- viewrange indicator will be added to the minimap, but not complete viewrange circle, it would only confuse newbies and noobs by sheer minimap overload
- render range won’t be added to minimap either
- ISU-130 will be a special tank for moderators
- Storm confirms that the leaked supertest tank list is not complete (light tanks are missing)
- viewrange nerf will come “much later” than 9.5: “noone promised it for 9.5, we are only experimenting”
- the minimap settings will be optional
- FV4202 switch will not come anytime soon
- Panther 88 will be released in 9.5
- the 9.5 minimap tank names are better optimized than in XVM
- Panther 88 will not have preferential MM
- the map changes in 9.5 are tied to the fact that Wargaming wants to make maps more “smooth” (with less hills)
- the Stalingrad changes involve the removal of several rubble mounds (behind which the tanks can hide the hull)
- 9.5 will also bring individual missions, they are not being supertested yet
- Storm states that Severogorsk was removed because it was “unsuccessful”, other maps judged as such will be removed in the future as well, there is no list yet however, it’s still being put together

137 thoughts on “27.11.2014

  1. - Panther 88 will not have preferential MM

    Wut? So all they want us to do is to sit back and camp in T9 T10 match?
    203 pen in T10? Oh yes gonna be real fun.

      • Well the T-44 can flank… And the Panther 2 is just outclassed by other tier 8 mediums :/

        • Horseshit. 203mm of penetration is absolutely fine. If you can’t work with that, you should consider uninstalling the game.

          • So much this. If 203pen in a MEDIUM is not enough for you to not be useless, than you really should uninstall.

          • Exactly, their failure of adaption is the problem, not the tank itself, typical whining failers comes with..

          • So 203mm is absolutely fine in Tier 10 MM in a tank that can’t flank for the life of it.

            Seriously, who the fuck allowed you idiots on the Internet?

            • I actually play the tank. I play it in T10 games. Yes, it is fine. It’s not a problem of “this tank sucks in T10 games”. Vast majority of T8 tanks suck in T10 games. For fucks sake, the tank has more/comparable pene than some T8 heavies and those are still usable in T10 games.
              And flanking isn’t “suddenly driving off to the sides or rear of the enemy”. You can flank in heavies too, you just have to know where to go and where to not go.
              Also, let’s not forget weakspots. Or were they removed in one of the recent patches? That gun is as accurate as it gets and even a mediocre player should have no problem targeting weakspots.

              Again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tank, just some of the players driving it, who can’t adapt to it’s unique playstyle. No wonder every other donkey needs to spam gold at everything if people find 203 pene to be insufficient.

              • I’ve got it too.
                The gun is cool but the tank is too tall for a med
                I prefer the T-44 and the Comet (knows it’s a T7 but I’m talking about the gameplay)

                Anyway it’s a good support

                • Hated the Panther II. It just lacks mobility and armor to be competitive and simply cannot fight at close range.

                  Doesnt suit my playstyle. The e50s are awesome though. Well worth the grind.

            • I dont know who allowed you here? You obviusly suit the role of those “idiots” you are talking about.

      • Panther 2 sucks because it’s a german medium that isn’t the E-50/E-50M.

        T-44 has a little armour and good enough mobility.

              • Panther 2 has become one of the worst Tier 8 MTs, alongside T-34-2 & T44.

                And that is NOT bs, it’s a clear, obvious fact.

                No, what they said is perfectly valid. Once more, YOU are a bs.

                • The only clear and obvious fact is that you suck in that tank. That, however, does not mean it’s a bad tank. It only means you’re a bad player.

                • You seriusly think i care about about your “facts”? Not really, its you who are a failure, adapt and l2p instead of being whining little noob.

    • Pershing and t44..and all russian t8 meds have 180 or less. 203 pen is fine for a t8 med.

      • Everyone comparing it to the panther 2 is correct. However, the panther 2 is god awful as a tier 8. So the new panther 88 will be god awful as well. Yay.

    • Let me guess, you never played any other T8 Med if you complain about 203mm avg pen……..

    • 203mm on tier 8 med is fine.

      That’s more pen than on the T32!

      It’s also imho (and ~50% of 3 page discussion in Tiger II thread agree) the best gun on the Tiger II. (Again tier 8)

      • If they don’t give it pref MMing then it’s not going to sell. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can compare it to the FCM, an extremely similar tank, which does have pref MMing, and realize how silly they’d be to handicap themselves by picking the tank with worse MMing then the other(Plus worse gun depression and acceleration!).

        Edit: This was supposed to be a general reply, not specifically to Bald.

    • Yeah, stupid Wargaming. We want a tier VIII premium medium with 300mm standard AP pen! I can’t work with 200+ on my tier VIII, it’s ONLY better than almost every other REGULAR medium.

      C’mon, nub Devs.

      • Luckily, with the T-55A being a German crew trainer I see no reason to spend money on a Panther 88. I’d much rather play a tier 9 medium than a tier 8 that sees tier tens, no matter what pen it has.

    • Going by other recent statements on that topic, it mostly concerns micro terrain – all the little bumps that are hell for the tanks with 2-3° depression but of no use to hulldown tanks.

      • “all the little bumps that are hell for the tanks with 2-3° depression”

        As they should be. That’s their downside for Russian and Chinese tanks. Good depression tanks often lack so much for that ability, this is only taking it away from them even more.

  2. Noobs will be confused by a viewrange circle around their tank symbol? Minimap will get overloaded by this one circle? This seems like a confusing translation to me… If not, how else will the viewrange be indicated?

    • With every Q&A i think that Wargaming thinks that only total id***s play WoT. “We won’t do … because noobs wouldn’t understand that”. With that thinking, it is surprising they guess that everyone know how to use mouse.Some things can be made simplier, like making tanks have hp, but don’t make this game just a clicking game. Soon our tanks will have autodrive and we will only choose when to shoot.

      • Then there’s this: “minimap settings will be optional”. If developers think that noobs will be confused by viewrange circle why can’t it be included as selectable option and left unchecked by default?

      • Contrary to what some people think, WG actually sees everyone’s stats. Tomatoes and total noobs form vast majority of the userbase.

      • Its not that, you have to remember that people who start playing the game have no idea about how the mechanics work because when you think about it, there’s quite a lot. (There are a lot of hidden mechanics in the game that are not explicitly explained)

        I remember back when I started I had no concept of view range (which I got after 4k games, whether thats fast or slow to you, I hope you get my point) which is a lot more qualitative and less obvious than stuff like angling your armour (complex, considering most in tank shooters, you take damage from machine gun fire and lets face it, when you’re starting up the game, you won’t even hear about XVM and Tank inspector) (this came earlier than 4k games) let alone sidescraping.

        Newbies being newbies, the reason that most of them join world of tanks is to either shoot some tanks or just collect WWII tanks, and they won’t care about things like view range. Just putting my 5 cents.

        • The game does a very bad job of explaining it’s mechanics. That much is true. For instance, when I picked the game up, I had no idea the angle of the armor matter. I also had no idea that front/side/rear were not homogeneous armor. Weakspots? No idea about those.

          The problem isn’t newbies. The problem is players who are bad at gaming generaly – if you put too much information in front of them, the will get overwhelmed and have no idea what to do. It’s bad enough as it is.

    • What he’s saying is you wont have view range and max view range (ie with the use of binoc) you will only see one view range circle and no max draw range. No what I dont understand is if it’s optional why would it confuse noobs? Noobs won activate that option.

  3. panther 88 no preferential match making? (puts away wallet) no way in hell am i getting another german tier prem without preferential match making. the lowe is a curse its gun is the most temper mental piece of shit in the game and its power to weight ratio means its top speed is like 21kmh on the flat with off road driving at 80% and it still takes ages to get to that speed. its like a maus with no advantage. (no armour no alpha)

    • Yep. The Lowe sucks hard as hell. Makes lots of silver in the process, but rarely can win a game, being a slowpoke.

      By the way, what about crewmen major qualification change? Forgotten? Was kinda waiting for this one.

    • if you are buying a premium tank to win games you are doing it wrong….. they just make money so you can play tanks that win games

      • How about KV220? Some premiums are better at winning then others, some better at moneymaking, I guess. Not asking for a total death star, but a fair chance would be nice.

        • low tiers doesnt make much more money, so thats primary reason they are in some cases brutal machines….

          but Premium tier 8, should be dumbed down so wallet wariors cant just go buy a tank and spam tier 8 matches with tanks that are no different than what you are driving….. and make tons of money

          so anyone who ask for buff for Lowe cant be taken seriously…. you just cant do that

          • Why should they be dumbed down? It’s a tank like any other and most of them are either very easy to play and mediocre performers, or hard to play performers.
            Wallet warriors will suck anyways, so why be concerned about them?

  4. - viewrange indicator will be added to the minimap, but not complete viewrange circle, it would only confuse newbies and noobs by sheer minimap overload

    People will be confused by being shown how the game works as opposed to the current system which has them utterly bemused? Stronk.

  5. - viewrange indicator will be added to the minimap, but not complete viewrange circle, it would only confuse newbies and noobs by sheer minimap overload

    This argument is invalid. Noobs and newbies does not use minimap anyway so who cares about them.

  6. Its good that from now on,we will have red tomatoes that are not confused.
    Btw I was great in t44(love that tank) but I suck with t54 now ,cant understand it!

    • If you have the 175pen gun: Shoot on unarmoured targets and snipe sides. Don’t get close to heavily armoured tanks and avoid E75/MAUS/E100/110E4/110E3 like the plague.Heavy tanks that you can easily damage from the hull-side are: IS-7, 110E5, FV265b. Try to shoot into the tracks of the IS-7 for consistent penetration. IS-4 is tricky but when shooting into it;’s tracks usually penetrates it’s hull as well. French tanks are free damage but don’t get close to them because: autoloaders.

      With the top gun: Flank tanks, circle strafe out DPM them. When not able to outflank them load heat. The shitty low pen silver shells cost a fortune so bouncing 3 of them is almost 1 gold shell to begin with. Load plenty of gold for this reason. Don’t even try and penetrate the E100 /MAUS from the side unless you have a perfect 90 degree angle. ( shoot below the side armour into the tracks with the E100 and use APCR, MAUS can be penetrated reliably from the side with HEAT. If using het turrets are more attractive than the sides of the maus or E100 When they are not angled. )

      T-54 is also decent at hulldowning. educate yourself on weakspots to learn how to not fire lots of gold. Carry HE shells for the Waffleshits and arty .Angle your frontal armour at 30 degrees when facing another medium. T-54′s can bounce of the upper plate and the T-44 with it’s shit penetration will almost always bounce off it.

  7. Ha. So no special MM. A less armored, slower Panther II with worse depression. A sniper tank that is huge, slow, that will not be allowed to use its gun.

    At least the moron idiots at WG are consistent. What kind of dumbass would shell out money for that? Makes the M10 look awesome by comparison.

    • You moron,its around 20-30% faster than the non premium,plus it has a much better gun.And -5 to the front 7 to the sides so you cant say that it has bad depression…

        • You are the one who is retarded,check the damn tank and its atats before commenting here:
          Better DPM
          Better aimtime
          Better accuracy
          Anything more?

          • It’s
            The same

            Slightly better soft stats (are we forgetting about -5 gun depression?!) do NOT mean a “better gun”

            Hell, if you really want to, the Indien-Panzer has a better gun. Slightly better, but better.

  8. panther 88 will need a buff…….. there is no way people will buy that tank when you can have Jgt.88 with preferential MM, and has waaaaay more armor and a BIT less mobility….. from the stats it looks like panther 88 is just slow panther 2

    there is a possibility i will buy it instead of jgt88…… that is price….. if it is max. 8500 then it is worth buying

  9. They should just remove the render range limit.That’s exactly why War Thunder’s gameplay is so much better.

    • Maybe you prefer camping in the back, the people that don’t, like it the way it is in WoT, where you can’t shoot from 2km or something. If the games were the same it’d be boring as hell.

  10. So FCM 50t which is a better “med” than this Panther88 has pref MM, but Panther 88 does not…?

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  12. “ISU-130 will be a special tank for moderators”

    I knew $hit like this would happen! I was really looking forward to a tier EIGHT Russian premium TD. They announced the AMX CdC, AMX-13/57, STA-2 and ISU-130 and ISU-130 of all tanks will be the special tank, just for the *** moderators!! >:(

  13. the map changes in 9.5 are tied to the fact that Wargaming wants to make maps more “smooth” (with less hills)

    Nice, maybe we can use meds again, firing while driving.

  14. - the Stalingrad changes involve the removal of several rubble mounds (behind which the tanks can hide the hull)

    Wow really? so tanks such as T34 or my beloved T30 can fuck off with their nice ability to hulldown? thanks alot WG.

  15. the map changes in 9.5 are tied to the fact that Wargaming wants to make maps more “smooth” (with less hills).
    Great for Leopard 1, skill need tank needs more skill now…

    • Dunno, honestly I couldn’t stand it. that said…

      - the Stalingrad changes involve the removal of several rubble mounds (behind which the tanks can hide the hull)

      Lets hope they remove the visual effects properly this time too. I can just see an invisible rubble pile soaking shots…

  16. I though that Panther 88 is already in the game. I saw one few days ago, though the guy was clearly RU player roaming on EU server but I can’t see that on the replay. So, what is this:

    Then, futher analysis shows that this guy ‘Fadalmahr’ has arbitrary stats, for EU:

    For RU:

    What is this guy, some WG tester? How is Panther 88 modelled in game and in game files but I can’t find the model from model viewer? Watch the replay and the results if you don’t believe me.

  17. - Storm states that Severogorsk was removed because it was “unsuccessful”, other maps judged as such will be removed in the future as well, there is no list yet however, it’s still being put together

    Put in the old Severogorsk it was fine the way it was originally you broke it when you “Rebalanced” it