Nothing much today. For some reason, players from Ukraine suffer from very high pings, developers are working on it.

Also, noticed how they suddenly admitted on EU forums the error with the premium tank XP calculation? Well, that was funny… apparently, the “info flow” about that error was: German section – FTR – RU videomaker Murazor – everyone else on RU server and WG noticed somewhere between Murazor and everyone else, so yea, congratulations to the German guys for noticing the bug, too bad it took Murazor for WG to notice.

Okay, some quick Insider info then. For Xbox WoT, there’s apparently going to be a “Ripper” bundle very soon (price is unknown):

- USA Tier V M4A2E4 Ripper Medium Tank
- 100% Crew
- Dead Eye Crew Skill
- 90 M61 Shells
- 18 M72 Shells
- 1 Garage Slot
- 30 Days of Premium Account

What is M4A2E4 “Ripper”? Well, this:


Cool, I want it for WoT :) Anyway, remember that developer who got fired for allegedly screwing around with models? Allegedly, instead of hiring someone new, another WG employee was given his job and the Insider thinks he’s much more competent. Oh well, at least noone is doing this shit intentionally anymore.

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  1. Is this the dev that screwed around with the 38t model and then the insider thinks “we will see a lot less buggy models from now on.”

    How’s that M53/M55 doing?

  2. Germans are just too correct.(read nitpickers)
    so instead of contacting support or writing on RU forum,
    We should make a gud forum post about it with screens and everything,
    send SS the link, SS then contact Murazor and thus WG notices?
    mfg eXterminus

    • they contacted the staff. staff told to forward this to minsk.

      publishing such issues on ftr seems to be the faster way.

    • @exter: You obviously don’t know the german support and how the german forum is organised :)

      German support is the last station for monkeys getting fired out of medical experiments. They sit in front of a computer with a 2-key-keyboard. One types: “It’s not the fault of Wargaming” – and the other “Thank you for contacting support.”.

      The monkeys not capable anymore to hit those two keys get their chance as Community Manager or another job around the forum.

  3. The “Ripper” is retarded. Why put an ahistorical skin on a prototype tank and push it out as something special?

    If anything that skin should be on an E8.

    Then again, this is the XBox version we’re talking about. No fucks are given.

  4. They implemented special skins mechanic for this campain – so it’s much better to sell those as skins then “speshul” tanks with regular stats (aka fury).

    PS: for PC, i mean. For xbox, no fucks are given.

    • Fury has less than regular stats. It kinda’ sucks.

      But I can’t complain on my 6th battle on the Fury I did 1.5k damage and a TG.

  5. “remember that developer who got fired for allegedly screwing around with models?”, huh?, what are you talking about?, i can’t remember seeing that in any ftr newspost



  6. If someone is interested there is M4A2E4 Sherman in WoT for PC. It was reward tank for 1000 battles in beta stage.

  7. Doesnt matter, you buy it – you regret it. This tank was hit by a nerf bat and basically its one of the worst t5 tanks. You see a heavy ? Run bitch. Most of other t5 meds will eat you for breakfast

    If I were ever to say “Fuck you WG” it would be for the fact that they nerfed this tank so badly (at least they should give it back its old depression value)

  8. Dear Silentstalker!

    Can you please post the link to RU videomaker Murazor, where he announces your finding of that XP bug?

    Thank you,