NY Tank and Missions

Hello everyone,

WG EU employee (likely using a fake account called Count__FFall – CNNK claims it’s some e-sports player but whatever, the info was confirmed by other insiders) disclosed the following things in game chat (thanks to Szymon4325 for this one):

- the New Year gift tank will be the Panzer II Ausf.D, as expected
- apparently, there might be Christmas/New Year missions, allowing players to get two tanks: the Grosstraktor and T-34-85M. Now we know what WG plans with them :)


Well, I guess the second part is pretty interesting :)

35 thoughts on “NY Tank and Missions

  1. A free Pz 1C crew trainer :)

    Unfortunately though, I won’t be able to get any of the other two, since I am not playing the game ATM. Might be 6 more months before I can get back….

    • So, probably you won’t get the Pz.II D either, because usually in order to get the tank, you should at least log into the client in the given time period (New year holidays for this one).

      • Logging in is what I can manage, it is the time investment of “regular” play that I can’t.

  2. Pz IID has strong HP and very good view range. Could be interresting to play.

    I hop GrossT mission won’t be too hard.. Ihave a life but want it..

  3. Count__FFall – is member of team FreeFall and its looks like he is using one of the WGL training accounts with all tanks – but screen must be from training room.

    I dont think he is WG staff :D

  4. Played with Großtraktor about 20 battles and… its a piece of shit.

    No armor, microderp gun, too large and nice amount of HPs. Something like TOGII* on tier 3.

  5. I never done any missions for prem tanks, but t34 85m just sounds too good
    i love to play with the regular t34 85, of course the regular ones gun is way better
    but the M is more armored

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  7. T-34-85M looks like an excellent premium tank in a line that starves for literally anything that is not shiet. This going to be a hit.

    I’m positively suprised WG decided to give it to players.

  8. Count__Ffall is a player of the Esports team Freefall, idk if what he wrote is that legit because as Esports players we dont get that info ^^

  9. SilentStalker, if you could at least correct your information and delete the fake acc thingie, that would be great.

    As cNNK already stated, Count_FFall is a wgleague acc, he is a member of team FreeFall and as a esports player you do not get that information.

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