9.5 Supertest Patchnotes

Keep in mind the list is not final! For example some vehicles are still missing.

- added the Firefly line (it’s incomplete in the patchnotes, some vehicles still missing from the supertest)
- added several vehicles for supertesters (AMX CdC, AMX-13/57, STA-2, ISU-130)
- fixed some visual issues with the models of Maus, Fury, Jagdpanther, KV-1S
- fixed the armor bugs in following models: Hetzer, SU-14, WT Pz.IV

- added new maps: Winter Ruinberg, Mittengard, Ghost Town
- removed Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire from the game
- fixed some landscape irregularities on the maps Moutain Pass, Fisherman Village and Windstorm
- fixed some game issues on the map Stalingrad
- fixed some visual model issues of certain environmental objects

- a player will now recieve 10 percent extra XP for scouting damage for each level of difference between his tank and the target (but no more than 30 percent) (SS: as in, if a tier 8 LT lights up a tier 10 and recieves spotting damage, he’ll get 20 percent extra XP)
- added following functions to the minimap: viewrange indicator, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted
- added interface fixes in the “special battles” window
- fixed the visual camouflage in improved graphics (new render)
- fixed some UI and game issues in the Stronghold mode
- the AFK punishment warning will now display only after 3 AFK battles in a row (instead of the current punishment), punishment will come roughly after 4th AFK battle
- fixed some freezes and crashes of the client
- changed the condition text description for several medals
- fixed the “jumping” of tank icons on minimap
- fixed the lags caused by display of some special effects
- fixed the “flickering” of leaves and bushes in sniper mode
- fixed the bug where the tank “sinks” into the floor of the hangar
- fixed some small UI bugs

108 thoughts on “9.5 Supertest Patchnotes

  1. and so starts the LT boost, before everything else gets nerfed,
    and WG adopting last known position from various mods, at least they listen/take note…

    • And they recon they can do it in a more performant manner too.

      My XVM stats display broke, and WG are slowly implementing tge other stuff. yay!

      • I’m using Locastans HD map mod for last position (very handy) and names of tanks (to see when ALL top tier tanks Lemming to same side :D).
        I wonder, so, WG included Locastans HD map mod? [except map HD thing]
        Hmm.. oh, I think view range square is not included (?).

  2. Yay for scout XP, now can my new years wish for 2015 that spotting damage is exported and included in WN8 also be fulfilled? :)

  3. These changes are all good news. Would be nice to see those minimap improvements in the final patch notes.

    • ….to me it sounds there could be a lot of bugs in so many changes…works as intended :)

    • Took them long enough, i hope this will help a lot of people in the game. There were so many times i wished my team had xvm minimpa so they could better know what was going on.
      GG Wargaming…Reload Timer and Minimap, only 3+ years ;)

            • “- added following functions to the minimap: viewrange indicator, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted”
              GREAT! That’s all I want, and all I need. Arty traverse arc has always been incorrect in XVM. AMX F3 is the worst, with the center-line way off center. All other arty it’s still inaccurate when you reach the side limits; either + or – degrees.
              I’ve also never seen a use for the view range square, and turn it off in XVM.
              *If WoT’s minimap additions work properly, I won’t need XVM AT ALL any more*.

    • Only problem what I seen on this map is same as with Dragon Ridge. Most of players fought (for some reasons) all the time on the same spots (east and west edges of the map).
      Or is there something else why do you hate this map?

      • Hate +1
        Old version was better.
        Not because I love ppl dont care about the arty and it was quite arty-friendly, watching noobs being punch out due to careless. Priceless.
        This now though, sth when you are driving a not paper but plastic tank.
        If you are in a tank that doesnt require hulldown to donk shells, this map will be quite enjoyable.
        However hulldown tanks. e.g cent, conqueror, T34. I cant really find somewhere nice. While TDs with no armour and no alpha even worse.
        I had a match in my SU-100M1, Battle Tier IX.
        Started from the north.
        All I knew is neither west nor east have any concealment for me to take safe shots which I have to, driving that thing.
        That is impossible because whereever you can see the enemy, the can see you too. Trade shots with your 100mil and less than a thousand health pool yet dont forget the engine is in the front. I like playing camo game, not camping. However that match, the best thing that could do, stayed in bushes, passive spotting because my team died 2fast2quick on the east. It has a lot of ridge lines but only few out of them are useful for the line battle, more of those help only when you are being cap.

    • i dont understand why it was removed. One of the best maps, very fast, always good fights, high paced (u didnt have to wait 5 min to see the enemy), great tactical opportunities, even for scouts. I will miss it a lot :((

      • Severogorsk always worked like a shorter-sighted Steppes. The tactics have evolved along the same lines.

        I agree that I’m surprised that it’s being removed, because it provides a different fighting style of more brawling.

        Considering the meta of this removal, and the “smoothing of maps”, I see the developers leaning toward making artillery stronger in battles.

        …which I love.

        I see a storm coming. Get out your steel umbrellas. ;)

        • I’m a little surprised to see this map go. As a big medium tank driver I see no problem with this map, I actually enjoyed it a lot in anything considered fast. But when i drove some of my heavies or TDS I defiantly can see some issues with this map. The corners were almost never dynamic, with the “hardest hitting” tanks at each almost always winning. And once won, each flank be crumbled by any forces that are still alive in the center, no effective artillery cover at the flags, or heading to the flags. I’ve won easily 80% of the games I played on this map in any “quick” tank and just as much in my Artillary tanks.
          But I guess change is good, the tank wasn’t exactly a classic since it was reworked.

  4. I already get top xp from good spotting damage. I wonder if we’ll see many top xp lights if this happens!

    • it is not so hard right now in light to be in top by exp if you do some damage. Why WG increase this further? [not that I'm complaining :D]

  5. ” tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted”

    Please don’t do that >__>? I thought this mod was a cheat and now WG add it? This game became more and more boring and casual…

      • It technically is a cheat, but it became so popular so fast WG had to implement it. Finally it will be the same for everybody without being foced to have the mod for competitive reasons.
        I can’t understand why WG wont implement the viewrange circle though. The real problem is the stupid spotting mechanics and all it would take are tooltips explaining camouflage and bushes might prevent spotting of enemy tanks at the maximum spotting distance.

    • Because clearly there is no such thing as relaying of information between tanks.

      This is an excellent change, it’ll help stop some of the herpaderps rolling around without XVM not knowing whats happening.

    • They could really hurry up with all the XVM functionality implementation. I really don’t care much for all the statistics etc. and I could do without having to worry about compatibility upon every update.
      Still waiting for hangar clock.

      These changes are coming. The mods are approved and devs allow them because they do make the game better.

    • It was never tagged as a cheat, and if it gets implemented by WG itself, it’s definitely not one. The thing that pissed me off was that some people had, some people didn’t. If it’s everyone’s tool, all fine with me. Bad players won’t become less crappy just for this.
      Let’s only hope WG doesn’t mess everything as usual.

    • i think its a good thing now ALL players have this and I dont hve to install a mod for minimap anymore

    • No it won’t. It has no purpose other than to show approximately your damage done which then serves for what exactly? Nothing. I’m 99% sure WG will not implement that.

  6. So another patch that is 95% “fixed bugs”, 3% “improved” and 2% “added new stuff”

      • To be honest, it’s not whole tree, just a branch (but still, several new tanks) and Winter Ruinberg can’t really be called new, it’s just an old map in different costume.

    • 11 new tanks (more if you include the mission tanks which will be patched in same time), 3 new maps, new mission system and a load of functions poached from mods, 2%.

      Wtf do you think a content patch would look like??

      • What 2 maps? Ruinberg is an old map , it is just reskined and added as another map besides the normal one (like Ruinberg on fire)

        Content patch : about 70-80% new content, 10-20% improvements, 10% bug fixes

        • I don’t think you should call them by percentage… Because according to your definition, a patch with exactly one new vehicle added is a content patch, and that does not make any sense ;)

  7. “- a player will now recieve 10 percent extra XP for scouting damage for each level of difference between his tank and the target (but no more than 30 percent) (SS: as in, if a tier 8 LT lights up a tier 10 and recieves spotting damage, he’ll get 20 percent extra XP)”

    Nice boost to scouting, but what about a LT buff? :c

    “- added following functions to the minimap: viewrange indicator, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted”

    Now THAT’s interesting, never thought this would get implemented officially. Poor pubbies, now it’s going to take them a few weeks to understand “why tenk shows on map but not in game??!?!? wtf”. :D

    • Light tank view range buff. – It’s done when it’s done.

      Everyone else – View range nerf!!!

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        • i think its easier to render all map instead of 1/3 of the map and then 2/3 of outside of the map :P cuz who needs to render tanks that are outside of map :P

        • Rendering range, regardless beeing circle or square, plays a different role than spotting range. To get the full picture, advanced players still need both.

          Devs could add the rendering range as an advanced option (activiated on demand, not default). So you can have both view&render ranges displayed on the (mini)map.

          I know WG care a lot not to confuse the average t0nker, but pleasing vets at the same time, doesn’t have to exclude that.

  9. I thought they’ll only add tank names on the minimap, but they’ve went almost full XVM on it. I like it. :)

  10. I dont know why they bother buffing exp for scouting as the only tanks who will be viable to play after the viewrange nerf is LT and SPG. No way any decent player will play anything else and be at the mercy of the RNG gods to give them a LT that is not a complete waste of a tankspot after viewrange nerfs.

    • The view range for all other tanks will be nerfed I think max 10-20 meters in worst cases. WG said that the numbers they released was just extreme to see what people thought. I think view range is a good nerf, but I also think render range should be nerfed to prevent render-sniping. Basicly you want to make dmg, then get closer.

      • I almost never camp but with nerfed viewrange there is no point to try and be agressive (if theys stick with the posted ones) becuse if they have a lighttank you die. And most maps have actually quite large open fields/corridors so unless there is a city some corridors will be problematic as a heavy or armored TD.

        • Yes, that is why I am saying that LT view range buff and render range as circle 700 meters will only enhance camping. Why move when render range gets buffes anyways? Let scouts spot and people can just point and click from safe locations.

          • How does that really differ from the current situation at higher tiers? I mean, view ranges there are already long enough that, unless you’re behind hard cover, you’re eating shells the instant you get within an enemy’s render range anyways. The only difference I see is that it’ll be a 700m circle instead of a 500m square with 707m diagonals.

            In other words, you are complaining about something that already happens.

      • Brawl with t7 heavy tank in S35 CA for example. You choose denk, fuck you, brawl or forget about doing damage.

    • Because as it stands now, WN8 and peer pressure make LTs non–viable unless they play as piranhas. Mediums have DPM, Heavies have alpha, TDs have one or the other, but LTs have always been left out. It got a little better when they softened up the MM treatment (no more facing Tier 9s in an A-20!) and introduced LTs that could actually do some damage, but the truth remains that most people prefer Mediums for scouting as their increased DPG means more XP.
      Now that LTs have a way to earn comparable XP, those who think that this is World of Heavy Tanks are going to QQ the same way they did when Tier 5 Lights were introduced. This way, it will now be viable to play 4 out of 5 classes.

  11. Hello everybody.

    Really could be that FV215b 183 will be nefred in mobility with no armor buff ??

    They said long time ago that new second british td line will be less resilient and old (also in tier 10) more resilient but currently FV215b 183 is rather paper tank … soo “even more paper” in new second british td line does not mean that old tier 10 is “anything resilient”. So … i was expecting armor buff … Maybe i was not intelligent here or new here not knowing things …

    Opinions guys – really no armor buff for FV215b 183 ??

    • The premium HESH nerf removed the 183′s only party piece. The soft stats nerf will remove the only remaining decent thing about it – that it is fairly mobile for such a big gun. It is fairly bouncy around turret and hull face, but that can only be exploited with limited sidescraping.

      So, at 9.5, the 183 will be a big, slow, rear turret TD with no depression, long reload, terrible aimtime and dispersion, no camo, and no high penetration premium round. Giving it a bit more armour won’t help it – it is now irrelevant.

      Like the Foch 155 and M48A1 before it, the nerf hammer hit it hard enough to make it useless in the current meta.

      Mine will stay in garage, but crew and equipment will move over to the new Tier X

    • Wish WG would remove awful players…

      Prokhorovka is one of the last maps where camo & view range matter. LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!

      • Let me guess, you are one of the camping noobs who like to camp in 1 spot and hide the whole battle and that is why you dont like this map ?

          • Yes, I must brawl with my paper td because otherwise I am a camping noob, despite supporting my tanks who can take the hits and spot stuff 50 meters ahead of me. I love that mindset, maybe WG should hire you so I can play like a heavy tank with no armor. They should make more corridor maps so I can do my scouting run in my AMX AC 1946.

  12. Adding more than one new map per patch is NOT a good idea (not counting ice/fire/wind/love-pink and whatever other elements are remakes).

  13. SS – “added several vehicles for supertesters (AMX CdC, AMX-13/57, STA-2, ISU-130)”

    Does this mean the new premiums are out at 9.5, or just first round of testing?

  14. - added following functions to the minimap: viewrange indicator, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted.

    Well, that is fucking nice, can’t wait to see how it looks.

    • Because anything that isn’t:
      a) a brawler
      b)has good turret armor and gun depression

      Is absolutely pointless.
      So yeah….I kind of see why.

    • I loved playing severogorsk with the ARL v39, or the Jagdpanther. It was a real blast, brawling and making great use of my great armor.

      Don’t even get me started on the SU-100M1, it really was an incredible experience.

  15. “- added following functions to the minimap: viewrange indicator, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted”

    Sweet, now I don’t have to mod to get that. :D

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  17. glad they adding the mini map it’s one of only 2 must have mods. That along with zoom mod. i also like the hit log but it’s not a must have but makes me enjoy the game more when im doing well.

    I see people saying they’re not haven’t a view range circle, but that’s not how i read the OP

    Looking forward to seeing a pic of it.

    Bring on this patch cause the AMX CdC interests me greatly and may be my first French tank