Couple More Charioteer Pictures

Source: VK Wotleaks community

It is now confirmed that contrary to previous plans, WG decided to remove the 105mm L7 gun from the Charioteer, leaving it with two 20pdrs (if I recall correctly, it’s the “usual” Type A and Type B). By the way, in case you are wondering, the L7 Charioteer is historical, it was even built (not just proposed).





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  1. why dont make a version with l7a1 like a premium tank…it will have terrible ROF..something like 4…

      • Super fast and a huge gun? It would be absolutely way overpowered.
        That said, the 20-pdr isn’t very appealing to me either.
        I’d rather drive the Centurion I. Same gun, almost same DPM, more ammo ,effective turret armour and better view range.
        … Okay, now the idea of the L7 seems more appealing to me.

        • It just needs crappy soft stats and traverse speeds and BAM, its a tier VIII Hellcat.

          And also the earliest vehicle (first tier VIII) to get the tier X L7 gun.

  2. Even now, they make the British tanks about dpm and not about alpha. I mean, come on, are there not enough British tanks at tier 8 that deal such an insignificant amount of damage to their foes compared to other tier 8 tanks? I’m not complaining about the 20-pdr, but why must all the British td’s be about dpm, even these new ones without armor? To not sound completely negative, I have to say that the medium like mobility is a big plus.

      • I like it aswell, I like it a lot because it allows you to miss a shot here and there, but since these are the new British TDs, the’re not all that different from the AT line. Sure, they’re much faster and have a lot less armor, but it’s not like the AT15′s or the Tortoise’s armor can be relied upon all the time. These new ones are more mobile, so they’ll probably be at the front lines more often, which is also something wrong to do with them, but sitting in a bush and waiting for an opportunity to strike at someone is really diminished by the fact that the gun only does 230 dmg.

  3. So the British T8 20pdr curse is here to stay.

    And if they ever introduce a T8 light, will it have the 20pdr too? :D

  4. Charioteer + 105mm L7 – Just imagine a borsig, but with great mobility.

    Kinda no wonder this thing got nerfed after supertest results.

    BUT now it will be a retarded med/td hybrid that has no clue, what it wants to be…
    Weak gun for TD, no armour or HP for medium.

    Maybe this shit could get compensated with OP DPM. Now it looks rather weak.

    • “Charioteer + 105mm L7 – Just imagine a borsig, but with great mobility.”

      Except it’s not. The Bordig has CRAZY good camo and 490 damage.

      The Charioteer with an L7, as it should be, wouldn’t have amazing camo due to height and only has 390 alpha.

      It’s ridiculous it’s not getting a tier 10 gun like so many other TD.s Typical that they screw the British just to laugh.

  5. And once again the British get completely shafted.

    Oh, it’s okay for -other- certain nations to have tier 10 guns on tier 8 TDs. But NOPE, “lol British small guns have to stay small and rapid can’t allow bigger” all over again. The ISU gets a huge gun, the RHB gets a huge gun…why can’t the British get a decent gun? It’s only 390 alpha for crying out loud on an armourless -5 depression platform.

    The L7 was what would define this thing as the British line’s first properly hard hitting TD at a high tier that doesn’t rely on 1% luck or high DPM. But apparently the new “historical” direction doesn’t want actual historical guns, too busy making T-28 fakes and overbuffed IS-7 clones.

  6. Wow, they’re getting rid of the L7? So they’re going to ruin yet another brit line with underpowered guns. Goooood.

    Hopefully the head of game balance cracks some skulls and reverts that decision. I mean…. unless this thing has bonkers DPM and moves like a LT…. maybe then it’ll be slightly good.

    But man what a disappointment.

  7. German tier 8 td, yeh 150mm
    American tier 8 td, yup 120mm
    Russian tier 8 td, hmm 152mm
    British tier 8 td, err 83mm…

  8. Will it have the same 20 prd type A and type B that the other British TD’s/ tanks have or will it be a special 20 pdr a/B combo that only the Charioteer would have.

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  10. Really? I would’ve been much happier with a nerf to the L7 than COMPLETE removal!
    Now, as a compensation, I want a 26,09 ROF on the 20 pounder.

  11. So Waffletrakkers, being paper tanks, can have everything; yet real tanks like Charioteer, cannot.