T5 as a non premium, a win rate of 43%, and a WN8 of 438.

          Even typing that made me sad!

        • Got the Lowe when it first came out. It was a good tank but of course there weren’t all these tank trees that there are now. It even had a
          .28 accuracy back then. Excellent for sniping. Don’t play it much at all anymore.

          • The accuracy today is still the same, they only changed the shown values (was it two years ago?), they are based on a 100% crew while in the beginning they were based on the best possible crew (commander bonus, rations…).

    • They might be higher quality….but the War Thunder ones look still better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with both games.

      • “They might be higher quality….but the War Thunder ones look still better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with both games.”

        I’m not. As much as the “content issues” WoT has, WT is nothing more then pretty. It’s a pretty game with good sound, but a horribly designed and programmed game. It only gets a free pass because it’s pretty and because Historical Accuracy(tm).

        • WT seems to be the game where you aim for the enemy’s name and then you hit a tank. It is mad.

        • Yah. Warthunder has to be terribly programmed for it to have optimizations and multicore, they should learn from World of Tanks and drop them both! Then they’ll have this great standard of programming.

    • Had to laugh too. I play both games and WT looks much better (and runs faster) sry Storm.

      But what do you exspect, he has to say it…

      • @lumpy87, hes talking about the HD tank models in WoT compared to tank models in war thunder, hes not saying anything about the rest of the graphics.

      • Funny enough, I keep getting all the packet loss and sound glitches I don’t get in WoT..

    • WoT HD models are nice, but they are nowhere near as pretty as the WT ones. But I guess it is a matter of personal taste.

        • I never understood the appeal of a rusty tank. If you play NFS, do you want your car to look like a POS as well? Complete with mismatching body panels, rust and dents everywhere like it was driven through Paris exclusively for the last 20 years and a cracked windscreen?

    • WT looks much much better and runs much faster, but in my opinion WoT has better gameplay. WoT with WT graphics would be awesome.

    • +1
      The textures are better but it does not matter when the engine makes shit out of it and the end result is rather average for today standards.

      Engine and multi-core. 2 things WG. 2 things.

    • Objectively he is correct.
      WOT HD models are superior in polygon count and resolution to War Thuner models.

      The WoT HD models are absolutely state of the art and can compete with the best in gaming. Now if the lightning was like that… and the shaders… and the rest of the game…

  4. I have a thought about the tank textures. Why not make all tanks have a base texture then use shaders to apply the camouflage over the base texture? This would mean that the current system where a tank has in effect 8+ textures, Base, 2x snow, 4x Summer, 3x Winter for example with one and a shader for each one to save memory space for the client?

      • ^This
        I used one of WG’s camos as a base when making a custom one for WT. It’s kind of funny that spots that are supposed to be “transparent” are bright red though.

    • Might be that the game still uses antiquated DX9 and what you suggest would be very slow or impossible. Someone more knowledgeable could shed some light I’m sure.

    • It’s already like that. Every tank has the basic green/feldgrau/blue/pink (pick one depending on nation) solid camo diffuse, and a multi-colour camo is blended on top of that if needed. If you ever wondered why the camo is ‘worn around the edges’ and the color fields don’t exactly match when passing across sharp corners, it’s because of that.

  5. - Storm states that the tank textures will not be in the future in such a resolution as from 9.0 onwards (HD models), but the resolution will be higher than pre-9.0

    WTF. I thought they are only scraping the ultra super hd deluxe textures.. those that were downloaded as separate file in 9.3.

    So it will be even worse than 9.0, 9.1 … ? Great, just great.
    Even the textures we got now are blurry as shit. It might look okay on 15″ screen but hey, some of us got 27″ screens. So many polygons, and a blurry shit stretched over it.

    Oh well decreasing visual quality for the sake of client size. Because HDDs are the most expensive part of the PC right ?
    The fact they got better textures, just not allowing us to download them makes me even more pissed off. Some of us dont play on calculator. And those who do, they still got the lower resolution available.

    “resolution will be higher than pre-9.0″ ORLY? Anything is higher than that. KARL had same resolution. Just because its higher doesnt mean its sufficient. Comon WG, let us download the textures you got prepared anyway…

    players were reporting lowres texture on IS-7 gun, so WG is fixing that by lowering resolution on everything else.

    • I’d rather not have WoT take up 45 Gb on my computers HDD (I’m one of those playing on a laptop so I can’t just “get a new one”)… and I REALLY don’t want to download those 45 Gb every time there is an update.

        • And you two guys, do realize you DONT HAVE TO? You never had to!

          It’s just us, who got 2TB HDD space and 100Mb/s connection cannot download it either… It was optional.

      • U dont have to download the separate textures. But Wargaming is too retarded to understand that who doesnt want to download they dont, but the ones who have HDD space and better PC will download them.

        I hate that Wargaming has to fuck up the graphics because early 90′s PC users who still play on windows 95

        • I hate how you users think that everyone has a good computer like you do. Meanwhile in Russia…

          Also, people who install new textures would probably screw THAT up too, and WG probably wants nothing to do with it.

          • omg… it was optional… those who dont have good pc can still use the old textures. It didnt change a fucking thing for them.

            Even if they introduced megatextures deluxe, one tank having 300GB it wont affect anybody. Players with calculators will have EXACTLY SAME fps. Because they simply wont use these. It was optional. how come you dont understand this…

            I hate football.
            From now one, NOBODY can play or even watch football!
            I dont fucking care you like it, I dont!
            I know I can just ignore it and dont watch it, but thats not enough! I wont watch it, but you wont either!
            This is same logic.

            See? I never watched it. This decision didnt affect me in any way. But those of you who like it, you cannot enjoy it anymore. For me, nothing changed.

    • takes a look at your comment…
      takes a look at IS-7…

      Where the fuck IS IS-7 blurry? (pun intended)
      And i do not even play on high resolution.
      If youre talking about the Tiger I… yea… maybe… but he got the realistic track movement going for him.
      I dont see your point here… (I know the Warthunder tanks, the look nice but… well WT:GF sucks..)

      • “(I know the Warthunder tanks, the look nice but… well WT:GF sucks..)”

        no they dont, tried it, they are blurry as well. covered with rust so it makes for that a bit.
        What makes WT look better is lightning, shaders, bump/displacement mapping and all the DX11 stuff.

        “And i do not even play on high resolution.”
        This is probably why.
        Try 2560×1440 or higher.
        You cant really go with 1080p on 27″ screen. pixels, pixels everywhere…
        So if the game is trying to stretch current textures over that resolution, it is blurry as hell.

    • It’s not HDD space they are worried about, it’s the memory requirement to load 30-odd HD textures for a battle.

      • it’s optional.
        some of us got 32GB RAM, 8GB video ram, and over 2TB HDD space…
        Why do they worry if my PC can take it ? If it cant, I will not donload them. Simple as that. Why do they decide for me ?

        • Because it costs money to make, host, and support those texture packs when some idiot installs them wrong and then the game doesn’t run.
          I mean, FFS, they could make a render engine that could only run on a supercomputer. Can’t run it? Don’t download. Of course, this comes at the expense of other things, and the benefit is too low.

          • Storm already said the do have the textures anyway. Thats how they develop them (they sacan the vehicle and the result is HD texture) – they just dont deliver them. They will shrink HD textures to lower resolution and distribute those.

            This is exactly what he said 3 days ago.
            So if they already got them , and will have them for every tank.. why not just put them somewhere so we can download them… I mean ffs, I canhost them on my own PC if WG doesnt have enough money to buy HDD.

            • “they sacan the vehicle and the result is HD texture”

              That’s not how this works. That is not how any of this works.

    • Bugii, stop trying to conceal your PC bragging with some sort of flat non-sense.
      Yes, we realise you have a 2TB HDD, no need to say it in every sentence of every post. Or the monitor or the Video RAM( which doesn’t even matter that much, case in point, 780TI has 3gb GDDR5 and is faster than the 6GB Titans, because the Titans are a pure money grab from Nvidia anyway)

      How old are you, 12 ?

      • Im “bragging” because WG is acting like todays hardware couldnt take their game. You dont need nasa pc to run wot on max details. heck even 3 years old PC can do that.

        It’s their “sometimes in the very far future when the hardware situation will allow it” statement that drives me crazy. They are acting like there were only 1% players having decent PC. So fuck progress, not worth for 1% players. Hardware allowed it 3 years ago.

        They all go like “our textures are so WOW SO MUCH HD your computers will never be able to run this game.”

        Its just another fucking excuse for “yes the game runs like crap and looks like crap that somebody has eaten and shit it again. But we cannot do anything about it because you players, dont have better PC anyway”…

  6. “Lowe is weak, Lowe is underpowered, Lowe has no armor, Lowe doesn’t have wings, Lowe doesn’t make me fried eggs….”
    Oh well, looks like people still can’t play my favourite premium tank.
    Seriously, people should stop buying t8 premiums before taking any of their t1 tanks into battle. Because it’s those guys who whine about the Lowe, right? I mean, experienced players, who’ve actually driven the Lowe wouldn’t be that stupid, right? Right? Who am i kidding… of course they are.
    Also, preferential MM to SU-122-44? Best joke i’ve heard today.

    • I dont own Lowe, but I dont have much trouble to face one as I used to have… maybe it was nerfed, maybe I got better… but it really is piece of cake now.

      On the other hand, people are complaining about T26E4 as well, and I love mine,..

      • And people complain about T-34-3 and while I can see where they’re coming from, I love it. 390 alpha on a premium medium, hella yes.

    • I have nearly 2000 runs with the Lowe and I think I know enough about the game and so I’m not part of the playerbase you describe.

      And I also think that the Lowe needs a buff, but I would vote for a mobility buff.

  7. ffs MM should not be decided by tier or battle tier, it should be based on player skill and/or introduce a lvling system for each player to determine in which game they belong in

  8. Why do people whine again about Lowe. It was alredy buffed… Does everyone in Russia has so short memory?

    • gold noobs allways whine about premium tanks to be buffed so they can do more with less thinking

      • stop being poor jelly fuck…does it ever occured your tiny brain that that tank is utter crap for being most expensive premium tank and that it is undeperforming badly

        • You mentioned the main problem of the Löwe: It’s waaaay overpriced. For it’s original price of 7500 Gold, it was quite a good tank (and before the powercreep).

  9. Ahhh.. the sufficient armor is the gun mantlet, which the Lowe can’t use because of.insufficient gun depression and, you know….. sky cancer.

    Damn, these devs are retarded. I am glad I stopped playing this shit.

    • “insufficient gun depression”
      Yes, because -8 is really bad for gun depression. Get your facts straight before you say stupid things.
      Also good to know that Lowe is the only tank affected by the clickers. New to me.

      • Did I say it was the only one affected by the clickers? I don’t think so, dumbass.
        Nothing is safe with that scourge which flattens the maps.

        • Oh, nice, i call you out on talking shit without knowing what you are talking about, so you call me a “dumbass”. Wait… i just realized that I’m soo intimidated now, a guy who has less braincells than a fork called me a dumbass, what do i do with my life now… i’m gonna cry in the corner. Yeah, right… go get a brain then try again, bye douche. Such a fuckin clown…

          • Who cares? Pretty much any russian 122mm gun can pen all tier 8 heavys frontaly and make 390-480 damage, while they still have bouncy enough frontal armor and equal or better side armor than tier 8 heavys. This wasnt possible before, when is3 had a better pike nose and the tiger II had better lower glacis, now any russian 122mm gun pen these legendary tier 8 tenks with ease.

          • You call me out? By saying that garbage? Shut up. You were a douche first and now is crying about it? Grow up retard.

            • Garbage? You’re the garbage yourself, kid, and the shit you were saying. Let me help you figuring out how stupid you are:
              - You were either saying that -8 gund depression is “insufficient”, or, more likely, you had no idea what you were talking about, just wanted to say something smart, and failed at it.
              - You were suggesting that arty is stopping the Lowe from being effective, making it less of a good tank. Thing is, if you stay at the same spot with any tank, keeping it hull down or something, any arty player will aim for your tank, doesn’t matter what type of tank it is. So, it is irrelevant to the Lowe itself.
              To sum it up, you’ve said two things, both of them are plain stupid. Then you got mad because i pointed out how braindead you are. Way to go man, you’re the one crying here, just look at your comments. I’m just having a good laugh at your complete stupidity, and you’re not making that very hard to do.
              Next time when you try being a smartass about a game that you say you don’t even play anymore ( Yet you still have nothing better to do, you’re reading about the small changes of a game that you are not playing, and cry about someone spotting how retarded you are…. because reasons. ), try to say something that at least true or makes sense.
              Oh, just a tip, if you try to make me look as stupid as you are, maybe try adding some reasons, and prove that i’m being wrong about something. Saying that the things i mentioned are “garbage”, and asking me to “shut up” without having anything to prove that i’m wrong, well, that just shows your way of ( more like lack of ) thinking. Feel free to rage more.

  10. Storm states that the tank textures will not be in the future in such a resolution as from 9.0 onwards (HD models), but the resolution will be higher than pre-9.0

    I dont uderstand, are the textures arent going to be like the newest patches but higher taht pre 9.0? So they are making crappyer textures from now on?

    • exactly.

      better than pre-9.0, worse than 9.0 and onwards.

      So in short, they are decreasing visual quality.
      Not that the current HD models are “WOW beautiful”, they are just meh, so it will be even more meh…

  11. >>Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”<<

    Gotta love that WG sense of humour! lol

  12. - Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”

    So basically what they’re admitting here is if the Löwe was a soldier, he’d have bullet-proof armor right over his genitalia, but everything else is unprotected…. got it. Brilliant.

  13. - Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”

    LOL! the whole turret is a weakspot in T10 battles. Storm trolling as usual.

  14. - according to Storm, the HD models from 9.2 onwards are of higher quality than the War Thunder ones
    Yes, we will from now on focus on our own game instead of measuring dicks with Warthunder. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    - Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”

  15. SU-122-44 does not need fucking MM. People whine about the “low pen”, but remember it has very good rof and alpha as well as good camo rating and mobilty. Also dont forget the 122mm caliber that will overmatch areas and thus make damage, something that many other nations simply cant! I personly think the russian 122mm guns are too strong despite generaly worse accuracy, aimtime and pen. When low tier 122mm guns can overmatch the tiger II turret roof with ease, something is not quite right.

  16. i played WT for a couple of weeks and now,i like WoT even more :)
    WT has nice graphics and effects,but the gameplay is a downside for me..
    who will need a great quality,when you aim for the players’s names.
    But Air battles are really,really good!

  17. Why are people crying because Lowe isn’t as good as other T8 tanks ?
    It’s a premium tank, it’s supposed to be worse than standard (heavy) T8 tanks. I know SU-122-44 and E-25 (and prolly many to come) are breaking that rule but we should be asking WG to nerf exceptions not buff rest of premiums.

    Lowe worse than T34 ?
    Not worse, just different. T34 has better: alpha, turret armor, gun depression, hp/t power, signal range and a bit better camo (lol as if that matters). Lowe has better: hitpoints, reverse max speed, hull armor, traverse speed, terrain resistance, view range, turret traverse, accuracy, aim time and ammo capacity.
    If you think T34 is better then buy/play T34. But don’t cry about buffing Lowe that it should have T34′s strengths.

  18. - according to Storm, the HD models from 9.2 onwards are of higher quality than the War Thunder ones

    lol, that made me laugh

  19. “- Storm, when asked, where exactly is the ‘sufficient armor’ of the Lowe: ‘Gun mantlet.’”

    While I won’t disagree that the Lowe has sufficient armor for its tier… this is a rather silly/uninformative response. Yes, it has a mantlet that covers most of the turret (but mind you, getting a Lowe hull down is quite a hard task, and even then, if the enemies know about the small cheek weak spots, anything can punch through it with a steady aim). However, the Lowe is mostly a side scraper with enough side thickness to bounce tier X shots somewhat reliably. However, the turret ring bulge on the sides, while being a hard-to-hit target, occasionally catches shots that otherwise would have deflected. In general, just be cautious when angling the Lowe. Just thought I’d add to Storm’s comment.