9.4 WG Preview

Hello everyone,

from the official RU Youtube channel, the preview for 9.4, for now only in Russian.




- new team battles (changed the format to 7/54 (5xT8 and 2xT7 or 6xT8 and 1xT6), the attack/defense mode (the defender has to protect two bases instead of one, capturing both bases does not sum up, both bases are capped separately, can be capped at the same time, it’s enough to cap one base))
- new Stronghold options (can be unlocked up to tier 5, there will be a special video about that)
- Stalingrad map (destroyed wartime city)
- buff of T-34-3 (14,4s to 13,4s reload, reduced (buffed) the accuracy loss when turning the turret by 25 percent) and AT-15A (hitpoints buff to 1050, reduced MM)

And that’s all.

56 thoughts on “9.4 WG Preview

    • it wont be a good update either. No Havok no HD tanks, only the new tanks. 9.5 wont be a big update like they said

      • Apparently, for me it is! I’m looking more in to new tanks than this fancy graphic stuff!

        Well… maybe HD models and all the realistic pretty stuff is but only if it will work on Old Render!

        • “Not a good update” what the hell is he smoking? Only the second content patch of the year…and both of them qualify as good updates. “Only new tanks” why else do you play the game? You don’t play havok. While the hd models and havok improve the game(hopefully), they arent the game; just visuals.

  1. Still waiting for FV215b and FV4202 switch. Those 2 tanks have been waiting in my garage for like 1 year now :-W

  2. Stronk programmink. Changed some numbers with notepad? Let’s call it a patch! I bet they think the FSB are bursting into the houses of CE users for hacking single-player games currency.

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  4. Did the shadow rendering thing get to this patch after all ?
    It was supposed to increase framerate for those who play on tamagotchi.

    Also, what’s with the new premiums ? StugIV, pather88 etc. ?

    Anyway, makes me wonder how did they manage to fill 2 minutes 37 seconds trailer video with this info ?

      • Like further reduce it’s spaced armour? probably. Glad I sold that for gold, glad that I got T-34-3.

        • idk. I kinda like mine. got 53% WR in mine. And Im 50% noob overall, so 53 is quite a success for me :D
          Its okay I think. just needs a lot of practice. Never played it prior to armor angle nerf, so it is possible it looks like crap for those who did.

          And the speed (or rather lack of it) really works for me = prevents me from doing stupid decisions and die in first 3 minutes.

  5. One positve thing:
    Bye Bye Camperteams!
    Thousands of teams with stronk hide-away-camper-tactic have to start battle ;-)

  6. completely useless patch, only one new map. WG spent whole year with nothing. Thats why they are loosing players and money. Soon some people will loose their jobs or WG will loose all…

    • how did they spend the whole year with nothing?? are you kidding me? I’m not even gonna name all the shit that got changed man.

      Either you’re stupid or you don’t even play the game.

  7. I’m not sure what you guys want. Half the maps reworked every patch, buff nerf everything and add five new lines?

    Great so you hit battle, don’t know where you are on the map, your tank has changed and half the trgets are different.

    I’m not keep to see more and more ‘content’ release for it’s own sake.

    • Exactly. Besides, 9.4 was not intended as a big patch. It is there to fix bugs from 9.3. Also, it’s funny how every time something comes up on this blog, all you get in the comments is rage. For example, 1 and a half year ago everyone was bitching about the flood of new tanks, but no map reworks, no optimization, no HD tanks, no new game modes etc. Now that WG is focusing on that(I don’t know about you, but my performance is raising every patch) people bitch about map reworks, HD tanks, but cry about not getting new tanks. It really becomes clear why WG doesn’t listen to players since all they get is rage and whine( there are of course exceptions, but those are minority). It’s a shame since some people have great ideas, but they get shadowed by rage.

  8. “new Stronghold options (can be unlocked up to tier 5″

    Wait… Up to tier 5 ? No tier 10 ? What’s the point ? Just activate battle / defense ? What’s the point to grind stronghold and risk losing IR for just 2% more bonus ?

  9. This year is turning out to be a very unproductive for WoT developers, nothing new no new game modes (they added Historical battles and then removed them), no Havoc engine and the game is looking same as it did in C.Beta. If WoT continues the same road next year they will fail the reason is that they will have 2 competitors one of them (WT GF) as it is now it is looking better then WoT, WT GF has better graphics,sounds,bigger maps and modes (Arcade,Realistic and Simulator mode).

    • the ONLY thing thats better about WTGF is the point where camera is attached. Its much lower to the ground, which makes the feel you are driving a steel fortress, not a toy tank.

      Other than that, meh. I didnt like the graphics for example. It was a mess and a lot of objects just lack the details.

  10. So they have decided to buff these 2 premium tanks. Still wouldn’t make me come back because WT GF premium tanks are equal with other tanks so they are value for money.